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Sheer total original vaporwave baby! 2 8 1 4 is the collaboration of HKE and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, who boldly took the genre away from re-pitched samples and into original-material territory. Washy synths and digital detritus a-go-go. 2 8 1 4, the project’s debut release from 2014, here gets a full physical release on vinyl from Dream Catalogue.


Sheer total vaporwave baby! 2 8 1 4 is the collaboration of HKE and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, who took it upon themselves to move the vaporwave genre away from re-pitched samples and into original-material territory. 新しい日の誕生, (the title translates to Birth of a New Day), was first released in 2015, and now gets a lush double vinyl reissue from Dream Catalogue. Dreamy.

A Certain Ratio
To Each

To Each captures A Certain Ratio in their post punk roots just before they got a little too interested in jazz and wearing shorts. Here they combines Ian Curtis style vocals with funky dance-pop sensibilities, and proto Happy Mondays guitar sounds. A brilliant blend. Dance and be miserable at the same time.  

Aine O'Dwyer

Aine O'Dwyer's attempts to play high and low with drone have led her to such projects as playing organs in a church while the cleaners vacuumed the place. Her new record, Gallarais, sees her scope out yet another unique environmental setting, recorded in the depths of the Brunel tunnel for the sake of focusing in on its acoustics. The record uses both the sounds of the space and those that interweave with it, as incidental sounds from above ground find their way into the sound mass. A fascinating experiment.

Aleksi Perala

Aleksi Perala has been busy working on his Colundi Sequence material for some time now, winning acclaim for his microtonal beat-splintering, delivered with a lovely Rephlexy touch. Simulation delivers two LPs-worth of Perala constructions that play to the Clone Basement Series’ strengths: the deeper end of techno.

Alessandro Cortini

After collaborations with Merzbow and Daniel Avery, Alessandro Cortini (Modwheelmood, Nine Inch Nails) moves to The Point Of Departure for his third solo full length album. AVANTI is Cortini writing the soundtrack to found Super 8 film footage made by his grandfather. Huge walls of synths rise like an orchestra with a retro fuzz, think first album by Blanck Mass meets nostalgia.

Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic + The Hafler Trio
The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion

Time Machines

One of the most beloved hidden gems in the Coil discog, Time Machines takes its name for and acts as an ode to a certain hallucination-inducing drug, the band working their tonal shifts into what they hoped would replicate the time-distortion inherent in its use. The record takes queues from Tibetan ceremonial music and retains Coil's shapeless punk edge. Get it while you can.

Cosey Fanni Tutti
Time To Tell

A founding member of Throbbing Gristle as well as one half of Chris and Cosey, Cosey Fanni Tutti is a born collaborator, working through countless mediums with an ever growing list of artists. Originally released on cassette in the early 80's, Time To Tell has been remastered and pressed onto vinyl for the first time and includes a 16-page booklet.

Damo Suzuki Network
The Swiftsure Session

Damo Suzuki has said that he is on “a never ending tour” which started when he began collaborating and jamming with musicians in 1997. It sounds exhausting and once you hear the raucous tracks on The Swiftsure Session, you wonder if Suzuki ever sleeps. Well, of course he doesn’t because the former lead singer of CAN can do whatever he fancies and this time it’s a 50 minute jam.


Deepchord really allows himself to expand his sounds here on this double-length LP, surely a perfect format for a producer with such a woozy, immersive ambient approach to dub techno. Auratones’ twelve tracks create a positive space for the listener to dance and / or dream in. Released as a 2LP on the Soma label.

Drunk In Hell
Drunk In Hell

It was starting to feel like the filthmongering Drunk In Hell would never release an album but here we go. A doom metal band (but only for lack of better terminology) high on hate and skronk, they play their own bunch of broken parts to assemble euphoric half-stumbles of heavy. Much excitement.

Mechanics Of Dominion

Esmerine are one of the finest of the several acts that have grown out of the peripheries of godspeed you! black emperor. New album Mechanics Of Dominion is a diverse collection, with marimbas, amplified music boxes and horns all appearing in both brand new recordings and unheard material restored from the archives. Released by Constellations in CD and lovely LP-with-art-prints editions.

Four Tet
New Energy

Yes, Hebden's here. Releasing very soon indeed is his newest Four Tet record and hopefully it'll be slightly more inventive than the laissez-faire samplefest that was Morning / Evening. It's got a nice cover and he's extremely good at making the electronic music he makes, need we say more, no we needn't. 

Over Depth

To say that the legendary Mick Harris (Lull, Quoit, The Weakener, Monrella, Painkiller, Napalm Death etc.) is back with a bang after Scorn takes a well deserved kip would be an understatement. Prior to 'Over Depth' there was a single Fret 12" released in 1995 on a Downwards offshoot label, and then nothing. Now he returns to the alias, full-force with ten killer tracks of explosive, skull-rattling, cavernous, beyond heavy electronic music that proves he's not lost his mojo, and then some.

Fuzzed In Europe

Masked myth-makers Goat have pulled all of the psych rock fables, playing its light pop version as paying tribute to its noisy, distorted hellscape. Fuzzed In Europe is a collection of six tracks pulled from endless recordings of their continental tour, deciding upon the ones that sounded estranged from their source material. So it's worth having, basically.

Good Weather For An Airstrike
Little Steps

Good Weather For An Airstrike. Good name for a band? That’s the real question. Little Steps is the Winchester group’s ninth album since the band formed in 2009. The group was made to make relaxing music to alleviate group member Tom Honey’s tinnitus. It certainly is blissful ambience and enough to put me into a peaceful, happy slumber.
  • Vinyl LP (SSS075)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Under The Western Freeway (20th Anniversary Edition)

Under The Western Freeway was the debut album by Grandaddy. Now, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of its release it gets a double LP reboot featuring some extra tracks in the form of previously unreleased demos that fans of the band will relish. It is arguably the band’s finest work and features such classics as AM 180, Summer Here Kids and Everything Beautiful Is Far Away.

Hvide Sejl, Varg & F. Valentin

The original edition of Brazil was released as four cassettes. Therefore this 2LP reissue, gathering together all four parts, is very necessary. Brazil is the work of three Scandinavian electronic wizards - Hvide Sejl (Loke Rahbek), Varg and F. Valentin. Over the four sides expect to hear the span of electronic to organic: sun-kissed ambience, industrial pounding, and works on synth and piano.

Rest In Space

The press release is eager to get the names of Baris Manco and Erkin Koray in there as a comparison to the sound of fellow Turk, Islandman. I feel that may be underselling Rest in Space slightly. Yes, there is a mix of Turkish folk with Western instrumentation here, but other than that, Islandman forges his own path, making an intoxicating mix of experimental electronics punctuated by distinctly Turkish instrumentation.

Jane Weaver
The Architect EP

Featuring this years most pretentious press release (which we'll do our best to transcribe into actual words) is this new 12" from top notch Manchester kraut pop lass Jane Weaver. The lead track is eight minutes of kraut grooves and gives fans who loved her 'Modern Kosmology' record more propulsive cosmic pop. Plus two more new tracks and obligatory Andy Votel mix.  

King Krule

Having gone pretty quiet, the interweb returned ablaze for King Krule recently with announcement that his 2013 debut LP, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon will be followed by The Ooz. It still has the bursting jazz and snappy drooling vocals of his debut but with a new sharp focus and grimy depth.    

A Sentimental Education

A Sentimental Education marks the exciting return of indie rock luminaries Luna, after thirteen years away. The album finds them covering songs by some of their favourite artists, a selection you may be surprised to hear leans towards classic rock: Yes, Fleetwood Mac and David Bowie all turn up, albeit in Luna’s own inimitable style. If you get the double CD version, you’ll also receive an EP of original instrumentals.
  • Vinyl LP (DBL0013LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Mick Trouble
It’s The Mick Trouble EP

Lost Artist rediscovered alert! The tracks on It’s The Mick Trouble EP by Mick Trouble were found on a reel-to-reel tape in early 2017 and include a jam session that features The Glitter Band, Lemmy and Damo Suzuki of Can. If you like Nick Lowe or The Television Personalities, these two-minute bursts of post-punk pop with Mick Trouble’s spikey and sarcastic lyrics make this 7" a bit special.

Low In High School

Once something of a hero yet now an actual idiot, the announcement of a new Morrissey album still manages to rustle up some kind of excitement in a world of increasingly homogenous and uninteresting pop stars. Giving a rare voice in the indie world to right-leaning Brexiteers and Farage acolytes, fans will hope that there's something left in the old quiff before it flops off completely.    

Spent The Day In Bed

Spent The Day In Bed is the new single from Morrissey. He used to be in a band called The Smiths but has since made quite a few solo albums…..Anyway, the single is the first track to be lifted from his new album Low In High School. The 7” is pressed onto clear vinyl and is backed with a live version of the Ramones classic, Judy Is a Punk.

Nick Nicely
Sleep Safari

Especially for fans of 'sleep' and 'safaris', Nick Nicely sets his new album Sleep Safari free to the world. This time, the 'psych legend' delves deeper into electronics while he keeps keeping on to weave a tapestry of psych-pop gold. None other than Clash Magazine have declared Nicely, 'profoundly psychedelic'. The new record speaks (softly) of unconsciousness, semiconsciousness and surreality. Dare to dream. Multiple formats on Tapete.

Oliver Cherer
The Myth of Violet Meek

The release date of Oliver Cherer’s second album, The Myth of Violet Meek, gives an indication of the mood of the music within. Late September brings with it the slow decline of Summer and the quickening of the night. Cherer’s album seems to fall into a tradition of folk songs and tales, sung over gentle strings. It’s a wonderful soundtrack to a moody, Autumnal evening.

What Have We Done

The Punishment of Luxury is OMD’s thirteenth album and the third since their reformation in 2006. What Have We Done? is the lead single and an example of the group’s bleeping synth pop. It’s the band’s first single with Paul Humphreys on lead vocals for over 30 years and heart wrenchingly it's about him having to put his dog to sleep.     

Oren Ambarchi
Stacte Karaoke II

Titan of wilfully obtuse improvisation, Oren Ambarchi has a new 12" out! The Stacte Karaoke II EP features three tracks, one of which he named: "It Ain’t Humid But It Sure Is Hot". (He clearly spent his early summer in Leeds). For the recording sessions Ambarchi assembled some monster riffers, in this the second volume in the now-infamous shredding series. Once again, design by Stephen O'Malley. Mastered by Rashad Becker. !2" record on Black Truffle.

Obsolete Machines

Radius is yet another one of echospace head honcho Stephen Hitchell's many aliases - see also Intrusion, Phase90, Variant, Soultek. 'Obsolete Machines' includes some cv313 reshapes that will sooth and stroke your face, a bit like like the musical equivalent of a hot bath. We know what to expect from this dub techno craftsman, and we always know it'll be lovely.

Richard Horowitz
Eros In Arabia

Back in 1981, Richard Horowitz created this strange and fabulous music using a Moroccan ney cane flute and his beloved Prophet-5 synthesizer, as well piano, vocals and Moroccan drums. Eros In Arabia is a rich fantasia of experimental sound, from an era of cross-cultural exploration. Vinyl reissue on Freedom To Spend.

Roland Kayn
A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound

Roland Kayn was a member of the ground-breaking avant-garde improvisational group Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza and then went on to create his own long-form electronic experimentations. Here Frozen Reeds have uncovered a piece he made in 2009, 14 hours long across 16 CDs going though musique concrète, electroacoustic and everything in between. A journey through sound like never before.

Ross Manning
Reflex In Waves

Based on the south side of Brisbane with a laboratory full of custom-built contraptions, Ross Manning has been patiently exploring waves and their resulting vibrations on a scientific level. Having displayed his findings in an exhibition at the Brisbane Institute of Modern Art, he now gathers together the key points in this collection for Room40.

St. Vincent

Masseduction is the new album from St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark. It is her 6th, if you count the one she did with David Byrne. As the title may suggest, themes of sex, power, vulnerable relationships and death weave throughout the lyrics, which are autobiographical, according to Clark. Musically, Clark’s inventive guitar, synth and electronics create a punchy sonic backdrop.
  • Vinyl LP (LVR224)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Last copy
  • CD (LVR223)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Svarte Greiner

Miasmah label boss Erik Skodvin returns under his Svarte Greiner moniker with Apart. Extending from his drone and ambient pieces, this mini-album is made up of improvised cello performances recorded clean in a disused industrial building, the soundscape like reverberations are all naturally occurring. Atmospheric as it gets. Highly limited release.

The Apartments

Drift by The Apartments was roundly lauded by critics at the time of its original release in 1993. The chamber-pop gem tells the story of characters who drift in and out of each other’s lives and the songs within.This reissue was mastered at half speed and is lovingly packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The Apartments are the brainchild of Australian singer/songwriter Peter Milton Walsh who started his career in an early incarnation of Aussie pop heroes The Go-Betweens.

The Gist
Holding Pattern

The Gist were made up of main members Philip Moxham and Stuart Moxham of Young Marble Giants. After releasing a debut full length and a handful of EPs on Rough trade they were dropped but Moxham continued to record tirelessly. Holding Pattern is the first result of a trawling through these recordings and present bold off-kilter pop tracks, that are finally getting the release they deserve.

Voigt & Voigt
Speicher 99

When one Voigt just isn’t enough for you, you have to turn to Voigt & Voigt. That’s the brothers Reinhard and Wolfgang of course, the latter also being GAS. This is really an extremely reliable production proposition, so just lean back and relax into these two tracks of luscious top-grade techno. Speicher 99 is a 12” on Kompakt Extra.