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Video Game Soundtracks

Honestly I don't know a thing about gaming or the soundtracks that accompany them. My favourite game ever is Chuckie Egg and I don't think they've released the soundtrack to that yet. However we have a bunch of video game soundtracks, so many, that we've shoved them in a promo for you.   
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Alkis Livathinos
Hue (Official Soundtrack)

Greek composer Alkis Livathinos’ score to Fiddlesticks Games’ unique puzzle game, Hue. In the game you control the colour of the background to switch dimensions and solve puzzles. The score is a gentle, and dropping into ethereal at points, neo-classical. For fans of Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds. We have both the standard black and the blue/purple versions available in these incredible sleeves.

Austin Wintory

Journey is the soundtrack to an award-winning PlayStation game which has tickled many a gamer’s fancy since its release in 2012. Austin Wintory (‘Banner Saga’ series) composed the emotive score, played by orchestra and soloists. The music speaks of grand storytelling; this was the first game soundtrack to get a Grammy nomination. Woah. iam8bit have seemingly gone and done it yet again. Double picture disc, no less, plus Mark Englert artwork. Winner.

Brian Reitzell
Watch_Dogs (Original Game Soundtrack)

Brian Reitzell's score to the highly-anticipated computer game WATCH_DOGS. Full of infectious beats and atmospheric, retro-futuristic synths, the score is a further achievement from composer Reitzell, who has previously written music for the highly-rated U.S drama series HANNIBAL as well as working on multiple scores with acclaimed director Sofia Coppola, the latter of which has featured collaborations with French band AIR and Kevin Shields of MBV fame.

Minecraft Volume Alpha

I hope you’ve heard of Minecraft. If not, it’s an incredibly popular game. Basically Lego for the MP3 generation. However here we have something which is very much a physical thing; a vinyl LP or CD of Minecraft Volume Alpha. It’s the soundtrack to the game which was created by German composer Daniel Rosenfeld, aka C418. It’s a collection of simple and soothing pieces with a naivety and innocence which fits well with Minecraft’s world of experimentation and discovery and makes for some charming ambient style tunes.    Available as a vinyl LP, CD or limited edition of 1000 LPs on green vinyl.

Interstellaria (Original Soundtrack)

Interstellaria is an acclaimed indie video game that brings old-school gaming aesthetics back back back, in the context of an open-optioned space adventure. The game has an original soundtrack by Chipzel, which is here presented in deluxe double LP style with exclusive cover artwork. Melancholy bleeping and dramatic synth themes alike on this one. Out on Yetee Records.

Eirik Suhrke
Downwell - Official Video Game Soundtrack

How many bits have you got? Probably more than 8, but you probably wish you had fewer. In Downwell, you go down a well with precisely 8 bits of old school roguelike dungeon-crawling action exploding all around you. Eirik Suhrke matches this madness with a host of jazzy chiptune grooves apparently inspired by Erik Satie, possibly because of how similar their names are. Well I never. Out on delicious red vinyl.

Greg Edmonson
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Soundtracks to the first three installments of the Uncharted games series in one box set. Scored by prolific film and TV composer Greg Edmonson (King Of The Hill, Firefly, Bounty Killer), The Nathan Drake Collection is a grand, dramatic and adventurous body of work that couples neatly with the explorative game. Triple LP box set from iam8bit.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (8BIT8010)
  • Coloured vinyl

Henry Jackman
Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 underscores the closing (PlayStation) chapter of the adventures of Nathan Drake, composed by blockbuster soundtrack titan Henry Jackman (X-Men: First Class, Big Hero 6 and Captain America: Civil War). Big, bold, dramatic stuff. iam8bit have pulled out all the usual stops: a deluxe package, on double green-and-black vinyls with cover art by the acclaimed Ashley Wood.
  • Vinyl Double LP (8BIT8021)
  • Coloured vinyl

Hirokazu Tanaka & Keiichi Suzuki
MOTHER 2 (Original Soundtrack)

The soundtrack to classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mother 2 gets a vinyl release (and indeed a non-Japanese release) for the first time ever. Hirokazu Tanaka and Keiichi Suzuki worked wonders with the limited range of the SNES chips, producing bold tunes that still delight today. Deluxe double LP from Ship To Shore PhonoCo., including proper Japanese obi strip.

Jean-Francois Freitas
Another World

Many a remix have been done of this gaming soundtrack since its release in 1991, yet very few full releases of the complete soundtrack have entered the markets. Another World by Jean-Francois Freitas would be a techno/ambient record in its own right, but the fact that it’s on a pretty decent game too, makes it even better. Available on coloured Vinyl LP, black Vinyl LP and CD.

Jessica Curry
Dear Esther (Original Game Soundtrack)

This is the first ever pressing of Jessica Curry's soundtrack to genre defining video game Dear Esther released to coincide with it's 5th anniversary. Dear Esther is an award winning first person exploration game with a stunning specially commissioned soundtrack by Curry.   The vinyl comes with a free Steam key that enables the you to download the game for free. 

Jonah Senzel
Pony Island - Official Video Game Soundtrack

Pony Island is a new game that wryly nods towards video game history, and Jonah Senzel’s soundtrack is similar, using the gleeful pallette of 8-bit sounds to make new themes. And in a weird inversion of how things usually work, this soundtrack accompaniment to the game comes with a download for the actual game itself (via Steam). What a bonus! Clear vinyl on Black Screen Records.

Koichi Namiki, Katsuhiro Hayashi and Tohru Nakabayashi
Galaxy Force II & Thunder Blade

London’s Data Discs continue their impressive work souring and releasing retro game soundtracks to vinyl with two soundtracks on one. Sourcing the audio from the original arcade games Galaxy Force II (1988) and Thunder Blade (1987) by Koichi Namiki, Katsuhiro Hayashi and Tohru Nakabayashi. With extra goodies of a full band arrangement of Beyond The Galaxy from Galaxy Force II by Hiroshi Kawaguchi and three bonus tracks that weren’t used on Thunder Blade.
  • Vinyl LP (DATA10)
  • £22.99 £13.79 (saving: £9.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Konami Digital Entertainment
Silent Hill (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

The famously extremely-scary Playstation game Silent Hill still has tendrils of fearful memories left embedded in the minds of those who played it in when it first came out in 1999, and part of that power is down to the highly effective soundtrack, now released on vinyl for the first time! Double LP with new artwork on Mondo.

Konami Kukeiha Club

Music that was originally composed for the tiny 8-bit chips of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in 1986 is now receiving a full vinyl release for the first time: could composer Kinuyo Yamashita ever have predicted such an outcome? The Castlevania soundtrack is brief but memorable, with an amazing range of sounds wrenched out of that NES. 10” vinyl release on Mondo.

Konami Kukeiha Club
Lagrange Point

Lagrange Point was an old Nintendo Entertainment System game with a unique twist: it contained a special chip that enabled FM synthesis as well as the usual 8 bit business. Add in the gorgeous compositional skills of Konami Kukeiha Club and we are onto a winner. This Ship to Shore PhonoCo. release is the first ever Western issue of this score, and on purple marble vinyl no less too!

Konami Kukeiha Club
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

Return your ears to the heyday of 8-bit videogaming with this release of the soundtrack to Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. It remains amazing that Konami Kukeiha Club managed to create such rich and texturally-varied music out of the slender resources available to them, but they certainly did. This Mondo vinyl release features both the NES and Famicom versions.

Konami Kukeiha Club
Contra 3: Alien Wars - Original Video Game Soundtrack

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Contra game franchise Mondo bring us the soundtrack to the 1992 sequel on vinyl. Because Alien Wars was on the super nintendo the composers had so much more to work with in terms of production and could seriously let loose. The result is pretty mad, and filled with insane percussion and time signature changes.

Konami Kukeiha Club
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

Rich and influential chip music from the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. This Konami Kukehiha Club music is now getting pressed to vinyl for the first time ever, and if you are wondering whether this is the Japanese or the US version of the audio (different chips meant key variations), no worries, this Mondo pressing features both in full! Double LP release.

Konami Kukeiha Club
Super Castlevania IV (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

Konami Kukeiha Club is the collective name for the music production team at Konami. Among their countless game series, here we have the soundtrack composed for Super Castlevania IV, which was released on the SNES in 1990. Genre defining stuff straight from the source. Double LP from Mondo.

Konami Kukeiha Club

Mondo present the latest in their Konami Kukeiha Club series of original early video game soundtracks. Here we have Contra, the classic shooter celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. It has never been released on vinyl before, and just for good measure Mondo have included both the NES version and the original arcade version of the soundtrack.

Mega Ran & R23X
Black Materia

So here we have an ultimate in fanboy dedication. Taking Nobuo Uematsu’s original score for Final Fantasy VII into new realms. Originally the score was sampled and turned to beats by Lost Perception with Nerdcore rapper Mega Ran throwing bars about playing the game over the top. Now with full licensing rights R23X has fully recreated it from scratch and arranged as an album piece. One for lovers of the game as much as for hip hop fans.

Michael Bross
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty - Official Video Game Soundtrack

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is a fresh remake of an old Playstation game, and the music was fully remade along with it. Michael Bross takes the spirit of the original soundtrack and leads it into new places. Please note that as well as MP3 download codes and a poster, this 180g LP contains a Steam download of the actual game! Bargain.

Michael Bross
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath - Official Soundtrack

Composer Michael Bross who has releases on Iam8bit and Deep Lever also created a huge amount of the music to the Oddworld games series. Here Black Screen records have remastered his tracks for vinyl for the first time and include two bonus tracks that have never been released before. Dark, other-worldly, and with a surprising amount of breakbeat.

Norio “NON” Hanzawa
Gunstar Heroes

Soundtrack to Gunstar Heroes, a game originally released on the SEGA Mega Drive in 1993. 25 tracks of high intensity chip music with lightning fast bass lines, impossible drum rolls and huge screaming and undulating synths, tracking the various stages, boss levels and credits. On vinyl for the first time including concept art and foldout poster with cover art.

Power Glove
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Soundtrack Original Music

This was originally released on Record Store Day but as usually happens it sold out so it was decided to do a second version of this incredible score. I don't think this quite the rip off fest that the LCD Soundsystem box set was and its more a case that there were genuinely a lot of people who missed out.  This time its on double black 140 gram vinyl (unlike the Record Store Day 2014 pink vinyl). To re-iterate,  Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is the critically acclaimed game from Ubisoft Montreal, with over one million copies sold worldwide and the winner of multiple awards including Spike TVs Best Downloadable Game 2013. This doesn’t include the exclusive poster. The release still comes with the VHS insert and download card. 

Power Glove
Trials Of The Blood Dragon (Original Game Soundtrack)

Trials Of The Blood Dragon is a new game, but in a vintage style, allowing the soundtrack to revisit familiar 80’s tropes through 2016 lenses. Power Glove go hard on the synth arpeggios and big drum machines: it really does sound like 1986! Out on CD and double pink vinyl LP, courtesy of Invada.

Sarah Schachner
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Extremely popular killing stuff games Call of Duty now broach the world of vinyl because of course. Grandiose in nature, these games owe a lot of their intensity to Sarah Schachner, whose monolithic scores helped reimagine the game in their newly crowned sci-fi setting. Orchestral maneuvers give this game its galaxical upending.

Stafford Bawler, Obfusc and Grigori
Monument Valley

The game that broke the world's collective brain, Monument Valley challenged players to wade their way through gorgeous isometric designs floating in your phone's ether. The soundtrack, provided by Stafford Bawler, Obfusc and Grigori, is a gorgeously subtle ambient work, lullabying your mind as it works on patterns and solutions.
  • Vinyl Double LP (8BIT8009)
  • Coloured vinyl

Takeshi Furukawa
Last Guardian

Last Guardian is a game you can play on a PlayStation, and now here’s the emotionally-charged soundtrack by composer Takeshi Furukawa. Hijinks and unlikely friendship -- between boy and fabled beast -- characterise the storyline with this richly dynamic orchestral score highlighting the tale. Beautiful, mystical cover art by Nimit Malavia. Black-and-white marbled vinyl 2x LP on iam8bit, housed in triple gatefold sleeve.

Toby Fox

Hype RPG Undertale was one of the last couple of years' most cherished games, rich in choice, character and monsters. Its soundtrack came from Toby Fox and offered music much in keeping with the game -- 'retro' in its 16-bit means, referential to its inspirations in turns, but creating something new out of what it alluded to. A lovingly presented pressing with artwork from Drew Wise.

Tohru “Master” Nakabayashi
Altered Beast

Altered Beast! What a game. From the 1988 arcades, to the spanking new SEGA Mega Drive entering many a suburban household at the time, here's the punchy, grimy soundtrack from Tohru "Master" Nakabayashi! Finally, now carefully mastered specially for vinyl direct from a console in Japan. Epic battle themes and subterranean rumbles intact. Here as a 45rpm LP in a 400g matt varnished sleeve and printed inner with original archive hand-drawn artwork. Includes a foldout poster of the painting from the game box. On Data Discs.

Tommy Tallarico
Earthworm Jim Anthology

Tommy Tallarico was a prolific video game composer, with titles including Unreal Tournament, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, and several of the Test Drive series. He won awards for his scores for Earthworm Jim, and now Black Screen Records put it on double vinyl for the first time plus throw in some remixes and unreleased material.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BSRLP20)
  • Coloured vinyl

Valve Studio Orchestra
Fight Songs: The Music of Team Fortress 2

Ipecac continue to excel in the “what?!” category, pressing the soundtrack to multiplayer first person shoot ‘em up game Team Fortress 2. Celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary, and it is still going strong, and still receives critical acclaim. Vinyl comes with Audio download code and poster, both versions come with game download code.

Valve Studio Orchestra
The DOTA 2 (Official Soundtrack)

DOTA 2 is a multiplayer online battle game which is one of the biggest esports in the world, with millions of players, followers and dollars in prize money up for grabs for the competitions. What music do you have that fits axe wielding orcs and sword swinging knights? Only the most epic of course. Massive. Orchestral. Epic. Released through Ipecac.

The Inner World - Official Soundtrack

Released to coincide with the second installment of the adventure game, The Inner World, Black Screen Records present a double vinyl of selected tracks from the soundtracks of both games. Composed by Christian Barth this score is imaginative, cinematic, and majestically subtle. A wonderful little world to journey into.

Slime San – Official Soundtrack

Everyone loves Slime-san, the vintage-style action platform video game. Of course, a notable game these days needs a notable soundtrack with a full physical release, so here we have all nineteen of the chiptuney pieces of music used in the game. Pixeltastic! Double LP release on the Black Screen Records label.

Yuzo Koshiro
The Revenge Of Shinobi

This is bloody awesome! In so many ways. Data discs have dragged the Sega archives and Yuzo Koshiro’s work was at the forefront of 16-bit music. Going on to create the soundtrack to many childhoods with Streets of Rage he developed a lot of techniques with The Revenge of Shinobi in 1989, creating synth orchestras with such a limited palette. Include original artwork for the game and notes from Koshiro.
  • Vinyl LP (DATA9)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Last copy