Late Summer Pre-orders Part 2

So we get to the time of the year where people announce stuff and since our last missive there's been enough important releases unveiled that we need to do a whole new list. You'll thank us down the line. Get in early and get 'em delivered to your door on release day. No worrying. 
This promotion ended on Tuesday September 5th 2017. Any discounted items have returned to full price, and other items may be sold out. If you missed out on this promotion then sign up for our email alerts so that you stand a better chance of not missing out on the next one.
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Adrian Crowley
Dark Eyed Messenger

Sad songwriter Adrian Crowley's fourth album for Chemikal Underground (though he did plenty before this association) finds him disassociating himself with the instrument that has been a constant companion throughout his career. The humble guitar. Instead 'Dark Eyed Messenger' sits Crowley's chocolate brown voice above a combination of pianos, mellotron and strings. Stark.    
  • Vinyl LP (CHEM249)
  • CD (CHEM249CD)

Ariel Pink
Dedicated To Bobby Jameson

Ariel Pink’s eleventh full length album and his debut on Mexican Summer. Dedicated To Bobby Jameson is a woozy psychedelic pop journey through the tragic ups and downs reflected in Bobby Jameson’s life story, and his continuous struggle for success in the music industry (having recorded with Frank Zappa, and The Rolling Stones). Decayed and slowed tape warbles shine throughout and a fair degree of pop genius it has to be said. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (MEX2400)
  • CD (MEX2402)

The Moral Crossing

The third album from Leeds post punk kraut lot Autobahn manages to be both blistering and explore less brutal concepts such as love and emotion. The bands gruesome, pulverising sound should appease any fans of Bauhaus and Joy Division still lurking about.  *We have copies of the limited GREY vinyl edition - EXCLUSIVE to shops in Leeds* 
  • Vinyl LP (TLV105LP)
  • CD (TLV105CD)

Unfurnished Rooms

New material from 80s synth pop mavericks Blancmange. These days they just consist of singer Neil Arthur helped out by producer extraordinaire Benge (John Foxx, Gazelle Twin). Here the duo mine a rich and fertile stream of electronic rock and are helped out by uber fan John Grant who sings and plays piano. 
  • CD (BCR010CD)

Chain & The Gang
Live at Third Man Records

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Another Brown World / Baby Food

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First Utterance

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David Arnold
Hot Fuzz

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Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson

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Death From Above
Outrage! Is Now

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Deer Tick
Deer Tick Vol. 1

Four years since their last record, Rhode Island based Deer Tick drop two at the same time, each showing a vastly different side of the band’s coin. Vol. 1 is their more stripped back, mellower acoustic side. 10 thoughtful, engaging tracks for the lazy, lonely afternoon.LP and CD released through Partisan.
  • Vinyl LP (PTKF2150-1)
  • CD (PTKF2150-2)

Deer Tick
Deer Tick Vol. 2

It’s been four years since their last record, and now Rhode Island based Deer Tick drop two at the same time, each showing a vastly different side of the band’s persona. Vol. 2 is highly energised and raucous garage/punk rock. 10 new tracks that’ll get you up and at ‘em. LP and CD released through Partisan.
  • Vinyl LP (PTKF2151-1)
  • CD (PTKF2151-2)

Depeche Mode
The Best of Volume 1

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Jersey Devil

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Of A Nature Or Degree

In this years incredible (but welcome) news, Manchester's Duds  - a band I described as simply 'ok' when I saw them live have now signed to John Dwyer's Castle Face. They update the short, sharp, shock of the likes of the Fire Engines and Josef K with jittery post punk moves and now sit alongside their heroes on this legendary label. This could be your new favourite and they are local (ish). 
  • CD (CF096CD)
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Recompiled I/II

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Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard
Batman Begins: Music From The Motion Picture

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James Holden & The Animal Spirits
The Animal Spirits

Electronics expert James Holden has expanded his Animal Spirits for a bold set of synth led folk opuses that fuse bits of psychedelia, kraut-rock, world jazz to create a genre blending opus that is also accessible. Sax, cornet, recorder and percussion have been introduced to the sonic maelstrom with Holden acting as band leader on an album that is sure to be highly anticipated. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (50BCLP)
  • CD (50BCCD)

Jane Weaver
The Architect EP

Featuring this years most pretentious press release (which we'll do our best to transcribe into actual words) is this new 12" from top notch Manchester kraut pop lass Jane Weaver. The lead track is eight minutes of kraut grooves and gives fans who loved her 'Modern Kosmology' record more propulsive cosmic pop. Plus two more new tracks and obligatory Andy Votel mix.  
  • Vinyl 12" (FIRE485EP)
  • Limited edition

John Carpenter
Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998

Thy lord cometh. John Carpenter’s themes to his genre spanning and defining films are defining in themselves, with countless contemporary artists taking influence from them. This collection takes basically all of his biggest themes from his films including Halloween, Big Trouble In Little China, Assault On Precinct 13, Escape From New York, They Live, and The Thing. LP on Sacred Bones.
  • CD (SBR177CD)

John Foxx & Harold Budd
Translucence / Drift Music / Nighthawks

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Julien Baker
Turn Out The Lights

Sophomore full length from Memphis, TN based singer/songwriter Julien Baker. Two years after making her debut on 6131 she has been snapped up by Matador, and Turn Out The Light develops her delicate, intimate and vulnerable songwriting further. Life, down on record, through gorgeous Buckley esque guitar, piano and vocals.
  • Vinyl LP (OLE11291)
  • CD (OLE11292)

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard With Mild High Club
Sketches Of Brunswick East

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Eris Harmonia EP

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Leroy Hutson
Anthology: 1972 - 1984

We’re happy to let Acid Jazz bring us Anthology: 1972 - 1984, a comprehensive Leroy Hutson compilation. The collection brings together his Curtom recordings with two newly unearthed tracks. His Newark home was a rich, fertile source of Soul -- including George Clinton’s Parliaments and the Manhattans. Hutson was soon working with Carla Thomas and Donny Hathaway. His solo Curtom sides swiftly became sought after and inspirational to many. Double LP / single CD.
  • Vinyl Double LP (AJX2LP419)

TFCF (420 Estuary Angler Edition)

Unbelievable special edition 2LP in custom spray painted sandpaper sleeve this contains unreleased tracks and outtakes not included on the 'TFCF' album. As ever with Liars the band are unafraid to step into unfamiliar sonic territories and this latest album is no different. This highly collectible release will be an essential addition to the standard release.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (LSTUMM414)


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Mazzy Star
So Tonight That I Might See

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Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band
Adios Senor Pussycat

One of the UK's most underrated yet much loved amongst those in the know songwriters Michael Head has a storied history in bands like the Pale Fountains, Shack and the remarkable Michael Head and the Strands. This is his first new material in over 11 years and it will be a joy to hear his music again. It's poetic and romantic and draws comparisons to Love, the La's and Nick Drake but with a ragged, workingman edge that ensures what he lacks in national treasure status is made up for with an enthusiastic cult following. 
  • Vinyl LP (VIO-025)
  • CD (VIO-025-CD)

The Tower

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Neil Young

Hey look, it's a new old Neil Young record ! Originally recorded in 1976 in Malibu, California, these 10 tracks see Young in acoustic bard mode, with nought but his guitar and voice to craft them from. While some of these songs have resurfaced in other forms, these stripped-back takes were all recorded in a single session. Maybe it'll solve the mystery of why he's so sad at the beach.
  • CD (0093624911388)

Pearls Before Swine
One Nation Underground

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People Like Us
Early Radio Works Vol 1

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Philip Selway
Let Me Go

This is the third solo album from the Radiohead drummer but differs from his previous albums in that this is the soundtrack to the film drama Let Me Go. Mirroring the film's haunted nature the soundtrack is made up from melancholic strings and piano alongside more unusual instruments such as musical saw and glockenspiel. 
  • Vinyl LP (BELLA697V)
  • CD (BELLA697CD)

Secret Shine
Singles 1992-1994

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Severed Heads
Come Visit The Big Bigot

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Simon Joyner
Step Into The Earthquake

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Sun Kil Moon / Jesu
30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth

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Talk Talk
The Party’s Over

It still beggars belief that this record was made by the same people who made 'Laughing Stock'.  This is Talk Talk in full throes of their early 'new romantic' sound. Having supported Duran Duran there is a certain similarity in sound but even when in synth pop excess mode Talk Talk were clever and literate. Witness the hit singles 'Today' and 'Talk Talk'.  
  • Vinyl LP (0190295792626)

Talk Talk
It's My Life

This is the one where things started to change. Producer and multi instrumentalist Tim Friese-Green was drafted in and immediately set about turning the previous 'new romantic image' into something more special. Still the hits kept coming with 'Such a Shame', 'Dum Dum Girl' and the stellar title track beautifully combining mainstream pop and sophisticated production.   
  • Vinyl LP (0190295195328)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl LP (0190295792619)

The Texas Gentlemen
TX Jelly

The Texas Gentlemen are rather like those legendary studio session bands of old: a tight gang of professionals who can turn around astounding performances in the blink of an eye. TX Jelly came out of four days of live-in-the-studio playing, and shines with authentic American quality. TX Jelly is released by the New West label.
  • Vinyl LP (NW5213)
  • CD (NW6407)

Thee Headcoatees
Punk Girls

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Tony Allen
The Source

Tony Allen, legendary drummer and innovator of Afrobeat with Fela Kuti, releases his latest in a long line of solo albums. Perhaps surprisingly for such a legend with such a long career and lengthy catalogue, The Source is Tony's first for Blue Note. The statuesque label has been through so many changes, now representing a philosophy of quality and the analogue principles of its founders. Warm jazz sounds.
  • Vinyl Double LP (5768336)
  • CD (5781091)

White Manna
Bleeding Eyes

The times really are good for modern psych rock fans at the moment, with bands like White Manna turning out quality records on a regular basis. Bleeding Eyes is a potent set of tune-in drop-out heaviness, with fierce rhythmic drive and wah-wahed riffage throughout its eight tracks. The album is released on CD and LP through the combined efforts of Cardinal Fuzz and Agitated.
  • Vinyl LP (AGIT049/CF090)
  • CD (AGIT049CD/CF090CD)

William Patrick Corgan (aka Billy Corgan)

William Patrick Corgan is indeed the same Billy Corgan who fronted both Zwan and the Smashing Pumpkins and like a lot of fellow musicians has spent much of his later years having Twitter spats.  This first album under his full moniker was recorded by Rick Rubin and is said to be his most intimate body of work yet.  
  • Vinyl LP (4050538321036)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Zola Jesus

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