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Å Asher-Yates
Mothers Garden

The debut album from Å Asher-Yates is a fragile set of nature-inspired pieces that seem to slip back and forth between fluttering abstractions and ‘songs’. Mother’s Garden is bucolic and intimate like a woozy summer’s afternoon. Released by Shimmering Moods in a slender limited edition of 50 CDr copies, hand-numbered and hand-packaged.


Warp records luminaries B12 dip in and out with flurries of activity. Here they have revisited the source material they used to make 2016’s BrokenUnbroken on Firescope. Whilst there are some recognisable elements here, this is certainly not a remix or rework album, but going to the same start point and ending up somewhere very different. Thoughtful and intelligent techno.
  • Vinyl 12" (TM35)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Blown Out
Supernormal 2015 Live Transmissions iii

Blown Out is a heavy assemblage of Newcastle doomsters, taken from bands such as Bong, Drunk In Hell and 11Paranoias. This LP contains the truth about what they did at Supernormal festival in 2015: they blasted out some blackened jams. Live Transmissions iii is released by Evil Hoodoo in a limited edition of 350 vinyl copies.

Claudio Cataldi
Here She Comes Now

It’s no slight on the songwriting skills of Claudio Cataldi to say that his cover of The Velvet Underground’s Here She Comes Now is the highlight of this EP: you just can’t beat that classic Lou Reed tune, and Cataldi lays it out with just the right amount of swagger and distortion. 3 of his original tunes also feature. Coloured vinyl 7” on Regal Crabamophone.
  • Vinyl 7" (winkle 22)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Clive Bell
Asakusa Follies

Wire writer and all-round sound-explorer Clive Bell presents a suite of compositions for the shakuhachi, a variety of Japanese flute with a particularly rich reedy sound. Bell’s interactions with the instrument, clearly borne out of many years’ playing experience, reach deeply into the extended potential of the flute, producing some remarkable sounds. Asakusa Follies is released by Cuspeditions.
  • Vinyl LP (CUSPEDITIONS 004)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • In stock and ready to ship


Coypu’s ensemble is made up of members of Blind Cave Salamander and Almagest!, Daniele Pagliero, and the ever-busy Ben Chasny, he of Six Organs Of Admittance fame. Together they make experimental pastoral American music: Appalachian dulcimers melding with droning electronics and psych guitar. Debut album on MIE Music.
  • Vinyl LP (MIE 037)
  • In stock and ready to ship

David Mackenzie & Tony Doogan with Chris Geddes, Ewen Bremner & Raymond MacDonald
Starred Up: Film Music Reworked

This is almost, but not quite, the soundtrack to recent prison film Starred Up. For this record, David Mackenzie & Tony Doogan enlisted Chris Geddes, Ewen Bremner and Raymond McDonald to expand the subtle score into a more fully-fledged thing, which they have achieved with aplomb. LP on Good Grace. "I think it has restorative powers... One of the most emotional things I have heard all week." - Steve Lamacq
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek
Lucier: Memory Space

Inspired by Sonic Arts Union legend Alvin Lucier (one of the American founding fathers of electro-acoustic music, concrete experiments and pioneering advances in field of sound-art/installation) GD and Machinefabriek have delivered a remarkable album here that is firmly rooted in the organic, eccentric and unfathomable world of electronically manipulated avant-garde skronk, rumbling noise and other fascinating sonic debris. We are the exclusive UK retailers for this wild ride of a record. Fans of everyone from Pierres Schaeffer & Henry to The New Blockaders may apply....
  • Vinyl LP (GOD 24)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Glitter Wizard
Solar Hit

It must be the season or something, because it seems May is a great time for psych rock debut album enthusiasts. From San Francisco we present to you Glitter Wizard’s debut Solar Hits, reissued on pretty pink 150 gram vinyl. These intense riffs won’t listen to themselves, and there’s only 200 copies for Europe - best be quick about it!

Greg Gobel

Here is an album of experimental sound art from this Madrid based multi instrumentalist who has produced an ambitious album veering around between genres. He deals with love, death and all that shit across the course of these 14 songs. From the soundclip I'm listening to, he makes a right old racket too. Terrifying stuff.

Group of the Altos
R U Person Or Not

Twelve piece avant-garde rock band from Milwaukee, Group Of Altos make their music by huddling together when drunk or angry or excited about thunder. They build themselves into a frenzy of expression through loud humming, heavy beats and blown out guitars. The result is a an instrumental intensity of beautiful human sound.


Hemisfär is one of many small or single use aliases of South African jazz and electronic producer Alex van Heerden, who also performed in groups Pinkfield$ and RockArt. Recorded 14 years ago, 6 years before his death, van Heerden travelled to Sweden to record and got swept up in minimalism. These six songs mix South African warmth and tunings with that stark minimalism, creating some truly soul stirring music.

These Machines

Shoegazers Kontakte come out of the woodwork for 'These Machines', their new eight track mini-record that covers two years of artistic processes. It's the follow-up to their recent 'Fear of Music' EP and finds them on their very own record label for the first time, which they have ambitiously -- and with lots of post-rock hand gestures -- titled The Collapse Of Everything.

Laurie Shaw
Felted Fruit

Amalgamating vintage sounds with a contemporary slant, not unlike Cate Le Bon, Laurie Shaw’s music emanates the gentle ebb and flow of soft vocals and warm fuzz. The 30 tracks on this double album are certain to make their impression on you, like crashing waves carve out the rocks of the shaw. One can’t help but feel this album’s richness and authenticity from the outset.
  • Vinyl Double LP (SSLP1008)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Leonard Las Vegas
Jagmoor Cynewulf

This shoegaze-dream-pop record comes with the baggage of an 18-chapter book’s worth of philosophical musings (not packaged with the LP), so you know it ought to be interesting. Leonard Las Vegas has created the character of Jagmoor Cynewulf, through whom he channels catchy tunes with existential lyrics. CD / LP package on Blackjack Illuminist Records.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Milo's Plane
Individual Development Plan

Bristolian crew Milo’s Plane fly in for a messy post-hardcore landing with their third album Individual Development Plan. The album races through twelve tracks in minimal time, chucking equal parts melodic songwriting and gnarly guitar thrashing at the listener. The album is released on vinyl by Gravy Train Recordings.

Mute Forest

180 gram vinyl in gatefold. Recorded at his home studio in Denver Kael Smith’s Mute Forest is a blend of warm electronics and acoustic songs wrought with pained emotion. Deforestation vulnerability can easily be compared to the likes of Caught In The Wake of Forever, Benoit Pioulard, and Part Timer. Limited release on Lost Tribe Sound.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

MV Carbon
The Sun Will Turn on You

Ominous industrial drone from New York based artist MV Carbon. On The Sun Will Turn on You she mangles noisy homemade synths with processed cello, for a sound which could be the imaginary score to the bleakest John Carpenter film. This edition of 250 from Discombobulate comes on striking red vinyl, obviously.
  • Vinyl LP (BOB008)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl

Nick Sutton
Angels Dreams Inches

Three excerpts from Nick Sutton’s various film soundtracks, produced in partnership with filmmaker Ian Pons Jewell. The films are called ‘Angels’, ‘¼”’ and ‘Dreamt In Flesh’, hence the tile Angels Dream Inches. And what’s more, two bold remixes from Gazelle Twin and Emika are also included. EP pressed to red and black marbled vinyl, released by Paper Folds.
  • Vinyl 12"
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

The Last Neanderthal

The Last Neanderthal by Ogre was originally released in 2014 on CD, but you could be forgiven for mistaking it for a lost ‘70s hard rock relic. The album has a dynamic flow, with lengthy rock epics giving way to shorter, catchier songs. The original album was too long to fit on to a single LP as the band wanted to keep the fidelity to an optimum, so this limited edition orange vinyl LP comes with a bonus blue vinyl 7” single featuring the original album track Soulless Woman. The 7" is backed with a cover of The Bags’ Naked Lady, an Ogre favourite which serves a fitting bonus track.

Angular Geometry

Parallelism follows up his self-titled 2015 release with Angular Geometry. This CD on Shimmering Moods is ambient drone full of rich synthesizer and muffled field recordings. The album begins subtly, with barely perceptible tones and murky tape hiss like Kevin Drumm at his quietest. But beneath the surface there are some lovely melodies and even some glitchy rhythms.
  • CD (SHM CD017)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Richard Scott
Several Circles

  • Vinyl Double LP (CUSP 003)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • CD (CUSP 003)
  • In stock and ready to ship


Imagine Leyland Kirby making a pop record with Anohni, that’s the kind of bizarre world you’ve got yourself into here. It’s a sketchy, jumpy and verging on skittish collage of blissed out romanticised pop. Skewed and nearly discordant at times, but glorious and childlike at times, it’s a slippy and pleasantly confusing record.

The Road to the Unconscious Past

Stereocilia is the work of John Scott, one man busily working away amidst a load of synths, guitars and samplers to knit together this record of finely weaved post-rock-drone. The Road To The Unconscious Past recalls some of Mark McGuire’s work, with thoughtful guitar lines held in suspended synth-animation. Out on the Echoic Memory.
  • Vinyl LP (EM005)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Terminal Lovers
Flight Out

Terminal Lovers are a five-piece psychedelic rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. They describe their sound as ‘fried rock’ and ‘rare burning groove’. Their new seven track LP, Flight Out certainly is ‘out there’ and comes in two very limited vinyl editions.  On 300 mics.
  • Vinyl LP (DOS-003)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Vinyl LP (DOS-003)
  • In stock and ready to ship

The Cult Of Dom Keller
Paradiso Is On Fire

  • Vinyl Double LP (CF073)
  • In stock and ready to ship

The Migrant

The Migrant is the solo project of Bjarke Bendtson, a Danish singer-songwriter with a mournful voice and a taste for slight psychadelia. Flood is a record that sonically crosses the Atlantic to nestle in comfortably with the kind of quality Americana we’ve heard from the likes of Midlake over the last decade. Released by Rockpie.

The You And What Army Faction

The You And What Army Faction are a post-punk crew from Athens, Greece. The political-economic tensions of contemporary Athens seem to have made their mark on the band, their dark music howling and dead-eyed: they sound wounded, in the best tradition of their heavy post-punk forebears. Glum is out on Smash Records.
  • Vinyl LP (SR007)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Tout Croche
Super Silent

Tout Croche is two gentlemen from Huddersfield dealing in tactile droning and noise, running the gamut from pretty and immersive, to scuzzy and ramshackle. Opener Dead or Fade Away puts a spanner straight in the works with a garagey punked-up number recalling something like Tyvek, or an early, wild Sebadoh. It makes for a intriguing trip - and a limited one, at 300 wax copies on The Silent Howl.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

This river so red

Tvarvagen play richly detailed chamber works in that heavily melancholy neo-classical style rather favoured these last few years. This river so red is in fact especially melancholy, as it takes as a theme the general sense of a post-apocalypse world and wistful / desperate recollections of before. On Hare Tracks / Feeder Recordings.
  • Vinyl LP (FR1-009)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Two Ragged Soldiers

Two Ragged Soldiers are a duo (yes, there really are two of them) who craft music that straddles the borders between contemporary music and electronica. //Asulya//Water is a two-track 7” that offers a tantalising preview of The Mass, which we will apparently hear later down the line. Limited edition of 300 on Castles in Space.
  • Vinyl 7"
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition


ULTRAS is not an album of field recordings of football gangs (although that would be good), but it does carry a certain violence to it. ULTRAS is Gav Prentice (he of Over The Wall fame) plus a number of Scottish producers, making up a racket of distorted guitar-driven pseudo-hip-hop with a distinctive Scots touch. Potent LP released by Instinctive Racoon and Hello Thor Records.

Val Denham
I Saw Myself in Your Dreams Last Night

Bradford dwelling artist Val Denham is a truly unique proposition. Since Vanity Case issued 'Dysphoria' a couple of years ago she has had a 3LP retrospective of early musical works published as well as lots of artwork type things so it's high time to delve back into her dark, fractured world. "Val Denham is probably the only artist living today possessed of genius!" not my words  - the words of Genesis Breyer P Orridge. Expect a truly enthralling listen.   

Death, Decay and Renewal

Gatefold double 12” Vinyl LP. Holding various artists compiled by Chicago based avantgard musician and artist Plastic Crimewave released with London based perfumery Gorilla Perfumes (a new one for me as well). Artists include Werewheels, Cherrystones, Kawabata Makoto, Edgar Broughton and Dark Fog. Gatefold artwork by Plastic Crimewave and Alexander Tucker.
  • Vinyl Double LP
  • In stock and ready to ship

The Forest / The Wald

The Forest / The Wald is a study and collection of work that reflects on fragments and echoes of tales from the woodland and its folklore; greenwood rituals performed in the modern day, fantastical childhood rhymes, sylvan siren calls that tremble through tangles of branches, electronics pressed into the summoning of otherworldly arboreal creations unearthed amidst the creeping thickets and elegies to woodland intrustions, solitudes and seasons.Features Bare Bones (Dom Cooper of The Owl Service and Jason Steel), Cosmic Neighbourhood, Polypores, Time Attendant, Magpahi, The Hare And The Moon ft Alaska, The Rowan Amber Mill, Sproatly Smith, A Year In The Country, The Séance (Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne and James Papademetrie) with Lutine, David Colohan & Richard Moult (The United Bible Studies).
  • CD (ATA006N)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • CD (ATA006D)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

The Restless Field

Tracklist: 1) Ghosts Of Blood & Iron – Field Lines Cartographer2) Mortimer’s Cross – Vic Mars3) [ fears ] avaunt! upon ‘the’ hill – Bare Bones4) 3am M5 Field Raid – Assembled Minds5) Agrarian Lament – Grey Frequency6) Beneath The Cherry Trees – Endurance7) Congested District – Listening Center8) Badby 80 – Pulselovers9) Ribbons – Sproatly Smith10) Graveney Marsh – Polypores11) Last Best West (circ. 1896) – Depatterning12) Black Slab – Time Attendant13) A Mutable History Under A Bright June Sky – A Year In The Country14) Beyond Jack’s Gate – David Colohan
  • CD (A008TRFN)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

From The Furthest Signals

Audiological Exploration Details: 1) Circle/Temple – The Séance/Search for Muspel-Light2) David Colohan – Brass Rubbings Club (Opening Titles)3) A Year In The Country – A Multitude Of Tumblings4) Sharron Kraus – Asterope5) Time Attendant – The Dreaming Green6) Depatterning – Aurora In Andromeda7) Sproatly Smith – The Thistle Doll8) Field Lines Cartographer – The Radio Window9) Grey Frequency – Ident (IV)10) Keith Seatman – Curious Noises & Distant Voices11) Polypores – Signals Caught Off The Coast12) The Hare And The Moon – Man Of Double Deed13) Pulselovers – Endless Repeats/Eternal Return14) Listening Center – Only The Credits Remain Artwork / encasment design by AYITC Ocular Signals Department. Both editions hand-finished and custom printed using archival giclée pigment ink by A Year In The Country.
  • CD (A009FTFSN)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • CD (A009FTFSD)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Vault of Blossomed Ropes
Vault of Blossomed Ropes

Vault of Blossomed Ropes is a rather well named project thoughtfully exploring electroacoustic avenues, but with the rare addition of vocals murmuring (and sometimes gibbering) actual lyrics; although they are, literally, all Greek to me. This self-titled album, with its six tracks, is released by the Triple Bath label.
  • Vinyl LP (TRB​.​043)
  • In stock and ready to ship

White Manna

White Manna are fuzzing out again! Time to dive into Pan, their newest record, filled with distorted psych rock. Mixed by Phil Manley, the album is packed with raw energy. Cruise through the ancient forest of Northern California while sounds distort into colors and light. Released on vinyl in a bunch of colors!

William Ryan Fritch
Birkitshi: Eagle Hunters In A New World

William Ryan Fritch is the in-house music maker for action-camera manufacturers GoPro. Birkitshi: Eagle Hunters is a new project of theirs, focusing on the epic landscapes of Mongolia. Fritch’s soundtrack draws on the traditional instruments and the ever astonishing throat singing techniques of the region, as well as on his own sweeping compositional skills. This bold music comes with a download code for a PDF booklet and some bonus tracks. On Lost Tribe Sound.

William Ryan Fritch

Available on CD, and vinyl LP presented in a bound jacket alongside matte printed artwork limited to 300 copies. William Ryan Fritch pushes his highly cinematic blend of modern classical and world music which, in a strange way, is simultaneously pleasant and overbearing. Suits the Lost Tribe Sound label down to a T!  

Come to My Party

Winkie are a New York based shoegaze-pop group, but with a twist: they don’t use any guitars! Nevertheless, the fuzz haze is strong with this one, cloaking the innocent vocals to just the right degree. Come To My Party is their second full-length, and is released in a screen-printed sleeve by America Primitive.

End of World Rave

Spearheading the post-2010 emerged vaporwave scene is wosX - a Montreal-incepted electronic artist charactirised by a nostalgic and surrealist fascination of late 20th Century culture. The record is technology-centric and only a luddite could deny a minimal and evocative use of samling, synths and crispy drum machines.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl

Yair Yona

Yair Yona self-releases Sword, a delicate and dynamic instrumental album constructed from desert-blues and dusty overheard samples. The album was envisioned as a soundtrack to the 1973 Yom Kippur war and can be as quietly devastating as that concept implies. It is beautifully packaged on vinyl LP or CD.