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Oh how we love Second Language the esoteric imprint founded by Piano Magic's Glen Johnson. Thing is, over the years we probably missed half the things they put out so let's all make amends by grabbing a bunch of their wonderful titles at knock down prices. It's all here, all looks beautiful and is all dirt cheap.  
Please note that this promotion officially ended on Wednesday April 19th 2017. Any discounted items may now have returned to full price, and other items may no longer be available at all. If you missed out on this promotion then sign up for our email alerts so that you stand a better chance of not missing out on the next one.
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Aine O'Dwyer
Anything bright or startling?

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I Hunt Alone

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Ghost Stations / Geisterbahnhöfe

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Kristina Pulejkova / Glen Johnson
My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath

My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath is a film and musical collaboration between multi-media artist Kristina Pulejkova and founding member of London-based group Piano Magic, Glen Johnson. Pulejkova animated the film taking her cues from Kubrick and Tarkovsky and Johnson composed the soundtrack. The lyrics are in English, Turkish, German, Pulejkova’s native Macedonian and Italian. Pulejkova’s works deal with mechanical and organic elements of science, whilst Johnson’s band have worked with folk icon Vashti Bunyan, Low, John Grant and Tarwater during their genre defying career.

Mark Fry
South Wind, Clear Sky

Psych folk troubadour Mark Fry hasn't done much beyond releasing his lightning-in-a-barrel classic 'Dreaming With Alice', which showed a young artist create a quite epic record of beautifully ornamented folk music. In 2008, Fry made something of a Vashti Bunyan move, returning to release his second record 'Shooting The Moon' after years and years out of sight and mind. 'South Wind, Clear Sky' is the follow-up to that record, offering up yet more wistful folk songs which get their power from Fry's omniscient, assured vocal delivery. 
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Mark Fry / The A. Lords
I Lived in Trees

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Richard Moult

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Robin Saville
Public Flowers

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Sharron Kraus
Pilgrim Chants & Pastoral Trails

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Silver Servants
Silver Servants

This is the debut album by Silver Servants, created in sporadic sessions over the past four years. The massive list of contributors includes Mark Fry, Sharron Kraus, Aine O'Dwyer, Katie English (Isnaj Dui), Nick Franglen (Lemon Jelly)...I'm barely scratching the surface here. Basically everyone on Second Language and some of their friends. The music was improvised over two sessions in 2010 and 2012 according to a set of rules - each track being improvised from scratch, with the group moving on to a new song after each hour that passed. Then, finally, after some time gathering dust, the tapes were mixed and vocals were added, resulting in the heady mixture of psych-folk, krautrock, baroque, post-rock and minimal electronica found on these 12 tracks.

The Cloisters
The Cloisters

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Tullia Benedicta

Tullia Benedicta is an Italian musician with something of a shoegaze past. On debut solo album Anteros however, she works with slinking electronics and cold-eyed vocals, exploring kinky sexual themes through the use of obliquely sampled pornography and cloaked lyricism. CD release on Second Language.