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No No No

Here we have No No No, the first Beirut album since 2011’s The Rip Tide. Here, Zach Condon and friends take a more direct, in-the-studio approach to their sound, somewhat more stripped down in instrumentation than past Beirut work, but still keeping it international, of course. On 4AD, on special limited green vinyl if you’re lucky.

Camera Obscura
Desire Lines

'Desire Lines' was the fifth album by Scottish indie starlets Camera Obscura and was the last to be recorded before the tragic passing of keyboard player Carey Lander. Produced by ace producer Tucker Martine (R.E.M., Spoon, My Morning Jacket etc.) it's their most immaculate sounding record with high end indie-pop tunes with a level of sophistication that doesn't tarnish their DIY roots. For the uninitiated: if you like Belle and Sebastian, this band are for you. 

Not To Disappear

Second album from Daughter, the slightly-ethereal, thoroughly-melancholic indie trio. They’ve been away for 3 years, and the time has allowed them to hone their frosted sound to a fine, sharp point: Not To Disappear is sincerely sad in sound and in words, but manages to avoid becoming maudlin. Out on 4AD.

Fading Frontier

At last, new Deerhunter! With their seventh album, the band have taken a fairly accessible approach, crafting songs with a strong melodic thrust and clear production. Lovely stuff. But they can’t hide their inherent weirdnesses entirely: Fading Frontiers is full of the odd little touches that make this band so special.

Return To The Moon

Menomena and the National are clearly good friends: earlier this year Pfarmers formed from members of each, and now another band has come to us with the former's Brent Knopf and the latter's Matt Berninger. I guess you could call it an indie rock supergroup, though as EL VY ("hell pie", we're told as way of pronunciation), the typical modesty of Berninger should temper that; it'll take the surreal, humorist songwriting of Knopf to lift them both up.

Art Angels

Grimes is back. Not that she’s been away really, but she certainly split some opinions when she released Go in 2014. With Art Angels she has turned away from the populist pop-trap fad and delivered 14 tracks of addictive leftfield pop. Featuring even more instrumentation played by herself as well as collaborations with Janelle Monáe and Aristophanes.


While Grimes (Claire Boucher) has made some … let’s say odd choices in recent years, her eccentricities should not overshadow the quality of her music. There is arguably no Grimes release finer than 2012’s ‘Visions’, the project's third LP and the one that sent her star shooting into the stratosphere. A set of electro-pop tunes that balance cyberpunk sonics with ethereal wafts of vocal and some sneakily brilliant hooks, the years since ‘Visions’ was released have seen it frequently imitated but rarely bettered. Contains ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Genesis’.

Iron and Wine
Ghost On Ghost

Ghost On Ghost was the 2013 follow up to Iron and Wine's masterwork Kiss Each Other Clean. The earlier album surprised fans with a wide ranging sound that drew from world music, pop and LA sunshine music. Ghost on Ghost is equally ambitious but perhaps more laid back with jazz and yacht rock influence burning through a soulful set of songs. 


'Bossanova' is the third proper full length album from indie outfit Pixies, the legendary band from Boston who made some great records back when I was a lad. To try and follow up the triple whammy of 'Come On Pilgrim', 'Surfer Rosa' and 'Doolittle' is quite a daunting and challenging task, but they managed to shape a great record which stands out with its sci-fi themes and surf rock guitars. Features 'Dig For Fire', 'Allison' and 'Velouria'.

Surfer Rosa

One of the best albums ever recorded, Surfer Rosa was the near perfect amalgamation of Pixies scary but tuneful angular rock and the boxy live production of Steve Albini. The A side in particular is an incredible run of wild, high octane rock music the likes of which has barely been seen again. They made an equally good album in Doolittle before venturing onto slowly diminishing returns but Surfer Rosa catches Pixies at their absolute incendiary best.  


Second album from alternative rock stalwarts, Pixies. 'Doolittle' is like when you see something disgusting, and your brain can’t quite decide if you want to keep looking at it and show it to everyone you know, or shut your eyes and hope it goes away. Surreal, catchy, dirty, noisy and really, really good. 

Purity Ring

Purity Ring were a Canadian duo swept up on 4AD's big early two thousand and teens talent hoover. They took club culture and applied a 4AD-friendly ethereal drift to it. Inspired hugely by R&B and hip-hop they emerged with a record that blended dream-pop with rattling rhythms and chopped up electronics and pitch-shifted vocals. 

Scott Walker
The Drift

A mere eleven years in the making, The Drift was the long long long awaited thirteenth solo album by former '60s heartthrob Scott Walker. It pushes Walker's increasingly avant-garde sound way into the abstract on an unsettling often tortured album that sees his rich brown baritone fraying at the edges as it competes with ever more out there material. 


London native, producer and songwriter Sohn had already released three tracks from his debut album, Tremors. The Wheel, Bloodflows, and Lessons left those that heard them watering at the mouth with anticipation of the full-length release. Having signed to 4AD, Sohn is part of their increasingly strong roster. Tremors is available on vinyl LP, with download code and CD.

Hot Thoughts

Ladies and gentlemen - Spoon are back! After months of speculation, they return in 2017 with Hot Thoughts - a colourful and sonically inventive episode from the weathered Texans, but written in its entirety by Britt Daniel himself. After 24 years of indie rock innovation, these Austin-based veterans still know how to sound completely fresh and relevant.

The National

In the story of The National it is generally understood that 2007’s Boxer was their breakthrough LP. While that was undoubtedly a big moment for the group, this narrative does something of a disservice to the band’s preceding record Alligator, an album which has shifted an impressive amount of units and placed high on many ‘Best of 2005’ polls. It’s more than deserving of a re-press, which it now gets courtesy of Beggars Banquet. As for what Alligator sounds like? Well, it sounds like The National.

TV On The Radio
Return To Cookie Mountain

TV On The Radio were such a breath of fresh air when they emerged from their Brooklyn hideaway. The band melted dub, post-rock, electronica and soul with a singer who sounded unnervingly liken Peter Gabriel. Return to Cookie Mountain was their second full length album and the moment where their art rock started to cross over to more commercial territories. The fact that it contains a guest appearance from Dame David Bowie tells you the high regard the band were held in by rock royalty.  

TV On The Radio
Dear Science

Just when we worried that TV On The Radio were going to get worse they actually got better. Dear Science was the Brooklyn band's third LP but carried on where earlier work left off introducing a real distinctive edge into their sound which married pop and soul and electronica making their sound more user-friendly without selling out completely. Stellar stuff that refuses to age. 
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