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Editions Mego - Discounted Titles

Limited stock on a bunch of heavily discounted titles on Peter Rehberg's (Pita, KTL, Shampoo Boy etc.) Editions Mego imprint and sister labels; former Emerald John Elliott's Spectrum Spools and Ideologic Organ - curated by Sunn O)) droner Stephen O'Malley. Grab 'em!            
Please note that this promotion officially ended on Wednesday April 19th 2017. Any discounted items may now have returned to full price, and other items may no longer be available at all. If you missed out on this promotion then sign up for our email alerts so that you stand a better chance of not missing out on the next one.
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Ai Aso

Japanese psychedelic pop singer/songwriter, Ai Aso began performing fifteen years ago. She is responsible for all the instrumentation - Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals on her album, Lone with her fragile, acid-folk whispers bringing an hypnotic quality to the music. She has previously collaborated with the likes of White Heaven and Boris among others. Lone is available on vinyl LP.

Brett Naucke

Those canny androids at Spectrum Spools present the debut LP from Chicago synth maestro and Catholic Tapes founder Brett Naucke. Recorded in Chicago and Miami, the album finds Naucke employing a single synth patch across its eight tracks, with surprisingly diverse results. Unusually for this type of music, it's as rhythmically interesting as it is texturally involving. Mastering by CGB at D+M in Berlin, sleeve art and layout by Nina Hartmann and Naucke respectively.

Empty Airport

Chra presents an LP of disquieting ambience, part blended field recordings, part lingering electronics. And at some points, part reverbed techno as well. All in all, the atmosphere created is somewhat like an Empty Airport in that it feels like there should be more human traces here than there are… LP on Editions Mego.

Daniel Higgs
The Fools Sermon, part 1

Former Lungfish man Daniel Higgs does not mislead when he promises a Fools Sermon: he does indeed deliver his twisted version of a new age religious sermon, carefully intoning each word as though tasting them as they leave his mouth. In the background are creeping desert-like instrumentals: quite the listen! The Fools Sermon, part 1 is out on Stephen O’Malley’s Ideologic Organ.

Duke of York

A somewhat atypical release for Editions Mego here, being a set of actual pop songs. Granted, HOX produce fairly experimental pop songs: what else would you expect from two members of Wire and He Said Omala respectively? Duke of York is their second album, following up their debut from 16 years(!) ago.

Licht-Akiyama Trios
Tomorrow Outside Tomorrow

Rad stuff here from a pair of iconoclastic musicians, working together at last. Alan Licht and Tetuzi Akiyama are formidable guitar talents, but that isn’t even all, as Tomorrow Outside Tomorrow also features Rob Mazurek’s cornet and Oren Ambarchi’s guitar in places. Questing, spacious sound-slabs are the very pleasing result. On Editions Mego.

After The Rain

Electronic artist Locust follows up his release last year with 'After The Rain', a record that at times sounds almost symphonic, with impressively pitched harmonies from Julie Manescau and ornate arrangements (on keys, celeste, synth -- all that good shit) that suggest an inclination towards '70s electronic sounds.

Oren Ambarchi & Jim O'Rourke

‘Behold’ is Oren Ambarchi and Jim O'Rourke’s second collaborative release. With Ambarchi mostly on Guitar and Drums and Jim O'Rourke playing a selection of Synthesizers and piano and both playing various other, sometimes unidentifiable things to create a minimalist, slow burning, repetitive, melodic rhythm.

Robin Fox
A Small Prometheus

Robin Fox’s latest solo album (following on from recent collaborations with Atom™ and Oren Ambarchi) is a compellingly austere series of electronic pieces, most of them exploiting a small selection of minimal sounds to their fullest value. A Small Prometheus originally soundtracked a dance performance, which I struggle to visualise based on the music.

Russell Haswell
Tongue Dancer '85

Someone let noisy troublemaker Russell Haswell into the famous EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, where he had a play around on their marvellous collection of synthesisers. Typically searing business from Haswell here. Tongue Dancer ‘85 is a single-track, single-sided 12”, limited to 300 copies.

The Black Death

Reissue LP on Ideologic Organ. Before joining Jester Records and putting out his bizarre Tom Waits flavoured psychedelia on albums like The Lobster Boys When released this….. It’s a single long dark soundscape that has minor fluttering of musicality. It is based around SVARTEDAUEN, a book of drawings by Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen that have mainly been used by black metal artists such as Burzum.