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10,000 Russos
Fuzz Club Session

10,000 Russos, a Portuguese band, offer up a live-in-the-studio session for release on the Fuzz Club label. The band are playing songs here, but they aren’t too hung up on song structure: loooooong droning intros are very welcome here. 10,000 Russos’ Fuzz Club Session is pressed to heavyweight 180g vinyl.

Alan Courtis
Los Galpones

Super-productive Argentinian noise-man (and Reynols founder) Alan Courtis (also sometimes known as Anla Courtis) has a new slab of solo material for you to chew over. Los Galpones (or, ‘The Sheds’) is a droning blur of metals, guitar, violin and other objects, a thickly-textured soundscape to lose ones thoughts in. Edition of 300 vinyl LPs on Fabrica.
  • Vinyl LP (FABRE038)
  • £21.99 £13.19 (saving: £8.80)
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Animals That Swim

Animals That Swim are one of those 90’s indie bands deeply beloved of a small gang of close fans, but for the most part comfortably under the radar. But these bands quietly created some of that decade’s best music, and are well worth revisiting, as One Little Indian are doing with this reissue of Workshy, which even throws in some previously unreleased tracks to sweeten the deal.

Anne Briggs
Four Songs

Anne Briggs shone brightly during her brief recording career, making a huge mark on eager English folk listeners and musicians. These Four Songs were recorded for the BBC’s 60’s radio show ‘Folk-Song Cellar’, and have never actually been physically released before now. But they fit very nicely onto a 7”, so here (at last!) is a release, on the Fledgling label.

Aquarian Blood
Last Nite In Paradise

Aquarian Blood are a band built around the husband and wife duo of Laurel Ferdon and JB Horrell, both of whom have played in a bunch of bands. When the other members of the group are added in, I imagine the whole of the Memphis weird-punk underground is represented in one way or another. Last Nite In Paradise is the debut full-length of this blasted outfit: quality madness music played at high speed. On Goner Records.

Dither EP

Arkitect lives up to his name as he constructs dense, heavy techno on this very limited 5-track vinyl 12” EP on Private Selection Records. Dither is built from raw synthesizer riffs, rapid-fire drum machine chatter, thumping bass and very little else. This is gloriously stripped back, skeletal techno for late nights.

Hopes Of Failure

Iowan three-piece Aseethe love doom and they love drone, and they’ve sort of tried to merge the two here on Hopes Of Failure. The trick is to sludge up and slow down their compositions so that the chewy riffs start to melt into each other: the results will certainly satisfy fans of blackened heaviness. Hopes Of Failure is out on Thrill Jockey.

Murmur EP

Stark beat-work drives this obscure 12” released on Timedance, and produced by the label’s head figure. At it’s core are rapidly jarring rhythms that propel the tracks in a lazy techno tempo, over which modulated signals and metallic knocks ring out as if from some sci-fi jungle. Heady stuff.

Big Star
9Complete Third: Vol. 2: Roughs To Mixes

Big Star Complete Third is the result of a decade-long search to find all the recordings from the 1974 sessions that would become Big Star’s Third album. The album has been released with differing track listings and different titles, such as Sister/Lovers, since its original release in 1978. As well as all of the music there are extensive liner notes from those involved and artists who have been influenced by the band. Vol. 2 Roughs To Mixes, one of three vinyl editions, contains the rough mixes by producer Jim Dickinson and Ardent Studios engineer John Fry, and a version of Velvet Underground’s After Hours sung by Lesa Aldridge.


Dreamy and warbling shoegaze indie from Estonia circa 1994. Bizarre existed between 1992 and 1998 releasing only two albums, after Seksound re-released their sophomore album in 2015 they have returned to the band to bring back their debut. Limited to precisely 444 hand numbered copies for the entire world.

Rollage Vol.2: Keysound Sessions Anthem

This new Blackdown material is the result of a tightly constrained process: all four tracks have been built up around a piece of audio grabbed by a phone in the middle of a Keysound club night. From that inauspicious sound grain, a bunch of strong bangers has sprung, all rolling forth at 130bpm. Rollage Vol. 2: Keysound Sessions Anthem is a 12” out on Keysound.

Blank Square
Animal I

Blank Square make punk-music-gone-weird, engaging with the lessons of messed-up no wave and also pushing a saxophone to the front of their sound. Animal I is their debut record, and the deep and odd punk fans are going to go wild for it. Released, naturally enough, on John Dwyer’s Castle Face label.


Vancouver-incepted six-piece Brasstronaut are a mysterious entity, and one that cannot be assigned to a single genre. Their 2016 released self-titled album melds pop, rock and jazz using synths, clarinets and intricate rhythms in a way that has attracted critical acclaim from the left and the right of the Atlantic pond.


With previous releases on Hessle Audio, Idle Hands, and Timedance Larry McCarty’s Bruce moniker as covered a wide range of the techno sonic landscape, from hard, ambient, and broken beat. These three tracks on Hemlock focus on a tighter minimal approach, with micro-production that makes every element flourish. From the near ambient night time slow stomp of Before You Sleep to the panicky Sweat.

Carsten Jost
Perishable Tactics

David Lieske has been keeping himself busy with various activities, but it’s been a colossal amount of time since he last released a full-length under his Carsten Jost moniker (2000!). Perishable Tactics combines brand new material with a few previously issued limited-release cuts, with the whole thing meshing together into a sterling example of agitated house music. CD / double LP release on Dial.

Caustic Resin
The Medicine Is All Gone

Post-grunge trio Caustic Resin released their tour-de-force album The Medicine Is All Gone back in 1998. It’s generally regarded as a bit of lost classic of heavy psychedelia and layered guitars. It was produced by Phil Ek who has produced some great stuff by the likes of Modest Mouse, Built To Spill and Fleet Foxes. Fans of the band include Mark Lanegan and Kurt Cobain’s mate Dylan Carson. Vocalist and guitarist Brett Netson has also played with Built To Spill and Earth.

Clock Opera

A five year wait for the follow up to their debut Ways To Forget, and after extensive touring with Alt-J and Metronomy, and having a lineup change, London based Clock Opera are ready to drop Venn. Playing with a wide sonic palette from found sounds to warm synths to dramatic and crisply produced drums they smash the electronic and indie into pop with a big band sound. Comes with remixes by NZCA/Lines Taigen Kawabe of Bo Ningen, and Annie Hart from Au Revoir Simone.

Some More Equal Than Others

Covariant is an alias for a certain well-regarded producer, going undercover for this hard-hitting techno-house punch of a 12” for Poverty Is Violence. Three new funky-tough bangers with which to kill dancefloors, plus a remix of one of them by XXX. Some More Equal Than Others is a white label 12” limited to 300 copies.

Crash Course In Science
Jump Over Barrels

Crash Course In Science are a post-punk band formed by three art school students in Philadelphia in 1979. Whilst guitars, drums and synths were used, the band eschewed convention by experimenting with toy instruments and kitchen appliances to add to their sound. Jump Over Barrells was recorded in 1981, intended for an album called Near Marineland, the song remained unmixed and unreleased. This 12” also features a robust remix by Charles Manier aka Tadd Mullinix and a demo version from 1980 which highlights the track’s raw sparseness.

Zibaldone I of CVX

CVX sees Rupert Clervaux (Sian Alice Group and one-time Beatrice Dillon collaborator) spread his wings and soundscape two readings from Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi’s notebooks. That said those coming here for simple washy ambient niceness are in for a pleasant surprise - the b-side throbs with energetic drum loops and propulsive melodies. The 12” includes a neat fold-out poster.

Baker's Dozen: Daedelus

The most psychedelic man in hip hop finally gets invited for his Baker’s Dozen. Daedelus crafts the 5th volume in the series, only available on vinyl LP, with twelve tracks of luscious, imaginative and soulful instrumental hip hop. The packaging is reliably gorgeous too, with photos of the man’s workspace and liner notes on his creative process.

Dams Of The West
Youngish American

Dams Of The West is in fact a solo project of Chris Tomson, better known as the drummer for none other than Vampire Weekend. Youngish American avoids the pitfalls of ‘drummer solo album’ very deftly, being a sweet suite of soulful pop music helmed by Tomson’s cool vocals. Youngish American is released by Colombia.

Dear Reader
Day Fever

A few years deep now, Cherilyn MacNeil puts flesh on the bones of her Dear Reader project here. Lead single ‘I Know You Can Hear It’ has something of the best Dirty Projectors and The Mountain Goats to it (album producer John Vanderslice has already worked with the latter). Another fine addition to the City Slang pantheon.

Dinosaur L
24-24 Music

Nice to see this one come around for a vinyl reissue. Dinosaur L is one of the many pseudonyms that the late, great Arthur Russell elected to use. 24-24 Music is his best known statement under that name, containing legit-NY-disco-hits like ‘Go Bang!’ and ‘You’re Gonna Be Clean On Your Bean’. Join the avant-tinged disco party! Double LP.

East Wall
Eyes Of Glass

Dark Entries present a much needed, official remastered reissue of this much sought after and bootlegged Italo Disco gem from Fabrizio Chiari (ex-keyboardist of Kirlian Camera) and Wilma Notari. Originally released in 1982 it still sounds glorious some 34 years later. Includes a double-sided postcard with photos of the band, lyrics, and liner notes by Italo Diso legend Flemming Dalum.

East Wall

Premium quality vinyl reissue of the ultra rare LP. East Wall are better known for the 12" hit "Eyes Of Glass", but this is an amazing album from a few years later. Crossing through different styles and with many great tracks. A must for fans of Minimal Wave, Dark Entries, Mannequin. Limited 300 copies. First copies available on transparent coloured vinyl. Vinyl 135 g / LP-cover with 3mm spine, 280g , 2014 remastered versions. Tracks: A1. Silence A2. Ice Of FireA3. Twenty Five Sunsets Before DawnA4. Angelo B1. BlueB2. PrivacyB3. Twenty Seven

Pure, Beyond Reproach

Egyptrixx is the kind of producer who will let you just dance one moment and then blast you with a fine-grain blitz of heavy chewy digital textures the next. Not that this is an antagonistic record: every move that Pure, Beyond Reproach makes is a calculated one that had a positive effect on the listener. Lots to discover within this record. Out on Halocine Trance.
  • Vinyl Double LP (HTRALP004)
  • £23.99 £19.19 (saving: £4.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Book Of Changes

I don't understand. Surely Entrance only just released an album last year with the slightly underwhelming 'Promises'? (Copies still available by the way). Reading further 'Promises' was apparently the EP so this must be the big one. It says here that he's been influenced by Townes Van Zandt and Arthur Lee which surely can only be a good thing.    


FAY combines a Holly Herndonesque approach to chopping and screwing her own voice with a drone-dub aesthetic and an avant approach to electronic music. She makes haunted mini-choirs out of her voice, re-sampled and pitch-shifted, and implants these into tracks of broken-up electronics. Deal is a strange and eerie listen indeed. Released by the Time No Place label.
  • Vinyl LP (TNP026LP)
  • £15.49 £9.29 (saving: £6.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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FJORDNE & stabilo

Tokyo’s FJORDNE and Hiroshima’s stabilo provide two tracks apiece to this CD. The combination works well - the former’s billowing, 30s-jazz-club piano playing and dense sound collages play nicely off of stabilo’s murkier ambiences. There is more than a shade of early Eno here. Hand-stamped, lovingly packaged and comes with a download.

Fuck Yeah
Fuck Yeah

Fuck Yeah is a group made up of four Munich men in their forties, each of whom has had a whole world of alternative rock seep into their veins over the years. Now, together, they let all that music seep back out again into their own tracks, most of which are about rock’n’roll itself. Sounds good. Debut album Fuck Yeah is released by My Redemption Records.

Giant Rooks
New Estate

Giant Rooks are a German band from the small (but pleasingly named) town of Hamm, but they have big ambitions and a big sound. The New Estate EP really soars in places, pushing towards indie-rock / alt-pop anthem territory. Catchy tunes and tight production can take you a long way. Six track EP, released on CD and vinyl by Haldren Pop Recordings.

Girma Beyene & Akale Wub
Ethiopiques 30: Mistakes On Purpose

Another excellent LP in the Ethiopiques series, this time showing off the fabulously alive sound of legendary Ethiopian musician Girma Béyéné, supported by the French group Akale Wub. This set was recorded after decades away from the limelight, but it still sizzles with energy and musical fire. Ethiopiques 30: Mistakes On Purpose is a double LP release on Heavenly Sweetness.

Gus Russo
Basket Case (Original Soundtrack)

Soundtrack to the downright bizarre 1982 film Basket Case composed by Gus Russo. The soundtrack is just a creepy as the premise of the film. Having never seen a release this is the first time on vinyl, let alone anything else. Remastered from the original tapes, packaged with postcards, download code, and comes in three random colour variations.

Gypsy Mamba
Magnetic Syndromes

Californian producer Gypsy Mamba makes synth music from within the prism designed by the LA Brainfeeder crew: stuttering beats and a flare-textured psychedelic fill this record. But Magnetic Syndromes isn’t quite beat music. It finds it’s own, slightly more abstract pathway to electronic enlightenment. LP release on Alpha Pup.
  • Vinyl LP (APR090LP)
  • £22.49 £13.49 (saving: £9.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Homeboy Sandman
Actual Factual Pterodactyl

Actual Factual Pterodactyl is the first proper album of Homeboy Sandman, initially released in 2008. Sandman is finding his own particular flavour here, developing his sweet slow flow and his richly flavoured tracks (just listen to ‘Opium’s lazy trumpet licks). Now the album is reissued on double vinyl, on Homeboy’s Boy Sand Industries.

Irabagon, Hegre & Drønen

A tasty trio here, formed by Mostly Other People Do The Killing saxophonist Jon Irabagon alongside a pair of noisy Norwegians, Nils Are Drønen and John Hegre (the latter a founding member of Jazzkammer with Lasse Marhaug). Wow! Axis finds these guys sparking off each other for some deep-down instant composition. Released by Rune Grammofon.

Jimi Bazzouka
Edits Vol. 4

More weird house edits and sly disco variations from Jimi Bazzouka and the Crowdspacer label. Edits Vol. 4 on vinyl 12” borrows the sounds of the 1980s Japanese new wave and turns them into surreal bangers and eccentric floorfillers, all dedicated to the life and work of genius Ryuichi Sakamoto.
  • Vinyl 12" (CRWDSPCRX005)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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Joe King Kologbo & The High Grace
Sugar Daddy

Joe King Kologbo is a Nigerian highlife veteran, contributing his guitar to loads of ensembles over the years. Sugar Daddy is an album he recorded as bandleader of The High Grace in 1980, and it mixes those lovely sunny highlife vibes with bits of disco groove. Great to see this reissued and in circulation again, thanks to Strut.

Johannes Malfatti

Johannes Malfatti is a busy Berlin sound designer who has lent his compositional and performance skills to all manner of different musics over the years. But this is his first solo release. Surge is a deep, slow-growing stretch of ambience that was inspired by the geology of the Austrian Alps. Texture and motion are key to this release. CD on Glacial Movements

Jonny Nash
Exit Strategies

With a slowed guitar that reminds us of a stripped-down Hammock, accompanied by ethereal July Skies-esque pads and another reverbed guitar, Jonny Nash lays down a guitar based soundscape unlike all of the above, or anybody else for that matter. Exit Strategies is dreamy as it is heavy, and rich as it is vivacious.


KGIV is Kit Geary and Israel Vines, pooling their production talents to create two particularly solid pieces of pulsing forward-movement techno. They’ve also had the privilege to enlist big dog producer Jeff Pietro to remix Mockingbird on the B-side: he takes an already-vigorous track and pushes it yet further. Premium. 12” on Eye Teeth.

Kirlian Camera
Helden Platz

Another classic eighties Italodisco remastered 12" here at Norman Records: Kirlian Camera’s exciting 1987 single Helden Platz (that’s German for Heroes’ Square). Vocals are courtesy of Simona Buja on this up-tempo dark-wave synth-pop track. Produced by the Rick Rubin of Italodisco, Oderso Rubini. Includes an extended mix as well as original B-side Burial.
  • Vinyl 12" (DE143)
  • £15.49 £9.29 (saving: £6.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Lion and Thunder

Deep, dark and funky dub atmospherics from one of the original South London dubstep crew. Lion and Thunder is a taut and paranoid piece of electronica drawn from Kromestar’s archives and beautifully pressed as a white label 12” vinyl. They don’t make basslines like these anymore...
  • Vinyl 12" (LION002)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Le Ton Mite
Passe Compose Futur Conditionnel

Le Ton Mité is a hard-to-pin-down collective with one McCloud Zicmuse sitting at the centre (other participants include members of Deerhoof and A Hawk And A Hacksaw). Passe Compose Futur Conditionnel packs an impressive 50 songs into 67 minutes, covering a wide span of sounds and styles. CD and double LP release on Crammed Discs.

London O’Connor

London O’Connor gives his debut album O∆ a ‘proper’ CD and vinyl release, after it was initially issued only on Soundcloud. London moves freely between different genres: all we can pin him down on are his themes, of dislocation and suburban disaffection. Out on True Panther Sounds.

Loto Retina

Loto Retina (also known as Mac Nobody) is beyond a mystery. A couple of self released cassettes, and now Fiction is their debut for Orange milk. Dipping into virtual freeform avantgarde glitch, juke rhythms, and sporadic moments of calm dusty and synthetic choral pads. There’s a lo-fi Oneohtrix Point Never vapourwave pastiche quality to it.

Things That Were

In recent years Lustmord’s dark ambience has graced labels such as Touch, Blackest Ever Black and Vaultworks. Infinite Fog are looking back to where the darkness began with the aptly titled Things That Were. Acollection of tracks from the very beginning. 1 CD containing remastered version of his self titled debut, and the other holding several unreleased tracks, including one with John Balance of Coil. All recorded 1980-1983.

Martial Canterel
Navigations Volume II

Martial Canterel is the vintage-style coldwave project of Sean McBride. He’s been producing shimmery moody synth music since 2002, and this second volume of his Navigations series compiles rare sounds from this first two years of the project. This is a mixture of sketches and unfinished tracks that offer both insight to the growth of the music and some very fine sounds in their own right. LP with insert on Medical Records.

Martial Canterel
Navigations Volume III

Martial Canterel is the vintage-style coldwave project of Sean McBride. He’s been producing shimmery moody synth music since 2002, and this third volume of his Navigations series compiles rare sounds from this first two years of the project. This is a mixture of sketches and unfinished tracks that offer a valuable perspective on the growth of the music, as well as sounds that are very fine in their own right. LP with insert on Medical Records.

Metalized Man
Losing Your Virginity: Metalized Boy’s First Adventures in Manhood

Metalized Man make music that’s perfect for those types who like electronic music but are a bit fuzzy on the idea of dancing: this stuff right here is too abstracted, noisy and weird for you to get a groove on, but boy are those textures delicious. Losing Your Virginity: Metalized Boy’s First Adventures In Manhood is the first full-length release of this beguiling project.
  • Vinyl LP (DOWN2)
  • £12.99 £7.79 (saving: £5.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Michael Chapman
Playing Guitar The Easy Way

Michael Chapman is a folk guitarist of some repute. So much so, his work is frequently mentioned in the same breath as Bert Jansch, Roy Harper and John Martyn. Chapman also discovered guitarist Mick Ronson, known for his work with David Bowie. Playing Guitar The Easy way is genuinely a tutorial record and even comes with a 20 page booklet with notation. This album is for guitar nerds and Michael Chapman Fans alike. Playing Guitar The Easy Way is available on CD.

Mike Collins
Lost Tapes 1983 - 1989

Mike Collins, the brains behind Sun Dance and their classic banger ‘Rude Movements’, reveals some sounds of his that have never been heard before on this release. Lost Tapes 1983 - 1989 is a collection of tracks from the archives, exploring the capabilities of Collins’ favourite synths and drum machines. Full-flavoured house and electro, on a 12” from MIC Records.

Mike Cooper
Reluctant Swimmer / Virtual Surfer

A document of a live performance by Mike Cooper that was given in Rome back in 2003. The music was improvised, although Cooper finds himself wandering into two sung songs along the way (by Van Dyke Parks and Fred Neil respectively), one of them for the first time. Fantastic listenings to be had for fans of the lap steel / lap steel guitar. Reluctant Swimmer / Virtual Surfer is released by Discrepant.

No Future

With his releases on R&S, Ninja Tune, and Werk Discs London based producer Moiré has always pushed left of centre in techno production, swapping straight fours for screwed and off kilter beats that mysteriously achieve the same rhythm. On his latest full length through Ghostly International he pushes further into IDM beat work territories, working with MC DRS and “grime poet” James Massiah.

Mozart's Sister
Field of Love

Mozart’s Sister is Caila Thompson-Hannant’s solo musical project, and the core idea she had for it is that everything should be fun. Now, that doesn’t mean that everything has to be technicolour and explosive, just that Field Of Love welcomes in all listeners and puts smiles on their faces. It is indeed a good-times record. Out on Arbutus Records.

Mr. G / K15
A Learning Curve

Two very different tracks populate this 12” on Lo Recordings, each excelling in its own sound world. On the A we have a woozy, percussive drive through softly paranoid atmospheres with deliciously classic hand claps keeping pace; the B side provides a deeper, more introspective contrast that shuffles quietly along a deserted sonic plane.

Multicast Dynamics
Continental Ruins

Samuel van Dijk’s hazy electronic project Multicast Dynamics presents what he calls a ‘sound documentary’ on sunken infrastructure. Continental Ruins is thus suitably watery and sombre in tone, using heavily-processed synths and field recordings to create deep-textured sound slabs that’ll pull the listener under. Out on Denovali.

New Gen
New Gen

This album is born out of a radio show, a show series and a studio space. Under the New Gen banner, some of the finest contemporary MC’s and musicians of London came together, including AJ Tracey, Stormzy, Nines, 67 and many more. Somehow, the results of these collaborations have been made to make up a full-length album that fits together neatly: nice one. Next Gen is released by XL Recordings.

37 EP

Niagara have been busy the last couple of years, with a string of releases on Príncipe, F T D, and now returning to Ascender with 37 EP. Highly limited pressing, and it’s as rough and ready techno as you get. Analogue blips and blurts bash out a monophonic morse code riding an almost over powered kick and hihat, all being surrounded by electronic fuzz. And that’s the opener.

Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator
Best Of

Nick Oliveri is of course best known for his essential work in Queens Of The Stone Age, but his group Mondo Generator actually predates that. This Best Of is indeed a best of compilation, with twenty years worth of music represented. Major stoner-rock guests include Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and Mark Lanegan. CD / double LP on Heavy Psych Sounds.


Northcape is an effortless specialist in the kind of melodic electronica that tugs gently at the heartstrings while also softly propelling the feet. His work has something in common with the thoughtful music of Boards Of Canada. Glasshouse is a six track EP, providing a small but nourishing portion of the Northcape sound. Out on Sun Sea Sky Productions.

Okkervil River
Sleep and Wake-Up Songs

‘Sleep and Wake-Up Songs’ is the third EP release from American indie rock band from Austin, Texas, Okkervil River, who formed back in 1998 and take their name from a short story by Russian author Tatyana Tolstaya set on the river in St Petersburg. Released in November 2004, this EP was intended as an interim release in anticipation of their follow up full-length album, ‘Black Sheep Boy’. It has the same tensions but spread over frontman Will Sheff's older, more lethargic songwriting style. Great sparse, early tunes from a band recently noted to be a favourite of Barack Obama's.

Old 97's
Graveyard Whistling

Rhett Davies's popular Texan bar band have long since broken out of their local scene and now compete with the alt country big boys such as  Uncle Tupelo and the Jayhawks. This is their umpteenth album of feel decent country rock with a low down and dirty feel and hi-paced driving gritty rhythms. 

PAZ are Back

PAZ may well have been London’s premier jazz-funk outfit while they were around in the 70’s and ‘80s, containing amazing players who’d worked with Ian Dury, Mike Oldfield and Dusty Springfield to name just a few. PAZ Are Back was their 1982 studio recording, originally issued by Spotlite Records in much too limited qualities. Now, BBE have the reissue.

Person Of Interest
Boost The Whip (I-95 Mix)

With his releases on L.I.E.S., Royal Oak and Russian Torrent, Person Of Interest is more than adept and holding us in the 90s and the golden ages of dance music, but Boost The Whip is huge chunky slab of nostalgia pressed onto a single side of wax. Everything you need to know about breaks based house is right here.
  • Vinyl 12" (FT 041)
  • £9.49 £5.69 (saving: £3.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Prins Thomas
Gerd Janson Remixes

House and disco wizard Prins Thomas hands his soulful productions to best pal Gerd Jansen. The results, on this vinyl 12” from Smalltown Supersound, are playful and heavy, full of lush instrumentation and tough percussion. The wax includes two remixes as well as two new tunes from Thomas himself.

Private Eyes
Mirror Image / Anasazi

Slices taken from a few pies here. With and 80s synth backbone that would suit a straight to VHS film, arpeggiated basslines and cold chords swelling in and out Mirror Image is one for night-time drives. Anasazi plays more on the minimal side, arpeggiated micro phrases playing off one another, drumless, pushing through the analog dust.

Ramasandiran Somusundaram
Skinny Woman

Ramasandiran Somusundaram is an Indian percussionist (and part of acts like Bambibanda E Melodie and New Trolls Atomic System), and Skinny Woman is his only solo album, initially released in the early 70’s. It’s a wild and surprising listen, fusing Indian music with funk and rock and a ton of energy. First ever reissue! Edition of 500 LPs on Cinedelic.

Rebekka Karijord
Mother Tongue

If anything could stir and unlock unfounded emotions, then it would be the surprise and traumatic three-month-early arrival of a child. Rebekka Karijord had to face just that, and her ordeal has inspired and shaped her latest release - Mother Tongue. Though in an epic straddle between dystopia and utopia, she proves this is much more than an album about childbirth.

Richard Band
From Beyond (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The 1986 film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s chilling tale From Beyond contains a suitably tense soundtrack by Richard Band, scored for both classical instruments and synthesizers. The suite has been both remastered and expanded, and is pressed to ‘Pink Slime’ vinyl. Presented within a newly-designed sleeve and alongside new liner notes. On Waxwork.

Riz Ortolani
Confessione Di Un Commissario Di Polizia Al Procuratore Della Repubblica

A rare and gorgeous obscurity from the never-ending depths of the 1970’s Italian film soundtrack world. This one is from a 1971 crime caper named Confessione Di Un Commissario Di Polizia Al Procuratore Della Repubblica, and Riz Ortolani does an excellent job conjuring up funky action sounds and brassy tension. Really lovely stuff, made available on 180g vinyl by Four Flies.

The Untouchable

My my, a brand new album from the legendary dub innovator Scientist. The Untouchable features an enviable array of reggae talents old and new, from Ilhame Paris and Da Real Storm to Tippa Irie and Kelli Love. This material goes as deep and delicious as you’d want from a Scientist record, successfully overviewing a whole genre. Out on Dub Mir.

It'll Be Cool

Silkworm’s final album finds itself reissued 11 years after initial release: and for the first time, it is being made available on vinyl. By this point in their career, the band know exactly how to craft scuzzy indie rock tracks, and the standard here is high. It’ll Be Cool was recorded by Steve Albini and is released by Touch And Go.

Six Organs of Admittance
Burning The Threshold

The inside of Ben Chasney’s head must be like a forest. His music sounds like a brave guitar player treading through a maze of brown branches and red leaves, never breaking his pace. The result is, invariably, an album full of hypnotizing songs, and Six Organs of Admittance’ latest is no exception. Burning the Threshold features guest musicians on vocals, drums and keys, but the sound is unmistakable: uncompromising, almost tribal, acoustic music.

Six. By Seven
Greatest Hits

Six. By Seven’s particular style of socially conscious psychedelic indie remained underground for their whole existence, but a Greatest Hits is still in order. It contains a generous selection of their finest cuts from across their career, including snarling food protest song ‘Eat Junk Become Junk’. CD release on Beggars Archive.


A murmuration is the term used for a flock of starlings, and if you’ve ever seen one whirling in the air then you will see how such a thing could act as inspiration for beautiful music. Piano composer sonicbrat has written and performed a suite for imaginatively-miked piano that imagines the journey of a starling through life and the air. CD release on Kitchen, packaged in a die-cut case.

stillichimiya x COMPUMA
Bangkok Nights EP

Stillichimiya were included in a 2015 Complex list of ‘25 Japanese Rap Groups You Need to Know’, and their infectious brand of Beastie Boys-style posse rap manages to jump the language barrier pretty well. ‘Bangkok Nights’ was made to promote the 2016 Katsuya Tomita film of the same name, and the b-side here offers a remix from bleep-blooper COMPUMA as well as the original instrumental.


Succhiamo does the almost-unthinkable here on this eponymous two-tracker, by cheerfully remembering the much-lamented music of electroclash. That means two big and brash funtime bangers, with lyrics about sex and supermarkets and a tongue-in-cheek attitude. A very welcome release to see in a ‘serious dance music’ landscape.
  • Vinyl 12" (ATN 033)
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Tall Tall Trees

This is pretty much a Mike Savino solo-effort. Recorded somewhere in the hills of Georgia (the state, not the country... probably), the Tall Tall Trees-frontman poured his heart and delayed guitar into his own record. Freedays, the result, is an up-tempo folk-pop effort that breathes both warmth and optimism - but never without a hint of loneliness.

The Paperhead
Africa Avenue

Psychedelic students The Paperhead continue to pay their respects to the rock 'n' roll of the 1960s on 'Africa Avenue', playing their fuzzed-up guitars and acoustic strums like their hair is doing most of the work. It's their most directly pop work as a band yet, though the band still want you to think they're totally weird, so bring in some country fever and even brandish a harpsichord at one point.

The Paperhead

Nashville trio The Paperhead craft a deliciously off-centre brew of familiar acoustic backings, over which a rich palette of instrumental splashings lean in and out. This, their latest in a neat handful of albums, is reminiscent of Van Morrison’s more direct offerings, with a slightly melancholic Moody Blues swagger.

Tinfoil 5

Tinfoil is a duo made up of DeFeKT and Sunil Sharpe, mixing their own blends of techno, but there is a noticeable retention of DeFeKT’s crisp electro sheen. Their fifth installment under the moniker they keep everything tight to the chest and just simply produce some of the most refreshing and hard hitting techno. Plain as.

Tuff Sherm
Squire's Skull

Australian house and techno wizard Tuff Sherm AKA Dro Carey returns with Squire's Skull a 4-track vinyl 12” on Normals Welcome. The producer has developed a distinctive spin on outsider electronica, blending raw drum machine programming and a dazzling array of wonky samples and strange synthesizer soundscapes.
  • Vinyl 12" (NRML020)
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Ulan Bator

Ulan Bator have been creating avant-garde rock music from their base in Paris since 1993: Stereolith is their twelfth album. Stereolith is full of full-on krautrock rhythmic drive and inventive electronics, but notably keeps things tight, with no track exceeding five and a half minutes. Released by Bureau B.

The Glowing

London techno label Brokntoys continues it’s fine run of brain-scrambling techno with this four-track EP. Helena Hauff affiliate Morah kicks things off with a real circuit-melter; Ivna Ji and the much-vaunted Apeiron Crew’s Solid Blake stuff the middle of the release with two punchy, squelchy rollers; and Vertical67 closes ‘The Glowing’ with the moody, claustrophobic ‘Distortion’. Not a bad track here and comes in a screen-printed sleeve.

Cannabis (Original Series Soundtrack)

New French TV show Cannabis has a rich and varied soundtrack that features lots of artists, from France and from beyond. Notable acts include Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Mala Rodriguez and Vitalic, but fans of the series will recognise plenty of new favourites here on this soundtrack release. LP / double CD release on the Milan label.

Various (Beau Wanzer, Pan Daijing, Bleaching Agent, Duran Duran Duran etc.)
Vectors 3

Here’s a compilation from the Power Vacuum label, showing off their strong roster of producer talent. Vectors 3 features exclusive material from artists including Beau Wanzer, Pan Daijing, and the excellently-named Duran Duran Duran. High-quality dark electronics to brood over and shuffle to. Double 12” set.

Live at Third Man Records

Watcher are a Tennessee tangle of fury and energy and distortion, spitting their songs out at breakneck pace towards unsuspecting audiences. They are pretty new to the game, having self-released just a handful of cassettes so far, and this short-but-sweet 7” document of their set Live At Third Man Records is their most high-profile release so far. Cheers Jack White.
  • Vinyl 7" (TMR-392)
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Well Pleased And Satisfied With Jo Banna
Open The Gate Bobby Boy

A slice of vintage 1970’s roots reggae, resurrected on vinyl. Original copies of Well Pleased And Satisfied’s Open The Gate Bobby Boy would have set you back £150+ before this 12” reissue, so praise be to Total Sounds, who have also remastered the audio and added in a previously unreleased new version.

Xao Seffcheque
Ja, Nein, Vielleicht Kommt Sehr Gut (A Selection of Electronic Beats 1980–82)

As an Austrian national dwelling in Düsseldorf circa 1980, Xao Seffcheque was well placed to get real electronic with it. Ja, Nein, Vielleicht Kommt Sehr Gut (A Selection Of Electronic Beats 1980-1982) is a compilation of the man’s sharp and deconstructive solo work, some of it previously unreleased, taking a satirical sideswipe at some musical contemporaries. On Bureau B.