50 Top April Pre-orders

April isn't just about Record Store Day y'know ...or it better not be, else we are screwed this year. So let's take a look at some of the pre-orders you might want to get booked in before you spunk your cash on dodgy/non-dodgy RSD stuff.
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!!! (Chk Chk Chk)
Shake The Shudder

New York’s hardy perennial dance-punkers !!! (pronounced Chk Chk Chk remember) are in their twentieth year now, which gives Shake The Shudder a new angle. On the one hand, this is still joyful party-dance music. On the other, the band are feeling a bit more introspective and mature. But you know what? That just enables a better party. Out on Warp.
  • Vinyl Double LP (WARPLP283)
  • CD (WARPCD283)

Alan Vega
Alan Vega

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Aldous Harding

New Zealand's Aldous Harding came to prominence with her self titled debut from a couple of years ago  - a word of mouth hit which showcased her ghostly laments and eerie torch songs. Well now she is back and she travelled all the way to Bristol to record it with PJ Harvey collaborator John Parrish. Perfume Genius lends a hand too. Nice. 
  • CD (4AD0008CD)

Barry Adamson
Love Sick Dick

Barry Adamson, a man with experience in Magazine and Nick Caves’s Bad Seeds, has a new solo EP of ‘unrequited love and lust’ music. Love Sick Dick is six tracks of dramatic synth-blues, tracing the woes of a character suffering from affairs of the heart. Vinyl and CD EP editions available via Central Control.
  • Vinyl LP (CCI026LP)
  • CD (CCI026CD)

Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow
Black Mirror: Men Against Fire

In what is amounts to arguably the darkest and most dystopian television programme of 2016, Charlie Brooker's sensational Black Mirror has returned with a vengeance. This Men Against Fire soundtrack composed by Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow provides the perfect companion to a stunning and harrowing array of visuals.
  • CD (INV172CD)
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  • Vinyl LP (INV172LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Vinyl LP (INV172LPPIC)

The Singles

Spanning the entirety of their hugely influential career, Mute have put all of Can’s singles into one place. A lot of these tracks haven’t been made available since their original individual releases. From the obscure to the surprisingly accessible, this collection is great for newcomers and diehard fans alike. On triple vinyl or CD via Mute
  • Vinyl Triple LP (SPOON60)
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  • CD (CDSPOON60)

Charlemagne Palestine & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra
Omminggg & Schlomminggg

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Cigarettes After Sex
Cigarettes After Sex

This is the debut full-length album from Cigarettes After Sex, following up on a number of EPs. They’ve stepped things up for the occasion, with a sound more widescreen than ever before. The songs are romantic in subject matter and sonic construction: this could well be the soundtrack to your next heartache. CD and LP editions available on Partisan Records.
  • Vinyl LP (PTKF2146-1)
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  • CD (PTKF2146-2)


As a squelching pool of nostalgic synthwork, College's third full-length album - Shanghai - is an enriching building block on top of an already sprawling collection. Inspired by the city itself, this gold-pressed LP is an offering absorbed in mystery and a perfect homage to one of the world's most intriguing cities.
  • Vinyl LP (INV170LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (INV170CD)

Daniel O'Sullivan

Daniel O’Sullivan, of Grumbling Fur, Ulver and Aethenor (and that’s not all!), is in solo mode on VELD, but that doesn’t mean he has limited himself to a single approach. VELD is an album of pop songs, but electroacoustic abstractions keep lapping at the edges of the song structures. Released on O Genesis.
  • Vinyl LP (OGEN54LP)

DeepChord presents Echospace
Live in Detroit [Ghost In The Sound]

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Flying Saucer Attack
Flying Saucer Attack

Flying Saucer Attack's debut was one of those records that pointed the way forward in terms of how albums could be comprised and sequence. Half blurry pop songs, half wandering instrumentals, it contains two tributes to the then totally obscure Popul Vuh and an unlikely cover of Suede's 'The Drowners'. It's notable how twee the pop songs are sounding now but back then they were dead scary. The mystique that surrounded the band had a lot do to with this...a perfectly executed shoegaze/noise concept.     
  • Vinyl LP (REWIGLP105)
  • CD (REWIGCD105)

Forest Swords

Much anticipated third album from acclaimed Merseyside- based producer Matthew Barnes aka Forest Swords. Barnes as many of us is in despair at the current uncertain world and has drawn inspiration from new ways of communication and has taken this into his music. The crux of the album is about blurring the lines between digital and organic, samples and unique playing and is sure to be  one of the most innovative works in 2017. 
  • CD (ZENCD243)
  • Vinyl LP (ZEN243)

Glass Vaults
The New Happy

Psychedelic indie pop band from New Zealand Glass Vaults return with their sophomore album The New Happy. Following on from Sojourn the album pushes more sunshine pop whilst retaining the psych tonality of their more sun-kissed shoegaze. Up-beat, loving, fun and incredibly positive. That’s good, yes?
  • Vinyl LP (MELO111LP)
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Damon Albarn and his Gorillaz return in full effect with their fifth album and follow up to 2010’s Plastic Beach. Boasting an incredible list of featured artists including Vince Staples, De La Soul, Danny Brown, Benjamin Clementine, D.R.A.M. and many more.  The standard CD has four random different front cover options – one per band member. Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set – Strictly limited Box Set containing 14 pieces of 12” coloured vinyl (each one a different colour), packaged in individually art-worked sleeves. Each piece of vinyl features an album track b/w an exclusive alternate version on the ‘b-side’. Includes a 54-page, cloth-bound, foil-blocked, hardback book of Gorillaz artwork by Jamie Hewlett and a download card, all housed in a bespoke 12” vinyl case.  Deluxe Vinyl + Art Book – Double, heavyweight 12” black vinyl, housed in a cloth-bound, foil blocked 54-page hardback book of Gorillaz artwork by Jamie Hewlett.
  • Vinyl Double LP (0190295851187)
  • Vinyl Double LP (0190295851194)
  • CD (0190295851170)

  • CD (0190295851200)

H. Hawkline
I Romanticize

Making the sort of wandering oddball pop music that could be filed alongside fellow Welsh people Super Furry Animals and Cate Le Bon, Huw Evans (aka H. Hawkline) gets closer to greatness here helped by Ms Le Bon as well as Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa. He says the album came together "like a cat onto the floor" which makes sense considering the spayed and spindly nature of his compositions.  
  • CD (HVNLP138CD)
  • Vinyl LP (HVNLP138)

Helena Hauff
A Tape

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J Dilla
Motor City

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Jessica Moss
Pools Of Light

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Joe Goddard
Electric Lines

Joe Goddard of Hot Chip/The 2 Bears has kept busy enough with his other projects and has now readied his sophomore full length, after an 8 year wait but with trickles of singles. Electric Lines offers fantastic leftfield pop with a dancefloor at it’s focus. Disco grooves and laser-reaching togetherness.
  • Vinyl Double LP (WIGLP396)
  • CD (WIGCD396)

Juliana Hatfield

Juliana Hatfield, whose career stretches back to the early 90’s, thought she was finished with songwriting until a certain presidential election happened. Like (we predict) quite a few artists, this jolted her into creativity, speedily writing and recording fourteen songs of vivid music. The results are here on Pussycat. Out on American Laundromat.
  • CD (ALR0040CD)

Kenji Kawai
Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack)

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Kevin Morby
City Music

Kevin Morby is releasing a new twelve-track record entitled City Music. This is his fourth album that adds to an already classic collection of indie and folk style songs, but seemingly veers off on a different path than his previous releases. His monotone vocals and simplistic music style make for a quality and deep listening experience. 
  • CD (DOC131CD)

Kristin Hersh
Wyatt at the Coyote Palace

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Looper was formed by ex-Belle and Sebastian bassist Stuart David with his wife, crafting indie-folk-pop tracks that are filled with a warm and playful nostalgia. Originally only available as a download alongside their 5CD compilation These Things, Mute have given Offgrid:Offline it’s own vinyl release with three bonus, and previously unreleased tracks with the download code.
  • Vinyl LP (STUMM380)
  • Limited edition

Luc Ferrari
Presque Rien

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Bad Neighbor Instrumentals

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Maximo Park
Risk To Exist

Hat-wearing Newcastle indie types Maximo Park are back with a sixth album of tightly-wound bookish songs, titled Risk To Exist. As ever, they combine a lively and catchy guitar-led sound with lyrics about society and the like: it is indeed a Risk To Exist in these times eh? Released by the Daylighting label
  • Vinyl LP (COOKLP654)
  • CD (COOKCD654)

Michael Giacchino
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Star Wars music tends to stand up to plenty of in-depth repeat listening, and the soundtrack to the franchise’s latest edition is no exception. For Rogue One Michael Giacchino has done a great job writing memorable original music while referencing and recalling vintage themes from the series. Circa two hundred musicians were involved in this recording! Double LP on Universal.
  • Vinyl Double LP (8735696)

Mt. Mountain

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Nino Nardini
Musique Pour Le Future

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Part Chimp

IV is the fourth full length release from much loved noise people Part Chimp. This killer album brings together a much more mature approach than their previous releases. A great blend of impending doom-like guitars and slurring vocals allow for Part Chimp to blossom into a machine of the noise-rock genre. Available on Vinyl LP and CD.

Paul Weller
A Kind Revolution

A Kind Revolution is Paul Weller’s 13th studio album and in celebration of the 40th anniversary of his first full length it has been released on a load of formats plus an incredible deluxe vinyl box set spread over 5 10” vinyls with individual artwork. Well er is still going strong and shows many youngsters how to do this. Deluxe versions include Instrumental and alternate versions of songs.
  • CD box set (0190295830595)

Perfume Genius
No Shape

Perfume Genius returns with his fourth album, and it's a big one. Over the course of its thirteen tracks, 'No Shape' paints a bright vision of Mike Hadreas’ alternative art-pop / R&B world, sounding more pop than ever before but still maintaining the queer magic essential to Perfume Genius.
  • Vinyl LP (OLE11138)
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  • Limited edition
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  • Vinyl LP (OLE11131)
  • CD (OLE11132)

Public Service Broadcasting
Every Valley

Public Service Broadcasting carry on with a third full-length album, this one focusing on (and recorded in a key hub of) South Wales’ faded mining tradition. As well as the usual line-up, Every Valley features Welsh guest appearances from Manic Street Preacher Mr. James Dean Bradfield and Lisa Jen Brown. CD and vinyl editions available from PIAS.
  • CD (PIASR970CDX)
  • Vinyl LP (PIASR970LPX)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (PIASR970LP)

Weather Diaries

Much like Take That, Ride were popular and much-loved in their earlier days and following a long hiatus made a successful comeback where one of them was wearing a hat. Here, finally are the first fruits of their new work which was rather unfathomably produced by DJ, producer and remix man Erol Alkan. How will these lords of shoegaze fare in middle age? We’ll find out soon.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (WEBB510LPI)
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  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
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  • Vinyl Double LP (WEBB510LP)
  • CD (WEBB510CD)

Saint Etienne
Home Counties

Finally not an album about London from the veteran pop charmers as they pay tribute to the Home Counties where they grew up. This is a song suite about that area of the UK that spawned Depeche Mode, the Prodigy and Sutton United. Constantly finding new ways of keeping their electro-pop fresh, Saint Etienne are a true British institution. We are lucky to have them.    
  • Vinyl Double LP (HVNLP139S)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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2017 is an exciting year for shoegazers old and new as veteran bands take advantage of the resurgence in the genre by making new albums that would have been laughed out of court if the year was 1996. Slowdive follow on from Ride in unleashing new music and though they have prosaically only managed to self-title it, this is the moment for anyone who has been waiting since 1995 for new material. 
  • CD (DOC132CD)


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Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James McAlister

This is a potentially fascinating collaboration between these four lauded composers based around the ideas of space...not just outer space but your own inner space. A song suite that explores the planets and our solar system taking in piano ballads, proggy crescendos and everything in between. Oh and in case you are wondering Sufjan does sing.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (4AD0009LP)
  • CD (4AD0009CD)

Convenience Trap

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The Charlatans
Different Days

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The Cosmic Dead
Psych Is Dead

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The Janitors
Horn Ur Marken

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The Raveonettes
2016 Atomized

The Raveonettes set themselves that good old task in 2016: release a single every month for the whole year. Now they usefully round them all up for those who were slow off the mark last year: 2016 Atomized shows the results of this explorative process, which vary in style and sound. CD and LP editions available from The Raveonettes’ own label imprint.
  • Vinyl LP (RAV000051)
  • CD (RAV000052)

The Twilight Sad
Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters

What an album this is. Coming out of seemingly nowhere this was the perfect blueprint for the Twilight Sad's blend of noise rock, shoegaze and folky textures. It's also the most Scottish album ever made which just adds to it's sense of majesty. Though they've made great albums since they've never topped this....but who could?  
  • CD (FATCD55)
  • CD (FATCD55)

Thurston Moore
Rock n Roll Consciousness

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Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Gustavo Santaolalla, Mogwai
Before The Flood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

If you’re gonna make a film about climate change, and need the soundtrack to resonate just as much with the message, how about grabbing Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails, Mogwai, and film composer Gustavo Santaolalla. Stirring and captivating, and huge for fans of either bands. Triple heavyweight LP pack on Invada.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (LSINV178LP)

The Road: Part 1

The fifth UNKLE full-length is here! As per usual with an UNKLE record, James Lavelle is joined by a whole swathe of guests, from Mark Lanegan and ESKA to members of Primal Scream, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Duke Spirit. The Road: Part 1 is available as single and double CD editions and as a double LP, with all versions featuring a 36-page booklet.
  • Vinyl Double LP (SFTDLP001)
  • CD (SFTDCD001X)
  • CD (SFTDCD001)

Love Is Love

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