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March Pre-orders

(sings) Oh the springtime is comingAnd the trees are sweetly bloomingAnd the wild mountain thymeGrows around the blooming heatherWill ye go, Lassie go? Here are the latest and best pre-orders....  
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The Zero Cliff

Sold out

Dire Wolves
Excursions To Cloudland

We've already had Dire Straits but now we have Dire Wolves a collective of '60s influenced dreamers who take influences from Pink Floyd and the Incredible String Band and apply them to their particular brand of freakery. With just four very long tracks, Excursions to Cloudland promises to be the sort of trip you might never return from. 

Raymond Scott
Soothing Sounds For Baby Vols 1-3

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Raymond Scott
Manhattan Research Inc.

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The Drums
Abysmal Thoughts

The Drums have released a twelve-part full length record entitled ‘Abysmal Thoughts’. The release can be described as a glorious delirium of multi-instrumental excellence. Pierce has found himself in full control of every aspect of this record, including the songwriting. This mix of cool vocals, indie and soft rock is available on Vinyl Double LP and CD.