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Lieven Martens
Coral Groups

Lieven Martens, aka avant-new-age producer Dolphins Into The Future, presents Coral Groups, a live piece for a hefty thirty-two channels of audio. An excerpt of this piece is backed with Four Pages, a piano / electronics sonata. This brief-but-busy C20 is released in a limited edition of 120 tapes on Edicoes CN.

Life Garden
Songs From The Other Side Of Emptiness

Songs From The Other Side Of Emptiness includes tracks from the various albums that Life Garden released during their career in the early 90’s. They were a rare and special-sounding band, using digital effects to turn other-worldly vocals and acoustic melodicism into strange drifting sound-pieces. Special stuff, now assembled onto this LP + 7” set on the Lullabies For Insomniacs label.

Lisa Hannigan

After a successful stint as Damien Rice's vocal partner, Lisa Hannigan set out to prove herself as not just a singer but a multi-instrumentalist folk songwriter. 2011's Passenger, Hannigan's sophomore release, showcased her true talents as an all-rounder, and is now available on vinyl for the first time. Expect profound folk tales, delivered by sweet Irish vocals and accompanied by rustic guitars. Released as Vinyl LP and CD on the Play It Again Sam label.

Black Swan / Denial

Another intriguing leftfield cut from Andrew Weatherall’s previously subscription-only Moine Dubh series. Like Fireflies and other MD releases, ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Denial’ are skeletal, moody bits of folk that move in and out of darkness. The latter’s web of plucked acoustic guitar and Beth Gibbons-esque vocals is haunting. 7” only.

Lutto Lento
Wild Wishes

Wild Wishes is another solidly crafted E.P. from Lutto Lento. The solo artist has released a four track record this time around, and has even included a saxophone solo in one of the tracks. It’s definitely a great addition to Lento’s already large collection of electronic and EBM tunes. Available on Vinyl 12”.

Makeness & Adult Jazz
Other Life

After their recent album on Tri Angle - Earrings Off!, which showed little to no respect to straight line towing indie rules the UK experimental four piece have teamed up with Scottish disco oddball Makeness. Take Eggshell vocal oddness and add a hunk of catchy disco goodness. That’s a head sticker, I’ll tell ya.

Mark Ernestus Vs. Obadikah

Obadikah are a Lagos brass band formed from veterans of the Nigerian music scene (some were founder members of the Eko Brass Band). They play joyous Yoruban songs, often in churches, but this particular release finds Mark Ernestus putting them in a rather different context, swathing their brass funk with thick dub. Pretty fabulous stuff. April is a 10” release from Honest Jon’s.

Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler
Slant Of Light

Neo-classical meets electronic on 'Slant of Light', a collaboration between two artists in different experimental disciplines. Jeff Zeigler utilises synths and guitars, and is accompanied in the composing department by harpist and ambient musician Marry Lattimore. She serves as the melodic bedrock for Zeigler's heady, layered works.

Massimo Catalano, Remigio Ducros
La Fatica

Italian TV star and jazz trumpeter Massimo Catalano and library music composer Remigio Ducros made only two albums together, and this is the odder, more special one of the pair. La Fatica is like avant-garde lounge music, as comfortable as it is strange. This reissue is on the Intervallo label and is limited to 400 LP copies.

Maurizio Abate & Matteo Uggeri
Beyond Time

Guitars, field recordings and electronic fragments are brought together by Maurizio Abate and Matteo Uggeri for their latest release, a pleasing melodic sound-drift. Beyond Time is available either as a straightforward digipack CD edition, or as a super-fancy elaborate CD edition housed in a vintage wallpaper sleeve with old photographs, old book pages and dried leaves as part of the ensemble. My my.
  • CD (TRS067)
  • £58.99 £35.39 (saving: £23.60)
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  • Limited edition
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Max Graef & Glenn Astro
The Yard Work Simulator Remixes

Max Graef and Glenn Astro show off the excellent skills of some of their producer mates by letting them tamper with their very finely-named album The Yard Work Simulator. Stepping up today are Byron The Aquarius, IMYRMiND and Greg Beato, all doing some real messed-up funky work. 12” release on Ninja Tune.


It looks like this release is the only opportunity to hear the full-sized band Mazozma’s FATUFAIRFE, a group unwieldy in both name and line-up. Ma Turner and John Philip Farmer are at the core, playing their compositions with musicians previously sighted alongside R. Stevie Moore, Apples In Stereo, Blood Pheasant etc. 12 inches of weirdo rock, packed in envelopes with Jim Marlowe artwork.
  • Vinyl 12" (SL082)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy


Mei is Caroline Masson, a singer and producer and songwriter and sound inventor from Dijon, France. In terms of both the album’s bold scope and the inventive pop-glitch sounds it is full of, Partura recalls no less than the mighty Bjork. This is a new talent to pay attention to, no doubt. Vinyl release on the UOVOOO label.


Melorman continues working away on new IDM music, successfully managing to evoke the deep-but-bright melancholy that the best vintage IDM gets across. Melodies are at the centre of Melorman’s sound, but don’t worry: the drum programming is plenty busy as well! Waves is a pleasurable listen, released on CD by the Sun Sea Sky Productions label.

Melt Banana
Teeny Shiny

Repress of Melt Banana’s fourth studio album. 11 tracks of completely nuts off the wall noise rock from the genre defining group. Grindcore speed, punk energy and almost pop-like entertainment value all the way throughout.. Interspersed with bizarre noise and glitchy scrapes. Never a straight line with these guys.

Mere II

Mere is Gareth Davis’ free improvised jazz trio, bringing in guitar and drums to join the movements of his wildly-flailing bass clarinet. Mere II is the second part of a live recording, which has in turn been divided into three distinct sessions and carefully mastered to bring out every last detail in crisp clarity. CD on Home Normal, packaged with a photo negative. Edition of 500.

Mere III

Mere is Gareth Davis’ free improvised jazz trio, bringing in guitar and drums to join the movements of his wildly-flailing bass clarinet. Mere III is the third part of a lively and questing live recording, carefully mastered to bring out each detail in crisp clarity. The trilogy is now complete! CD on Home Normal, packaged with a photo negative in an edition of 500.


Like your jazz-funk odysseys served with a heap of melody and crunchy bass playing? Come on in. Kashan recalls the more lounge-lizard end of Weather Report as its three tracks move nimbly from motif to improv and back again. ‘III’ features a thick, chatty bassline that will have Jaco Pastorius nodding approvingly from beyond the grave. 12” out just in time for Xmas on Growing Bin (Moon B).
  • Vinyl 12" (GBR 009)
  • £12.49 £7.49 (saving: £5.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Hardwired… To Self-Destruct

A brand new Metallica album appeared! Hardwired… To Self-Destruct is their first album in eight years. And because Metallica are a colossally big band, they have a broad plethora of formats for you to choose from, ranging from 2CD and 2LP editions to a massive, bonus-material-laden triple LP+CD box-set stuffed with badges and photo prints. Up to you.


With shades of house, techno and IDM, Misantrop emerges from obscurity to present his hypnotic four track debut, Limerence. Expect progressive analog beats and wobbly bass lines as Misantrop slowly tweaks the parameters to create an atmosphere of edge-of-seat electricity. Released as Vinyl 12" on the Foul Up label.
  • Vinyl 12" (DOWN1)
  • £11.49 £6.89 (saving: £4.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Mr Tophat feat. Robyn
Trust Me EP

Excellent pop star Robyn’s latest appearance is on Trust Me, an excellent slice of sexy modern electro-disco by Mr. Tophat. The 12” features a nicely stretched-out ten minute version of the tune, as well as a punchy radio edit of ‘Right Time’ and another track called ‘Disco Davato’. 12” single on Smalltown Supersound.
  • Vinyl 12" (STS30112)
  • £11.99 £7.19 (saving: £4.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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The Most Painful Time Happens Only Once Has It Arrived Already..?

Haino Keiji's post Fushitsusha power trio Nazoranai features a rare pedigree with Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley providing gravity on bass and Oren Ambarchi providing rhythmic propulsion behind the kit. Meanwhile, Haino-san is a law unto himself, unleashing a wall of hallucinatory, otherworldy guitar scree. This document of their live performance at Birmingham in the midst of a 2013 tour was mastered by Rashad Becker in Berlin for optimal clarity and heft and shows how much the trio have developed, harnessing an explosive intensity that rivals anything in Haino's legendary back catalogue.

New Fries

New Fries are such a lively-sounding band that you feel like you must be missing something by not getting the visual aspect: these songs are so bursting at the seams with *stuff*, they must be sprouting out colours or something. Anyway, for now we must settle for the kaleidoscopic sound of New Fries: 10 inches worth on their new Telephone Explosion release.

No More
Suicide Commando

German trio No More began life as a four piece. Following the departure of bassist/vocalist Thomas Welz in 1980 they recorded what was to become one of the most influential, underground singles, cult classic ‘Suicide Commando’. Originally released in 1981, reissued in 1984 as well as making it’s way into the 90’s electro/techno scene when it was remixed by DJ Hell and Echopark ‘Suicide Commando’ is in it for the long game.


Obadikah are a Lagos brass band formed from veterans of the Nigerian music scene (some were founder members of the Eko Brass Band). They play joyous Yoruban songs, often in churches, and this is the first time their music has been released on record, so you no longer have to fly to Nigeria to hear this wonderful stuff. Vinyl LP on Honest Jon’s.

Never Mind The Bucket

Never Mind The Bucket is a live recorded, compilation album from the band Officer!. The recorded setlist includes songs from the band’s album Dead Unique as well as some very well constructed covers. The album is both humorous and marvellously clever, showing Mick Hobbs’ personality at its greatest. Available on Vinyl LP.
  • Vinyl LP (BEBICA002)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Music for a Dance Performance

The latest Posh Isolation release is a collaboration between joint-label-boss Loke Rahbek and Lower / Vår member Kristian Emdal. Using the project name Olymphia, they produce low-slung, sinisterly-reverbed tracks of synth drone and drum machine, apparently designed to represent or suggest Music For A Dance Performance.

Omar S
Hit It Bubba

The one and only Omar S lays down his trademark groovy house on 12" vinyl for the FXHE label. i696 sees the Detroit veteran crafting four tracks of strange, soulful dancefloor killers that draw from his unique approach to house,as well as his encyclopedic musical knowledge. No one else makes them like this anymore.

Over The Rhine

Over The Rhine are a American(a) folk band that has grown up around a husband and wife duo. 2003’s double album Ohio is perhaps their magnum opus, using its length to showcase the band’s considerable range, from deep piano-song melancholy to pedal steel rhythmic shuffle. This double vinyl reissue of Ohio is released by Great Speckled Dog.
  • Vinyl Double LP (LPGSD104)
  • £33.29 £19.97 (saving: £13.32)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Paco Sala
Ko Yo

This new six-track offering, Ko Yo, showcases the cream of the dreamy, abstract and lo-fi pop of London/Berlin based outfit Paco Sala. Brimming with warped synths and crunchy beats, the EP is a great example of modern day avant-garde pop and is ultimately the produce of unrestraint and dazed creative juices.

Paranoid London
Give Me The / Our Man Though

With not a smidgen of a sound clip available online, the folks at Paranoid London know how to tease them DJs. It's a limited white label, isn't that enough?? Well, if their previous dusky output is anything to go by, it'll deliver some slinky acidic vibes and may or may not contain some commanding voice talking about city nights over the top.

Paul Johnson
Bump Talkin’

A cornerstone of Chicago house for three decades now, Paul Johnson’s 1995 debut LP gets a well-earned reissue here. Those familiar with the Windy City’s best will find plenty to love in these jackin’ cuts, and in a capable DJ’s hands the 8 rollers on show here will be a boon to any mix. Double LP.

Perfect Pussy
I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling

I Have Lost Desire For All Feeling first gained attention when it was self-released as a demo EP back in 2013. Subsequently, Perfect Pussy's brand of urgent and febrile noise-punk continued to prevail with their 2014 debut LP Say Yes To Love being critically praised. And now, their debut release gets the attention it deserves with a vinyl and CD repress. 

Personal and the Pizzas
Personal and the Pizzas

Everyone loves a pizza, especially (in my experience) people who play in punkish bands. So Personal And The Pizzas make perfect sense: Ramones-esque vibes seen through the lens of hot cheese and crisp crust. This 12” release gathers up seven 7”s of sold-out material, boosted with a new track. A fun platter, out on the Slovenly label.

Peter Zummo (featuring Arthur Russell)
Lateral Pass

Heavy weight; old made new on this beautiful first ever pressing from Peter Zummo (The Lounge Lizards) and Arthur Russell (Arthur Russell). This remastered recording also features Guy Kluvecsek (Alvin Lucifer, John Zorn collaborator). These emotional spaced out soul adventuring trips were recorded live at Battery Sound in 1985. The past has been brought to the present. Artwork by Nancy Graves. Music for the whole of your body.

Pink Floyd
The Final Cut

The Pink Floyd vinyl reissuing machine rolls around to two of the group’s latter day albums, thus completing the roster. The Final Cut is their 1983 twelfth album, and their last one with Roger Waters. It features lots of Waters’ Falklands-related anti-war anger, giving a bitter bite to many of the songs here. It has been remastered, and is available on vinyl for the first time in decades on Pink Floyd Records.
  • Vinyl LP (0190295996956)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Pink Floyd
A Momentary Lapse of Reason

The Pink Floyd vinyl reissuing machine rolls around to two of the group’s latter day albums, thus completing the roster. A Momentary Lapse Of Reason is their 1984 thirteenth album, and their first following the departure of Roger Waters. Lots more drum machines and other electronic techniques here than on most Floyd albums. It has been remastered, and is available on vinyl for the first time in decades on Pink Floyd Records.


Pixvae are a new outfit from the bodies and minds of Ninameye. They combine hard-rocking chunky math rhythms with Colombian currulao sounds, making a delicious hybrid that you won’t find elsewhere. Their self-titled debut LP is released by Bongo Joe, housed within a lush screen-printed sleeve.

Plants and Animals
Parc Avenue

Parc Avenue, the 2008 album by Plants And Animals gets a quality reissue thanks to the Secret City label. This sweeping suite of grandly-ambitioned indie rock has been bundled up with the band’s debut EP With / Avec: together they are pressed to two 180g records, housed in a gatefold matte sleeve with download code.

How To Get Ideas

Shades of The Mars Volta and The Mae Shi in the shape-shifting pop-prog chaos here. Two-part vocal harmonies morph with a sort of anarchic precision on each track as guitars twiddle away dextrously. The instrumentals cycle from rambunctious math to Glitter-beat glam to Wurlitzer-driven funk - often within the space of a single minute, let alone a single song. It’ll be a 10” vinyl in your hands soon enough.
  • Vinyl 10" (TRUI015)
  • £16.49 £9.89 (saving: £6.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

¿Cómo Se Divertirán Los Insectos?

Originally released in 1986 on the Grabaciones Accidentales label - original copies of this LP are sought after. Long cherished by the likes of Trevor Jackson and JD Twitch (Optimo), this cult 80's album finally, sees a most welcome official reissue - the inaugural release on new imprint Equilibrio. Produced by Eugenio Muñoz who was one-half of outfit Mecánica Popular whose ¿Qué Sucede Con El Tiempo? LP was reissued on Andy Votel, Sean Canty and Doug Shipton curated label Dead-Cert Home Entertainment. That particular reissue has increased interest in the sole LP Muñoz recorded as Randomize. Friend Damian Schwartz encouraged Muñoz to go through the original tapes, and now here it is; a proper reissue.


Run-DMC’s self-titled debut album is a no-messing hip-hop classic. Released in 1984, there is not an inch of fat on this record, just sparse and direct drum machine beats and bold Queens flows, plus subtle scratching and sampling from Jam Master Jay. Need we say more? Reissued on vinyl by the Get On Down label.


Three Finnish sound artists working together on one album: watch out, you know what those Finns are like! In fact though, Sakset play songs, with melodies(!), even if their music is heavy with rough electronic textures and dark reverbs. Lahja is the band’s debut album, and what a striking album it is too. Out on Ektro.

Haul & Pull Up EP1

After gaining massive notoriety from production credits for acts such as M.I.A., Major Lazer, and Snoop Dogg, Munich’s Schlachthofbronx give us the first in a series of three EPs that lead up to an album release in 2017. Featuring Riko Dan of Roll Deep and Warrior Queen on vocal duties. Pure clubland fire.
  • Vinyl 12" (RAR001)
  • £8.99 £7.19 (saving: £1.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till & Wino
Songs of Townes Van Zandt

Sebastien Tellier
L'Incroyable Verite

Several reissues of smooth electro-soul-pop singer Sebastien Tellier’s music are upon us. L’Incroyable Verite (‘The Incredible Truth’) is his debut album, dating from 2001, and it contains a sweet suite of different styles, all of them pretty sleek. So much so that Tellier demands you only listen to the album by candlelight… Also contains ‘Fantino’, from the Lost In Translation soundtrack. Reissued by Record Makers.

Better to Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven

D&Bers Alix Perez and EPROM come together for a not-really-but-at-times-sort-of-D&B record. There’re shades of The Bug in the mucky glitch-swamp of ‘Third Gate’, and ‘Cryptic’ comes across like a Dub Phizix record skipping in the groove. 12” each with custom sleeve artwork. Sick title too.

She Keeps Bees

“Nests”, the latest offering from Brooklyn twosome Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant, otherwise known as She Keeps Bees, is in equal parts ethereal and organic. The LP, complete with innersleeve and download, is the first time that this material from the bedroom-rock connoisseurs, written and recorded in 2008, will come on vinyl.

Silver Linings
So Good To You

So Good To You is the evolution of Melbourne-incepted duo Silver Linings, and showcases a slick blend of 80s soul and squelching synths. Crisp, intricately composed and crafted with 5-star production, the offering can be enjoyed at anytime of the day - from house parties to candle-lit bedrooms alike.

Seconds Minutes

SineRider is one of those shoegazey / post-rocky ambient projects that somehow also manages to fold some IDM into the mix, but chief SineRider Mr Devin Powers has the additional twist of being a Berklee College Of Music composer. No surprises then that Seconds Minutes is an excellently detailed suite of music. CD released by Sun Sea Sky Productions.

So Beast

So Beast is a Croatian-Italian duo working primarily with the interesting combination of prepared piano and processed guitar, with occasional look-ins for drum machines and other such bits and pieces. Kira is full of manic-sounding songs, often with actual vocals! You get good value for money too, as Kira is a full seventy-eight minutes long. Edition of 150 CDs on the Time Released Sound label.


A murmuration is the term used for a flock of starlings, and if you’ve ever seen one whirling in the air then you will see how such a thing could act as inspiration for beautiful music. Piano composer sonicbrat has written and performed a suite for imaginatively-miked piano that imagines the journey of a starling through life and the air. CD release on Kitchen, packaged in a die-cut case.

Rocktober Blood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Rocktober Blood is that rarest of treats: a heavy metal slasher exploitation film! From the mid-80’s too, when all of those things were at the highest point of their ascendency. Needless to say, the soundtrack is a lot of fun, recorded by LA band Sorcery with some guest vocals from Nigel Benjamin of Mott The Hoople. Vinyl reissue courtesy of Lunaris Records.

Space People

Slick and speedy work here from New York producer Space People, who bounces through six tracks in sixteen minutes. That bouncy pace means that not a moment is wasted: Wet is busy with details, be they samples (look out for the ghost of Missy Elliot) or sudden beat-shifts. 12” release on Styles Upon Styles.
  • Vinyl LP (LPSUS019)
  • £15.99 £9.59 (saving: £6.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Spencer Clark
The Stimulated Australia

Former half of The Skaters, alongside James Ferraro - Spencer Clark (Fourth World Magazine, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Vodka Soap, Black Joker etc.) appears to have taken cassette-captured field recordings of Australia and transmuted them into the kind of new-agey digital ambience that he so excels in. Strange atmospheres all round. The Stimulated Australia is a vinyl release from Edicoes CN, limited to 210 copies.


Before she morphed into Stacey Q of ‘Two of Hearts’ fame, the singer was working with the musicians who would come to form her backing band as SSQ. So essentially this is the first Stacey Q record, reissued here on wax with bonus tracks and in an array of colours. It’s a bunch of chirpy, punchy synth-pop ditties to please fans of the genre’s early 80s golden age.

St. Francis Hotel
Stay As You Are / You'd Gotta Be Alive

St. Francis Hotel are no different to many production duos in that they are an enigmatic pair, preferring to stay out of the limelight and let their music do the talking. Where they do differ, perhaps, was noted on their debut single Mondello - a fresh slice of soulful and melodic retro pop. Now their latest 7” offering Stay As You Are/You’d Gotta Be Alive hopes to deliver more of the same.

Stanley Brinks and The Old Time Kaniks
Vieilles Caniques / Nouvelles Caniques

This new album from Stanley Brinks will appeal to fans of Herman Düne, because Mr Düne is in fact Mr Brinks! Here he teams up with Norwegian folk group The Old Time Kaniks to explore a pleasing avenue of calypso-folk that he takes to like a duck to water. Double album Vieilles Caniques / Nouvelles Caniques is released by Fika in 2CD and 2LP editions.

Edit Navigation Bar Mask Visions Poison

As Statiqbloom Fade Kainer borrows equally from the golden age of IDM and the peak of early industrial musics. The final result on Edit Navigation Bar Mask Visions Poison is a grisly, distorted mass of sandpaper percussion and amplifier hiss, part Aphex Twin and part NIN. Vinyl LP from the Vendetta label.
  • Vinyl LP (VEN118)
  • £15.99 £9.59 (saving: £6.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Steve Spacek
If U Wan 2 Find Me / Time Is Running Out

Ever the reliable go-to hub for soulful, jazzy beats and jams, Eglo Records invite London-raised Steve Spacek for a second dropon the label this year. “If U Wan 2 Find Me” juxtaposes a high-pitch croon with the snap, crackle and pop of bubbly, bassy juke-influenced beats. “Time Is Running Out” sits on the flip of the 12” and is decidedly dissimilar to the Muse song of the same name. It’s more of a straightforward house affair, providing some respite with its deep grooves and probing melodies.


A retrospective collection of the finest productions to have flown out of submerse’s studio over the last half-decade. Works is a particularly valuable public service due to the fact that everything gathered here has slipped out of print, not to mention the fact that these tracks are cool and gorgeous. Double LP on coloured vinyl, via Project: Mooncircle.

The Bunny Tylers
Glitches and Drones 2013-2016

Charbel Haber and Fadi Tabbal have inspiring track records as solo artists pushing the alternative and experimental sides of everything they touch. Working within projects such as Scrambled Eggs, Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra, The Incompetents, and Under The Carpet. Now putting their heads together they create bizarre indie-come-dirty electronics under The Bunny Tylers. Think a lo-fi How to Destroy Angels.

The Datsuns
Deep Sleep

Having survived being fashionable and come out the other side intact, The Datsuns continue chugging on with their proto-punk-inspired hard-pop. With the band scattered around the globe, the concept behind this album was somewhat born of necessity, with the entire 35-minute set written and recorded over the space of 10 days, and focuses on Deep Purple/Blue Oyster Cult influenced '70s hard rock with some gnarly Stoogian guitar shred.

The Faces of Drums
Let Go & Release Yourself EP

Cosmic Gherkin Acid from The Faces of Drums, the pairing of the killer producers Steve Poindexter and Jamal Moss (aka Mathematics label boss and the Hieroglyphic Being himself). Of course, these dudes can craft irresistible body-jerkers in their sleep, so all three tracks on the Let Go And Release Yourself EP are crucial. 12” on Mathematics.
  • Vinyl 12" (MATH097)
  • £12.49 £7.49 (saving: £5.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

The Heads
Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (Remaster)

The 2nd album in The Head’s impressive canon, was originally released on Sweet Nothing Records (SNLP007/CD) in July 2000; now, 14 years later “Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere” has been repackaged with a full compliment of bonus material from that period (7” tracks, B- sides, Mans Ruin 10” / CD tracks, Radio 1 session tracks, and compilation tracks). All the tracks have been fully re-mastered by Simon Price and Shawn Joseph. Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere is the bands favourite album. It represents the full force of the Heads’ psychedelic pummel, their trippiest most psyche collection, brutal yet beautiful. THE BOXSET: The Hardcover / full colour boxset is limited and numbered to 1000 copies only: it features the remastered original double album in its gatefold sleeve, the double album of extra material from the time - also in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. A single live album "bootleg" (pressed on neon yellow vinyl) from the 2000 USA tour called "California Jams", and a 70+ minute CD of material that is previously unreleased, culled from the dozens of rehearsal / demo archival CDrs that Simon Price has from this time. Various items of ephemera are also included in the box. a full size 8 page booklet will be inserted in album one with sleeve notes, pictures, track information, in the live album will be a full size 8 page photo /tour diary attempting to detail some of the USA 2000 tour. a huge 4 foot by 2 foot folded poster with the classic blue/red girl tshirt image, a vinyl sticker of same image, and a Download code postcard with a link to Download the two LPs as MP3. The box itself with then be wrapped in a specially printed Heads tote bag. The 2LP version: Black vinyl, gatefold sleeve: the album (remastered) in the format it was originally released, with full DL postcard. The 2CD version: Double CD, wth 12 page booklet (same as the first LP booklet), CD has the album, CD 2 has all the bonus tracks from LP two in the boxset. Wrapped in a full colour O-Card.

The Pendletons
Gotta Get Out EP

E Da Boss and Trailer Limon have expressed their love of modern soul and boogie funk via The Pendletons moniker for a few years now. Gotta Get Out EP tries to untangle the difficulties and mysteries of love and life in today’s high-pressure world with some smooth sounds underpinned by heavy bass grooves.

The Replacements
All Shook Down

Rhino are reissuing a bunch of The Replacements’ albums to vinyl, and 1990’s All Shook Down is one of them. This is the band’s final studio album, recorded largely by Paul Westerberg as a solo album staffed by session musicians but later developed into a full-blown Replacements release, full of bittersweet moments and the sense of an ending. Vinyl reissue.
  • Vinyl LP (0081227954802)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Tom Furse

Interludes is an experimental concept album by The Horrors' synth player Tom Furse. The album consists of one continuous 42 minute piece composed entirely on one analog synthesizer. Furse's approach is a minimalist one, with his musical weapon of choice the OP-1 limiting him to simple loops and stripped back melodies. The outcome is a stimulating 8-bit-sounding journey through arcade-like synths and highly creative composition. Released as Vinyl LP on the Mind Meld label.

Touche Amore
Stage Four

An unexpected move from LA band Touché Amoré here: if this was the first you’d heard from them, you’d be unlikely to guess that they have been a howling punk band for most of their career. And yet Stage Four is a sweeping suite of songs that are sung as songs, with the grace and careful construction of a band like The National. Nicely done. Out on Epitaph.

Tristesse Contemporaine
Stop and Start

Tristesse Contemporaine are a Japanese / Swedish / Anglo-Jamaican trio based in Paris, where they generate indie-style electro-pop. Stop And Start is their third full-length album, and it pulses onwards and upwards with behind-the-shades swagger and cool pop catchiness. Released on CD and LP with an artsy photographic cover on the Record Makers label.

Twin Atlantic

GLA is the highly anticipated new album by popular Scottish rock four-piece Twin Atlantic. It is their fourth long-player following on from past successes Varium, Free and Great Divide. They are favourites of Radio 1’s Annie Mac and are known for hits such as Heart and Soul and Brothers and Sisters.


Epoch is the final chapter in Tycho’s trilogy of ridiculously accessible indietronica albums. Moving on from Dive, through Awake, the Californian has reached new heights in upbeat, optimistic head-bobbing songs that float on spacey synthesizers and tightly and perfectly delayed guitars. Epoch, however, features real drums played by a real drummer, lending Tycho’s songs an extra touch of tangibility.

Unit Moebius
Bunker 001

By all accounts the Bunker Records base in 1993 was as equally deranged as it was a party. Unit Moebius were right in the thick of it, creating paranoia filled no-frills techno on broken cassette recorders, marking them as europe’s answer to Underground Resistance. They have gone back to the bunker and brought some of the limited pressings back as represses. Buy a ticket, take the ride.

Unit Moebius
Bunker 002

The second of Bunker Records’ represses from their heyday and the explosion of the acid scene in Holland. Unit Moebius were in the epicentre of the party, and created dark and raw techno recorded on whatever they had, broken tape machines, the lot. Nothing pretty or polished here. Dirty and unflinching.

Air Pacific EP

Four mid-tempo doof-wedges from the man born Taylor Freels here. With tunes entitled ‘Cinnamon Boys’ and ‘Easy Going Greg’ don’t go expecting doom-techno or anything like that. That said, these tunes are fun, affable and just as enjoyable in your room as they would be on the dancefloor. The title track whizzes and purrs charmingly and there is a level of technical proficiency on display here that one would expect of someone who has released on Dirt Crew, Let's Play House and Voyage. 12”.
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Late Night Tales presents AFTER DARK: Nightshift

Here comes musical connoisseur, Bill Brewster with his second ‘After Dark’ compilation. He's been digging at those crates again findingall kinds of obscure oddities and secret recordings and a healthy dose of classic oldies.   s unmixed tracks via download code as mp3/wav.  1. Typesun - Last Home (Dj Nature remix) 2. The Blaxploited Orchestra - The Pursuit (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt Remix) 3. The Gino Fontaine – Revnorev (EXCLUSIVE TRACK) 4. Salsoul Invention - Soul Machine 5. Neurotic Drum Band - Neurotic Erotic Adventure 6. Day Outside - Faraway Sensation (EXCLUSIVE TRACK) 7. Mugwump - Boutade (Miseridub) 8. Hubbabubbaklubb - Mopedbart 9. As One - Music Is An Open Sky 10. Crowdpleaser & St Plomb - Not Yet Not Yet 11. Paqua - Late Train (Emperor Machine Remix) 12. The Grid & Robert Fripp - A Cabala Sky (EXCLUSIVE TRACK) 13. Asadinho - Haiku 14. Justus Kohncke - Tell Me 15. Daniele Patucchi - People Come in (Mang Dynasty Edit) 16. Mang Dynasty - After Dark (Dub) (EXCLUSIVE TRACK) 17. Detachments - The Flowers That Fell (Fernando Remix) (EXCLUSIVE TRACK) 18. General Lee - Magic Double vinyl unmixed tracks., includes download codes to 18 unmixed full tracks mp3/wav. A SIDE - 1. Typesun - Last Home (Original mix) (4m 40s), 2. The Gino Fontaine – Revnorev (7m 46s), 3. Salsoul Invention - Soul Machine (3m 05s), 4. General – Magic (3m 57s). B SIDE - 1. Day Outside - Faraway Sensation (6m 03s), 2. Mugwump - Boutade (Miseridub) (9m 13s),  C SIDE - 1. Hubbabubbaklubb – Mopedbart (5m 12s), 2. Crowdpleaser & St Plomb - Not Yet Not Yet (5m 10s), 3. The Grid & Robert Fripp - A Cabala Sky (4m 04s).  D SIDE - 1. Daniele Patucchi - People Come in (4m 18s), 2. Mang Dynasty - After Dark (Dub) (6m 08s), 3. Detachments - The Flowers That Fell (Fernando Remix) (7m 19s).

Rastafari: The Dreads Enter Babylon 1955-83 - From Nyabinghi, Burro and Grounation to Roots and Revelation

Soul Jazz, true pros of the art of the compilation, turn their attention to Rastafari music with Rastafari: The Dreads Enter Babylon 1955-83 - From Nyabinghi, Burro and Grounation to Roots and Revelation. Some fantastic material here: plenty of reggae-originating sounds, but cosmic afro-jazz and other stuff turns up as well.

T.R.U. Halloween

Get into the halloween spirit with this collection of horror themed eltronica nd techno tracks. With Sam De La Rosa pushing the John Carpenter single note arpeggiator, Tom Strong creating an almost 8-bit Halloween theme track, Tx Connect’s Haddonfield Il sounding like a stripped back Gatekeeper and Jake Schrock’s Night Pursuit being a missing track from Drive.

#3 Black

In celebration of three years in the game, Greek label Nous are putting on a peacock like display. Bringing exclusive unreleased tracks from a few of their artists. The deepest of house, heavy percussion and heart throbbing bass pulses. Includes Juniper, Anastasia Kristensen, Fetnat, and Mauvais Art.

Cool Thing Records presents Alternative Occupations EP

Asylums bring their high energy, hardcore-influenced, post-punk to vinyl 12”, and they’ve brought BAIT, Petty Phase and The Horse Heads with them. Cool Thing Records presents Alternative Occupations EP is a label sampler that captures their DIY attitude, with each band taking a different approach but sharing a love of ferocius riffs and shouting.  

Kwangkay: Funerary Music Of The Dayak Benuaq Of Borneo

Sublime Frequencies’ latest exploration of a musical culture settles down in Borneo, in the region of the Dayak Benuaq. Kwangkay: Funerary Music Of The Dayak Benauq documents two different performances of a death ritual, plus a gong piece and a brief field recording. Gongs and chants and shimmering rhythms. Recorded by Vincenzo Della Ratta, who also provides liner notes and images. LP on Sublime Frequencies.

Music Of The Bahnar People From The Central Highlands Of Vietnam

Sublime Frequencies’ latest exploration of a musical culture settles down in the central highlands of Vietnam, in the regions of the Bahnar people. The music compiled here was recorded over the course of a decade, encompassing gong ensembles, bamboo instruments, and various traditional approaches to song and sound. Recorded by Eisuke Yanagisawa, who also provides liner notes and images.

Gabriele Poso presents The Languages of Tambores

Gabriele Poso is a man who really knows his percussion, having released several albums of phenomenal percussive music himself. Here he operates as selector, picking out fourteen international examples of percussion-lead music that floats his boat. The Languages Of Tambores is a suite of spiritual rhythms, pressed to two LPs and released by BBE.

Vito Ricci
I Was Crossing a Bridge

Vito Ricci, another under-appreciated cool-dude of the mid-80’s New York underground scene. Only a few releases ever put out by the guy in the first place, and you’d better believe they are hard to find. Thankfully, Music From Memory are bringing out this double LP compilation! I Was Crossing a Bridge shows off all kinds of electronic skills, very nice.

Soundless Pattern Of The Tortoise’s Walk

Cutting edge tuneage from Voiski here, following up on L.I.E.S. and Dekmantel releases with this single on Sheik N Beik. Soundless Pattern Of The Tortoise’s Walk has a pair of melodic but relentless dancefloor dominators, with plenty going on in the mix at every moment. A-side track ‘Let Down Disco’ is especially winning. 12” on Sheik N Beik.

Wells Fargo
Watch Out!

This is the first time that the tough and groovy rock music of Wells Fargo has been released outside of their native Zimbabwe. This edition of Watch Out! is paired with a seventy-two page book on the history of the Zimbabwe rock scene from which Wells Fargo emerged: for the CD it is a hardcover book, whereas the vinyl version has the book in a PDF. Out on Now-Again.

Withered Hand
New Gods

New Gods is the second album from Edinburgh-based singer Songwriter Dan Wilson, aka Withered Hand. With the aid of a grant from Creative Scotland, Wilson was able to utilise everything a proper studio had to offer to bring his folk-rock musings to life. Assisted by producer Tony Doogan, New Gods features guest appearances from many Scottish musicians such as Eugene Kelly, King Creosote, Stevie Jackson & Chris Geddes from Belle & Sebastian and Scott Hutchison from Frightened Rabbit. New Gods is available on vinyl LP with download code and CD.

Cold Slab

The Opal Tapes label continue to explore the weird gaps between harsh noise, drone, electronica and techno with Cold Slab, a limited cassette release from XCDVR. This recording captures a frantic, avant garde drum machine workout that is part serious experimental collage and part playful junglist jam.

You Me At Six
Night People

Weybridge's finest rock practitioners You Me at Six are back with their fifth album of Reading/Leeds festival-friendly big rock moves. The band churn along like a juggernaut of rock with emotional vocals and big singalong choruses. One for the younger people generally but comes on cassette so your rock loving dad can listen too.  

Zombies Under Stress

Zombies Under Stress are a Dutch industrial band that capture the 80’s industrial mentality effortlessly. Stalin is four-track EP that contains experimental and ambient noise sounds created using analogue synthesisers and distorted acoustic sounds, alongside other pioneering techniques.It is available on Vinyl 12”.

The Drifters

Sleek synth-pop from French duo Zooey, making their debut with The Drifters. The album is a cool thing, sometimes giving off 60’s loungey vibes and sometimes indulging in library music textures. The Drifters also includes a reworking of a Bill Callahan number (‘The Country Song’ / ‘Let’s Move To The Country’), which is always a good thing in my book. Out on Wonderfulsound.

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