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Aera is Ralf Schmidt, a house music producer who really enjoys genres of music that are not house. Hence he integrates elements from the palettes of techno, electro and trance into his productions, resulting in vivid tracks that come at you from all angles. Thankfully, Schmidt has the skills to keep all things in delightful balance. This is a 12” EP released by Hivern Discs.
  • Vinyl 12" (HVN038)
  • £10.99 £6.59 (saving: £4.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Aidan Knight
Small Reveal

Small Reveal is the brainchild of Aidan Knight, and is as sparse and songwriterly as you would expect from the Canadian-born indie-rocker. Tinged with folk and an experimental approach, the record is wistfully escapist and becomes a cinematic, immediate and evocative expedition across unfathomable landscapes.

Anal Magic and Rev. Dwight Frizzell
Beyond The Black Crack

Beyond The Black Crack is a strange old record from the mid-70’s: impressively, it is strange enough to match up to the given artist’s name Anal Magic and Rev. Dwight Frizzell. Cracked-up electronics and fizzling free jazz are involved in the mixture, which was heavily treated and manipulated after the fact, resulting in the succulent mess you see before you. A weirdo classic, remastered and reissued by Paradigm discs

Andre Stordeur
Analog And Digital Electronic Music #2 1980-2000

Previously unreleased sound-works from Belgian synth composer Andre Stordeur. Arguably Stordeur, who was using exclusively Serge synthesisers for the period covered by this compilation, hasn’t received his fair dues as a sonic innovator, but Analog And Digital Electronic Music #2 1980 - 2000 aims to adjust that by putting this wild stuff into circulation. LP release on Sub Rosa.

New Wave Of Nature

Following releases on Forbidden Planet, LL.M. and Pinkman, Annanan lands on Opal Tapes sister label Black Opal with a fine 4-track EP. Opening with the woody stomp, dreamy keys and squelchy bass of the titular cut and onto the lost in the night, melancholy of 'Bomb'. Over on the flipside 'Sphere' thumps with chunky drums, sci-fi electronics and spectral melodies. The EP closes with the sinister groove of 'Gone' which utilises the hefty skeletal drums which are present throughout the EP which ride underneath a quivering synth and dread filled piano. Tidy stuff throughout as ever from Black Opal.

Antonio Carlos & Jocafi
Mudei De Ideia

The debut album of Antonio Carlos and Jocafi, who managed great success with their psychedelic take on samba and funk music in Brazil in the 70’s. Mudei De Ideia was initially released in 1971 and is reissued now by Mr Bongo, packaged in the psych-haze variation on the sleeve art (much nicer than the more straight-laced variation).

Geocentric Systems

Samurai Horo have been putting out the vinyl for the doof-inclined for a few years now. The latest release from ASC is no exception. ‘Geocentric Systems’ ebbs and flows like water lapping on a galley; ‘Aphelion’ and ‘Perihelion’ are the sort of pummeling mid-set tools that get named things like ‘Aphelion’ and ‘Perihelion’; disorientating waltz-time closer ‘Passel’ cannons around the speakers. Comes on a pleasingly ‘splattered’ vinyl.

Asuna & Opitope
The Crepuscular Grove

Binks and bonks, bleeps and bloops, bangs and whirrs - you'll find them all here on the second collaborative album between Japanese ambientsters Asuna and Opitope. Soundscapes unfurl tenderly across the album’s six sprawling tracks, with micro-loops and plumes of analog interference offset by a good deal of ivory tinkling and gentle guitar plucking.

Frida Kahlo vs. Ezra Pound

The material packaged together on Frida Kahlo vs. Ezra Pound was previously issued only digitally, but these Atmosphere tracks are just too damn strong to deny physicality to. Now they are available as a CD or, if you feel fancy, a box set of seven 7” records, with instrumental versions on the B-sides. On Rhymesayers.

An Eternal Flame

The style of the sleeve art might tip you off that this is firmly 90’s style music right here, but don’t worry: the standard of B12’s techno is a lot higher than the standard of their art design. An Eternal Flame’s four tracks are thoughtful and spacey and imaginative. Coloured vinyl 12” on the FireScope Records imprint.

Babe, Terror
Ancient M’ocean

A new suite of odd-pop music from São Paulo’s Babe, Terror. Ancient M’Ocean is a pleasing soup of bright and gooey sounds, as playful as it is experimental. And that’s not all! This CD comes with a 20 page comic book, designed by Babe, Terror and illustrated by Michael Crook. This rare audio-visual experience is available from Phantasy Sound.

Babes In Toyland

This is Redux - a career-spanning compilation of cherry-picked tracks from the catalogue of US punk-rockers Babes In Toyland. As integral players in their 90s wave, their Minneapolis-incepted project was inspirational in the 'Riot Grrrl' movement. The release comes after a 2014 reformation following a 13-year hiatus. 


He of King Kahn and _ _ _ Show fame, the man born Mark Sultan lobs another dozen hunks of fuzzy psych out into the world. Never a great one for “the crap”, he’s sought to “cut it” (the crap, that is) even more on this record. Most of the tracks were done in one take and the album thus bristles with an off-the-cuff energy that is thrilling even by his high standards of thrillingdom.

Beach Slang
A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings

The latest in a long line of 'beach' bands, Beach Slang are doing for today's teenagers perhaps what the Beach Boys did for those coming of age in the 1960s. They are altogether a brasher proposition however with buzzsaw guitars, shouty emo-influenced vocals and thumping drums. In fact, the title A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings sums up the record perfectly.  

No Symbols 006

With track titles that include ‘Cack’ and ‘Fuck Y’all’, you know this isn’t going to be a neat and tidy release. And Beneath doesn’t disappoint, throwing out queasy synth tones along with pummelling rhythms that’ll have listeners dancing happily but unsteadily all night long. Four tracks on this white label 12” for the No Symbols imprint.
  • Vinyl 12" (NOSM006)
  • £7.49 £5.99 (saving: £1.50)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Test Pressing

First released in 2013, Test Pressing sounds exactly as you’d expect from an album made by someone who’s in a duo with Delroy Edwards and has collaborated with Dam-Funk. A record made to cruise around LA, which is also where it was conceived. Now getting a vinyl repress that’s due to drop the day after Thanksgiving. Give thanks.

Bill Converse
7 Of 9 / Ahead

Bill Converse is slowly making a name for himself outside of his native Austin, Texas, and this premium 12” feels like another rung on the ladder. 7 Of 9 and Ahead are a pair of deep cuts from a deep player: a satisfying and nutritious blend of various strains of house and techno. Out on Texas Recordings Underground.
  • Vinyl 12" (TRU002)
  • £13.49 £8.09 (saving: £5.40)
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Black Mamba Fever
Feeling The Strain

Black Mamba Fever are a four-piece band playing a slightly messed-up sounding indie rock / punk-pop hybrid music. Feeling The Strain has good old fashioned riffs and dementedly hollering vocals, delivered with all the enthusiasm you’d expect of youth. Feeling The Strain is a 7” single, released by a label called Eating People Is Wrong (quite right too).
  • Vinyl 7" (EPIW3)
  • £6.99 £4.19 (saving: £2.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Blue Hour

A self-released 12” from the man born Luke Standing. Unearthed is as you’d expect from someone who once found shelter under the awning of Ostgut Ton. Both sides of the record bang relentlessly at around the 130-mark, both feature loops of skittering tuned percussion, and both will be a fine addition to any capable DJ’s satchel.
  • Vinyl 12" (BLUEHOUR007)
  • £7.49 £4.49 (saving: £3.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Boc Scadet
Temporary Oceans

Boc Scadet first issued this nourishing slice of ambient IDM click-and-shuffle music as a CDr on his own imprint, clickclickdrone. Now however, Temporary Oceans has graduated to ‘proper’ CD form on Sun Sea Sky, for which it has been specially remastered. Vintage machine music for tender hearts.

Boy Is Fiction
Broadcasts In Colour

Boy Is Fiction (aka Alex Gillett) releases a second record of tender-texture ambient / IDM music. Broadcasts In Colour seems to have learned the lessons of acts like Stars Of The Lid (such as: use string sections!), but while also deploying fiddly drum machine rhythms, making for interesting hybrid music. CD on Sun Sea Sky Productions.

Brandon Can't Dance
Graveyard of Good Times

Led by the lo-fi synth-feast 'Smoke and Drive Around', comes Ben Ayres' (aka Brandon Can't Dance) brand new offering - 'Graveyard of Good Times'. The new record sees Ayres, known for his homemade and minimal oddities, flirt with an eclectic array of genres - including moody post-punk and brash alt-rock.

Bruno Sanfilippo
Inside Life

If only my inside was a quiet and tranquil as this Inside Life. Exploring the distant horizons that lie in the silence between notes, Bruno Sanfilippo creates lush soundscapes both in the piano and strings, as well as in the quiet. Calm, embracing and infinite patient love resonates in his compositions.

Butthole Surfers
Independent Worm Saloon

Originally released by Capitol Records in 1993 ‘Independent Worm Saloon’ was the Texan weirdo rock band Butthole Surfers major label debut. Cashing in on the surge in popularity of alternative rock during the nineties, the band splashed out on Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones to produce their album resulting in an uncompromising powerhouse of a record that embraces the bands hilarious and bizarre style.

Candy Bomber
Volume 1

Bass player Paul Lemp named the Candy Bomber project after his own recording studios. He got together with a bunch of like-minded musicians to realise a dream of free musical expression. Bad Seeds drummer Thomas Wylder and Ingo Krauss, a collegue of the legendary Conny Plank, formed a three-piece core to which many more contributed. Kid Congo Powers, Swiss jazz pianist Stefan Rusconi, Jochen Arbeit from Einstürzende Neubauten, Gemma Ray and more. Paul Lemp died in tragic and unexpected circumstances so Krauss and Wylder finished the album. As Volume 1 suggests, the pair intend to continue Lemp’s Legacy.

Start Breaking My Heart

Repress of Caribou(Dan Snaith)’s second full length album on Leaf. If you got into Caribou mainly by Our Love this is a wonderful bit of homework. Originally released under his Manitoba moniker before repackaging as Caribou in 2001. Start Breaking My Heart flaunts more delicate jazz piano and guitar arrangements with leftfield electronic production, seeds that grew into what we hear today.

Flock Analogy

Cassels are a two-piece band from Oxfordshire that subtly combine elements of grunge with punk, alongside socially charged lyrics that delve into the mindset of the modern world. Flock Analogy is the two record 7” vinyl that shows the exact artfulness that the two brothers have successfully achieved in this release.
  • Vinyl 7" (PURE335S)
  • £5.99 £3.59 (saving: £2.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Gone Glimmering

Chavez frontman Matt Sweeney is probably better known than his cult '90s band. He recorded the album Superwolf with Will Oldham under his Bonnie Prince Billy moniker and was a member of Zwan with Slint's Dave Pajo and the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan. It is now time to revisit what he did first namely gritty, grimy, excellent angular rock. Gone Glimmering is available on vinyl LP on Matador

Ride The Fader

Wannabe grit-rockers Chavez took after all the bands of the early indie generation who had guitars, knew how to use them and were still miserable. In their early days, they took the riff squalor of Slint and added it to the heavyweight math grunging of Don Caballero. Their second collection of riffs with songs coincidentally attached to them was Ride The Fader, and now it gets reissued by Matador.

Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau
Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau

Chris Thile, who plays mandolin and also sings, joined up with the pianist Brad Mehldau a few years ago for a series of shows in which they played both original songs and familiar covers in a beautifully sensitive style. This eponymous album features studio recordings of these excellent pieces: what a pair of absolute pros. Double LP / double CD editions, on Nonesuch.

Christine Owman
When On Fire

When on Fire, thou shalt release a haunting electro-pop album that is both catchy and depressing - thus spake Christine Owman, who wrote and produced her newest release on Glitterhouse. The record sounds like those midnight fantasies that’ve gone awry but from which you still don’t want to wake up. And that's a good thing, probably.

Lost In God's Country

Cienfuegos seems to make his tracks with the bare minimum of equipment: a couple of stark synths and drum machines and a few touches of his voice. It's all you need to make hulking industrial music, and Cienfuegos manages that with aplomb, getting the delicate balance between bludgeon and swing just right. Lost In God’s Country is out on BANK Records.

Dale Cornish

Dale Cornish has always excelled when working with the most minimal of source material, and Clap sets him up nicely by focusing on the clap preset of the TR909 drum machine. Over four tracks, our hero splinters off into different directions (pulsing minimalism, sinister atmospheres) while always centering that Clap. 12” release on the Where To Now? label.

Dani Cali / Alain Maclean
Hard Road / Talking Judgement Day Blues

Legendary producer Andrew Weatherall has a new label up and running, named Moine Dubh. Perhaps surprisingly for Weatherall, the label mostly ignores electronica and dance musics in favour of ancient-feeling folk. Dani Cali and Alain Maclean’s Hard Road / Talking Judgement Day Blues has a strong and earthy blues flavour: something to relish. Limited 7” single.

Daniel Bachman

Daniel Bachman settles into his good old chair, and lays out another record of solo acoustic guitar. It takes impressive ability to take such an object and make it sound fresh again, but Bachman has that ability, and River wends its way through a number of beautiful tunes old and new. Very nice. On Three Lobed Recordings.

Danny Elfman
The Girl On The Train (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Based on Paula Hawkins New York Times no.1 bestselling novel, U.S thriller The Girl On The Train has smashed box offices around the world this autumn. Now available on red coloured vinyl, the feature-length's sparse and cinematic Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is available for purchase - conjured from the wisdom of Danny Elfman.

David First
Same Animal, Different Cages Vol. 2: Solomonos for Analog Synthesizer

David First presents his work with a slightly detached, technical-experiment kind of vibe: this release is sub-titled Solomonos for Analog Synthesiser, and features explorations of a single Korg MS-20 synthesiser. But First just can’t resist getting pulled into the thrill and joy of working with his tool, and excitement shines through the austerity of these sounds. Same Animal, Different Cages Vol. 2 is out on the Fabrica label, limited to 300 copies.

Deantoni Parks
Touch But Don't Look

Deantoni Parks made his name as a percussion wizard for artists as varied as The Mars Volta, John Cale and Flying Lotus, but by 2011, the time had come for a solo venture. Tough But Don’t Look is just that, a set of busily grooving tracks that build all sorts of electronics and synths around Parks’ powerful drum patterns. This Elite reissue is the first release on vinyl and the first release in Europe for this album.

Deejay Xanax

The straightforwardly-named Exotic Dance Records welcomes one Deejay Xanax to their roster with this sterling 12”. We’ll let you in on a little secret: the producer behind Xanax is in fact Brian Pineyro, who is also DJ Wey and DJ Python. EDR004 is filled up with broken and tweaked jungle sounds for mangled minds: lots of fun!

Delroy Edwards
Hangin' At The Beach

Delroy Edwards’ new full-length for L.A. Club Resource is very much a full-length: it contains thirty tracks over two LPs. That gives the man plenty of time to play around with his different influences and approaches: lots of lo-fi synth jams and punkish dance tracks to enjoy here. Hangin’ On The Beach is released by L.A. Club Resource.

Device Control
Most People

Device Control is the latest solo project from New Yorker Jake Reif (Upsetting Keys, Savage Hymn). After cutting his teeth with releases for Snuff Trax and Rong Music, L..I.E.S. snap him up. It blends an industrial 80s Coil snap and a broken Kraftwerk punch. Cutting a computer open with a dancefloor kick.

Three EPs, 2012-2014

Do you remember what you were like in 2012? I had a crazy mustache (it was good, trust me (I’m serious)), long hair and a crazy girlfriend. It’s good to remember times gone by, even if you’re glad they’re over. That’s what Dinner thought while recording his debut album. Here are his three EPs from the past 3 years, released together on vinyl. And so much has changed - the EPs are all over the place, but all hit the right spot: our heart.
  • Vinyl LP (CT215LP)
  • £18.49 £9.25 (saving: £9.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

DJ Bong Gozling
Anarchy In The House Sagesse

Gurgling away from the depths of underground acid house, is Anarchy In The House Sagesse - a vibrant 4-track offering from Serbian-based DJ Bong Gozling. Euphoric, adrenaline-fuelled and consistently off-kilter - this collection of chaotic-yet-ordered bangers makes for a searing nocturnal journal.

DJ Guy
Concentric Rhythms

DJ Guy is one of those producers who just keep on producing to their heart’s content, not too fussed about what happens to the tracks after the moment of their ecstatic creation. Thankfully for us, labels like Hypercolour are around to chaperone material into the public sphere: Concentric Rhythms is a double LP set of excellent 90’s works, released for the first time.

Unbeknownst To The Participants At Hand

Drekka is an abstract musician dealing in weighty concepts of memory and passing, and Unbeknownst To The Participants At Hand gives us two substantial works over two sides of vinyl, one referencing Michael Haneke and the other melds sounds of uncertain provenance into a fragile structure. 500 copies on DAIS.

Dro Carey
Queensberry Rules feat. KUČKA

Returning after a mini hiatus from his relentlessly great release schedule, Dro Carey is back on vinyl 12” from Soothsayer. Queensbury Rules sees the house-not-house producer joined by KUČKA on vocals, and he just about manages to keep his experimental ideas in check for these dark club deconstructions.
  • Vinyl 12" (SSV014)
  • £8.49 £5.09 (saving: £3.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Infrared (Deluxe)

This is the deluxe edition of the 'Infrared' EP by this soul star favoured by some of the younger people in the office. Here she collaborates with some like-minded folk (Kingdom, Prince Will) on some smooth auto-tune friendly R&B and to make things even more exciting this time they've added a bunch of remixes too. 

Dominion of The Sword / Shipwreckers Revenge

Legendary producer Andrew Weatherall has a new label up and running, named Moine Dubh. Perhaps surprisingly for Weatherall, the label mostly ignores electronica and dance musics in favour of ancient-feeling folk. Echowood conjure up the mist-and-murder feel of the best English folk music: Dominion of The Sword and Shipwreckers are pleasingly eerie listens. Limited 7” single.

Ed Askew (with Steve Gunn / Joshua Burkett)

Ed Askew here shows off his talents in two different contexts. Rose is a double 10” set, with each piece of vinyl containing a different radio session with a different duo partner. One is a WFMU session with Joshua Burkett, the other is a Dandelion Radio session with Steve Gunn, and both are full of deft and delicate folk-tinged musics. On Okraina Records.

Ed Sanders
Yiddish Speaking Socialists of the Lower East Side

Ed Sanders, a writer, activist and founding member of The Fugs, performed this intriguing reading of his historical text Yiddish Speaking Socialists of the Lower East Side in 1991. Sanders’ multi-tracked voice dictates the text to the accompaniment of a self-invented synthesiser named the ‘pulse lyre’. Reissued on a 10” by Okraina Records.

Electric Moon
The Doomsday Machine

Swans and Om take mescaline and go on a kraut-rock inner journey through the desert..maaaan.. Droning and heavy, and it goes on and on, building to incredibly intense peaks, psychedelic wig outs on fuzzed-to-hell guitars. Tracks averaging at about 15 minutes a piece, you might get lost. Question is will you come back.


These four tracks from Elemnt play around with techno and ambient forms, sometimes sounding like distant drifting and other times settling into precision-tooled squelch-techno. The latter variety of Water is sleek and business-like and frankly irresistible. 12” release on Hidden Hawaii, pressed in a limited edition of 300.
  • Vinyl 12" (2333)
  • £8.99 £5.39 (saving: £3.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Eloïse Decazes + Delphine Dora
Folk Songs Cycle

The folk songs that Delphine Dora and Eloïse Decazes perform here on Folk Songs Cycle were gathered by the composer Luciano Berio in 1971. However, these two folk musicians take the songs in a different direction to that old modernist: these readings are close and intimate and delicately treated. 10” on Okraina Records.

IX Equilibrium

This is the third album of true Norwegian black metallers Emperor, reissued at last. As one of the founding fathers of the symphonic wing of the genre, Emperor have a highly dramatic sound, although IX Equilibrium focuses a bit more on direct fierceness than previous records. IX Equilibrium is reissued on CD and brown vinyl by the Spinefarm and Candlelight labels.

Something's Gonna Happen

Bristol’s Facta comes through with a wedge of heads-down rollers for the long winter nights. Opener and Digital Mystikz re-rub ‘Something’s Gonna Happen’ is a lowing anti-riddim in the vein of Autechre and King Midas Sound. ‘Sweet Sixteen’ is bouncy, hyper-quantized techno, and DJ October is on a Tiesto tip for his reimagining of the latter on the back end of the vinyl.
  • Vinyl 12" (AM-005)
  • £9.99 £5.99 (saving: £4.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Santini's Ghost

Four tunes of grotty underground house and acid from Fear-E on the ever-reliable Dixon Avenue Basement Jams label. The Santini’s Ghost EP has a raw, improvised feel, but never loses sight of heavy bass and distorted drum machines. There’s even a little bit of an industrial/EBM influence to round it off.

FJORDNE & stabilo

Tokyo’s FJORDNE and Hiroshima’s stabilo provide two tracks apiece to this CD. The combination works well - the former’s billowing, 30s-jazz-club piano playing and dense sound collages play nicely off of stabilo’s murkier ambiences. There is more than a shade of early Eno here. Hand-stamped, lovingly packaged and comes with a download.

Long Loophole / Meet Willie

Swedish analogue trio Frak share some unreleased heat from ‘91-’92 on the Portugal-based LAMA label in 2016 because why the hell not? This 12” introduces itself with “MEET WILLIE”, a barebones percussive cut that chugs right ahead into shimmering chords. “LONG LOOPHOLE” is much less grounded and much more spaced out as electronic affairs go, plus it receives the eyes-down dancefloor treatment with an Obalski remix closing things out.

Frank Turner
Poetry of the Deed (10th Anniversary Edition)

  • CD (XMR22CD)
  • £8.99 £4.50 (saving: £4.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy
  • Vinyl Double LP (XMR151LPW)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Indies-only

Gareth JS Thomas
Wandsworth Sports

Aphelion Editions is shaping up to be an interesting label... Here they follow up their inaugural release by Tlön with a limited edition CDr/cassette tape by Gareth JS Thomas (USA NAILS, SILENT FRONT, MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI). Over the course of the album our lug holes are treated to dreamy ambient textures and eerie dronescapes, some sound collage/sampling/cut-up action and a wee dose of cranky techno to boot. All super atmospheric stuff ,that occasionally gets pretty weird - with an absurd and wicked sense of humour.

Peace, Love & Earth: Mental DJ’s Vol. 2

Geena goes fully New Age on this Antinote release: the title Peace, Love & Earth and the stunning sleeve art should leave little doubt about that. Balearic-flavoured psy-ambient for when you end up partying long into the next day. 12 inches of “yeah, man” tunes and atmospheres, pressed to wax by Antinote.
  • Vinyl 12" (ATN 032)
  • £9.99 £5.99 (saving: £4.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Ghostface Killah
Bulletproof Wallets

Ghostface Killah’s 2001 solo statement is a pretty crucial part of the wider Wu-Tang puzzle, as well as a damn good time in its own right. RZA and The Alchemist deal with much of the production, and MC guests include Slick Rick and Raekwon. Bulletproof Wallets is reissued to double vinyl by Get On Down.

Sea and Dirt

Girl is a Norwegian duo containing two musicians who’ve been busy with plenty of other projects over the years (thing Fay Wildhagen and Ich Bin N!ntendo for starters). Their lovely-sounding debut album Sea and Dirt was released digitally in the summer, but this first-time physical vinyl edition adds an exclusive bonus song. Out on Sonata.
  • Vinyl LP (SONATALP034)
  • £17.99 £14.39 (saving: £3.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Before The World Was Big

Relief and elation fight eachother as Girlpool release their new record Before the World Was Big! Thank goodness for that; following on from their EP of spry, confrontational jangle pop, they offer more songs about personal growth and identity, intertwined with unbelievable melodies that are modestly stated but deeply felt. Phew.

Glenn Jones
This Is The Wind That Blows It Out

Glenn Jones is a maestro of the American Primitive style of guitar playing: that sweet sweet Fahey-derived sound we all love so much. This Is The Wind That Blows It Out is Glenn’s 2004 album, now receiving a vinyl release for the first time courtesy of Thrill Jockey. Rich and beautiful music. Oh and by the way, the inner sleeve artwork includes the notes and tunings for all the songs in case you want to have a go yourself.

Gross Net
Quantitative Easing

Gross Net is Phillip Quinn of Girls Names, though it used to also by Christian Donaghey of Autumns. Quantitive Easing is the debut full-length of the project, which trades in queasy-feel industrial pop: cold-wave synths and drum machines, grey drones and vocals. Quantitive Easing is released on vinyl by Touch Sensitive.

Harold Budd & Eraldo Bernocchi
Music For Fragments From The Inside

On 'Music For Fragments From The Inside', two legendary artists meet eachother in the middle. Harold Budd, whose weightless neo-classical has intoxicated many an ambient artist through the years, shrugs off his ethereal bedroom and comes downstairs, bumping into beat-maker Eraldo Bernocchi on the landing. Together they make a record that combines the best of their disciplines, with the deep and firmly rooted bass of Bernocchi subtly rippling the still waters of Budd's drone soundscapes and piano work.

Helm, Sam Kidel, O$VMV$M
The Parris Remixes

An esoteric selection of producers step up to modify the sounds of Parris. So that’s Sam Kidel, who is part of the Young Echo collective, modern concréte / noise producer Helm, and O$VMV$M, each turning into something rather different, from spaced ragga to thick drone. There really is a great array of sounds at play here. The Parris Remixes is out on Ancient Monarchy.

Ignatz & Harris Newman
Bring You Buzzard Meat

At a Belgian festival in 2008, Harris Newman joined Ignatz for a lovely little duo concert, which has previously been issued as a limited CDr. But now, Bring You Buzzard Meat has been pressed to a handsome pair of 10” records by Okraina Records. A suite for beautifully intertwined guitars, lapsteel and synthesiser.

Time Rewind

New EP from INKAMERA, the production / vocal project of fresh electro queen Victoria Lukas whom was half of Zerkalo with Drexciya/Dopplereffekt's Gerald Donald. Time Rewind is a set of club tunes that also move like synth-pop songs: a neat balance. Time Rewind’s seven tracks are pressed to twelve inches beautiful clear white vinyl, released by the Last Known Trajectory label.
  • Vinyl 12" (TRAJECTORY1021)
  • £8.99 £5.39 (saving: £3.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Irma Vep
No Blues Handshakes

Irma Vep is the solo venture of Edwin Stevens, a Manchester music stalwart who can be spotted in various of the city’s bands, including Klaus Kinski and Desmadrados Soldados Des Ventura. No Blues Handshakes is a ten track set of personal songs for (mostly) guitar and voice), taking Stevens’ Welsh hometown as the central inspiration. Released on CD and vinyl by Faux Discx.

Oceanic: Remixes / Reinterpertations

One of post-metals famed cornerstones, 'Oceanic' is arguably Isis' crowning jewel, a record that channeled the emotive bleat of post-hardcore, beautified heavy metal and influenced a league of heavier third gen post-rock bands,from This Will Destroy You to Russian Circles. It probably deserves this remix set, with each of these tracks commissioned back in 2005, involving electronic minimalists and maximalists alike, such as Fennesz, Thomas Koner, Venetian Snares, Tim Hecker and a lot more. Big names for a big reinterpretation of a big record.

Jamie xx
All Under One Roof Raving

"I made All Under One Roof Raving whilst on the tail end of another year on the road with The XX. I was missing life in London and trawling through any music and videos that reminded me of home. One in particular I found very inspiring, Mark Leckey's 'Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore.' I made this track in order to play out back home as I knew the year to come would be spent largely in the UK, DJing and making my own album. It serves as a reminder, not to take any time for granted at home or away." Jamie xx

Jean-Marie Massou
Sodorome Vol.1

Jean-Marie Massou is a French hermit known for digging underground tunnels using only his arms, and also his unusual vocal music. He uses natural resonances as well as lo-fi technology (cassette recorders, radios etc.) to make strange and intimate pieces. The material assembled on Sodorome Vol. 1 can fairly be described as unlike anything else. Double LP release on Vert Pituite La Belle.

Jeremy Barnes
Summer '16

Quaintly DIY-produced, is the latest slice of Jeremy Barnes-incepted 8-track electronica - Summer '16. Consistently mysterious, insular and defyingly abrasive, the collection is the result of late night experiments with fuzzed-out organs and analogue synths - all brought together by Barnes' bombastic drum beats.

Joan Of Arc
He's Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands

Joan Of Arc are veterans of the game by now, having been crafting post-rock in Chicago since 1995, when post-rock still meant ‘inventive and interesting’. He’s Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands, their first album in five years, is as brimming with melodic detail as any of their work. Out on the Joyful Noise label on CD and black and pink vinyl editions.

Johannes Malfatti

Johannes Malfatti is a busy Berlin sound designer who has lent his compositional and performance skills to all manner of different musics over the years. But this is his first solo release. Surge is a deep, slow-growing stretch of ambience that was inspired by the geology of the Austrian Alps. Texture and motion are key to this release. CD on Glacial Movements

John Tejada

What better way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Pallette Recordings label than with four slick new cuts from producer John Tejada? His Therapy is a delicious bundle of smartly turned-out house bangers, ripe for the enjoyment of the groovers. Happy birthday Pallette Recordings! 12” EP.
  • Vinyl 12" (PAL-068)
  • £8.49 £5.09 (saving: £3.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Jon Batiste, Bill Laswell & Chad Smith
The Process

Manic shit from po-mo heavy weight's Jon Batiste, Bill Laswell & Chad Smith. The Process is definitely an apt title for this kaleidoscopic work out. Smooshing together, Herbie (let's face it, who else do you know called Herbie?), Snarky Puppy, Flylo and other past-meet-future funkateers. Packed with features from all sorts of cosmic soul-brothers, The Process is a deep trip. Out on vinyl LP and CD via M.O.D Technologies.

Jonah Senzel
Pony Island - Official Video Game Soundtrack

Pony Island is a new game that wryly nods towards video game history, and Jonah Senzel’s soundtrack is similar, using the gleeful pallette of 8-bit sounds to make new themes. And in a weird inversion of how things usually work, this soundtrack accompaniment to the game comes with a download for the actual game itself (via Steam). What a bonus! Clear vinyl on Black Screen Records.

June / Lowfish

June and Lowfish share this 12” on the Suction Records label, with two tracks from each producer sitting cheerfully side-by-side. Everything here is bright and boldly melodic: absolutely lovely electro pulsing all over the shop. C.D.S.N is pressed to orange vinyl and released in a limited edition of 300 copies.
  • Vinyl 12" (SUCTION038)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Don't Stop / Water Flow

Klyne are a Dutch group making electro-pop that manages to be proper pop (e.g. you could play it on the radio and use it on stylish adverts) as well as proper electro (e.g. the synths bite just right). Their Don’t Stop / Water Flow EP contains four tracks of this, and is priced extremely reasonably too. 12” on Because Music.
  • Vinyl 12" (BEC5156679)
  • £5.49 £3.29 (saving: £2.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Kool Keith
Black Elvis / Lost In Space

Black Elvis / Lost in Space is Kool Keith’s fourth solo album, first released in 1999 (you probably could have guessed that released date from the cover art right?). The Ultramagnetic MC is as uniquely unusual as ever on this set, which sees him exploring multiple different personas, including the titular Black Elvis. Double LP reissue with insert, released by Music On Vinyl.

La Casa Azul
Tan Simple Como El Amor

The joyful sound of La Casa Azul, back on vinyl thanks to Elefant Records 25th anniversary. This Spanish project embodies the sound of old-school disco and retro pop, convincingly pulling the listener back into their memories. Tan Simple Como El Amor, their 2003 album, is now reissued in a limited edition of 1000 LPs.

La Casa Azul
La Revolucion Sexual

The joyful sound of La Casa Azul, back on vinyl thanks to Elefant Records 25th anniversary. This Spanish project fully embodies the sound of old-school disco-pop, convincingly pulling the listener onto an imaginary 1979 dancefloor. 2007’s La Revolucion Sexual contains classic covers like ‘Love Is In The Air’ and ‘I Want You Back’, and it’s reissued in a limited edition of 1000 LPs.

Leonard Charles
Basement Donuts

As a reinterpreted edition of Dilla's seminal Donuts album, Basement Donuts is the squelching brainchild of New Zealand producer Leonard Charles. Clocking in at a mammoth thirty-one tracks, the release is impressively raw, live and composed in a crisp and layered fashion.
  • Vinyl LP (HNR 60)
  • £25.99 £15.59 (saving: £10.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Levon Vincent
Berlin / NYC

Levon Vincent is one of the finest house producers that the city of New York has to offer, and here on this new 12” he pays tribute to his beloved NYC on one side of the wax while tipping his hat to Berlin on the other. Both premium-grade house tracks, obviously. Berlin / NYC is released on Vincent’s own Novel Sound imprint.
  • Vinyl 12" (NS-15)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Levon Vincent
Arpeggiator EP

It's ya boy Levon Vincent, back in the mix with two addictive new techno rollers. ‘Arpeggiator Track’ is not misnamed, for it is dominated by an arpeggiation that’ll worm its way deep into your head. Meanwhile, B-side track ‘A Woman I Know’ has a low-frequency synth loop pulsing away underneath reverbed twangs. All with thick-kicking 4/4s. The Arpeggiator EP is a 12” release on Novel Sound.

Lieven Martens
Two Pastorals

Lieven Martens, aka avant-new-age producer Dolphins Into The Future, has gathered up some community sounds from rural Portugal for your pleasure. Two Pastorals gives you two pastorals and no more: this is a C9 cassette, containing only nine minutes of audio in total. But remember: quality trumps quantity every time. Limited edition of 120 tapes on Edicoes CN.

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