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Mark Rogers + Mary Byrne
I Line My Days Along Your Weight

Debut album from the duo of Mark Rogers + Mary Byrne. They’ve used a barrage of interesting old instruments (including a “tricone resonator” and “golden-era flattop” - sounds delicious) and Mary’s rich voice to make these ten, close-feeling tracks. Mostly recorded live, for that extra sense of directness. LP on Important Records.
  • Vinyl LP (IMPREC408LP)
  • £15.99 £8.00 (saving: £7.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Mesa Ritual
Mesa Ritual

  • Vinyl LP (SIGE026)
  • £29.99 £15.00 (saving: £14.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Miles Brown
Seance Fiction

Miles Brown is probably best known as a member or horror synth mega-lords The Night Terrors, and whilst musically very different the tone is very much still there. Replacing ominous theremins and in-your-face terrifying organ stabs with playful synthesised chip music akin to College or The Postal Service… if they had some dystopian existential crisis.

Moon B

Fresh from his sometimes quaint, often funky and ever-so-lovely tape thing on 1080p (now a motion LP), Moon B preps -- that's what electronic people say, right? -- his first record on World Aurale, a label that actually belongs to him. Sounds nice, as always: a vintage IDM with beats that can adequately be described as "a smattering" and disparate sounds both pastoral and digital. Thanks to an ever-thoughtful production job, it sounds fuzzy and squeaky-clean at the same time, like he's gradually dusting away the fuzz.

Moon Pool & Dead Band

Moon Pool & Dead Band built up long jamming tracks of crackling analogue synth fastened to a funky framework, and then farmed out the stems to the likes of Patrick Russell, Ice Cold Crissy and Nate Young of that Wolf Eyes. The results are spread over four sides of vinyl, and display a great range of approach whilst fitting together weirdly well.

Nathan Fake feat. Prurient

In a slightly surprising collaboration, warmly hazy electronica merchant Nathan Fake has teamed up with blackened noise-pain dealer Prurient. Degreelessness still sounds bright, but it has an anxious undercurrent to it, partly articulated by Dom Fernow’s distant mutterings. B-side Now We Know is a solo Fake production. 12” on Ninja Tune.
  • Vinyl 12" (ZEN12442)
  • £9.49 £7.59 (saving: £1.90)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Natural Child

Natural Child’s Bodyswitchers was originally issued in 2010 as a cassette. Long since out of print, Burger Records are now bringing it back, giving it a format upgrade to vinyl on the way. The merry energy of their Nashville-based garage rock is a perfect fit for Burger, the natural home of fast and frenzied lo-fi tunes. Coloured vinyl!

Neil Landstrumm
Clawing At Sand EP

Techno icon Neil Landstrumm continues an impeccable run of releases with the rough and sleazy techno of the Clawing at Sand EP. Landstrumm’s approach to 4x4 techno has always been a little weird and this vinyl 12” is very much in character, with plenty of harsh snares and surreal organ outbursts.
  • Vinyl 12" (DONT31)
  • £7.49 £4.49 (saving: £3.00)
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New Build
Misery Loves Company

  • Vinyl 12" (LANARK001)
  • £7.99 £4.00 (saving: £3.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Nightmares On Wax
Ground Floor

As Nightmares On Wax's first full release for Warp Records in over 4 years, Ground Floor is a real club-ready banger. Comprised of four tracks, this EP sees the Leeds-born producer travel back to his original deep house roots with a simply pulsating and relentless selection of rhythmic beats. 

Noah And The Whale
Heart Of Nowhere

  • CD (3732429)
  • £12.49 £6.25 (saving: £6.24)
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Ordre Etern
Revolució Soterrada

Ordre Etern are a product of the current Spanish political climate (explicit shout-outs to Goya and Lorca are made in the press release). They aren’t too happy about it apparently, and express this through good old-fashioned industrial drum pounding and vocal howling, with decent amounts of electronics too. Involving former Nurse With Wound collaborator Victor Hurtado. On Magia Roja / Tesla Tapes.

Os Ovni
Let's Leave Reality

Os Ovni are an electro-pop duo from Florida. Let’s Leave Reality is their debut album. Psychedelic synthesizer experimentation with glistening harmonies -- speeding through space and time --portray a future world in which we’ll all be looking over our shoulders. Let’s Leave Reality is available on vinyl LP.
  • Vinyl LP (SC-002)
  • £19.99 £10.00 (saving: £9.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Panthera Krause
Solar System

After a couple of EPs on Riotvand and Uncanny Valley, Panthera Krause returns to Lobster Theramin with a huge EP filled to the brim with all corners of dance music covered. Acidic house, driving arpeggiated techno, and a couple of deep and chilled numbers. Pretty useful, a track for every time of day.
  • Vinyl 12" (LTWHT009)
  • £9.99 £5.99 (saving: £4.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Patrick Cowley & Candida Royalle
Candida Cosmica

Patrick Cowley is often uttered in the same breath as Giorgio Moroder as being a pioneer of electronic dance music, and is probably most known for being a leading producer of the “Hi-NRG” sound. Candida Cosmica is a much more minimal affair, a collaboration with his roommate of the time Candida Royalle, her experimental vocals interweaved with synthesizers, handbuilt machines and percussion. Recorded 1973-75.

Peculiar Blue
Don't Speak of Love

Acoustic three piece Peculiar Blue are singer Songwriter Paul Harrison and vocalist Lynn Harrison, featuring Grant Henderson playing Brazilian drums. In a departure from their usual style of bitter/sweet storytelling, ‘Don't speak of love’ was recorded in collaboration with local electro trance band Hexagons, overseen by drummer Grant Henderson and recorded at Loom Studios.


With a history of playing with arty types such as Thurston Moore, Yoko Ono and Xiu Xiu you could think that Peptalk would be some kind of noise/art collective. Instead they draw on their love of exotica, dub, electronica and in particular the Bladerunner soundtrack to create their own world of highly original yet highly accessible becalmed soundscapes. 'Islet' is their debut album and will appeal to fans of artists as disparate as Mum, The Slits and Ryuichi Sakamoto. 

Head Carrier

Here comes the second post-reunion album from the legendary Boston outfit whose previous effort 'Indie Cindy' garnered mixed notices but was still at times a fine blast of noisy avant rock. Now having finally settled on a bassist with the Kim clone Paz Lenchantin now snugly ensconced into the line up, it's time to see whether the band really still mean business.  

Life's What You Make It

Yes....yes it is that one.  Placebo celebrate their 20th anniversary with a new 6 track EP which worryingly contains a version of the Talk Talk classic. If anyone wants to go ahead and murder them for doing this then of course be my guest. It's also incredible that they've existed for twenty years without anyone seriously trying to stop them.  

Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN

Pye Corner Audio / Dalhous
Run for the Shadows EP

The Run For The Shadows EP is a split between Dalhous and Pye Audio Corner, each providing a pair of new tracks. Pye is orientated towards dark dancefloors, while Dalhous produce real songs. Though both artists, it must be said, have an incredible ear for textures you could almost reach out and touch. The 12” is released by Lapsus Records.

Pyramid Vritra

Hal Williams is Pyramid Vritra, also formerly one half of Odd Future duo The Jet Age of Tomorrow and a member of the up-and-coming NRK collective. With Danu his beats, especially on 58(Heavy) have a bizarre distance and hazy feel to them, with sparse but definite groove, not party bangers but solo shufflers.
  • Vinyl LP (NRKPV001LP)
  • £20.99 £10.50 (saving: £10.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Ramin Djawadi
Game of Thrones - Music from the HBO Series: Season 6 (Coloured Tour Edition)

Game of Thrones: the show where people get hit with swords and everyone shrugs. Season six saw the grand plot twist of a person dying but then undying, and also some other stuff happened -- presumably while it snowed. This time around, composer Ramin Djawadi went properly next level on the score, offering some stunning set-pieces, including an unexpected finale composition not dissimilar from Nils Frahm or A Silver Mt. Zion. I can assure you that this sorrowful and lovely music is a lot more enjoyable when there's no one swearing, spitting or murdering over the top of it.

Rob Crow's Gloomy Place
You're Doomed. Be Nice.

Returning from self-imposed exile, prolific math rock wonder Rob Crow has assembled a band and begun making jittery US indie-punk again. You’re Doomed. Be Nice, on vinyl LP and CD from Temporary Residence, is immediately recognizable as a Rob Crow record; his relaxed vocals and tense, jagged guitars are all there. This is an important reminder of why he has become a low-key legend.

Valere Aude

NYC techno producer Gunnar Haslam and Vienna-based Johannes Auvinen combine their unique talents for some searing psychedelic techno. Valere Aude is their debut as Romans, but their sound crams in decades of spacey synth drones, harsh handclaps and pulsing basslines. Available on double vinyl LP and CD.


On Exile the mysterious Rose blends dark ambient soundscapes with minimal drone and even some melancholic techno. This cassette from Constellation Tatsu comes with some lovely packaging and is a strong dose of raw and lonely electronica made without any fuss or fanfare and perfect for a winter night.

Rosie Lowe

Rosie Lowe is a new name in the fertile synth-soul scene, combining a traditionally heartfelt vocal approach with some bass-weighted electronic production. Control is her debut full-length, and is available as CD or LP: the LP includes a free download of 2 extra bonus tracks. Released by the Wolf Tone label.

Other Side Of The Fence

Rubberbear are a of mini-supergroup of sorts, bringing together New Order's bassist, Tom Chapman, with ex Fall member Steve Trafford. As their delicately composed single "Let's Move Somewhere Else" attests, the duo's sound is softer and less invasive than the post-punk ruckus that brought them together. Their new EP, 'Other Side of the Fence', continues to honour this attention to detail. 


From French band Sandrose, released back in 1972, comes this exceptional prog album, possibly one of the best prog albums ever recorded. Featuring guitarist Jean-Pierre Alarcen and the stunning vocals of Rose Laurens, made up of members of Eden Rose. One for fans of Earth&Fire. Remastered gatefold 180g vinyl LP on Sommor.

Sarah Louise
Solo Acoustic Vol. 12

The Vin Du Select Qualitite label’s Solo Acoustic series continues to showcase the inventive talents of fine guitarists. Their next batch of limited edition LPs has now arrived! Volume 12 features Sarah Louise, making her first appearance on vinyl as it happens. Her style melds classic American Appalachian guitar with some modern tricks: sounds wonderful.

Sean Nicholas Savage
Other Death

Sean Nicholas Savage makes pop music, although he does so outside of the usual pop machine. Pleasingly, this means that his tracks are littered with small oddities, first and foremost his strange, sometimes half-whispered vocal style. Other Death features a guest appearance from Nite Jewel, and is released on Arbutus Records.

She Shells String Trio
Negatively Complicating a procedure That is Already Flawed

A trio of experimental wizards bring about this one: violinist Spencer Yeh combines with Mike Khoury, also a violinist dude, and to top things off, they bring in scattershot drummer Ben Hall (Graveyards). The record is meant to show off the intuitive and improvisational styles each artist could live off if they so chose, offering up three unique musical voices for the price of one.

Shining Bird
Black Opal

Shining Bird have been dreaming up Australian-tinged dream pop in Australia for several years now, and now have a second full length to share with the world. Black Opal is a big-sounding record that harks back to some of the more epic moments of 80’s pop: listen out for the gated-reverb drums! Released by the Spunk label.

Simon Lord

  • Vinyl LP (WSDLP10)
  • £12.99 £6.50 (saving: £6.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Sly & Robbie
Underwater Dub

The follow up to 2012's Blackwood Dub, legendary reggae bwoys Sly & Robbie unleash their Underwater Dub set. 10 tracks of analogue Dub with producer Alberto 'Burur' Blackwood at the controls. Great riding rhythms and jams with a real emphasis on the studio as an instrument. Phasers, filters and space echos really shape the studio sessions into an aquatic dubbed out pleasure. Vinyl and CD on Slam Records.

Small Feet
From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean

Small Feet present their debut album, the thoughtfully titled From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean. What you’ll find here are vocally led songs with a strong sense of drama, Simon Stålhamre swooping in his voice in and out of the shuffling instrumentals. CD or LP on Control Freak Kitten.

Sonic Youth
NYC Ghosts & Flowers

Reissue of Sonic Youth’s 2000 album NYC Ghosts & Flowers. Scene leaders of no wave and noise rock in NY since beginning in 1981, they had all of their equipment nicked whilst on tour in 1999 so were forced to write without their usual modified guitars and effects. The results are quite profound from what you would usually expect from them.

It's Time To Vanish

Spearmint are the sort of '90s survivors that could have had Pulp - like success if the planets had arranged themselves a tad differently. Instead they soldier on into 2016 with a new album which re-unites them with producer John Etkin-Bell for an album of sunny side up pop tunes that are reminiscent of the more intelligent end of Brit pop. 

Special Request
Unknown / Transmission

The one born Paul Woolford delves into the annals of U.K. rave culture once more for this two-track release. ‘Unknown’ is not a million miles from Mosca’s retro-garage classic ‘Bax’, shuffling along pleasingly with a liberal sprinkling of wubs and pull-up effects; ‘Transmission’ is sparse, spooky and weighty. Mastered by Matt Colton. Vinyl only.

Spencer Clark
The Stimulated Australia

Former half of The Skaters, alongside James Ferraro - Spencer Clark (Fourth World Magazine, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Vodka Soap, Black Joker etc.) appears to have taken cassette-captured field recordings of Australia and transmuted them into the kind of new-agey digital ambience that he so excels in. Strange atmospheres all round. The Stimulated Australia is a vinyl release from Edicoes CN, limited to 210 copies.

Stanley Brinks and The Kaniks
Turtle Dove

Stanley Brinks, perhaps better known as Andre Herman Dune, follows two collaborative albums with The Wave Pictures by collaborating with Norwegian Folk group The Kaniks. Recorded on a remote Norwegian island and inspired by midnight swims and midnight beer drinking, Brinks and the Kaniks recorded three albums. Turtle Dove is the first to see the light of day. Pressed on blue vinyl and housed in gatefold sleeve.

Stephen John Kalinich
A World Of Peace Must Come

Oddball 1960's poetry record from renowned Beach Boys lyricist performing some of his very own super idealistic poetry under hazy lights. If you like spoken word stuff about world peace etc then A World of Peace Must Come is the record for you. The main draw for Beach Boys completists is that it is produced by affable harmoniser Brian Wilson who also adds some of his unique sound sorcery and proto ambient twiddles to the mix.  
  • Vinyl LP (LITA039LP)
  • £18.99 £4.75 (saving: £14.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Steve Grossman
Some Shapes To Come

This is a quality slice of jazz fusion, recorded by Steve Goodman and his band in 1974. Goodman himself had played with Miles Davis, so he already had the inside track on high-end jazz fusion, and sidemen Don Alias and Gene Perla were right behind him. Some Shapes To Come is a funky but underrated masterpiece: this is the first time it has been reissued. On Tidal Waves Music.

Return From The Stars

US producer Strategy gets a release on Chris Farrell's Idle Hands imprint, offering up a 12" slice of downtempo goodness There's a Peverelist remix of Strategy's "Return From The Stars" on offer, and so the sounds begin to mesh and fall out into a wonderful collage of house, dub and psych. Lots to chew on.

Before You I Appear

Before You I Appear is an EP featuring remixes from Sumac’s 2016 album What One Becomes. The Vancouver/Washington duo find their dense metalish rock being punctuated with psychedelic explosions and sombre drone passages. Featuring remixes by Samuel Kerridge, Bleed Turquoise, Kevin Drumm and Japanese band ENDON. On Thrill Jockey.

Sun Ra & His Arkestra
Rocket Number Nine

Although he returned to his native Saturn many years ago, Sun Ra’s music has an almost limitless capacity for fascinating and enrapturing listeners. Classic Ra space-jam Rocket Number Nine is presented here in an early version (1960), plus two rare renditions of other tunes. The pace is frantic and joyful throughout: take off for the planet Venus today! 10” on Modern Harmonic.


Synkro has turned out nigh-on forty releases over the years, but this is the very first full-length album he has released. Changes moves in and out of soothing ambient drifts, always eventually being joined by carefully-crafted beats. Nice to see that Synkro has adapted his sound to the format. Out on the Apollo label.

Collapsing Horizons

Twinkling electronics from Dutch outfit Tangent here on their third album Collapsing Horizons. Each track could be excavated to reveal separate strata: glitchy beats, serene ambience, digital hiss and delicate melodies all coexist neatly together. Released as CD and as coloured vinyl LP on the n5MD label.


Shaun Nunutzi heads up Tau, taking a well-earned sabbatical from touring his crusher monotony with Dead Skeletons. Following up from the Wirikuta EP, he works with Gerald Pasqualin for a quickly made, easily done 'n' dusted collection of psych folk tunes -- I imagine there might be some riffs too, if you're lucky. Earl Harvin of Tindersticks pays a visit, at one point.

Teen Daze
Morning World

Teen Daze is the solo project of one Jamison, who has allowed some collaborators into the Teen Daze world for the first time on Morning World. Over eleven tracks, he delves into a lush sonic environment, one less hermetically sealed than on past releases. Available as CD or LP on the Paper Bag record label.

Teenage Guitar
More Lies From The Gooseberry Bush

Robert Pollard is the ringleader of the merry indie rock men Guided By Voices, who have been releasing dozens upon dozens of records since the late 80s. Pollard is renowned for making surreal jangle pop classics that are snipped off at the ends, traditionally playing them out at under two minutes at length. As such, he's got a lot of time to write more songs: his average output a year is about ten records, under about five different aliases. Teenage Guitar is yet another solo project of his, and brings forth the bizarre, experimental reaches of his brain for a concept album with thousands of tracks (well, like, twenty-odd). It's arguably his most conceptual record since Guided By Voices' 'Mag Earwhig!', full of lo-fi humming and loose vignettes. Billed by Pollard and PopMatters as being more Pollard than Pollard, this is definitely an album by Robert Pollard.    Tracks: Go Around (The Apartment Dwellers) Spliced At Acme Fair A Guaranteed Ratio Good Mary's House Skin Ride Full Glass Gone All You Fought For Gear OP No Escape Matthew's Ticker and Shaft  a. come to breakfast b. the girls arrive c. division of swans d. when death has a nice ring The Instant American Normalized New Light Birthplace of the Electric Starter A Year That Could Have Been Worse

The Big Eyes Family Players

Following a series of albums veering from instrumental soundtrack work to folk songs in collaboration with the likes of James Yorkston and Adrian Crowley, the Big Eyes Family players are set to release their first album of new material in over six years. 'Oh!' is a lush and melancholic take on the type of space age batchelor pad pop previously peddled by the likes of Broadcast and United States of America. They don't veer too far from their folky roots though with a lilting cover of Lal Waterson's 'Song For Thirza an album highlight. Sharron Kraus and Aby Vulliamy (Trembling Bells/Aidan Moffat) guest.   
  • Vinyl LP (HAM013)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

The Bohicas
The Making Of

Essex boys The Bohicas hit upon a mix of Led Zepplin, Queens of the Stone Age and The Arctic Monkeys, bringing catchy and fuzzy riffs, vocal hooks that will earwurm their way in and ruin your day for the considerable future. Their debut album, and it’s avaiable on 12” with bonus 7”, just the 12” and CD from Domino.

The Duke St Workshop with Laurence R Harvey
Tales of H.P. Lovecraft

The Duke St Workshop are another bunch of hauntological story-weavers, this time going the full hog by: A) working with an actual horror film actor in the form of Laurence R Harvey, and; B) using Tales of H.P. Lovecraft as their inspiration. Harvey reads the spooky stories while the group fill in the soundscape with library-music style synths. 300 vinyl copies on Static Caravan.

The Gate

The Gate's fourth record, the not at all repulsively-titled 'Stench', was recorded out in New York and birthed a few good twists and turns in the time between its inception and release. The power metal band went overboard with this one, bringing in touches of psych and funk, as well as their usual love of jazz. Weird world, my friends.

The Green Pajamas
The Summer of Lust

Remember cassette tapes? Sure you do. The joy of taping stuff of the radio when John Peel was on. The anger of having to sprint from one side of the room to the other while your tape deck chewed through your copy of the latest psychedelic pop band. Thirty years after their release on cassette, here’s The Green Pajamas album The Summer of Lust on vinyl.

The Heads
Nobody Knows

Re-issue culture reaches new and confusing heights with this issue of rehearsal tracks found by members of The Heads when they were putting together the bonus tracks for their 'Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere' re-issue. So, effectively this is bonus stuff from the bonus tracks..... we think. In any case The Heads records usually beat a path out of our office at an alarming rate of knots so don't expect this to hang around too long. 

The Oscillation / 10,000 Russos
Fuzz Club 10" Split Single No. 9

The Oscillation and 10,000 Russos join forces to produce 14 minutes of distorted and sinister psychedelia. Titled Fuzz Club 10" Split Single No.9, the coming together of two pioneers doesn't disappoint as their murky and avant-garde brainchild is an exhilarating and fuzzy soup of snaring instrumentation.

The Rentals
Lost In Alphaville

At last, after a fifteen year wait, The Rentals release their third Album Lost in Alphaville. The band features Weezer bassist Matt Sharp and the glorious tones of Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe from Brooklyn band Lucius. Layers upon layers of rocking guitars, fuzzing bass, pounding drums and analog synths make this a solid block of melodic alt. pop.

The Residents

Available on 180 gram clear vinyl on Music on Vinyl. Avantgarde and anonymous art collective The Residents Originally released Intermissions in 1982. They made it very clear that it was not the 3rd chapter of the Mole trilogy (which seemed to never actually exist), but a cutting of related materials. Limited repressing of 1000 copies.

The Underground Youth
A Lo-Fi Cinematic Landscape

This hazy and ambient collection of instrumentals is A Lo-Fi Cinematic Landscape, thought up by Berlin creative The Underground Youth aka Craig Dyer. The release was intended to accompany a short story, awash with damming and fateful melancholy, that was never fully conceived. 

Theo Parrish and Amp Fiddler
Gentrified Love Part 1

Super-producer Theo Parrish here enlists a Detroit legend from a slightly different sphere to collaborate on a track. Amp Fiddler did time in George Clinton’s Parliament / Funkadelic universe, and apparently introduced J Dilla to the MPC(!), so he’s guaranteed to bring soul and funk to Gentrified Love Part 1. 12” on the Sound Signature label.

Theo Parrish, Duminie DePorres, Wajeed
Gentrified Love Part 2

Detroit house legend Theo Parrish returns with a 12" on his Sound Signature label featuring previous collaborator Duminie DePorres plus Dirt Tech Reck boss Waajeed. “Warrior Code” dives straight into the deep end, touched with soaring atmospherics and shimmering synths. “Leave The Funk To Us” sits on the reverse as a more upbeat jaunt with the pitter-patter organ funk and a slurring backseat vocal refrain.

Thomas Brinkmann
A 1000 KEYS

Ahhh, remember the days when you’d gather the family round and listen to the dot matrix printer rattle off your favourite concertos? Thomas Brinkmann Transfers the character of a grand piano into cold 0s and 1s and translates them into repetitive midi sequences of noise and fragments. What is left is far from the piano. Intrigue which follows in the black Midi train of thought.

Tom Kovacevic
Universe Thin As Skin

You might have already come across the music of Tom Kovacevic in his bands Fire On Fire, Cerberus Shoal, Olas and Tarpigh, but here he's going it alone with a series of eerie mystical folk songs which draws on Kovacevic's experience studying Arabic music, employing the oud, nay flute, and djembe and tchung drums to provide a sparse earthy backdrop to his clear, plangent voice.
  • Vinyl LP (IMMUNE032)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Tony Carey
Explorer + Yellow Power

  • Vinyl Double LP (MR016)
  • £23.49 £14.09 (saving: £9.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Last copy

Toro Y Moi
What For?

With a background in punk bands, South Carolinian producer/ singer songwriter Chaz Bundick began making bedroom music under the name Toro Y Moi in 2001 and went on to pioneer the sludgy electronic sound that pre-empted chillwave. ‘What For?’ was recorded during an intermission from working on a record for his dance project Les Sins, and is a new direction for this musical adventurer, exploring lose themes of love and nature in a way that is intentionally vague and beautiful.


Valley Hush
Valley Hush

Valley Hush would describe their music as ‘experimental pop’, a nice little genre pocket to sit in. Their songs are indeed songs, and catchy ones at that, but the duo make things happen with their productions that you might not expect to hear in your pop. Valley Hush is their debut full-length album, and is released on vinyl by The Record Machine.

Heaven And Hell

The record was the first album by VANGELIS to be released by RCA Records in 1975 and was also the first album to be recorded at his personal studio in London, Nemo. This epic work in two parts featured the English Chamber Choir (conducted by Guy Protheroe) and VANGELIS’ first collaboration with JON ANDERSON, “So Long Ago, So Clear”. This Esoteric Recordings release (undertaken with the full approval and supervision of VANGELIS himself) is taken from a new remaster undertaken by Vangelis and the artwork is a facsimile of the original 1975 LP packaging.

Thru The Cosmos [perigee / apogee]

Further broadcasts from the analogue sound-worlds of Variant, the more ambient project of Stephen Hitchell aka Intrusion, Phase90, Radius and half of cv313 alongside Rod Modell. Thru The Cosmos is a series of pieces for modular synth, though perigee and apogee contain no look-at-me synth heroics whatsoever: this is deep, subtle, space-drift music, each piece stretching out over a full hour. Double CD on echospace [detroit].

Masse Box

Some minimal club action on Masse Box. This is a series of remixes from these heavy weight producers. They will go wherever their mind takes them, delving deep into techy drums with emotive contemporary poppy-classical styled strings, or perhaps into some 80s distorted synth bass with some modern Brad Mehldau solo piano vibes. Also some straight up dark 3am stuff. Diversity is the game here and each producer shows their worth. Out on vinyl LP box set from Ostgut Ton.
  • Vinyl LP box set (MASSEBOX1)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Open Water

Hand stamped and numbered, strictly limited to 320 copies. The ep’s opening salvo comes courtesy of Killawatt, who brings a dense combination of driving force and technical intricacy whilst Ipman imbues his version with urgent percussion and sense of cavernous tension. The second half of the release sees the debut of Osiris Music label owner Simon Shreeve’s Mønic project, the pummelling, cinematic sounds of which providing apt counterpoint to the staggered, churning techno of Metrist’s version which rounds up the ep. Tracks: 1 Killawatt - Open Water (Killawatt Version)2 Ipman - Open Water (Ipman Version)3 Monic - Open Water (Monic Version)4 Metrist - Open Water (Metrist Version)


Somewhere between all genres of music lies a huge number of old records which don’t fit with the narrative. There’s a mountain range between the valleys of identified sounds.  This is one such album featuring a plethora of rare Spanish exotica which blends influences to the point where we’re not sure what we’re listening to, but we know we like it. On vinyl

Speedy Wunderground - Year 2

Speedy Wunderground is a label set up by South London producer Dan Carey. The idea is to produce 7” as quickly as possible. Year 2 is a compilation of the singles released in the label’s sophomore year. Includes now established acts such as Teleman and Kate Tempest alongside cutting edge newbies FEWS.

Various (B12, µ-Ziq, Meat Beat Manifesto, Ø, Mike Dred, Deepchord, Cristian Vogel, Locust, etc.)

Belgium's De:tuned present a mammoth box set containing six slabs of 180g wax. Peep that line-up! All tracks are previously unreleased - a mixture of music especially written for this compilation, plus some tracks recovered from 90s DAT tapes and a few more recent productions. Ambient, techno, IDM, broken beat and drum & bass royalty in full force.  Mastered by Matt colton. Edition of 300 numbered copies with sticker for your record box + digital download. TRACKLIST: A1 In Sync - Crack In The WorldA2 John Beltran - Nineteen Eighty NineB1 B12 - Worlds EndB2 Seba - Ryu-kiC1 Move D & Dman - Redundanz & AufmerksamkeitC2 Leo Anibaldi - PanacèaD Deepchord - C itrus & WoodE1 AsOne-WhereDidHeGo...AndWhyE2 Scanner - ErosF1 The Future Sound Of London - ObollisF2 As One - Where Did He Go ... And Why (Heinrich Mueller Lamb Shift Model)F3 As One - Where Did He Go ... And Why (Plaid Remix)G1 Nu Era - The North ViewG2 Total Science - Winds Of ChangeH1 Spacetime Continuum - Tri DecagonH2 PFM - AspirationsI1 Mike Dred - Gate Of OriginI2 David Morley - Mode 90J1 Robert Leiner - Psalm 101J2 Cristian Vogel - Edit Out Wanky SoloK1 Ø - FermionitK2 Meat Beat Manifesto - Synthesizer TestL1 μ-Ziq - Lilt N'VectifL2 Locust - Dispelling 84-94L3 Speedy J - Halvemaan Artwork by Kevin Foakes from Openmind (aka Strictly Kev, DJ Food from Ninja Tune).

Via App
Sixth Stitch

Uneasy, distorted and mangled experimental electronics from Via App. Occasionally dipping into a hard hitting techno form, but never for long enough for anything to settle. Heavily destroyed samples of modular noises, overdriven realworld sounds and god knows what, it plays out like a ghost in a machine, chaotic and constantly toying with you.
  • Vinyl LP (LPBWR011)
  • £19.99 £11.99 (saving: £8.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Virginia Wing

Probably one of the better Record Store Day releases this year, ace London quartet Virginia Wing tease you a couple of new tracks from what will be their brand new record in due course. If it's anything like the last one it will appeal to fans of Broadcast, Stereolab and fans of all things kraut and pop.  

Wei Zhongle
Nu Trance

Wei Zhongle are a trio operating on a number of axes simultaneously, pulling in dubby bass, a melange of electronics, occasionally klezmer-ish clarinet and ecstatically meandering vocals to make a curious brew. The LP version of Nu Trance is released on Hairy Spider Legs, the cassette version on NNA Tapes.
  • Vinyl LP
  • £16.49 £8.25 (saving: £8.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Wild Beasts
Boy King

Sporting a sleek new logo and a slick new sound, Kendal's biggest ever export (bar the mint cake) are back with their increasingly commercially-aimed sound that might give the Hot Chip's and the Metronomy's a run for their money. Where they once sang "The messed bottom bunked bed of the dead, this fouled fallen nest, this dried up drooping breast, I hold my hips at this comic apocalypse, the world's a whoopee wibbling wantlingly on my crooked seat", they now sing "That's how I get my bang".   Yup, things change....and not for the better, sadly. 

Yally (Raime)
Burnt / Sudo

As Raime moved away from downtrodden drones and haunting beats towards skeletal post-punk both as Moin and under their primary name, it felt like an excavation of their influences more than anything else. As Yally, that trend continues, albeit inside the UK’s dance continuum, specifically within garage. “Burnt” is an eerie 2-step waltz precursing the advent of dubstep.  “Sudo” throws skittering and pulsing mallets over snaking bass. Both tracks on the 12” vinyl take the low-end to new depths, and the flip side is blank - perfect for monitoring how level your turntable set-up is!

Young Hunting (L.A)

Zomby x Burial

2 of electronic bass music’s most illustrious anonymous producers (although they aren’t really anonymous anymore) put their heads together at last for this collaboration. Zomby and Burial both know how to make the darkness ripple, and Sweets is bound to entrance plenty of heads. Limited edition of 5000 on single-sided white label 10”: they’ll probably still sell out quick though.

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