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They Remixes

18+ generously handed over a load of stems to some respected producers, and what they got back is represented on They Remixes. Suicideyear, Mr. Mitch, Tia Maria and Audri Nix do the duties, representing sounds from trap to grime and countries from Puerto Rico to Portugal. 500 copies of heavyweight vinyl, on Houndstooth.

Lost Stories

2Tall is one of the earliest aliases of Jim Cole aka Om Unit and on Lost Stories he resurrects his early beat experiments. Predictably Coles ‘early experiments’ are staggeringly high-quality hip-hop-inspired beats, indebted to the West Coast expermentalism of Flying Lotus and his Low End Theory club night.

A New Line (Related)
Our Lady Of Perpetual Fucking Succour

A long awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed self titled debut (Dead Albatross nominated no less), this is a four track EP of minimal techno repetition from Andrew Johnson (Hood/Remote Viewer). With roots in the deep dark dub of pioneers such as Terrence Dixon, Johnson has been influenced by recent collaborations with Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare) and has stripped his sound back to ultra repetitive beats and hypnotic dance floor jams. There are four tracks on the vinyl plus extra remixes on the download (Beppu, Perfume Advert, Maxim Wolzyn, the Humble Bee and Northerner).   **INITIAL COPIES COME WITH BONUS SIGNED POSTCARD** 
  • Vinyl 12" (HAM012)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

A$AP Ferg
Always Strive and Prosper

A$AP FERG returns with his sophomore album, and 18 tracks of trap anthems for 2016. With three years since Trap Lord the A$AP crew aren’t slowing, but with Always Strive and Prosper Ferg brings a bucket load of collaborators, including Missy Elliott, Skrillex, Future, A$AP Mob, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Africans With Mainframes
Faces of Africa II

Africans With Mainframes is the ever-potent pairing of Noleian Reusse with Jamal Moss, aka the Hieroglyphic Being himself. With the twin influences of cosmic drift of outer space on one side and the hard-jacking thud of Chicago’s basements on the other, Africans With Mainframes just can’t help but make super-compelling super-house, as they do on Faces of Africa II. 12” on Mathematics.

Pitch Black Prism

  • Vinyl LP (ABR0143LP)
  • £14.99 £7.50 (saving: £7.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Andrew Thomas Wilson
The Chain Reaction - Original Soundtrack

Andrew Thomas Wilson's compositions are cold but gentle, bringing about the inevitable conflicts of chilling instrumental music with light, synth-pop oriented sounds. Basically, there's a lot of synth, used in a few different disciplines -- and it always sounds like an icicle is being dangled above your head. 'The Chain Reaction Soundtrack' is an understated gem in the history of electronic film soundtracks, showing off Wilson's ability to tame one of those pesky modular synths in the midst of an apocalypse.
  • Vinyl LP (DUAL011LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Armando Trovajoli
Ciao Rudy

Ciao Rudy was a 1966 musical that was scored by the talented Armando Trovajoli. Music from it became one of the rarest 33rpm records that RCA ever released, but this reissue and remastering from GDM makes it somewhat more available. Trovajoli’s work is as grand and dramatic as you’d expect, with a good dose of 60’s flair.
  • Vinyl LP (GDMLP6708)
  • £27.99 £16.79 (saving: £11.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Fishing Blues

Minneapolis hip-hop veterans Atmosphere show no signs of slowing down, dropping new full-length Fishing Blues right off the back of a set of 2015 singles. Slug’s rhymes are crafty, Ant’s productions are slick, and the times are good. Fishing Blues is available on CD or as a bonanza-sized thick-cut triple LP set, courtesy of Rhymesayers.

Bangers & Ash
Certain Creatures

2013 saw Bangers & Ash release this 12” from Brooklyn's Oliver Chapoy, otherwise known as Certain Creatures. The tracks are a dystopian exploration of a dark, underground worlds inhabited by fear and ennui featuring Ike Yard. It’s a limited run of 300 hand-stamped 12" records with screenprinted sleeve.
  • Vinyl 12" (BASH005)
  • £9.99 £5.99 (saving: £4.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Banks & Steelz
Anything But Words

Here is the collaboration that no-one could have expected...or indeed asked for. Funny haired Interpol leader Paul Banks hooking up with Wu Tang's RZA. The result is the kind of rap rock we could only have dreamt of back in the '80s. Careful what you wish for though - they make strange bedfellows these two.   

BBC Radiophonic Workshop
The Soundhouse

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop was responsible for nurturing talents such as Delia Derbyshire, and developing madness through experimental hand-cut tape loops and signal generators before synthesizers were available. This is a reissue of the first work made by them with the invention of the first digital polyphonic sampler, which cut their workload massively.

Beach Day
Native Echoes

'Native Echoes' is the second record to come from Florida's chilled out garage rockers Beach Day, who make breezy music to sing to palm trees. Their tight surfer guitar work recalls a variety of catchy outfits such as Best Coast, Cults and Wavves, driven by a few chords, moving at a steady pace and settling in nicely under the sun. You don't have to live in Florida but it helps.   Tracks:  All My Friends Were Punks Don't Call Me On The Phone Bf Fs I'm Just Messin' Around Gnarly Waves Pretty The Lucky One Fades Away Lost Girl How Do You Sleep At Night


Guero was the sixth or ninth album by Beck, depending on how you count ‘em and was originally released in 2005. It was produced by The Dust Brothers who also produced his classic Odelay album and also features the Brazilian Tropicalia influences he first showed on Mutations. Contains the singles E-Pro, Girl and Black Tambourine.

The Serious EP

The 'Serious' EP is born out of a number of collaborations between Bibio (Stephen Wilkinson) and singer Olivier St. Louis (formerly known as Olivier Daysoul). This follows on from the 'A Mineral Love' LP and sees Bibio heading in a more electro funk direction with soulful vocals that will appeal to fans of Craig David. 

Billie Marten
Milk & Honey

Nice ethereal acoustic twiddlings from silky-voiced Ripon-based songstress Isabella Sophie Tweddle, aka Billie Marten. A Youtube sensation at the age of 12, Marten is now getting some serious attention, including a nomination for BBC Sound of 2016. And she's still only 17. According to her Wikipedia page she is, apparently, obsessed with alpacas. Interesting, but there's no mention of any llama-like shenanigans on 'Milk and Honey'. 
  • Vinyl 7" (88985319287)
  • £4.99 £1.99 (saving: £3.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Semi Detached

Blancmange’s fifth album release ‘Semi-Detached’ is the first record from the British, eighties synth-poppers without the involvement of long term collaborative partner Stephen Luscombe. With it’s roots firmly planted in the sterling company of synth pioneers and hitmakers such as Soft Cell and Depeche Mode, ‘Semi-Detached’ marks a progression into new territory with this stripped down, edgy record that is musically both ecstatic and devastated as well as being very personal lyrically without losing any of the characteristically dark humour of their earlier records.

Bluntman Deejay
Esoteric (Real) EP

All Caps have finally repressed Bluntman Deejay’s Esoteric (Real) EP. Within this vinyl 12” you’ll find weirdo outsider house, percussive electronica and psychedelic beats all wrapped up nicely. This is hard to classify, soulful dance music. This beautiful and minimal EP is also very limited, so you only get one.
  • Vinyl 12" (AC005)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Boss Hog
Brood Star

Boss Hog is one of the slightly lesser-known projects of big rock & roll man Jon Spencer, forming a potent double act with the fierce Cristina Martinez. Brood Star is a brand new release issued as a preview for a forthcoming full-length, although it makes a potent enough mark in just 4 songs, I have to say. 12” EP on In The Red.

Brian Reitzell
Hannibal Season 3 - Volume 2

Brian Reitzell is known for his drumming with French synth-poppers Air, but he has carved out a very respectable side-line as a composer for the screen. His background-spook for the third series of cannibal-thriller Hannibal is very fine indeed, and this double vinyl release pairs his original compositions with some other tunes by the likes of Siouxsie Sioux. On Invada.

Brian Reitzell / Various
Kicks (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Brian Reitzell has built up a potent CV of big-ticket movie soundtracks (including Lost In Translation), not to mention his career in Air. His new accompaniment work, for teenage-sneaker-chase movie Kicks, sits nicely next to tracks by Wu-Tang Clan and RJD2 on this soundtrack album. Double LP release on Music On Vinyl, with the first (red vinyl) pressing limited to 500 copies.

Burnt Friedman & Daniel Dood-Ellis
Cease To Matter

Cabaret Voltaire
The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord

Those moody, lovelorn synths weren't just for The Human League and their ruinous cocktail bars with their Shakespearian tragedies. Cabaret Voltaire had the same idea, and their seventh record -- The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord -- arrived slap bang in the middle of the 1980s. It saw techno, dub and industrial dance together in a blood red concoction. Here's the remaster.

Cameron Stallones & Nicholas Malkin
Music From Harvester - Compositions for Farfisa VIP345 & Guitar

Cameron Stallones is the man behind Sun Araw, and Nicholas Malkin makes Not Not Fun-style electronics as Afterhours. Together they have scored Harvester, a film compilation of combine harvester footage, with Compositions for Farfisa VIP345 & Guitar. Over two cassettes, the pair meander around peacefully, seeing what sonic corners they end up in. Double c40 gold cassettes, released by Sun Ark.

Mars (Head High's Core Remix) / Mars (Head High's Venus Remix)

Caribou’s last release Our Love was his most electronic, club-orientated album yet under the moniker, and here Head High (who you might know as Shed) takes one track, ‘Mars’, even deeper into that territory with two new remixes. Bangin’! 12” released on Dan Snaith’s own Jiaolong label.
  • Vinyl 12" (JIAOLONG15)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Chris Weisman
Play Sharp To Me

Chris Weisman is a hero of underground pop, creating beautiful tunes that sound like versions of Beach Boys / Beatles songs made casually and in secret by an artist with no need or desire to temper his weirdnesses with any mainstream concerns. Play Sharp To Me is therefore an extremely lovely and quietly psychedelic pop record, released by Feeding Tube Records.

Cottam 6

Cottam has graciously only let us wait months, not years for the release of Cottam 6 and two more prime slices of his housey techno. 'Consciousness' was inspired by classic Japanese cinema, with ethereal vocal snippets floating above the dubbed-out acid sounds. 'Rivers of Blood' simmers amid fluid synths and serious bassline pressure. 12" on Cottam's own (nice purple) label.

Daniel Menche & William Fowler Collins
Split LP

Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman, composer of a million soundtracks, naturally had a hand in accompanying Goosebumps, a series with an impressive heritage (62 books!). It sounds highly dramatic and plenty spooky, and comes packaged in brand new artwork exclusively designed by Tim Jacobus, the illustrator of the books. On Waxwork.

Dead Kennedys
In God We Trust Inc. - The Lost Tapes

This is the first version of In God We Trust Inc. by The Dead Kennedys. When this was originally recorded in 1981, the tapes were found to be faulty. However, a video feed of the recording sessions survived. This is the first time these legendary recordings have been committed to vinyl. This special release by one of the first and greatest American hardcore bands is available on 11” picture disc which includes a DVD of film footage and in-between song banter.    

Mercy Cage EP

  • Vinyl 12" (ECHOC026)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl


The genre-hopping Deadboy returns with some distinctive sad-but-happy-at-the-same-time bittersweet house music. Columns on vinyl 12” includes the lush vinyl-only ambient mix of Ten of Cups and the ice-cold synth noodling of Glass Lake. This is new age music that actually sounds like it’s from the future.

Delia Derbyshire / Barry Bermange
Inventions For Radio: The Dreams

Reissue of a spooky classic from Delia Derbyshire, first broadcast on the radio to an unsuspecting public in 1964. The Dreams collages together recordings of people describing their dreams with electronic sound representing the sensations of the dreams. With the technology of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop at her fingertips, Derbyshire creates some pretty special atmospheres here.

Die Antwoord
Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid

The indefinable Die Antwoord return with a fourth album: a double album too! Special guests include Jack Black, Lil Tommy Terror and Dita Von Teese, and tracks include ‘Wings On My Penis’ and ‘Fat Faded Fuck Face’. Die Antwoord are still keeping it real I see. Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid is out on the band’s own Zef Records.

Dim Peaks
Time of Joy

A Box of 78s

A Box Of 78s in box on 12 inch vinyl. Over 50 sound documents, field recordings and vibrated memories. All captured to maybe document the lives and times of people in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. This leather box was owned by DinahBird’s grandmother. Lovingly cared for and shared within her family. It is now here on a limited 300 edition run. Share inside time.  
  • Vinyl LP (Gruen 148/14)
  • £19.49 £11.69 (saving: £7.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Django Django
First Light

Even I liked Django Django's first album and I like nothing. Nothing. These are the first sounds from what is presumably a new album coming up later this year and initial listen suggests its pretty decent. A hazy electronic pop song with nice harmonies. You get a Mickey Pearce remix too and this white label is very limited and won't be around long.  

DMX Krew
Space Cucumbers

Space Cucumbers sound delicious don’t they? Full of nutritious cosmic goodness. That’s more or less what DMX Krew delivers here on this CPU 12”: a handful of tracks that mix Italo disco and acid techno into a funky electro brew. Heady material really. Released by Central Processing Unit, with the catalogue number CPU001001110.

Don Cherry
Live in Paris, April 22, 1971

A live performance from the French capital over four decades ago, represented in faux-bootleg style by the B13 label. In 1971 Don Cherry was in the midst of a conversion of sorts, from the New York free jazz style of albums like Where Is Brooklyn? to a more esoteric kind of sound. Live In Paris, April 22, 1971 provides a snapshot of where Cherry was at.

Don Harper
Cold Worlds (Gate)

A previously unreleased Doctor Who score mastered from the original tapes. Includes additional electronic tracks from Don Harper's catalogue and music featured in George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. A collection of Horror-Electronics, supernatural soundscapes and sinister library muzak from Australian composer Don Harper. Centring on a previously unreleased score for the 1968 Doctor Who series The Invasion (a dark otherworldly sci-fi jazz suite) Cold Worlds is also a focus on the electronic music of this largely unsung composer. Like many Australian film composers (Ron Grainer, Dudley Simpson, Don Banks) Don Harper based himself in the UK during the 1960s and subsequently found employment at the BBC and other British film and library companies.

Dosh & Ghostband
Def Kith II: The Price Is Ill

Dosh & Ghostband (look at the pair of them there on the cover) reportedly put together the 4 tracks on Def Kith II: The Price Is Ill in a trifling 4 days: listen carefully and you’ll here the heat of spontaneous creation. It feels like various elements are being carefully examined and then swiftly thrown into the mix, all to serve the purpose of dancing, baby! Propulsive good times on Anticon.
  • Vinyl LP (ABR0157)
  • £11.99 £7.19 (saving: £4.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Dr. Dog
The Psychedelic Swamp

Dr. Dog are at last releasing their long-schemed big concept album: and so, The Psychedelic Swamp. For a taste of just how psychedelic the record is, just take a look at the cover art… In fact, the band somewhat recall The Flaming Lips here, both in sound and in grand sweeping ambition. CD and ‘swamp green’ vinyl editions.

Einsturzende Neubauten
Fuenf Der Nach Oben Offenen Richterskala

Einstürzende Neubauten originally released Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala back in 1987. In English, the album means Five on the open-ended Richter Scale. This was their fourth album from the German (you don’t say?) industrial band, now reissued on vinyl from Indigo and Potomak.

Elizabeth Parker at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
The Living Planet

Emmy-nominated in 1984, Silva Screen bring us Elizabeth Parker's super evocative soundtrack to the BBC television series 'The Living Planet'. Futuristic BBC Radiophonic Workshop synthesizers and super sound effects blend to perfectly accompany and conjure up stunning images of the Earth’s environments. On 'Arctic Pearl' vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve! All very exciting! Limited to 500 copies.

Emanative, Earl Zinger & Rocketnumber9

Ensemble Economique
no thing-ness

Ensemble Economique are next up on the luscious series of Dekoder 12”s celebrating ten years of the label. no thing-ness branches out from EE’s ambient Not Not Fun jams and into industrial worlds full of foreboding sonic architecture, grey concrete and, er, grist. On a wall-mount-worthy hybrid picture disc, and over two sides.
  • Vinyl 12" (DEKORDER070)
  • £17.99 £9.00 (saving: £8.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship


Entrance is the one-man project of Guy Blakeslee. Promises is his first album for Chicago label Thrill Jockey. It features widescreen orchestrations which surround his inspired storytelling. Although Entrance very much has his own style, Promises, on occasion, evokes the likes of Gene Clark, Townes Van Zandt and Scott Walker. New Pixies bass player Paz Lenchantin (also formerly of Zwan and A Perfect Circle) and Warpaint’s Emily Kokal play on the album.
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL428LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy


Hugely influenced by contemporaries Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and Italy’s own prog gods Le Orme, Exploit gush prog prowess and this is a reissue of the notoriously illusive 1972 album Crisi. One half prog experimentation, with side A being a single piece in three parts and on the flip side a more commercial pop-rock song formula approach.  

Fela Kuti
London Scene

Nigerian afrobeat legend Fela Kuti is known for having a huge and excellent catalogue, but over the years many of his albums have been nigh-on forgotten. The Knitting Factory label are working to change that now, individually reissuing a selection of albums for the first time on vinyl. London Scene is early, formative Kuti, and even features Ginger Baker on one track(!).

Field Harmonics

Field Harmonics is a project that pairs the young voice and songs of Bryony Williams with the soundcraft of Rob Glover, of epic45. Corners is their second album of bright, bold electro-pop, with plenty of attention paid to texture. Although make no mistake, this is full-blown pop, not a set of ambient dabblings. On Wayside And Woodland Recordings.

Forest Swords
Shrine (Original Dance Score)

This is the original score, written by Forest Swords, for a solo dance piece called Shrine performed by Owen Ridley-Demonick and choreographed by Carmel Koster. The audio piece itself begins with breathy shuffling and scrapes, imagine Holly Herndon doing a release on Tri-Angle and builds into distorted kicks and percussion with organic acoustic instrumentation and voices.

Franco Tonani

One of the greatest free jazz drummers Franco Tonani, most notably known for his leading work on Night In Fonorama, was constantly in great demand. Playing in the Dino Piana Quartet and the Modern Art Trio to name two. This is a reissue from 1970, with Tonani playing alongside Franco D'Andrea, Bruno Tommaso, Gianni Basso, and Dino Piana.

Future 3
With And Without

If you thought the dudes in Animal Collective had bizarre aliases, you clearly aren't familiar with Future 3: comprised of Anders "Dub Tractor" Remmer, Thomas "Opiate" Knak and Jesper "Acustic" Skaaning, one might expect something slightly more pulverising from the trio. Actually, their music is politely and sufficiently downtempo, treating all good things in moderation. Future 3 haven't released a record since 2001, and their second record, 'With And Without', offers more floaty, ethereal electronica vibes with moments of playful synth pop to keep things moving.

Gang Wizard
Important Picnic

  • Vinyl LP
  • £14.49 £7.25 (saving: £7.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Ghedalia Tazartes
5 Rimbaud 1 Verlaine

Sound poet and general avant-hollerer Ghedalia Tazartes pays tribute to some French literary greats, reinterpreting 5 Rimbaud poems and 1 by Verlaine. Tzarteses pulls out some wild and playful interpretations, very varied as a set. Previously released in a very low-key way, these pieces now get a 10” vinyl outing as part of Holidays Records’ sound poetry series.

Slave of Rome

Mmmmm, some nice Roman-themed house action… Gladio is a pseudonym of Legowelt, an outlet for sexy-slinky electro-house fun. Some especially kinky vocal samples “ooh” and “yeah” their way through some of these tracks: you know the vibe. Slave Of Rome was first released back in 2003: now the very same Netherlands-based Bunker Records label has re-pressed it.

Gold Panda
Your Good Times Are Just Beginning

Three tracks from Gold Panda’s recent full-length Good Luck And Do Your Best have been handed over to guest producers so that they can work some remix magic. John Roberts and Daisuke Tanabe share one side of the 12”, while Fort Romeau fills up side one with his take on ‘Time Eater’. These Good Times are out on City Slang.

Goldring / Thomson
For All #1: Nines

This one-sided 12" collaboration brings together two guitarists from noisy post-rock band Enablers for some eerie but ultimately good-time noodling and bell-chiming. Joe Goldring has previously played with ubiquitous noise fiends Swans, so is no stranger to fifteen-minute-plus pieces, and Kevin Thomson earned his chops fronting post-hardcore outfit Nice Strong Arm. Together, the duo have composed two purely instrumental tracks for Lancashire and Somerset, full of clean electric guitar majesty and a variety of manipulations, including your standard feedback fun. 

Grey Lands
Right Arm

Ah good, a debut album that is only thirty minutes long. Often a good move for new bands to tightly focus their first full-length: indeed, Right Arm benefits from being sharply controlled. Grey Lands rhythm section punches things along while the guitars alternately simmer (as on ‘Life Itself’) and flare. Out on Paper Bag.

Na Mele A Ka Haku

Not entirely sure what’s going on here, what with the spoken word passages being delivered in both Hawaiian and Japanese, but it sure is an intriguing insight into the mind of the late Frank Tavares a.k.a Haku. Originally released in 1975 Na Mele A Ka Haku blends eerie new age synths with ethnic folk songs to haunting effect. Out on CD and vinyl from Em Records.

Hans Zimmer
The Milan Years

You can’t watch more than a handful of films before a Hans Zimmer soundtrack looms into view: the man has been one of the major Hollywood players for years. This collection from the Milan label assesses some of his strongest material, all of which stands firmly in its own right, away from the context of the films. The Milan Years is released in double CD and double LP editions.

Hans Zimmer
Inferno (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Hans Zimmer, who has written scores for a higher number of films than you’ve ever even seen, has most recently taken on the latest adaptation of a Dan Brown book. Inferno is another thrilling tale of symbology and running, and Zimmer’s music boosts the drama to no end. Double LP pressed to red vinyl, from Music On Vinyl.


To modify a phrase of Kafka’s: it makes sense, but not to us… A text written by an Iranian philosopher is recited in three different languages (on three different releases), and the voice is severely treated by computer noise wizard Florian Hecker. It sounds pretty insane. This is the English version.

His Clancyness
Isolation Culture

Isolation Culture could signify the moment that Jonathan Clancy and his merry troupe peek over from the underground. Their brand of charming yet dark guitar pop has here been produced by a mixture of MJ (Hookworms) and Stu Matthews (Beak) giving it that all important mid-fi sheen that brings to mind Deerhunter.     
  • Vinyl LP (MDR011)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Last copy

Compilations 1995-2002

The second of the CD collections of all the various bits of Wetherby's finest. This one collects all the tracks that appeared on split singles, compilations etc during their long history and remarkably despite it's diversity from lo-fi pop to electronics to rhythmic post rock the collection stands up pretty well as a standalone LP.   
  • CD (MM102CD)
  • £7.00 £3.99 (saving: £3.01)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Singles Compiled

Preposterous 59 track double CD of all the bands mid-era singles on a variety of labels such as Earworm and 555. Ranges wildly from lo-fi pop to electronica to field recordings to blissed out pastoralism. Contains 15 previously unreleased tracks.  A must for any discerning fan of the Wetherby based band. 
  • CD (MM101CD)
  • £10.00 £4.99 (saving: £5.01)
  • In stock and ready to ship

British Radars

The lo-fi indie crew known as Hood originally wanted British Radars to be released as a a 7” in 1994, but nothing came of it. In 2015 however, these 6 tracks have indeed been pressed to vinyl, in a limited edition! Several alternate versions dragged up from the archives, very exciting for Hood heads. On Acuarela.

House of Doors
The Dolphin Hotel Affair Vol.1

A long awaited repress of House of Doors’ The Dolphin Hotel Affair Vol. 1 from the Mood Hut label. This groovy slice of ambient house was causing a lot of fuss in 2013, so it’s nice to see it back on vinyl. The classic Chicago house sound is stretched out with luscious textures and hazy synths.

House Of Hayduk
City Of Quartz

Collaboration between Billy Gould of Faith No More, B J Miller of Health, Charles Hayward of This Heat! Dean Hurley who works with David Lynch, and Mads Heldtberg, award winning film score writer. Deconstructed, chaotic and one that must be played loud. Limited edition LP on Waxwork Records with exclusive hi-res download card.

Ian Drennan
The Wonderful World

  • Vinyl Double LP (UPLP019)
  • £25.49 £12.75 (saving: £12.74)
  • In stock and ready to ship


Mixing drone, shoegaze and psych rock into the same room like distant cousins awkwardly making conversation on the Christmas holidays, Implodes make a strange cacophony of loud noises - reverberating, sustaining and compelling, Reverser offers up a different kind of darkness to the psych rock universe. 
  • Vinyl 12" (RELIC62)
  • £23.99 £14.39 (saving: £9.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

James Hoff

Abstract idea artist James Hoff offers up this one for PAN, entitled 'Blaster', a word that has been run through a very bad anagram machine to produce seven tracks with the same letters (and one called, rather bluntly, "Scratch"). These compositions are experiments in the basest form of the word: they're focused around Hoff letting his beats contract computer viruses and seeing what the result was. Hoff's plan is to show the similarities between the music artists make and the viruses that ruin computers: in both cases, someone had to start the fire. True musique concrete if I ever heard it. 

Jan St. Werner
Split Animal Sculpture

  • Vinyl 10" (IGR03)
  • £18.99 £11.39 (saving: £7.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Jean-Louis Costes
Le fantôme d'Archie Shepp

Here we have a live album from Jean-Louis Costes, recorded at the famed Instants Chavirés venue. I’m not entirely sure what subjects are inspiring Costes on Le fantome d’Archie Shepp, as I don’t speak French, but from the demented style of his vocals, he may well be possessed by the ghost of Shepp. An LP of fully committed odd-songs on the Disques Charivari label.

Jeremy Barnes
Summer '16

Quaintly DIY-produced, is the latest slice of Jeremy Barnes-incepted 8-track electronica - Summer '16. Consistently mysterious, insular and defyingly abrasive, the collection is the result of late night experiments with fuzzed-out organs and analogue synths - all brought together by Barnes' bombastic drum beats.

Jerry Fielding
The Nightcomers

The Nightcomers is a gothic horror tale from 1971, starring Marlon Brando. Set in a grand country house and with lots of creepy goings on, there is much for film composer Jerry Fielding to sink his teeth into, and this fully-orchestrated soundtrack is tender and dramatic and highly cinematic. 180g vinyl release on Silva Screen.
  • Vinyl LP (SILLP1499)
  • £18.49 £11.09 (saving: £7.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

John Cale
The Academy In Peril

Ex-Velvets member and founded John Cale used 'The Academy In Peril' to think outside of the punk rock box and make music informed by classical and instrumental compositions. It answers a fundamental question of life: what would it be like if John Cale played with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra? 'The Academy In Peril' plays high and low at the same time, fusing more conventional rock music with subtle orchestral arrangements. Cale is joined by a bunch of old rockers, including the Rolling Stones' Ron Wood, who turns up to play guitar.    Tracks: The Philosopher Brahms Legs Larry At Television Centre The Academy In Peril Intro Days Of Steam Faust The Balance Capt. Morgan's Lament King Harry John Milton

Jorge Velez
Adam & Eve

Jorge Velez doesn’t sit still long enough for definition, with his recent full length on L.I.E.S. he went full blown Arthur Russell on the experimentation, on Adam & Eve for Berceuse Heroique he dips into much more disco experimentation, with Baby Whale being a more straight laced synth clap and kick affair, and the title track picking more musique concrète charms in a groove.

Levon Vincent
Berlin / NYC

Levon Vincent is one of the finest house producers that the city of New York has to offer, and here on this new 12” he pays tribute to his beloved NYC on one side of the wax while tipping his hat to Berlin on the other. Both premium-grade house tracks, obviously. Berlin / NYC is released on Vincent’s own Novel Sound imprint.
  • Vinyl 12" (NS-15)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Levon Vincent
Arpeggiator EP

It's ya boy Levon Vincent, back in the mix with two addictive new techno rollers. ‘Arpeggiator Track’ is not misnamed, for it is dominated by an arpeggiation that’ll worm its way deep into your head. Meanwhile, B-side track ‘A Woman I Know’ has a low-frequency synth loop pulsing away underneath reverbed twangs. All with thick-kicking 4/4s. The Arpeggiator EP is a 12” release on Novel Sound.

Lucifer (Mort Garson)
Black Mass

UK EXCLUSIVE! From the label that brought us reissues from Ruth White and a live LP from Coil's Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson comes a long overdue official reissue of Mort Garson's cult 1971 occult synth fantasy 'Black Mass'. Blackened timbres meet trippy modulations from the dark side of the Moog. Reissued on 180g vinyl complete with download code. Recommended for fans of BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Ghostbox, Stelvio Cipriani, Death Waltz, John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, early Italian library music/ horror synth soundtracks etc.

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