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Shiiiiiittt....Christmas is nearly here again. Like all sane folk you won't have done all your shopping yet, right? Fear not. Here's a list of treats suitable for anyone with immaculate taste: all in-stock and ready for immediate dispatch.
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The Box Set

The ultimate collection for the Blur fan. Featuring all their albums (pre split and reformation of course), just the five and a half hours of unreleased material, three DVDs and even a 7" single of a rare Seymour track. Now cheaper, it will still set you back but look what you get for your brass.

Bright Eyes
The Studio Albums 2000 – 2011

Here, have a massive motherload of Bright Eyes: six full albums from the era 2000 - 2011, each of them remastered to perfection. That comes to 6 CDs, or a back-breaking 10 LPs if you choose the vinyl box, which also includes photo prints and a new essay on Conor Oberst’s prime project. Limited edition boxes on Saddle Creek.

Depeche Mode
Sounds of The Universe

Depeche Mode asserted their plans to make the most ubiquitous songs ever with Sounds of the Universe. That said, the record is one of the more modest entries in their canon, caged in with restrained but still pantomimic programmed percussion and slow-moving synth; it's a pop masterpiece of the gradual variety. Be patient.

DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow’s sample-built 1996 debut album Entroducing….. has all the drama you’d expect from a title with ellipses two-thirds longer than the standard. As tense as it slaps, this is truly one of the the best instrumental trip/hip-hop albums ever made. The deluxe edition comes with expanded liner notes, photos, alternate versions, and remixes from the likes of Kuedo and Teklife.

DJ Shadow
Super Deluxe Box Set

Oh boy. There's a lot to this one. Maybe it's best to just run it down chronologically: you get Endtroducing, of course, a masterwork of sampling and hip-hop plunderphonics. You get a bonus, plus The Private Press and each album after it, a disc of rarities -- because why not go deep with an artist who pulls deep from the archives -- and a live performance from Glasgow. This thing is huge; it will eat you. You'll find something you didn't know about DJ Shadow and you'll love it. 

Vinyl cleaning cloth

Has your vinyl ever got dirty or dusty? Well we have the solution: a magnificent vinyl cleaning cloth. Simply wipe the cloth on your vinyl and - hey presto! - dirt and grime will simply melt away, leaving you with a pristine slab of wax to enjoy. And it can be used again and again. Easily the most important cloth you'll ever buy.
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Everett True
The Electrical Storm (Grunge: My Part in its Downfall)

Everett True is an alternative music lifer, publishing magazines, books and articles about sounds for decades now. The Electrical Storm, subtitled Grunge: My Part In Its Downfall is a collection of stories that trace True’s path through the music scenes with which he’s been involved. Expect a lot of entertainment, humour, and self-deprecating insights about music criticism. Book published by Rejected Unknown Press.

John Shuttleworth
The Yamaha Years

Fifty-something DIY enthusiast, John Shuttleworth lives in Sheffield with his wife and two kids. He writes perfect kitchen-sink pop songs with the help of his portable Yamaha synthesizer. Available for the first time on vinyl, The Yamaha Years contains such classics as Pigeons In Flight and My Wife Died In 1970. This double LP also contains 7 bonus tracks. Graham Fellows is the man behind John Shuttleworth. He also created the character of Jilted John for the eponymous punk hit in 1978.
  • Vinyl Double LP (FRP2LP001)
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John Williams
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (picture disc)

Think it’s fair to say pretty much everyone was excited in some way about the reviving of Star Wars. Now you can get John Williams’ grand(as ever) soundtrack on double picture disc. Now you can fill every moment in the Star Wars universe, without damaging that precious DVD, or your eyes for that matter
  • Vinyl Double LP (8734314)
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John Williams
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

"Oh go and play with a Star War". You can take Lucille Bluth's advice and purchase this exquisite vinyl re-issue of John Williams score to 'Return of the Jedi' on gold vinyl with gatefold sleeve. Everything from the original print is replicated and of course Williams soundtrack is a classic of the genre.      

Karl Bartos

The Trocadero label repress Karl Bartos’ 2003 synth-pop gem Communication. Bartos was an integral member of Kraftwerk and this album was his solo debut. The initial release was poorly marketed, meaning these great synth driven songs went mostly unnoticed. Communication updates the Kraftwerk formula, with vocodered vocals and elaborate synth hooks.

Lou Reed
The RCA & Arista Album Collection

Please enjoy this enormous motherload of Lou Reed material: the entirety of the album-length work he produced for the RCA and Arista label over the course of 14 years. That’s 16 albums, including hits like Transformer and Street Hassle, experiments like Berlin and super-experiments like Metal Machine Music. 17 CDs, some prints, a poster and an 80-page book. That enough Lou Reed for ya?

Manic Street Preachers
Postcards From A Young Man

Postcards From A Young Man, the tenth LP from Wales’ finest The Manic Street Preachers, is as ambitious a record as this ambitious band have ever been ambitious enough to create. Not only is Postcards From A Young Man full of the sort of chest-swelling indie numbers that the band have built their empire on, but it also contains collaborations with a trio of rock heavyweights. Ian McCulloch (Echo & The Bunnymen), Duff McKagan (Guns ‘n’ Roses) and John Cale all lend a hand here. Comes in a variety of fancy formats.

Manic Street Preachers
Everything Must Go: 20

The first album that the Manic Street Preachers made post-Richie, Everything Must Go is one of their major statements. 20 years on, it now gets its reissue dues in the form of a hefty box: the original album on CD and vinyl, a CD of bonus tracks, and 2 DVDs worth of contemporary footage. There is also a 2CD edition with the bonus tracks.

Mark Burgess
View From A Hill

View From A Hill, the story of Mark Burgess -- singer and founding member of legendary post punk band The Chameleons –- was previously only published in very limited print runs, but here it gets the attention it deserves with a revised, definitive edition. Complete with a full discography, family tree and an introduction by fanzine legend Karren Ablaze. 
  • Book (978-0-9574270-1-3)
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Max Richter

You’ve heard the excerpted album version, now hear the full-length total version: the full 8 hours of Max Richter’s SLEEP. The idea is that listeners will put this on and have it play while they sleep and dream: consequently, the music is quiet, slow, and beautiful. Presented by Deutsche Grammophon on 8CDs and as a Blu-Ray that will play continuously.

Complete Albums, Singles and BBC Collection

Mccarthy helpfully remind us that indie rock existed before the '90s and all that vacuous, reassuring slacker pop about taking it easy. This collection of pretty much everything they did, titled to give us a scope for the situation -- 'Complete Albums, Singles and BBC Collection' -- shows off a time when this jangly alternative to mainstream rock had just begun and was counting itself all in for politics and social commentary. The lyrics, embittered with a hatred for the right, are as important as the melodies.

Hardwired… To Self-Destruct

A brand new Metallica album appeared! Hardwired… To Self-Destruct is their first album in eight years. And because Metallica are a colossally big band, they have a broad plethora of formats for you to choose from, ranging from 2CD and 2LP editions to a massive, bonus-material-laden triple LP+CD box-set stuffed with badges and photo prints. Up to you.

Neil Young
A Letter Home

On 'A Letter Home', Young retreats into his folk traditions after a couple of years incorporating drone, psychedelia and noise into his records and live sets. This record was recorded at Jack White's Third Man studio, in the kind of pay-per-use recording booth you would've found way back in the day. Young stepped in and recorded these covers of folk standards, only using his guitar and the occasional piano accompaniment from White. Among the covers are Tim Hardin's "Reason to Believe", Bob Dylan's "Girl from the North Country" and the good old "On the Road Again". 'A Letter Home' is interspersed with Young reading out a letter he's written to his late mother. Bless you, Neil.

Live At The Paramount

Apparently Nirvana were only ever properly recorded to film on one occasion, and guess what? This is the DVD of that occasion! In 1991, the year of Nevermind, the band were on their way up, up, up, and Live At The Paramount captures them on electric form. HD footage transferred from 16mm film and with a 5.1 surround sound soundtrack to boot. Also, the recording is being made available on vinyl for the first time.

Norman Records/ Savage Pencil
Norman Records 15th Anniversary T-shirt LARGE

  • T-shirt (WEARE15)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • T-shirt (WEARE15)
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  • Coloured vinyl

Pere Ubu
Architecture of Language

One-of-a-kind post-punkers Pere Ubu get the box-set treatment. Architecture of Language brings together four remastered vinyl LPs, New Picnic Time (1979), The Art Of Walking (1980), Song Of The Bailing Man (1982) and a new collection of extras. The perfect music here runs from punk, to shronking free jazz with some funk and glam thrown in too. The set comes with a lovely poster and download codes as well.

Philip Glass
The Complete Sony Recordings

Ah, yes, Philip Glass - one of the most salient composers of music with repetitive structures. He’s going to be 80, you know, and what better way to celebrate than by diving into this mammoth CD box set? Inside you’ll find the Glassworks ‘cassette mix’ digitally available for the first time, various collaborations including his album with the late, great Ravi Shankar, plus all sorts of key contextual material. A comprehensive introduction or prime mode of revisitation, no doubt.

Public Image Limited
Metal Box

Essential deluxe reissues of essential cutting-edge post-punk: John Lydon and Jah Wobble’s legendary Public Image Limited. 1979’s Metal Box is a dubbed-up experimental masterpiece that you really should own. This reissue on Universal contains 4 CDs / LPs of material, with B-sides, alternate mixes, radio sessions and a live gig as well as the original Metal Box. All housed, naturally, within a metal box.

A Moon Shaped Pool

Hello. Thom. It's me. The Radioheadmaster. Your teachers and I are all becoming a little concerned with your workrate. We all agree you're spending a little too much time on BitTorrent and not enough time on your studies. As such we're decided it's best you repeat the fourth grade -- I trust a second attempt at "True Love Waits", "Identikit" and "Desert Island Disk" won't be asking too much. Now please stop looking pensively at your shoes and get to English Lit. What's that? "A Moon Shaped Pool"? You're expelled.

Ramones - 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

I hope it's not hyperbole to state that this is one of the most important records of all time. The sound of the short sharp songs of these New York legends on the radio in 1976 signalled an enormous sea change in the musical landscape as rock dinosaurs were replaced by scruffy young people who could barely play their instruments. These 40th anniversary edition contains a remastered version of the original LP plus rare tracks, alternate mixes and two live sets.  

Sun Ra
The Eternal Myth Revealed

Deep breath everyone… A full fourteen CDs of Sun Ra, with a book, in a box. The Eternal Myth Revealed Volume One is full to the gills with material that is either deeply rare, or fully unreleased. These are the early days of Sun Ra, covering his early big band and solo piano periods, before he got really out there. And the best part? This is only Volume One.

Sun Ra Arkestra
Live in Nickelsdorf 1984

The leftfield jazz genius Sun Ra took his Arkestra to Nickelsdorf in Austria back in 1984, offering up three whole hours of his dizzying improvisations and arrangements, with the usual extensive and overwhelming roster of players: Marshall Allen is of course present on alto, but there are also a series of percussionists and bongo players. There were dancers, too, but I don't think you can hear them.

The Human League
Anthology - A Very British Synthesizer Group

Perhaps the perfect gift for the synth-pop fan in your life. A 3LP/2CD retrospective of British synth pop greats the Human League all the way from those early terrifying singles through the Top of the Pops years to their later less known work. Features more classics than you can shake a stick at alongside demos and rarities. There's also a new essay by David Buckley alongside memorabilia and rare photos.  

The Monkees
Cereal Box Singles

Cereal and pop music have always gone well together. Who can forget the music to the old Cocoa Pops advert? Well everyone but me it seems. Anyway it seems incredible that four flexi's by those mop topped pop tarts the Monkees were once given away with a breakfast cereal. The cereal has probably gone off now but pop never goes off so here they are again. They include “Last Train to Clarksville”, “Words”, “I Never Thought It Peculiar” and “Valleri” (previously unreleased TV mixes of the last three).   

The Velvet Underground
The Complete Matrix Tapes

The Velvet Underground were in great form in 1969, where they lodged in San Francisco and played a whole stack of sets at the Matrix club. The Complete Matrix Tapes gives us all the live recordings from two of those nights, spread over 4 CDs (oooh!) and 42 tracks (aaaah!). The band are on fine form, locking into several of their best known tracks. Box-set on Universal.

Touch And Go The Complete Fanzines Box Set

Completely insane re-productions of Touch and Go's legendary fanzines all lovingly re-produced and with bonus CD so you can hear some of the music that is raved about enthusiastically. A true piece of music history.

Native North America - Vol.1 : Aboriginal Folk, Rock and Country 1966-1985

The first volume of this compilation series sheds light on a mostly unlit portion of north American and Canadian music during the rise of folk and rock music from 1966 to 1985. The indigenous peoples of said regions brought their own edge to the popular folk of the time, 34 time-tested tracks of which have been brought together here in addition to extensive literature for both the CD and LP issues.

Pulp Fiction

The Pulp Fiction soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks ever released. Really. I mean, where else will you find Dusty Springfield, Al Green and biblical references soaked in the blood of the deserving? Apart from a bible belt high school dance, of course. Vinyl as part of a ‘Back in Black’ release from UMC celebrating the best albums ever.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Universal Music present the soundtrack to Tim Burton’s 1993, stop motion, Christmas time musical fantasy ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ directed by Henry Selick. The score was written by Danny Elfman who also provided the singing voice of Jack, as well as other minor characters. Available on heavyweight picture-disc vinyl.

[Cease & Desist] DIY! (Cult Classics from the Post-Punk Era 1978-82)

A fizzy variety of post-punk action here on this compilation put together by JD Twitch. The material originally came into the world as 16 7” singles, from groups as varied as The Tesco Bombers, The Spunky Onions, and The Prats (whose song is called ‘Disco Pope’). Worth it for the names alone eh? Double LP on the Optimo label.

101 Albums You Should Die Before You Hear - Volume 1

We here at Norman mostly prefer to praise and appreciate records, but occasionally we give in to the impulse to rip into something not quite up to scratch… This new volume of negative reviews fully embraces that same impulse, detailing 101 Albums You Should Die Before You Hear. Edited by Everett True, who knows how to demolish a bad album when he hears one.

Trainspotting - Music From The Motion Picture

Trainspotting was massive, you already know that. It also had an absolutely incredible lineup of artists on the soundtrack that stands on its own as a great collection of tracks that share the severe ups and downs of the film. Includes Iggy Pop, New Order, Blur, Underworld, Lou Reed, Pulp, Leftfield, Brian Eno and Damon Albarn.

Various (B12, µ-Ziq, Meat Beat Manifesto, Ø, Mike Dred, Deepchord, Cristian Vogel, Locust, etc.)

Belgium's De:tuned present a mammoth box set containing six slabs of 180g wax. Peep that line-up! All tracks are previously unreleased - a mixture of music especially written for this compilation, plus some tracks recovered from 90s DAT tapes and a few more recent productions. Ambient, techno, IDM, broken beat and drum & bass royalty in full force.  Mastered by Matt colton. Edition of 300 numbered copies with sticker for your record box + digital download. TRACKLIST: A1 In Sync - Crack In The WorldA2 John Beltran - Nineteen Eighty NineB1 B12 - Worlds EndB2 Seba - Ryu-kiC1 Move D & Dman - Redundanz & AufmerksamkeitC2 Leo Anibaldi - PanacèaD Deepchord - C itrus & WoodE1 AsOne-WhereDidHeGo...AndWhyE2 Scanner - ErosF1 The Future Sound Of London - ObollisF2 As One - Where Did He Go ... And Why (Heinrich Mueller Lamb Shift Model)F3 As One - Where Did He Go ... And Why (Plaid Remix)G1 Nu Era - The North ViewG2 Total Science - Winds Of ChangeH1 Spacetime Continuum - Tri DecagonH2 PFM - AspirationsI1 Mike Dred - Gate Of OriginI2 David Morley - Mode 90J1 Robert Leiner - Psalm 101J2 Cristian Vogel - Edit Out Wanky SoloK1 Ø - FermionitK2 Meat Beat Manifesto - Synthesizer TestL1 μ-Ziq - Lilt N'VectifL2 Locust - Dispelling 84-94L3 Speedy J - Halvemaan Artwork by Kevin Foakes from Openmind (aka Strictly Kev, DJ Food from Ninja Tune).