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November Bargains

November. What is it good for? Burning things. Worrying about Christmas. Not much else. But as the year fades to a close and the unrelenting barrage of releases starts to slow, it does give us an opportunity to look back and pick out some of the things you've, erm, overlooked this year. And to encourage you to give them a nice warm home, we've slashed their prices by a whopping 25%. Sale ends at 2pm on Thursday 10th Nov, so grab a few bargains before the reality of your Christmas spending hits hard.
Please note that this promotion officially ended on Monday November 14th 2016. Any discounted items may now have returned to full price, and other items may no longer be available at all. If you missed out on this promotion then sign up for our email alerts so that you stand a better chance of not missing out on the next one.
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Admirals Hard
Upon a Painted Ocean

Gather round for a good ol’ sea shanty! Admirals Hard are a 7 piece folk band delivering harmony full, tambourine tapping sea shanties and traditional maritime folk songs. Upon a Painted Ocean is all you could want from the genre; with excellent organ and up-tempo tunes, perfect for pre, during or post-pub jollies. They contain members of the Cardiacs, Knifeworld, North Sea Radio Orchestra and Guapo. Available on vinyl LP or CD.

Africans With Mainframes
Faces of Africa II

Africans With Mainframes is the ever-potent pairing of Noleian Reusse with Jamal Moss, aka the Hieroglyphic Being himself. With the twin influences of cosmic drift of outer space on one side and the hard-jacking thud of Chicago’s basements on the other, Africans With Mainframes just can’t help but make super-compelling super-house, as they do on Faces of Africa II. 12” on Mathematics.

Alex Coulton / Chevel / Simo Cell

Split vinyl 12” from Alex Coulton, Chevel and Simo Cell. Wisdom Teeth have brought these artists together on WSDM004 to showcase their outsider variations on house and squealing acid techno. There’s certainly a competitive element here, with each artist trying to produce the bizarrest dancefloor experiment, without losing sight of that all-important groove.

Live At Red Rocks

The full package coming from everyone’s favourite band with the strange vocals, alt-J. Live at Red Rocks is their first live album coming from their concert in Colorado in 2015. This 75 minute double LP or CD has all the hits that you’d expect and even a DVD and Blu-ray of it all. The box set comes in a handmade box with a 32-page book and a necklace. A nice package this one, no matter the format you get it on.

Anthony Joseph
Neckbone EP

Anthony Joseph has a new album on the way (it's his fifth), and a little preview glimpse of it can be had with this little 7” EP. Neckbone is a pair of tracks, one featuring Sly Johnson. Mr Joseph’s Caribbean poetry meets with a perfect percussive jazz backing. Released by Heavenly Sweetness.

Minus Degree

Appleblim gets back to Tempa with a new 12”. Minus Degree starts off with a left-turn: the title track has no beats! Serious! Synths and sub bass create an uneasy soundscape, with no head-nodding of dancing to relieve you. But don’t worry, the EP’s other 2 track will give you a good time again. Edition of 300.

Arab On Radar
The Yahweh Or The Highway Sessions

Arab On Radar flung themselves into oblivion some time ago, but these recordings have never previously seen the light of day. The Yahweh Or The Highway Sessions was recorded in 2001 at the same time as their final album, and the material carries the same sense of unhinged broken-math frenzy. CD on Skin Graft.

The Serious EP

The 'Serious' EP is born out of a number of collaborations between Bibio (Stephen Wilkinson) and singer Olivier St. Louis (formerly known as Olivier Daysoul). This follows on from the 'A Mineral Love' LP and sees Bibio heading in a more electro funk direction with soulful vocals that will appeal to fans of Craig David. 

Big Deal
Say Yes

Big Deal consider this new record to complete an informal concept trilogy with their first 2 albums, Lights Out and June Gloom. But Say Yes doesn’t feel like an ending: as might be expected from an album that follows a tour supporting Depeche Mode(!), the duo are in full-bore energetic mode. Out on FatCat.

Billie Marten
Milk & Honey

Nice ethereal acoustic twiddlings from silky-voiced Ripon-based songstress Isabella Sophie Tweddle, aka Billie Marten. A Youtube sensation at the age of 12, Marten is now getting some serious attention, including a nomination for BBC Sound of 2016. And she's still only 17. According to her Wikipedia page she is, apparently, obsessed with alpacas. Interesting, but there's no mention of any llama-like shenanigans on 'Milk and Honey'. 

Buck Curran
Immortal Light

The legendary New York label ESP Disk has the debut solo album from Arborea man Buck Curran ready for release, and it certainly is a treat. Buck has an incredible way of handling a guitar, recalling 70’s British folk, Fahey-esque American styles and much more besides, and the vibe of the 60’s and 70’s hangs thick in the air of Immortal Light.

Dead Rabbits
Everything Is A Lie

Southampton shoegazers Dead Rabbits (that's Dead Rabbits UK, not to be confused with the metal band from Arizona) release this throwback effort, more than slightly reminiscent of Loop, Spacemen 3, etc. The band themselves describe it as "...the only honest thing you’ll hear in a world full of lies and hate." So probably worth investing in a vinyl copy then.

Dosh & Ghostband
Def Kith II: The Price Is Ill

Dosh & Ghostband (look at the pair of them there on the cover) reportedly put together the 4 tracks on Def Kith II: The Price Is Ill in a trifling 4 days: listen carefully and you’ll here the heat of spontaneous creation. It feels like various elements are being carefully examined and then swiftly thrown into the mix, all to serve the purpose of dancing, baby! Propulsive good times on Anticon.
  • Vinyl LP (ABR0157)
  • £11.99 £7.19 (saving: £4.80)
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Douglas Dare

First up the most important question. What is that in his mouth? It looks like it could be some kind of bird or something. Not a good idea. This is Dare's second album and like many records comes out of what sounds like a horrible relationship breakdown. Dare sings about identity and the sort of fakery that goes on when someone plays around behind your back. Dark stuff but therapeutic for him I hope. Couple this with some neat electronics and bleak guitars and we could have an interesting record here.   

Concupiscence EP

Recorded in 2012/2013, the tracks on this latest release from Elon Katz, aka E L O N, see Katz take an experimental new direction away from the more regular studio based work he produced under the name White Car. Citing influences such as Actress and 90’s beat based electronica, ‘Concupiscence’ explores the eroticism of electronic music through the use of samples of pronography and cinematic sex, transforming the visual on screen sexuality into weirdly animalistic soundscapes.

East of the Valley Blues

East Of The Valley Blues buck the trend of the Death Is Not The End release catalogue to date, by being produced in the 21st century by someone not long dead! Yes, this acoustic guitar duo are a contemporary outfit, though grounded in the rich and dusty sounds of American Primitive guitar. Cassette and vinyl LP releases.

Elizabeth Parker at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
The Living Planet

Emmy-nominated in 1984, Silva Screen bring us Elizabeth Parker's super evocative soundtrack to the BBC television series 'The Living Planet'. Futuristic BBC Radiophonic Workshop synthesizers and super sound effects blend to perfectly accompany and conjure up stunning images of the Earth’s environments. On 'Arctic Pearl' vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve! All very exciting! Limited to 500 copies.


Entrance is the one-man project of Guy Blakeslee. Promises is his first album for Chicago label Thrill Jockey. It features widescreen orchestrations which surround his inspired storytelling. Although Entrance very much has his own style, Promises, on occasion, evokes the likes of Gene Clark, Townes Van Zandt and Scott Walker. New Pixies bass player Paz Lenchantin (also formerly of Zwan and A Perfect Circle) and Warpaint’s Emily Kokal play on the album.
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL428LP)
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Eric Serra
Léon: The Professional

Eric Serrs’s soundtrack to Luc Besson’s film about everyone’s favourite assassin is a blend of looming electronics, powerful orchestration and delicate flourishes of acoustic guitar and solo violins. Providing a rich backing to the mix of tension and innocence portrayed in the film. First time on vinyl, ever.

Heaven Is For Quitters

FaltyDL admits in the press release to Heaven Is For Quitters that although he attempts to make club-based music, he just can’t help pushing his tracks into weirder private realms that might not suit all the dancers. And for sure, Heaven Is For Quitters isn’t afraid to go its own way and be a totally personal record. Released on DL’s own Blueberry Records.

Field Harmonics

Field Harmonics is a project that pairs the young voice and songs of Bryony Williams with the soundcraft of Rob Glover, of epic45. Corners is their second album of bright, bold electro-pop, with plenty of attention paid to texture. Although make no mistake, this is full-blown pop, not a set of ambient dabblings. On Wayside And Woodland Recordings.

Frank Cordell
Demon - From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Frank Cordell’s original motion picture soundtrack to Larry Cohenis’ 1976 horror flick Demon is a perfect fit, full of drama and the kind of fright that is lots of fun. This 7” release excerpts the key themes and motifs from the soundtrack and presents them in a spooky sleeve. Released by Stylotone.

Lady Parts

Prefuse73 has been in the weirdo / leftfield hip-hop game for years now, but this is the first time he has produced a full-length collaboration with a particular MC. The young Michael Christmas is coming up fast, and the lush glitch-scapes that Prefuse provides fit perfectly with his flow. Lady Parts, released under the collaborative name Fudge, is out on Lex.

Hans Zimmer
The Milan Years

You can’t watch more than a handful of films before a Hans Zimmer soundtrack looms into view: the man has been one of the major Hollywood players for years. This collection from the Milan label assesses some of his strongest material, all of which stands firmly in its own right, away from the context of the films. The Milan Years is released in double CD and double LP editions.

House of Doors
The Dolphin Hotel Affair Vol.1

A long awaited repress of House of Doors’ The Dolphin Hotel Affair Vol. 1 from the Mood Hut label. This groovy slice of ambient house was causing a lot of fuss in 2013, so it’s nice to see it back on vinyl. The classic Chicago house sound is stretched out with luscious textures and hazy synths.

J.D. Emmanuel
Echoes From Ancient Caves

Even if you missed your chance to be part of an early 80s ex-hippy meditation commune, electronic pioneer JD Emmanuel’s newest release may still be of interest to you. Layered with patterns and laced with little instrumental decorations, Echoes from Ancient Caves’ sole mission is to to bring you inner peace, happiness, and complete spiritual enlightenment. Limited to 500 copies.

Jake Bugg
On My One

As far as I am aware, this is Jake Bugg’s first foray into production after his previous album, Shangri La was produced by none other than Rick Rubin. A bit of a leap for Bugg perhaps who wrote, played and produced everything except three tracks produced by Jacknife Lee. Perhaps this is why the album is called On My One and has such insular, inflected track titles as ‘Love Hope and Misery’ and ‘Gimme the Love’ which sees Bugg begging for love in the chorus. It’s yet another move away from the boy-with-guitar sound of his first album and one with bold ambitions for rock/pop success.     

Jerry Fielding
The Nightcomers

The Nightcomers is a gothic horror tale from 1971, starring Marlon Brando. Set in a grand country house and with lots of creepy goings on, there is much for film composer Jerry Fielding to sink his teeth into, and this fully-orchestrated soundtrack is tender and dramatic and highly cinematic. 180g vinyl release on Silva Screen.
  • Vinyl LP (SILLP1499)
  • £18.49 £11.09 (saving: £7.40)
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K. Leimer
Closed System Potentials

K. Leimer digs into his own archives for this reissue on his own Palace of Lights label. The questing synth sounds on Closed System Potentials were recorded in 1979, and are presented here in remastered and expanded form: a few tracks are previously unreleased. Plus an insert with an essay squeezed in alongside the LP.

Seven Sins

Seven Sins, the debut LP from one of the heroes of modern dub music delivers 2 discs of subsonic resonance and skanking grooves, even featuring a few welcome guest vocal performances. If Kaiju's other Deep Medi releases are anything to go by, this will surely vibrate a few stomachs and will continue dubstep on in the direction that it always should have gone.

King Creosote
Astronaut Meets Appleman

A new sweeping solo record from King Creosote. A lot of the material on Astronaut Meets Appleman is quietly epic, with instrumental contributions from a range of talented players of a range of interesting instruments (e.g. bagpipes, harp, violin) all woven together into a potent whole. Out on Domino.

Koen Holtkamp
Voice Model

Huge and expansive electro acoustic compositions from Dutch drone man Koen Holtkamp. Well known for his work as one half of Mountains, released on Thrill Jockey,or setting up the Apestaartje collective/record label. Holtkamp’s solo work pushes the organic composition further, with piano, brass, bowls which all meld and morph into processed tones.

Le Revelateur

The abstract electronic duo Le Revelateur here participate in Dekorder’s ‘Hybrid-Vinyl’ series: this is the ninth edition. ‘Hybrid-Vinyl’ is a new variation on the format, containing high-quality audio on one side of the record and a picture-disc image on the other. Best of both worlds. The wild Mark Fell-esque Hyper is strictly limited to 300 copies.


San Francisco based David West has many faces, from his work as guitarist and vocalist for Rank / Xerox and Rat Columns as well as another electronic project Lace Curtain. Liberation is his latest, somewhat theatrical synth pop, and wouldn’t sound amiss with scandinavians such as Det är Jag som är Döden.

European Heartache EP

Instrumental grime whizz-kid Loom returns on the excellently title European Heartache EP. Alien, square wave synths and aggro percussion mingle with sad melodies and romantic synth interludes. Never have I got so worked up and so melancholy at the same time. Another great 12” vinyl on Mr Mitch’s impeccable Gobstopper Records.

Mall Grab
I Just Wanna

Building a huge presence with releases on Unknown To The Unknown, Steel City Dance Discs, and Shall Not Fade Mall Grab isn’t slowing. With I Just Wanna on Hot Haus Recs he mixes hard Chicago house with catchy disco vocal loops in near anthemic proportions on the title track, leaving the other two tracks to be solid and hard hitting club tracks.

Marcellus Pittman
Sneak Attack / Random Acts of Insanity

4 years ago, Marcellus Pittman wowed people with Pieces, his debut full-length album on Unirhythm. Now he sneaks out 2 of the strongest tracks from that collection for DJ-friendly 12” release. Sneak Attack and Random Acts of Insanity both rely on delicious acidic synth-tones, and would provide hectic happiness to any dancefloor.
  • Vinyl 12" (UNI-1003)
  • £10.99 £6.59 (saving: £4.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Masahiko Satoh & Wolfgang Dauner

This 1971 record documents the fourth encounter between Japanese pianist Masahiko Satoh and German piano-plus-electronics man Wolfgang Dauner. The two spark fiercely off one another on Pianology, which throws spikes of ring-modulator into the double-piano jazz improvisations. Reissued by the Victory label

Moon B

Fresh from his sometimes quaint, often funky and ever-so-lovely tape thing on 1080p (now a motion LP), Moon B preps -- that's what electronic people say, right? -- his first record on World Aurale, a label that actually belongs to him. Sounds nice, as always: a vintage IDM with beats that can adequately be described as "a smattering" and disparate sounds both pastoral and digital. Thanks to an ever-thoughtful production job, it sounds fuzzy and squeaky-clean at the same time, like he's gradually dusting away the fuzz.

Mozes and the Firstborn / Roland Cosio

Burger Records press releases seem to be written in some kind of capitalisation code so it's always tricky to get a handle on what is actually going on. What this appears to be is a split between Mozes and the Firstborn a Dutch garage band and Roland Cosio who also plays in Fuzz. Other than that there's not much else we can tell you but as far as garage rock goes In Burger We Trust.   

Mr. Fingers
Washing Machine

Vintage house-heads will go wild at the site of these new Mr. Fingers reissues! One of a number of aliases used by Chicago’s deep house champion, Mr. Fingers’ material really changed the landscape. And never was that more true than with 1986’s Washing Machine, mind-blowing at the time and still pretty wild now. Reissue on the Alleviated label.

Young As The Morning Old As The Sea

This is the quiver-voiced Brit who scored a hit with 'Let Her Go', the sort of song that managed to move even cynical old me to tears when I heard it in Primark. This is the 8th album from the extremely prolific musician and rather than doing it all on his tod he's got a crack set of musicians to help him fill out the sound. Expect highly emotional heart string tuggers. 

First Daze Here Too

Pentagram are a necessary part of the heavy metal puzzle, kicking into action in the early 70’s with chugging guitar riffs, flaring guitar solos and howling vocals. A whole genre is contained in this sound. First Daze Here Too is a rare collection of obscure recordings from the band’s earliest formative days, all tastily remastered. On Relapse.

Life's What You Make It

Yes....yes it is that one.  Placebo celebrate their 20th anniversary with a new 6 track EP which worryingly contains a version of the Talk Talk classic. If anyone wants to go ahead and murder them for doing this then of course be my guest. It's also incredible that they've existed for twenty years without anyone seriously trying to stop them.  

Ramin Djawadi
Game of Thrones - Music from the HBO Series: Season 6 (Coloured Tour Edition)

Game of Thrones: the show where people get hit with swords and everyone shrugs. Season six saw the grand plot twist of a person dying but then undying, and also some other stuff happened -- presumably while it snowed. This time around, composer Ramin Djawadi went properly next level on the score, offering some stunning set-pieces, including an unexpected finale composition not dissimilar from Nils Frahm or A Silver Mt. Zion. I can assure you that this sorrowful and lovely music is a lot more enjoyable when there's no one swearing, spitting or murdering over the top of it.

Random Gods
Genezon.avi EP

First ever solo release from Portugal’s Random Gods right here, casting his strange sounds onto vinyl with the assistance of a Vaghe Stelle remix. The Genezon.avi EP takes samples from anywhere it can find them, meaning that its grooves are built from a constantly-shifting collage of tones, feelings, meanings. This guy has a real ear for textures as well as rhythms. 12” on Danse Noire.
  • Vinyl 12" (DN007)
  • £8.49 £5.09 (saving: £3.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Rosie Lowe

Rosie Lowe is a new name in the fertile synth-soul scene, combining a traditionally heartfelt vocal approach with some bass-weighted electronic production. Control is her debut full-length, and is available as CD or LP: the LP includes a free download of 2 extra bonus tracks. Released by the Wolf Tone label.

S Olbricht
For Perfect Beings

Co-founder of the Farbwechsel imprint, Budapest based producer S Olbricht (UIQ, Opal Tapes) forms ambient techno pieces that sound as if they have been recorded too fast and slowed to the correct BPM resulting in everything sounding thuggy, pitched down and warm. Comes with a two track 10” which features conceptual reworkings of a single track - Ovacrwded.

Sam Coomes
Bugger Me

With his career seemingly continually funded by Domino Records despite not that large a percentage of the music listening public being all that interested, Quasi organ guy Sam Coombes unleashes his solo debut which as you might imagine sounds like a light hearted organ-based funfair ride. The big question is whether the title is 'bugger me' as in "bugger me that's where the shed key got to" or an instruction?  

Spit It Out

Spit It Out is the first single and opening track from Slaves’ new sophomore album Take Control. Rip roaring punk revival stuff that’ll inspire your next riot, or maybe mini riot, or at least have a good night on the tiles. Produced by ex-Beastie Boy Mike D, and an exclusive to this release track on the B-Side.

Sonic Youth
Confusion is Sex

Your favourite uncle of noise rock, ok, maybe more like wisen parents, Sonic Youth’s 1983 album Confusion Is Sex is a dark backwards step into their more primitive state. Noisy, disjointed and clanky as hell. Guitars being destroyed for your listening pleasure. Repressed by Goofin’, good work guys. Yes. Just Yes.


Shaun Nunutzi heads up Tau, taking a well-earned sabbatical from touring his crusher monotony with Dead Skeletons. Following up from the Wirikuta EP, he works with Gerald Pasqualin for a quickly made, easily done 'n' dusted collection of psych folk tunes -- I imagine there might be some riffs too, if you're lucky. Earl Harvin of Tindersticks pays a visit, at one point.

The Gary Wilson Trio
Another Galaxy

Gary Wilson got his cult reputation from his electrified avant-songcraft album You Think You Really Know Me, but this release, unearthed from distant 1974 obscurity by Feeding Tube Records, shows that he had jazz talent too. Not just any jazz either, but the kind that floats serenely through outer space… Another Galaxy indeed.

The Slow Show
Dream Darling

Powerful, string backed, slow crescendo ballads of The National with deep and nearing on breaking baritone soft spoken vocals reminiscent of Lambchop. Big piano chords and warm trundling bass and drums, huge, yet subtle swelling orchestral pieces back the drama and intimacy of these songs for a little self reflection.

The Wands
Faces EP

Here come Swedish psych guys the Wands with a 10" on 10" loving label Fuzz Club. Nothing can prepare you for how much the vocals sound like Suede but they match Brett Anderson's whinny with big dark psych rock that reminds us of the Doors. So cosmic that they even have that word in a song title. Swirling atmospheric psych with big solos.   


Throws is the new sound of the musicians formerly known as Tunng, nigh on a decade since that project’s last album. The folkishness has mostly faded, and electronics are very much at the fore: this is almost synth-pop at times! Good to see that there is still plenty of interesting life in this resurrected creative relationship. Out on Full Time Hobby.

Tom Adams
Voyages By Starlight EP

Tom Adams sat down at his piano one afternoon and recorded this EP, no questions asked. That’s quite impressive, as the songs here are both pitch-perfect and fairly detailed: evidently we are dealing with quite a talent in Adams. Swooping vocals and subtle electronics join the stately piano for some heartfelt pieces. 12” on Kowloon Records.

Motor City Remixes

Accompanying the vinyl reissue of Motor City, Sand Circles’ (aka Martin Heterich) slab of neon synth melancholy is this set of remixes of the original material. Some emphasise the Detroit associations, some strip out the dance in favour of the drone. 4 different approaches, from producers including Abdulla Rashim and quiltland. 12” on Posh Isolation.
  • Vinyl 12" (PI161)
  • £9.49 £5.69 (saving: £3.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Xander Harris
California Chrome

Fresh American synth-wizardry from Austin, Texas. Xander Harris knows his electronic history and clearly loves a good John Carpenter soundtrack, and he feeds all his experience into California Chrome, his new full-length on Rock Action. The drum machines are big and the synth melodies are bright: there is much dancing to be done.