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Great records at great prices. That's the line we peddle, so let's live up to it with a pile of records from the past couple of months with prices slashed. Many are one-off copies so you'd better move quick to take advantage of our generosity/stupidity.
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10,000 Maniacs
In My Tribe

In My Tribe is an excellent example of early 10,000 Maniacs, being initially released in 1987. The songs are beautiful pieces of folkish alt-pop, although the lyrical themes get pretty heavy if you listen: child abuse, illiteracy, war… A set of politically conscious 80’s alternative classics, now reissued on vinyl by the Rhino label.

Lost Stories

2Tall is one of the earliest aliases of Jim Cole aka Om Unit and on Lost Stories he resurrects his early beat experiments. Predictably Coles ‘early experiments’ are staggeringly high-quality hip-hop-inspired beats, indebted to the West Coast expermentalism of Flying Lotus and his Low End Theory club night.

Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn
Something About April II - Instrumentals

Ace producer Adrian Younge‘s solo record Something About April II was a significant set when it was released last year, brimming over with Younge’s skills of arrangement and eclectic instrumentation. Now we have the chance to hear those cinematic productions shine all on their own with this Instrumental version of the whole LP. On Linear Labs.

Yellow & Green

Big heavy hard-rock rifftastic action from Baroness here: a whole 18 tracks, spread over 2 LPs. Yellow & Green has it all: arena dynamics, pseudo-mythical sleeve art, bellowed vocals and pyrotechnic guitars. This was the group’s third album, initially released in 2012 on Relapse and now reissued by the same label.

Bert Jansch

Bert Jansch’s fifth album for the Transatlantic label was Nicola, one of Jansch’s fullest-sounding records as a result of some luscious string arrangements on some of the tracks. As ever, Jansch’s deft acoustic guitar and rich voice carry his folk material perfectly. This reissue on Sanctuary has been remastered from the original tapes.

Butcher Bear
Don't Save Yourself

Butcher Bear slams the listener with some heavy-tasty hip-hop on Don’t Save Yourself, a set that uses a lot of live instrumentation as well as booming samples. Plenty of MCs contribute, and don’t forget the fresh remixes (exclusive to this release) from Shit & Shine and Ras G and the Afrikan Space Program. Released as a hand-stamped limited edition 12” in a sleeve that doubles as a poster! On Gangsigns.
  • Vinyl 12" (GS006)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Crooked Fingers
Crooked Fingers

Merge launch their Crooked Fingers reissue project with the band’s self-titled debut from 2000. This first time vinyl pressing comes with mp3 code and additional downloadable tracks.  After Archers of Loaf ceased to exist, lead singer Eric Bachmann created this group as an outlet for his incisive indie rock and more folk-influenced songwriting. It’s a pleasure to have it on wax, and with updated liner notes as well.

DJ David Coquelin
100% PRROMO!

A fun little tape here from DJ David Coquelin on Editions Gravats, the label run by Low Jack. 100% PRROMO! is a barrage of disordered sound, with Coquelin’s own productions vying for attention with radio jingles, jungle, amusing samples, gabba and plenty more, all hard-cut together with reckless abandon. What fun. Edition of 100 cassette tapes.

Concupiscence EP

Recorded in 2012/2013, the tracks on this latest release from Elon Katz, aka E L O N, see Katz take an experimental new direction away from the more regular studio based work he produced under the name White Car. Citing influences such as Actress and 90’s beat based electronica, ‘Concupiscence’ explores the eroticism of electronic music through the use of samples of pronography and cinematic sex, transforming the visual on screen sexuality into weirdly animalistic soundscapes.

Edip & Dostlar Akbayram
Nice Yillara Gulum

Pharaway Sounds reissue the psychedelic third album from Edip & Dostlar Akbayram. The distorted traditional instruments and deep croon of the previous albums is still present, but on Nice Yillara Gulum lush synths are added to the mix. This is proper mind-expanding Turkish experimental music from a golden-age of the stuff.

Elliott Smith
Heaven Adores You Soundtrack

Heaven Adores You is a new documentary on the beloved Elliott Smith, and this release contains the soundtrack. Interestingly the filmmakers didn’t just use Smith’s ‘Greatest Hits’: instead, this collection is full of rare treats, such as Smith’s first TV appearance and some ‘Untitled Guitar Finger Picking’ recorded when he was just 14. Will prove fascinating to any Smith fans.

Ezra Furman
The Year Of No Returning

Following on from the critical success of his Day Of The Dog album, Ezra Furman’s The Year of No Returning gets a timely reissue. Currently based in Chicago, Ezra Furman’s music fuses the classic sounds of Bruce Springsteen, The Ramones and The New York Dolls to make a rock ‘n’ roll sound all of his own. The Year of No Returning is available on CD.

Fabrizio Rat
La Machina EP

Inventive little EP here from Fabrizio Rat, a producer and pianist who set out to construct this EP using only a drum machine and a piano. The results are 4 Techno tracks made out of deliciously fiddly little looped sounds from the piano: strings scraped and prepared, the surface tapped and treated. La Machina is impressive as an invention and as a set of dancefloor tracks.
  • Vinyl 12" (OT019)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Field Harmonics

Field Harmonics is a project that pairs the young voice and songs of Bryony Williams with the soundcraft of Rob Glover, of epic45. Corners is their second album of bright, bold electro-pop, with plenty of attention paid to texture. Although make no mistake, this is full-blown pop, not a set of ambient dabblings. On Wayside And Woodland Recordings.

Gordon Henderson & U-Convention
The Highest Bidder / Hard World

Fine French electro-boogie-funk from the eighties - what’s not to like? Reissuing a track from Gordon Henderson & U Convention’s 1981 self-titled album, Sofrito are helping you bring those black and white shoes back to the floor. Both sides of the The Highest Bidder / Hard World 7” are packed with funky bass lines, those classic bar chords and the guitar and groovy vocals.

Into It. Over It.

Evan Weiss’ brings back his project Into It. Over It. for a full-length record of new songs. Standards was written alone in a cabin in the woods before being filled out into full-scale band compositions. So the intimacy of the songwriting is balanced by the widescreen scale of the arrangements: perfect! Released by Brace Yourself Records.

J. Albert / Patricia / Segv / Nick Klein / Gaul Plus

This third release on the Broken Call label features tracks from 5 different artists, presented in no-nonsense style with a catalogue number for a title. On BC003, producers including Patricia (Opal Tapes) Nick Klein (Ascetic House, Unknown Precept), Segv (Sly Fox Records) and Gaul Plus turn in pieces of music that are dance-friendly, but also disorienting, confusing, and a little dark. Just how we like it!


JMII crafted these tracks in the heart of beautiful Barcelona, where the sunny vibes were able to creep their way inside the music by osmosis. Thrills contains 3 JMII cuts of widescreen smooth house, as well as a darker spin on ‘Tightbrass’ from Christian S. 12” on the Hivern Discs label.

Sense of Purpose

Bristol techno producer JoeFarr has found a home on the Bloc London imprint. The label release his album Sense of Purpose on double vinyl LP, and it’s a lovely blend of thumping industrial percussion and those gorgeous, intricate melodies we haven’t seen since the golden age of Warp IDM.


Kyoka has recently had the pleasure of spending time working in Stockholm’s famed electroacoustic EMS studios, and that advanced approach towards sound is very much in evidence on this EP. Sh is a varied collection, with unpredictable shifts in tempo and sonic content occurring within tracks. 500 12” copies only, on Raster Noton.


San Francisco based David West has many faces, from his work as guitarist and vocalist for Rank / Xerox and Rat Columns as well as another electronic project Lace Curtain. Liberation is his latest, somewhat theatrical synth pop, and wouldn’t sound amiss with scandinavians such as Det är Jag som är Döden.

Lory D
Strange Days Vol. 4

The prolific Italian producer unleashes a hefty dose of dark and experimental techno on the Numbers label. On Strange Days Vol. 4, Lory D borrows some glorious drum programming from techno’s Detroit golden age and then updates it with twisting acid basslines, abrasive melodies and distorted samples.

Marcellus Pittman
Sneak Attack / Random Acts of Insanity

4 years ago, Marcellus Pittman wowed people with Pieces, his debut full-length album on Unirhythm. Now he sneaks out 2 of the strongest tracks from that collection for DJ-friendly 12” release. Sneak Attack and Random Acts of Insanity both rely on delicious acidic synth-tones, and would provide hectic happiness to any dancefloor.
  • Vinyl 12" (UNI-1003)
  • £10.99 £6.59 (saving: £4.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Ride The Lightning

This reissued record from Metallica should need no introduction if you are in any way interested in thrash metal. The 1984 second album from these rifftastic pioneers, Ride The Lightning, is as ferocious as anything they ever recorded, and is now available again on vinyl, fully remastered. On Virgin.

Natural Child

Natural Child’s Bodyswitchers was originally issued in 2010 as a cassette. Long since out of print, Burger Records are now bringing it back, giving it a format upgrade to vinyl on the way. The merry energy of their Nashville-based garage rock is a perfect fit for Burger, the natural home of fast and frenzied lo-fi tunes. Coloured vinyl!

Palms Trax

Next time you’re on one of those late-night drives where you want to feel like you’re in a dark highway chase scene in an 80s action flick set in the dystopian future, pick Palms Trax. Filled with the finest in retro synthesizer sounds, this new 12” on Theremin Lobster is a solid feet-mover. Forever.

No Grace

Pop punkers Paws have reached the sort of crossroads where they had to give up or go shiny. So they've enlisted the Blink 182 producer and made the sort of big pop thing that will make or break them. It's angsty skateboard-friendly pop rock with plenty of tunes to thrash your head around to enthusiastically. 

Peter, Bjorn and John
Breakin’ Point (single)

Announcing itself with a surely self-referential whistle (remember that single?), Breakin’ Point heralds the first Peter, Bjorn and John album in many years. This advance single is a sweet and catchy piece of melodic pop with lush swoony vocals. These 3 guys know how to make a tune eh? Released as a 7” on the band’s own record outfit, INGRID.

Piero Piccioni
Bora Bora

Bora Bora is an early (1968) example of the erotically-tinged excotica film genre, and as is typical for these kinds of films during this kind of era, the soundtrack is a remarkable creature in its own right. Piero Piccioni’s score dances around in a technicolour fantasy of what Polynesian islands could be like if you were the protagonist in an erotic film. LP reissue with poster, on AMS Records.

Pizza Time

Burger Records bring us the debut of Spanish garage punks Pizza Time and their reassuringly crude and energetic stoner rock. They make a rough-edged Dinosaur Jr. style racket, but never forget to include great hooks. After a handful of killer cassettes and singles you can finally get Todo on vinyl LP, with download code too.

Pyramid Vritra

Hal Williams is Pyramid Vritra, also formerly one half of Odd Future duo The Jet Age of Tomorrow and a member of the up-and-coming NRK collective. With Danu his beats, especially on 58(Heavy) have a bizarre distance and hazy feel to them, with sparse but definite groove, not party bangers but solo shufflers.
  • Vinyl LP (NRKPV001LP)
  • £20.99 £10.50 (saving: £10.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Riz Ortolani
Non Si Sevizia Un Paperino

Non si sevizia un paperino is the name of the film soundtracked here: worryingly, that translates to ‘Don’t torture a duckling’... But Riz Ortolani is a beautiful sweeping symphonic thing scored for grand orchestra: thoroughly cinematic. This is the first time that the entire soundtrack (as opposed to extracts) has been released on vinyl, thanks to AMS Records.

Robert Coyne with Jaki Liebezeit
I Still Have This Dream

Robert Coyne (should probably mention that he is the son of Kevin) must feel pretty lucky: he’s been working with the legendary drum talent that is Jaki Liebezeit (of Can) for 3 albums now! I Still Have This Dream is grounded in Liebezeit’s ecstatic pulse, while Coyne’s light guitar lines and tender vocals do their thing.

Roger Miller

Roger Miller took some time out from playing in the likes of Mission Of Burma and Destroy All Monsters back in 1988 to record Oh at home. It’s a damn good piece of solo weirdness, with experimental out-sounds and songcraft in equal measure. Out also includes Miller’s remarkable take on the Sun Ra anthem ‘Space Is The Place’. Important reissue from Feeding Tube Records.

Rosie Lowe

Rosie Lowe is a new name in the fertile synth-soul scene, combining a traditionally heartfelt vocal approach with some bass-weighted electronic production. Control is her debut full-length, and is available as CD or LP: the LP includes a free download of 2 extra bonus tracks. Released by the Wolf Tone label.

Follow The Messiah

The Bunker label continue their Legowelt repress series with this vinyl 12” from his Salamandos alias. The excellent titles of Follow The Messiah (including Jack For Jesus) are a hint at the playful and fun-loving deep house variations within. The original pressing was only 200, so make sure you don’t miss this one as well.

Empty House

Snøskred (always great to get a chance to use the beautiful ‘ø’ character) are a Norwegian band who, with Empty House, are making the shift from their previous shoegaze approach towards a more slackery indie vibe. There is a very fine warmth to the music, a laid-back approach. Released by Riot Factory.
  • Vinyl LP (RIOT92)
  • £15.49 £9.29 (saving: £6.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

The Dandy Warhols

So who won? The Dandy Warhols or Brian Jonestown Massacre? I think it's quite obvious on musical terms even if the Warhols may have more bulging pockets. There's not quite as much excitement about this album as there was for BJM's 'Revelation' and whereas that album was a tour de force of psychedelic musics rich history, this sounds like a band on autopilot. Still, if it gives them an excuse to tour and reel out all those old hits everyone will be happy.   

The Frozen Autumn
Time Is Just A Memory

The Frozen Autumn is an Italian band from Turin. They’ve released three albums since forming in 1993 and Time is Just a Memory is a six-track collection and a general overview of those three albums. The songs are dark, clinical synth tracks in the vein of Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins and Oppenheimer Analysis. Six remastered tracks. Includes an 11x11 insert with lyrics and notes.     

The Gary Wilson Trio
Another Galaxy

Gary Wilson got his cult reputation from his electrified avant-songcraft album You Think You Really Know Me, but this release, unearthed from distant 1974 obscurity by Feeding Tube Records, shows that he had jazz talent too. Not just any jazz either, but the kind that floats serenely through outer space… Another Galaxy indeed.

Tom Knapp
Mophoc Rez

Tom Knapp has been a secretive and provocative figure in English electronic music since the late 1990s, working as DJ, producer, promoter and collaborator. He co-runs the ICASEA and Meds labels and has worked with Dalglish, Alex Peverett , Kouhei Matsunaga amongst others. Mophoc Rez is a vinyl 12” of his dense and abstract electronica. This is extreme and stunning computer music. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin.
  • Vinyl 12" (Ge-stell 03)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Tropa Macaca

After three years of absence since 2013’s Praga De Urubu Só Pega Em Cavalo Magro, the guys behind Tropa Macaca are back with more wild experimental tunes, this time on Trilogy Tapes. Expect haunting synthesizers that meander around minimal beats. All in all, Vida is a five-star introduction into the laboratory of a mad sound-professor.

50 Locked Grooves

True to its billing, here are 50 Locked Grooves from Truss. Using a drum synth and an Octatrack, the producer has come up with 50 micro-tracks that will play on and on and on if you let em’. For extra flexibility, the set comes with 2 12”s of the same material (though at different tempos), so you can play the loops up against each other! What a fun tool to play with. On Poly Kicks.

Unkle Funkle

Unkle Funkle takes a break from his time in White Fang to throw together this entertaining sound mass. Take a look at the sleeve art for Supernatural and you’ll get a feel for the sound: a colourful, shiny fantasy of electronic pop. Funkle is having fun here, and you surely will too. LP release on Burger Records.
  • Vinyl LP (BRGR637LP)
  • £19.49 £9.75 (saving: £9.74)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Domestic Landscape Vol. 2 (Underrated Synth Classics 1982-1990)

Domestic Landscape Vol. 2 (Underrated Synth Classics 1982-1990) compiles some very rare tracks from a vintage period: many of these are unreleased, or else only released in intensely limited editions. The package contains detailed info on the artists it contains, including Parade of Sinners and Sleep Chamber. Nice die-cut heavy sleeve too.

Cititrax: Tracks Volume Two

The Cititrax label flexes its roster-muscles here with the second in its sampler series. They are right to show off, as they have the hot talents of Silent Servant and L/F/D/M on their side, not to mention Chinese producer Tzusing. There are 999 copies of Cititrax: Trax Volume Two out there, pressed to clear red vinyl.

XL Chapter VI

With it being 20 years since the last in the ‘Chapter’ series from XL there’s some catching up to do. Showcasing the forefront of underground dance culture they have previously featured classic tracks from The Prodigy, Underworld, Liquid, and SL2. Time to showcase new(er) boys such as Zomby, Gila, and Powell.

Vita Bergen

Disconnection is the first full-length album from Vita Bergen, a Swedish band who’ve been creating a fair bit of heat since their Curtains EP. Plenty of the chaos of their live shows has been channeled into this record, but so has a fair deal of hushed, chiming intimacy, as in ‘Schoolyard’. Disconnection is released by Glitterhouse.

Weird Dreams
Luxury Alone

Weird Dreams is the solo work of Doran Edwards. This album is particularly solo, as no other hands touched it until after it was mixed. That means we can guarantee that Luxury Alone sounds exactly as it was meant to. The making of the album spanned some tough times for Edwards, and there is an emotional catharsis in Luxury Alone’s synth-based songcraft. On Tough Love.

Cosmic Egg

Cosmic Egg by Aussie rock behemoths Wolfmother was originally released in 2009 and was the follow-up to their 2005 eponymous debut. 2016 sees it repressed on double vinyl. The album was produced by Alan Moulder - a producer of legendary status who has produced or mixed just about everybody over the years from Ride to Blonde Redhead to The Killers to Nine Inch Nails.