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The minute....the exact minute we sent out our last pre-order missive another bunch them get added to the site. There's too much good stuff in there to simply ignore so here you go with another list of fabulous upcoming stuff. 
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A Grave With No Name
Wooden Mask

A Grave With No Name is, obviously, not a cheerful project, but there is a stark beauty to Alexander Shields’ music under the name. Wooden Mask is a set of desolate experimental post-folk, “a meditation on renewal”. Vinyl and cassette editions are available, via the well-named Forged Artifacts label.


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Annette Peacock
I'm The One

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Canadian quartet BADBADNOTGOOD fuse jazz, krautrock and hip-hop on IV to sound something like what could only be described an incredible jam session between John Coltrane, Arthur Russell, Can, Herbie Hancock and MF Doom. IV is the follow-up to last year’s Sour Soul - a collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah.

Band of Horses
Why Are You OK

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Bat For Lashes
The Bride

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Let’s take it back to the world of 90’s indie rock with this reissue of Belly’s debut album. Star is what happened after Tanya Donelly split from Breeders and Throwing Muses and ganged up with her brothers: catchy guitar pop for the alt crowd. Double LP reissue on stylish marbled vinyl , with bundled CD edition. Reissued by 4AD.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DAD3002)
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Billy Bragg & Joe Henry
Shine A Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad

Shine A Light: Field Recordings From The Great American Railroad is a collection of classic American Railroad songs recorded by Billy Bragg and American singer/songwriter Joe Henry as they travelled, by train, the best part of 3000 miles in four days between Chicago and Los Angeles. The recordings were made in waiting rooms and beside the tracks as people got on and off the train. The pair’s intention was to reawaken a connection with the culture of American rail travel.


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Blossoms are an indie band from Stockport. Their stock is rising fast in 2016: they came 4th in the BBC’s new music poll and their first single, At Most A Kiss shot to number one in the iTunes chart. Its follow-up Getaway also proved to be a success and they’ve wowed with an appearance on Later...with Jools Holland. Expect big things with their self-titled debut album.

High Passes

Excitement alert. Brand new album from Chris Adams (Hood/Downpour/On Fell etc) under his Bracken moniker. Now you will all remember that his previous album 'Exist/Resist' won our coveted Album of the Year award in 2014, previous to that he released his debut 'We Know About the Need' on Anticon and go even further back in time you'll remember his group Hood with albums such as 'Cold House' (2001). This new opus is an incredibly diverse and ambitious work spread over 2LPs showcasing his distinctive brand of hip-hop influenced electronic production skills and heartfelt song craft. 


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Dag Rosenqvist

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De La Soul
and the Anonymous Nobody

Sunny hip-hop legends De La Soul have a brand new album, their first in quite some time. and the Anonymous Nobody has a vintage feel, with soulful funky samples that are actually newly recorded under the instructions of the group. Classic De La Soul then, plus guest contributions from Snoop Dogg, Usher and David Byrne. In AOI Records.

Dinosaur Jr.
Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

Fresh from his recent purchase of a brand new VW Golf, J Mascis returns with his legendary band to prove that he still knows as much about slacker indie rock as he does about best value family hatchbacks. There's a limited coloured vinyl edition that we presume will be just as popular as Volkswagen's flagship brand.      

Exploded View
Exploded View

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Helen Tookey & Sharron Kraus
If You Put Out Your Hand

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A Hermitage

Strange one this from the normally safe-as-houses Bella Union. Jambinai are a South Korean trio who marry post rock dynamics with Korean folk roots using a mixture of exotic stringed things. They create droning mantra's that explode into shards of noise that is certainly not for the faint hearted but is already finding fans in our office. 

John Williams
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

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Wild Things

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MJ Guider
Precious Systems

Influenced by the landscape around her New Orleans home, Melissa Guion has made a record of pastoral drifting electronic haze that coupled with her dream like, affected voice makes the whole thing sit somewhere between Grouper and early Cocteau Twins. Therefore she is almost the perfect artist for Kranky. On initial listen this has something to suggest that it could have lasting appeal to fans of rural psychedelics.  

Nite Jewel
Liquid Cool

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Paul Draper

EP One is the solo debut release of former Mansun frontman Paul Draper. Over the three tracks Draper gives us a revenge-themed rock ‘n’ roll blunderbuss, a 6-minute epic that could soundtrack a spy movie and a shimmering pop song. Mansun fans will be clammering to get their mitts on this.

No Grace

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Peter, Bjorn and John
Breakin' Point

Swedish trio Peter, Bjorn and John were going to call their 7th album Thriller 2, which would have been nice. In the end they plumped for Breaking Point. In contrast to the power pop sound on their previous album Gimme Some they’ve gone for big pop songs here, influenced by the ease with which fellow Swedes Abba made it all look so easy.

Pig Destroyer
Painter Of Dead Girls

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Pink Floyd
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

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Scott & Charlene's Wedding

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding are a Melbourne band who play a slackery kind of indie rock. They wear it so naturally that it seems like they might have just tumbled straight out of bed and onto the stage, the loose riffs just pouring off the fingers. It’s got a lovely feel to it. Delivered is out on the Fire label.
  • Vinyl 12" (FIRE226EP)
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Silver Apples
Silver Apples

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Soren Juul
This Moment

Danish singer songwriter guy Soren Juul is now recording under his own name after a tumultuous three year period where he was presumably stung by our Brian's 4/10 review of his last album under the Indians moniker. He need not worry. 4AD are still on his side and Brian is long gone so we can instead enjoy the glacial soft pop that sometimes sounds like Mew gone all normal and ballady.  
  • Vinyl LP (CAD3602)
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Spring King
Tell Me If You Like To

Tell Me If You Like To is the debut album from Manchester post-punks Spring King. They're seemingly already on the road to success after being bigged-up by the NME with the music mag calling them the most promising new band of 2016. They also have the accomplishment of being the first band Zane Lowe played on his new Beats 1 show. It's like when Tony Blackburn played 'Flowers in the Rain'. 

Steve Gunn
Eyes On The Lines

Steve Gunn presents a sun-strained album of American songcraft, big on invented characters and the natural environment. The band he’s managed to assemble here is impressive: Norman harp favourite Mary Lattimore for starters, but also major talents like Nathan Bowles and Hans Chew. Eyes On The Lines is out on Matador Records.

The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds

Recorded music doesn’t get more iconic than this. Influential as it is, there’s nothing quite like Brian Wilson’s masterpiece, with its magical harmonies and arrangements. It’s hard to get jaded about or tired of. If you’ve somehow managed to avoid this album, no matter what you’re into, you owe it to yourself to dive in. You have the choice of remastered stereo or mono versions on vinyl (if in doubt, mono is the one to go for), or a double CD edition which features both mixes, plus instrumentals and live tracks.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Bout Des Doigts

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The Divine Comedy

Foreverland is the first album by The Divine Comedy in six years. Neil Hannon has kept himself busy though: His side project The Duckworth Lewis Method released a second album, He’s composed a choral work which was performed at London’s Royal Festival Hall and even written a musical version of Swallows and Amazons. Foreverland thematically covers a lot of ground from historical figures to the French Foreign Legion and is also historically inaccurate, according to Hannon. However, he also says it’s essentially about life and love.

The Dreaming Spires
Paisley Overground

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Trashcan Sinatras
Wild Pendulum

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Ulas Pakkan
Baskin Original Soundtrack

Baskin is a hot new horror film from Turkey, and it comes with a noteworthy soundtrack from Ulas Pakken. It's a synth-tastic set of atmospheres, with some welcome Turkish twists to the familiar electro-horror drama sounds. Released by Invada on 2 slabs of blood red vinyl, with exclusive artwork from John Bergin.

Speedy Wunderground - Year 2

Speedy Wunderground is a label set up by South London producer Dan Carey. The idea is to produce 7” as quickly as possible. Year 2 is a compilation of the singles released in the label’s sophomore year. Includes now established acts such as Teleman and Kate Tempest alongside cutting edge newbies FEWS.


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Various (AFX, Bjarki, Nina Kraviz, Biogen)
Когда Мне Было 14 Лет / When I Was 14

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Yuzo Koshiro
Streets of Rage II

Crucial 16-bit sonic action from 1992’s Streets Of Rage II, a deep classic of the beat-em-up genre with a suitably high-grade soundtrack. These tunes are packed with energy and composed with love: interestingly, they do stand up to listening away from the context of the game itself. Yuzo Kushiro’s work has been remastered and pressed to 2 discs of transparent vinyl, along with that lovely Japanese obi strip. On Data Discs.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DATA5)
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  • Coloured vinyl