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As The Day We Don't Mention gets ever closer, let's take a look at all the other stuff that has battled past the manufacturing clog ups. Plenty of good things too. Every day is Record Shop Day here at Normans.  
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A Giant Dog

A Giant Dog are a Texas outfit who boldly bring back the glory days of glam rock, splashing sequins and sparkles all over the place with their riff-centric boogies. Plus, lyrics that can be favourably compared to Sparks! Pile is their third full-length, and you know what? It sounds like they are on a roll. Released by Merge.

Alan Silvestri
Back To The Future II - Complete Original Score

Shockingly, Alan Silverstri’s original soundtrack to Back To The Future II has never been released on vinyl before! No longer. This is a double LP release, presented in a gatefold sleeve embellished with some rather stylish new artwork. And it even features 20 minutes of previously unreleased material too. Released by Mondo.

Andy Stott
Too Many Voices

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Bert Jansch
Birthday Blues

Hey there Bert, I know the feeling. You've just turned twenty-one and you're hoping for a loving appraisal from all your friends, but instead you end up eating pizza and watching The Room in bed. Birthdays, huh? Initially released in 1969, 'Birthday Blues' sees Bert Jansch make slight modifications to the jazz-folk sound apparent in his band The Pentangle, toying with off-kilter instrumentation and also tributing his love of blues. Nice to hear a legend work things out, isn't it?

Bonny Billy
More Revery

More Revery is a lesser-known 2000-era Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy album, which found him stowing his band away to cover an array of favourite songs. All sorts of genres are drawn in and made Bonnie: PJ Harvey, Tim McGraw and Bill Withers are all represented here. This rare collection is now available on vinyl from Temporary Residence.

Britta Phillips
Luck or Magic

Britta Phillips strikes out with some solo material after many years working with Dean Wareham (ex-Galaxie 500) in Luna and Dean & Britta. Luck & Magic is split evenly between original songs and covers of the likes of Dennis Wilson, The Cars and Fleetwood Mac. Her airy voice fits the adult contemporary music style rather perfectly. On Double Feature Records.

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
The Spotlight Kid

The Spotlight Kid is Captain Beefheart’s sixth album, initially released in 1972 with the Magic Band naturally in tow. Following straight on from Trout Mask Replica and Lick My Decals Off, Baby, this record finds the music slowing down somewhat, letting Beefheart sink into some woozy swampy vibes. 180g vinyl reissue on Rhino.

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Clear Spot

Don Van Vliet’s reputation mostly rests on the mind-bending knottiness of Troutmaskreplica and similar work, but he could also dial down the weird and dial up the blues. 1972’s Clear Spot is his most successful attempt to nail a compromise between groove-driven blues rock and his inimitable creative eccentricities. There’s the title track’s swamp eco-blues, the Stax soul of Too Much Time, the acid rock rush of Sun Zoom Spark, and a couple of delicate psychedelic love songs. Still plenty of surreal tomfoolery afoot, like Zoot Horn Rollo’s slide showpiece Big-Eyed Beans from Venus, and those Little Golden Birdies - look at them! A good entry point into the Beefheart universe on 180g vinyl.

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Lick My Decals Off, Baby

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Car Seat Headrest
Teens of Denial

Car Seat Headrest is the project of a man (Will Toledo) who is only 23; and yet this is his thirteenth album under the name. With a production ethic like that you know Toledo isn’t messing around, and indeed Teens Of Denial goes straight for the jugular with slacker-punk swagger. And, as the first Car Seat Headrest album to be recorded in proper studio, it sounds great. On Matador.

Cate Le Bon
Crab Day

Cate Le Bon’s fourth album Crab Day is a record of the Pacific Ocean, near which it was conceived of and recorded. The atmosphere clearly had an impact, as Cate and her band all sound loose and chilled, as though the sea air and the sand in their feet has let them forget all else but the songs they are playing. Released by Turnstile.

Dick Diver
New Start Again

New Start Again is the debut full-length album of Australians Dick Diver. First released in 2011 by Melbourne’s Chapter Music, it’s now being reissued on Trouble In Mind. The sound is a sunny, rambling kind of indie pop: touches of 90’s slackerism but fronted by distinctly Australian-accented vocals. CD and LP editions.

Dr. Dog
The Psychedelic Swamp

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East Of Venus
Memory Box

East Of Venus is a new band formed out of members of Luna, The Feelies, Winter Hours and plenty more besides. The resultant alt-rock super-brew is sure to satisfy fans of all of the above as well as newcomers, with bold originals mixed together with covers of The Rolling Stones, Tim Hardin and Red Buckets. Memory Box is out on Omnivore.

Egyptian Lover

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For Good

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Saturday Night Fever

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Hans Zimmer
The Milan Years

You can’t watch more than a handful of films before a Hans Zimmer soundtrack looms into view: the man has been one of the major Hollywood players for years. This collection from the Milan label assesses some of his strongest material, all of which stands firmly in its own right, away from the context of the films. The Milan Years is released in double CD and double LP editions.

Hideous Towns

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Jesu / Sun Kil Moon
Jesu / Sun Kil Moon

This joint album from Sun Kil Moon and Jesu is the strangest and most natural of collaborations. The groups have different methods (Justin K Broadrick with abrasive post-metal and Mark Kozelek with acoustic ballads and dark wit) but on America's Most Wanted these combine alongside bleak textures and melancholy guitars. This CD album on Rough Trade and Caldo Verde Records also has an all-star cast of indie icons, from Bonnie "Prince" Billy, to Rachel Goswell of Slowdive.

John Foxx
Burning Car

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Klaus Johann Grobe
Spagat der Liebe

High quality Deutsche-language grooves from Klaus Johann Grobe, a band who specialise in summer-night dance pop. Spagat der Liebe, their second album, shimmers and shakes even more than the first one did, while simultaneously showing off its links to the komische-synth tradition. Released by Trouble In Mind.

Little Scream
Cult Following

Little Scream makes catchy indie electro-pop, the kind you can certainly shimmy to in your local discotheque. That said, some songs here go pretty deep and dark. Some of the guests on this record are pretty impressive: think Kyp Malone from TV On The Radio, Sharon Van Etten, and Mr Sufjan Stevens himself! Cult Following is out on Merge.

The World Unseen

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Matthew Collings
A Requiem For Edward Snowden

This album version of A Requiem For Edward Snowden is derived from a live audio-visual piece that has been performed in a number of arty venues around the world. Matthew Collings has composed a mighty mixture of haunting acoustic instrument parts and all sorts of creeping electronics. And the visual side of the work is available via accompanying download too! On Denovali.

Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex

Neil Michael Hagerty has played with Royal Trux and Pussy Galore, but is now returning to his group The Howling Hex. Denver is a guitar-heavy garagey record where the band let the energy fly free: lots of fun. The album is available as an LP or as an alternately-mixed Denver: Approved for Indica Mix cassette tape. On Drag City.

Nick Waterhouse
I Got Lost (Old Place Pt I & II)

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Red House Painters
Old Ramon

The Red House Painters recorded their sixth and final album, Old Ramon, in the late nineties, although it took several years for it to be released due to label wranglings. Its consequent ‘legendary lost album’ status turned out to be fairly warranted, as this is one of Mark Kozelek's strongest statements. Reissued on double LP by Sup Pop.

Animals Have Feelings

The Stones Throw label is the perfect fit for Samiyam’s fourth album of soulful, loop heavy hip-hop. Animals Have Feelings is sumptuous and woozy, post-Dilla beat music with a host of incredible vocalists involved as well. Earl Sweatshirt, Action Bronson, Jeremiah Jae and Oliver the 2nd all jump on the mic to lend a hand.

Steve Gunn
Eyes On The Lines

Steve Gunn presents a sun-strained album of American songcraft, big on invented characters and the natural environment. The band he’s managed to assemble here is impressive: Norman harp favourite Mary Lattimore for starters, but also major talents like Nathan Bowles and Hans Chew. Eyes On The Lines is out on Matador Records.

Suzanne Ciani
Buchla Concerts 1975

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Terry Reid
The Other Side Of The River

Terry Reid is relatively unknown compared to what could have been: Jimmy Page asked him to be the vocalist for Led Zeppelin. Reid turned the offer down, Robert Plant got the job and the rest is history. Reid has an incredible voice which earned him the nickname Superlungs. He has been covered by The Raconteurs and sampled by DJ Shadow. Reid released his third studio album, River, in 1973 which, although relatively commercially unsuccessful at the time, is held in high regard by fans. The Other Side Of The River contains long-forgotten (even by Reid himself) outtakes and alternate versions from River sessions.

The Gasman

For his seventeenth release The Gasman moves from Planet Mu to the equally excellent Onomatopoeia label. Aeriform is a seriously strange listen; a high-energy euro-disco record, lovingly crafted with luscious synth textures that remind us of Boards of Canada. A glorious blend of rave culture and synth-pop.

The Heads

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The Liminanas

The Liminanas are a French band, though you don’t need me to tell you that: just listen to those breath vocals! Malamore is their fourth album, and it finds the band very relaxed in their sonic niche: sunny, sexy, laid-back pop. It must be said, they do it well. Malamore is released by Because Music.

Western Skies Motel

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Yoni & Geti

Yoni & Geti are Yoni Wolf of Why? and Serengeti, and they’ve not been heard together since 2011. But now Testarossa is here, and it just so happens to be a narrative-heavy record, the pair telling the tale of 2 characters in a troubled relationship. This is told through deft flows and inventive beats, just as you’d expect from Mr Why?. On Joyful Noise.