Flying Saucer Attack re-issues

Those good people at Domino Recording Company aren't just there for the nasty things in life like a new the Kills album. They have kindly re-issued all the tough to find mid '90s albums by influential dream gazers Flying Saucer Attack. Two compilations and one standalone album make up this triumvirate of proto-gaze. 
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Flying Saucer Attack

Chorus compiles a handful of singles, rare compilation tracks and an entire Peel session from experimental rockers Flying Saucer Attack. This is the second of Domino’s set reissuing tough to find works from the band. The balance of heaviness and lightness in the soaring Feedback Song is the template for all of the band’s droning post-rock. On 180 gram vinyl.

Flying Saucer Attack

Further is the last 180 gram vinyl in Domino’s Flying Saucer Attack reissue series, and the only official studio album they are repressing. This record from 1995 finds the band in proper psychedelic form, balancing their drone and shoegaze experiments with ambient music. As always with the group, those gorgeous vocals are never far away.

Flying Saucer Attack

Domino begin their Flying Saucer Attack reissue project with a tough to find singles compilation from 1994. Distance is a reminder of how influential the group’s spaced-out drone rock has become. Waves of feedback blend with field recordings and distorted vocals to create something harsh and melodic at the same time.