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Listen and Die!

Big fat super-box of classic vintage. Originally released as a cassette box-set in 1997, Listen and Die! is a full 4-and-a-half hours of power electronics from Italy and the US: all the transgression and aggression you could possibly hope for. 199 copies of this 6-LP reissue on Urashima, including replicas of the original artwork.


KVLT ACID brings the heavy stuff out to play, with properly gnarly acid / techno flowing freely. We have tracks from DRMCNT (who drums with Hey Colossus), Satin Doll, Lord Real, and Bronze Teeth, which is a collaboration between Dom Butler of Factory Floor and Richard Smith of L/F/D/M. Star-studded eh? Bangers from all, on Clan Destine.

Herdersmat Pts. 1-7

An altogether massive release here on the Mord label: a box-set containing 7 LPs of quality material. Appearances are made from 28 different artists, including Sleep Archive, The Transhumans and SHXCXCHCXSH. From vinyl sides A through N, all are contributing new work exclusive to this release. Herdersmat Pts. 1-7 is packaged with 4 Mord label stickers.

Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By

Despite being named after one half of the duo, Donna Regina are very much a duo. The other half is Regina’s husband Gunther Janssen. They have been making music for 25 years, all of the time doing their own thing avoiding the influence of trends. Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By Others is a tribute to those 25 years and features tracks by Dean & Britta, Mouse On Mars and Mika.
  • Vinyl LP (KALKLP85)
  • £15.99 £8.00 (saving: £7.99)
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Alcopop! And Dog Knights Productions Presents...

Alcopop! and Dog Knights Productions Present features four bands performing two new tracks each: Johnny Foreigner, Playlounge, Doe and Doctrines. Artist Lewes Herriot tried to sum up the aura of each band by decorating 4 rooms for the cover artwork. Put together by self-confessed vinyl nerds, attention has been paid to every detail in making the record a thing of beauty.

The Art Of Remix EP #1

The Art Of Remix challenges electronic producers to make new dancing gold out of classical music, with the extra twist that they have to use only the original source material. Stepping up to the likes of Prokokiev we have heavy hitters like Thom Yorke and DJ Yoda. This first EP of the project is well worth hearing. From Nonclassical.

WNUF TV28 Presents Frank Stewart Investigates: Halloween

Entertainingly cheesy 1987 TV special WNUF TV28 Presents Frank Stewart Investigates: Halloween came with a promotional album of spooky stories, ‘Disco Boogeymen’ and séance instructions. I’ve no idea if anyone will remember the TV show, but this reissued record makes an interesting curio either way. Coloured vinyl on Terror Vision.

Coxsone’s Music: The First Recordings Of Sir Coxsone The Downbeat 1960-63

Coxsone’s Music: The First Recordings of Sir Coxsone the Downbeat 1960-63 is a new compilation that gathers together Jamaican proto-ska, R&B, Jazz, Rastafari and Gospel recorded by Clement Dodd before he founded the legendary Studio One Records. Sir Coxsone The Downbeat was the name of Dodd’s sound system that dominated the jamaican dancehalls in the early ‘60s. This collection shows the influence that American Jazz and R&B had on Jamaican youth. Featuring early recordings by Don Drummond, Roland Alphonso, Derrick Harriott, Owen Gray, Clancy Eccles, Count Ossie, Monty Alexander, The Blues Busters, Ernest Ranglin, Rico Rodriguez and more. Available on two separate double vinyl LPs - part 1 and part 2 and as a 3 CD box set.

Various Artists
Various Artists Part II

Various Artists Part II showcases tracks from four forward-looking artists. Unklone and Pris both go straight for the jugular with firm, pulsing bangers, whereas Myler and Chicago Flotation Device each tunnel into some more explorative territory (while still keeping it dancefloor-primed). 12” on Resin.

The Days Within

Vert (aka Adam Butler) has been away from music for 6 years, apparently writing a novel. He’s back now though, with 11 new tracks making up The Days Within. Melodic and dramatic electronic music, unquestionably the produce of an experienced and inventive producer. Released on the imaginatively-named Shitkatapult label.

Where Have You Been All My Life

Where Have You Been All My Life is a live-in-the-studio collection of reworkings of songs from the last 3 Villagers albums. The record successfully gets down for posterity the new, more intimate takes given to this material over the last few years of touring. Available in regular formats and also an indies-exclusive green vinyl edition with bonus tracks on the download code.

Vittoria Fleet
Greed LP

Vittoria Fleet are a Berlin duo who make sharp and angular electronica. Greed is their second album, a generous selection of tracks that are inventive in their sound design, but not to the point of preventing them working as actual songs. Vocalist Giada Zerbo makes sure of that. Out on the n5MD label.


VUURWERK come straight outta Belgium, but assimilate the sounds of Berlin, Detroit, East London and Chicago to craft their music, ending up in a very busy place indeed. The Grid EP has two brand new tracks from the trio, plus remixes of the title track from DNKL and House of Black Lanterns. 10” on Lo Recordings.

W//JT, SoS//NJ, MS//HT, SoS//NJ

The Bros are back, and, while this might be a surprise to you, that is actually a good thing. These latest seasonal collaborations on the Brothers label include the finest of dub, techno, and grime, and perhaps a little house for good measure, for two times twelve inches of pure (listening! and dancing of course) pleasure.

A Castle Of Sand Pt.1/2

WADA (that is, Takashi Wada) releases a new 12” on the Wada label (his very own imprint). A Castle Of Sand Pt. 1 / 2 actually, despite the name, provides a very solid foundation for dancefloor activity. Pulsing drops of pearly synths lead ‘Pt. 1’, whereas ‘Pt. 2’ is almost totally a percussive trip, using samples of hand drums.

Wei Zhongle
Nu Trance

Wei Zhongle are a trio operating on a number of axes simultaneously, pulling in dubby bass, a melange of electronics, occasionally klezmer-ish clarinet and ecstatically meandering vocals to make a curious brew. The LP version of Nu Trance is released on Hairy Spider Legs, the cassette version on NNA Tapes.
  • Vinyl LP
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White Boiz
Neighborhood Wonderful

A deep musical and mental connection between MC Krondon and Shafiq Husayn forms the basis of their collaboration as White Boiz. Fourteen tracks of crystal clear street observation and conversational excerpts make up the album Neighbourhood Wonderful. Featuring Thundercat, Anderson Paak and Chace Infinite. Out on double vinyl LP from Stones Throw.
  • Vinyl Double LP (STH2361)
  • £26.99 £13.50 (saving: £13.49)
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Ember is the sixth release by Danish three-piece WhoMadeWho. Whilst the trio don’t like to get bogged down in pigeonholing what genre they fit into, for your benefit I’ll tell you that fans of indie/dance crossover are likely to enjoy these ethereal soundscapes that surround their pop tendencies. Their last album, Dreams was regarded as one of the best indie/dance albums in quite a while. Notably, Thomas Barfod is a member of the group.

All Yours

Widowspeak produce a beautifully languishing music, Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas winding their melodic lines together. Hamilton sings gently but passionately, and the band’s instrumental backing billows slowly. All Yours is a very accomplished third album, and is released on Captured Tracks.

Wild Classical Music Ensemble
Tapping Is Clapping

Don’t believe Wild Classical Music Ensemble’s name, this is more of a Wild Rock Music Ensemble. Although they are pretty wild to be fair, improvising with tight drums, riffing guitars, howling vocals, melodica and other instruments. Tapping Is Clapping is a pretty furious whirlwind of a sound, and is released on Born Bad.

Wild Nothing
Life of Pause

Album number 3 from ambitious indie musician Jack Tatum, best known as Wild Nothing. Life Of Pause is a bold new collection, bringing in the likes of saxophones and marimbas to the melancholy smooth-indie mix. The result is a superbly textured, well produced record, each song full of layers to peel away. On Bella Union.

Will Samson
Ground Luminosity

Ground Luminosity is the fourth solo release from Brighton based musician, Will Samson. The sound Samson’s found on this LP is a subtle electronic one, where electronic beats and effects pop from beneath emotional, swooning violin and woozy guitar. It’s an album which beautifully melds the old and the new in a way that is rarely so accomplished.   

William Onyeabor
Great Lover

A lot of people fell in love with the music of Nigerian artist William Onyeabor after Luaka Bop released Who is…? two years ago. Now, they are reissuing his entire catalogue, taking his gorgeous music out of the realms of bootlegs and onto your record player. Great Lover was originally released in 1981, and features four good-sized jams.

William Onyeabor

Plenty of people fell in love with the gorgeously bright music of Nigerian artist William Onyeabor after Luaka Bop released Who is…? two years ago. Now, they are reissuing his collected works! No need to resort to bootlegs any more. Hypertension dates from 1982, and finds Onyeabor on phenomenally good form. A super-funky reissue.

Wish Key
Orient Express / Last Summer

Originally recorded in Milan in 1983 and released the same year on Disco Magic Records, ‘Orient Express/Last Summer’ by husband and wife duo Wish Key (aka Manilio Cangelli and Lorella Ghilardi) is reissued as part of a series of releases from Dark Entries Editions giving new life to rare Italo disco club hits. ‘Orient Express’ is a tense, dramatic number with rolling baselines, bright synthesizer stabs, train siren samples and double-tracked male/female vocals which compliment each other perfectly. ‘Last Summer’ is more of a slow burner recalling dreams of sun drenched beaches and good times with synthesized steel drums and Spanish guitar.

Wukir Suryadi
Woven Sounds

Morphine records continue a killer run of 7” vinyl with this release from one half of Indonesian hardcore metal/folk band Senyama. Engineered by boss Rabih Beaini, also known as Morphosis, Wukir Suryadi’s Woven Sounds explores the same strange hybrid area as his group music. Traditional Indonesian instruments are played in novel ways and blended with abrasive avant-garde textures and hypnotic drones.

Tao Remixes (Bee Mask / Max Loderbauer)

Yko generously offers up the audio material from his recent album Tao for reworkings by two pro's. On the one side we have Bee Mask, who hazes up the track 'Minako' into a digitally-crushed sounding blur. Max Loderbauer stretches out 'Shiro' into a not-far-off-beatless ambient stretch. 12" on the Ako label.

Young Kato
Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow

Squarely on the severely-danceable-indie-rock wagon, Young Kato’s full-length album promises to take us on a head-bobbing, torso-thrusting, leg-tapping trip. Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow and pre-order this lushly produced debut today! We'll make sure to have it on your record player as soon as possible. 

Your Old Droog

Your Old Droog established himself as an intriguing artist just last year, and he returns here with an overstuffed EP of cloud (or at least cloud-influenced) rap. Kinison continues to use foggy atmospherics and a plethora of samples to see YOD through. His affection for old school alt rock is once again on display, too.

Zac Nelson
New Once

A small and busy release here from Zac Nelson, a multi-instrumentalist veteran whose multiple past projects have included releases with Zach Hill. Nine pieces in only twenty minutes make up this album: New Once seems to follow the lead of the name of it's label, containing Styes Upon Styles in that short running length.

Asino Sardo

SVS Records presents Asino Sardo, the latest release from German producer Zaquoir. He is a highly eclectic character, who has dipped into all manner of styles and genres over the course of his career, and we find quite a few of those styles represented here. Reportedly pared down from ten gigabytes of music...


Spanning all the hertz is the collaboration between Zeitkratzer and William Bennett. Whitehouse is an expedition into the endless possibilities one could start to address using only acoustic instruments and voices. The 5 tracks contain a broad array of orchestral instruments, wrong'un vocals and strings. The low end is so impressive for an acoustic ensemble that I'm almost convinced that they are lying. Dark as fuck. Out on Karl Records on vinyl LP.

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