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Royce Wood Junior
Midnight (Special Request Remix)

Royce Wood Junior’s tune Midnight is a slick and smooth heavy one for the dancefloor. It’s already been hitting pretty hard, but now it’s authority will be guaranteed with this new remix courtesy of Special Request, who jumps things up yet another notch. White label 12” on 37 Adventures: please note, copies are very limited, so only one each!

Rully Shabara
Huruf Hidip

Huruf Hidip is a solo outing from Rully Shabara, the vocal provider for Indonesian hardcore metal group Senyawa. That band are pretty ferocious, but Shabara solo is even more of an intense experience: with no other music to shield you from the full power of the incredible extended vocal techniques, this short 7” will transfix you. On Morphine.

Sagittarius A
Omega Point

The ‘No.’ label is a new concern, helmed by the duo of Atom™ and Material Object, two pro’s in the sphere of electronics. Omega Point is the work of Sagittarius A (who wishes to remain anonymous), filling the dancefloor with a thickly dubbed, almost ambient piece. B-side contains a remix by Material Object. Packaged in a very fine sleeve.

Sagrado Corazon De Jesus
Locus Amaenus

The bass line and strings sound highly reminiscent of the Twin Peaks opening theme, and then the synthesizer arpeggiator floats by, and Locus Amaenus’ richly mustachioed voice tickles your earlobes, and you drift on the magic of Sagrado Corazon de Jesus. That is what this 10” does to normal people.

Satoshi Tomiie
New Day

House legend Satoshi Tomiie is back with a brand new album New Day. This eclectic album once again proves that he remains a truly relevant figure in house music and beyond. Twenty five years since Tears with Frankie Knuckles, the Japanese maestro has still got it. Out on 2LP and CD from Abstract Architecture.

Scalameriya & VSK

Heavy industrial techno from the duo of Scalameriya & VSK. The first thing these four tracks made me think of was a club remix of the kind of music you’d get for an end-of-video-game boss battle and the subsequent high-pressure fleeing of the exploding base: sounds good eh? On Power Vacuum.

Sean Nicholas Savage
Other Death

Sean Nicholas Savage makes pop music, although he does so outside of the usual pop machine. Pleasingly, this means that his tracks are littered with small oddities, first and foremost his strange, sometimes half-whispered vocal style. Other Death features a guest appearance from Nite Jewel, and is released on Arbutus Records.

Sean Pierce

Sutro is Sean Pierce’s debut for Haunted Air imprint Mannequin Records. The EP features six tracks of brooding and potent synth-based techno. The lead track, Immodest Force will have you dancing like a lunatic. Pierce currently calls Portland, Oregon his home where he also operates as one half of ASSS who have previously put out two records on Haunted Air.

Actions and Indications

Seaweed are eighties northwest punks, formed by singer Aaron Stauffer (Spook & the Zombies) and best friend Clint Werner (guitar) who then recruited Wade Neal on guitar, John Atkins on bass, and drummer Bob Bulgrien. Seaweed played over a thousand shows throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as recording five pop punk albums from 1989 to 1999 including the powerhouse 'Actions And Indications', originally recorded in 1999.

Sergie Rezza

Sergie Rezza is a collaborative project between Romain Poncet and DJ Deep that lies somewhere in the dark and dreamy territory between techno and noise. ‘Mist’ combines the energy and focus of Romain with the atmospheric experimentation of Deep to forge a new, more cerebral, beat driven path embellished with intricate melodies and sub conscious sounds.

Seven Davis Jr.
Kaytronik (Yoruba Soul Remixes)

Seven Davis Jr recently debuted with full-length album Universes. For this release, he’s handed over control to producers Kaytronik and Yoruba Soul to remix and reimagine a few cuts from the record. Sharp, energetic, sliced-up rhythm action from each of them, pressed to heavyweight vinyl in a classic Ninja Tune minimal sleeve.

Shadow In The Cracks
Shadow In The Cracks

Shadow in the Cracks are a new band created by Jim and Mike Blaha. The brothers made up two thirds of Minneapolis punk band The Blind Shake. After writing some new material they decided to start a new band as what they were doing felt different. They stripped the drum kit down to bass drum and indian bells which changed their approach. The resulting sound is huge sheets of noise blended with catchy melodies.

Shana Falana
Set Your Lightning Fire Free

Having worked through an internship-like period of low-profile, lo-fi cassette and bandcamp releases, Shana Falana is finally ready to follow up her 2011 EP with a full length, on the Team Love label. On Set Your Lightning Fire Free, big sweeping dream-guitars and waves of vocals make for a grand artistic statement.
  • Vinyl LP (TL78)
  • £16.99 £8.50 (saving: £8.49)
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Shawlands Arcade

Shawlands Arcade’s two newest tracks are out on Rubadub, the Glaswegian label who’ve brought us stacks of the good stuff over the years (Model 500, cv313…). RAD-ZOD1 cuts straight to the peak-hour club core with thrusting bass and relentless drum pads. Plus, one of the tracks is called ‘The Bro-House Anthem’! Not really for bro’s though...
  • Vinyl 12" (RAD-ZOD1)
  • £6.99 £3.50 (saving: £3.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Dark Planet

Creative techno maestro Shed drops Dark Planet onto grateful dancefloors, with a track this is simultaneously grounded with the 4/4 and whirling in the air with a compellingly chopped vocal sample. On the B-side, long-term associates Modeselektor provide their own spin on the tune. 180g 12” on 50Weapons.

Shivum Sharma
All These Years EP

Produced by the geezer (Liam Howe) who did the recent FKA Twigs killer and some Tom Vek stuff, All These Years is the EP follow up to Shivum Sharma’s debut album Follow. It’s some good old angsty electro indie pop in the vein of vomitingly dull London Grammar. Limited to 300 10” vinyl.  
  • Vinyl 10" (ANTHEM21)
  • £7.99 £4.00 (saving: £3.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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It'll Be Cool

Silkworm’s final album finds itself reissued 11 years after initial release: and for the first time, it is being made available on vinyl. By this point in their career, the band know exactly how to craft scuzzy indie rock tracks, and the standard here is high. It’ll Be Cool was recorded by Steve Albini and is released by Touch And Go.

Sim Hutchins
I Enjoy To Sweep A Room

Occasionally tense, always emotional and beautifully constructed, I Enjoy To Sweep A Room is the debut album from Essex boy Sim Hutchins. Blurred, synthy and richly produced it’s a woozy journey into the mind of a post-grime talent. Well worth your time. Out on vinyl LP from No Pain In Pop. Included bonus CD.

Six Organs of Admittance
Hexadic II

Ben Chasny continues to draw on his self-devised quasi-mystic system of charts and cards to produce Hexadic II, a totally different Six Organs Of Admittance album to Hexadic. These pieces focus on acoustic instruments, exploring space and sound in inscrutable ways. Released as a vinyl LP or as a cassette, on Drag City.

SK Kakraba
Songs of Paapieye

SK Kakraba plays a Ghanaian xylophone called the gyil, and Songs Of Paapieye gives us the instrument pure and unaccompanied. There is a welcome buzz to the tone that will be familiar to Konono No. 1 fans, and an inventiveness to Kakraba’s versions of traditional and original tunes that will be welcome to those who like joy. On Awesome Tapes From Africa.

Allting Rullar

Swedish new-folk action from Skenet, here releasing their debut album on Subliminal Sounds. Allting Rullar demonstrates that the group have no problem pressing forwards in directions that their folk-forebears might be hesitant with. Better graphic designers than a lot of folk releases too, wouldn't you agree?

Backwards Light

12” Vinyl on R&S. Forward thinking grime producer Slackk joins R&S to play with the genre in a more expanded and cinematic way, with the whirring, whining swaggger of Bells and the blade runner territory Sleeper Carriage. These are far from one hit bangers, maybe as far as to say, sit-and-listen grime?

No Cities To Love

They called Carrie Brownstein home from Portlandia; they politely asked Corin Tucker to stop making her quite excellent solo albums; they pointed out that the Shins aren't cool to Janet Weiss. Sleater-Kinney, one of the most important punk rock bands of the modern era, are back, and No Cities To Love is their new document. It's been ten years. We made it.

Sleep Kit

Dutch / German alt-rock crew Sleep Kit are one part wirey-European-approach to guitars and rock rhythm, and one part heavy Americans. II is a varied record, presenting most of the different possibilities achievable within their framework. Oh and by the way, the best track title here is the Peter Gabriel-referencing ‘Solsbury Chill’. On Big Scary Monsters.

Slow Steve

6 Track EP, available on 12” vinyl or CD from Morr Music. Rémi Letournelle is Slow Steve. With lofi, fuzzy synthesizers, clanky distorted percussion and everything lovingly understated, you can see why they draw comparisons to Ariel Pink or Air. Like a pop song by Moby, there is something inherently sad in all of it as well.
  • Vinyl 12" (MM134LP)
  • £13.99 £7.00 (saving: £6.99)
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Small Feet
From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean

Small Feet present their debut album, the thoughtfully titled From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean. What you’ll find here are vocally led songs with a strong sense of drama, Simon Stålhamre swooping in his voice in and out of the shuffling instrumentals. CD or LP on Control Freak Kitten.


Legendary reissues are a forte over here at Norman Records. Sogmusobil’s legendary Telefon album has long been missing, but the kind people at Subliminal Sounds have saved us. Now you can fulfill your wildest fantasies of bilingual Scandinavian prog rock - searing organs included. Straight from 1971, but limited to 600 copies. Includes liner notes and unpublished photos.

Soledad Brothers
Human Race Blues

To accompany the reissue of their very earliest 1998 recordings, brand new music from the Soledad Brothers. The original three got together for a classically gnarly piece of blues rock: they’ve maintained their energy throughout their time away. Human Race Blues (no heavier blues than that eh?) is out on 7”, from Cass.

Ask The Deep

Available as six panelled digipak CD with mini poster or gatefold LP with download code, on Morr. Ask The Deep is Icelandic musician Sóley Stefánsdóttir’s (or simply Sóley) sophomore album. Minimalist darkened pop songs, with hints of Dead Can Dance instrumentations and nods to Phillip Glass. Sóley is equally capable of picking you up as she is at pulling you down.

Source of Uncertainty

The austerely titled SOMEC is proud to explore the depths of his modular synthesiser at the potential expense of end-result-listenability. And so he should be! Actually, Source Of Uncertainty has a lot of interesting textures, and ends up wandering into some pretty cool little sonic corners. 12” out on Haunter Records.

Somerset Catalog
Lonely Fang

Containing members of Alan Alda, Bela Karoli, Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story), Instant Empire, Rabbit Is A Sphere, Poet’s Row and The Big Get Even, Somerset Catalog is one helluva Colorado supergroup. Self described as bubblegum doom-pop, their album Lonely Fang deals in uplifting ideals and resigned melancholy in equal measure. Out on vinyl LP from Misra.
  • Vinyl LP (LPMSR079)
  • £18.49 £9.25 (saving: £9.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Space Afrika
Primrose Avenue

Swirling cosmic ambience sits alongside alien techno of a Drexciya persuasion on this new 12” from Space Afrika. Primrose Avenue comprises four tracks of reverb-heavy explorations, the questing synths and deep drum machines all sounding like they are pressing through a wall of haze. Atmospheric stuff on Where To Now?

Space Dimension Controller
Correlation # 3

With happy and unworried beats, Space Dimension Controller comes bumping through your speakers in major chords and jumpy synths. Correlation #3 is part of a series of tight electronic productions that run the gamut from dark and slow ambient to high-powered funk-house-techno. Expect beats both retro and futuristic!

Emergence #1

Spatial kicks some real energy into the label he manages, Infrasonics, with this, the first in a series of Emergence 12”s. The two tracks here feel very tightly managed, synth lines jittering around beats that sound strictly disciplined yet also full of swing. Very interesting and dynamic stuff here, and pressed to 180g white vinyl too.

Spatial Relation
Beyond The Zero

Spatial Relation pitch themselves somewhere between vintage electro-pop and IDM. Beyond The Zero is their debut full-length. The drum and synth programming is tight and precise, and although I found the vocals and lyrics to be so affected as to seem a parody of electro-pop, I guess they do fit in quite well. 300 vinyl copies on Peripheral Minimal.

Green Eyes EP

Spokes is a busy, playful producer working with shiny variations on core grime elements. The Green Eyes EP is the lengthiest release yet from this guy, containing three very engaging tracks backed up with a remix from E.M.M.A. All sorts going on in this sound, but still it feels like there is plenty of space. 12” on Coyote Records.
  • Vinyl 12" (COY010)
  • £7.49 £3.75 (saving: £3.74)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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New artist SPR submits half an hour of squalid electronic ambience for your enjoyment. This material feels like it has been sitting in muddy water for a few days, and is all the better for it, whether it is droning along or shuffling into some semi-defined dubby rhythms. 12” EP on the VIS label, in a limited, hand-numbered edition of 300 copies.

Stafraenn Hakon
Eternal Horse

Stafraenn Hakon are an Icelandic band, trading in one of their country’s prime exports: ambient-tinged post-rock. Eternal Horse is their ninth album, and took them four years: needless to say, they know precisely what they are about by now, and the record is produced just right. Out on the Darla label.

Stefan Wesolowski

Kompleta is a full length (double LP) suite for strings, voice and electronics, and makes for a remarkable listening experience. It is the first major work of Stefan Wesolowski, a Polish composer scarcely out of his teens when this piece was written. Remastered and reissued by the Ici d’ailleurs label

Steve Warner
Steve Warner

Is there no end to the supply of under-appreciated 1970’s private-pressed singer-songwriters waiting to be rediscovered and reissued? Seemingly not. Although when the quality remains so high, it is hard to complain. Steve Warner’s 1979 debut (and only) album is sweet and melodic whilst also being strange around the edges. Reissue on Earth Recordings.

Steven A Clark
The Lonely Roller

Steven A. Clark has a neo-soul, electro-R&B kind of sound, his emotive crooning sitting atop a bed of expansive synth-lines and neat, funky bassline. The Lonely Roller has Clark’s charismatic, emotive vocals and the swinging productions to back him up: I’m sure he’ll do well. On Secretly Canadian.

Message Of Sound - Part 2

Part two of STL’s Message Of Sound EP series, featuring three new tracks and two loops for good measure. Each track sits somewhere on the spectrum between ambient and dub house, a good spectrum to be on. STL’s back on the Echocord label after dabbling with the likes of Perlon, Smallville and Sushitech.

Taking Over EP

Fresh contemporary dub / dancehall from Subactive. The Taking Over EP features MC action from Danny Dread and El Fata, as well as fully dubbed-out reworkings from Naram & Art. A classic style, but with a distinctly digital, up-to-date touch to it. 500 copies of this 12” on Cubiculo Records.


Subheim is a Berlin based electronic musician. His music mixes deep electronics and acoustic elements. Foray is a patchwork of field recordings, slowly evolving beats, echoing vocals and spellbinding melodies. Subheim has a wide-range of influences. Genres from ambient to techno, drone to lo-fi, post-rock to trip-hop have made their mark on Foray. Much of the music on here has been sourced from tireless experimentation with samples, and is true to Subheim’s oeuvre.

Summer Twins

Summer Twins a two piece made up of two sisters. Their sound is all about half-imagined 1960’s summers in California: bouncy garage rock with harmonising pop vocals over the top. Good times music essentially. Limbo is the most developed their songs have sounded to date, without shedding the loose joy key that is key to the band. On Burger Records.

Sun & Sail Club
The Great White Dope

Sun & Sail Club is a stonerish supergroup of sorts, containing musicians who have played in the likes of Fu Manchu, Smile, Kyuss and The Adolescents. Long hair and beards are the order of the day with The Great White Dope, with a riff-heavy sound to match. Occasional vocoder interludes as well though. On Satin Records.

Sun Club
The Dongo Durango

Sun Club have allowed over a decade to pass before recording their debut album: consequently, they have honed their sound to perfection. The Dongo Durango is full of pop songs that are kept fresh with unexpected rhythms, rare time signatures, and some wildly energised vocals. Released by ATO Records.

Do You Feel OK?

Superhumanoids have a track on new record Do You Feel OK? titled ‘Norwegian Black Metal’, but don’t be fooled: this group would not go down well on a black metal bill. No, this is really an electronic-dance-rock band, a bright and anthemic thing to make people move and smile. Released by Innovative Leisure.

Force + Form Remakes

Late 90’s hard techno business from master of this-sort-of-thing Surgeon. Force + Form Remakes accompanies the reissue of the album, with Surgeon himself providing two brand new spins on the material, as well as a take from Mick Harris, formerly of Napalm Death. As firm and heavy as ever from Mr Child. 12” on Tresor.

Sylvain Chauveau & Ensemble Nocturne
Down to the Bone (An Acoustic Tribute to Depeche Mode 2015)

Depeche Mode are surely of the all-time most synthy bands, so what a bold move for Sylvain Chauveau to helm Down To The Bone (An Acoustic Tribute To Depeche Mode 2015). Of course, the bones of the songs were always very strong, and Chauveau’s minimalist approach lets them stand out to the full. On Ici d’ailleurs.


Syntoma were a Mexican underground synth-pop group active in the 1980’s. Little-heard outside of their region, EM Records allows us to redress the balance, revealing the beautifully bright sound of the trio. Tinny drum machines and early consumer-synths are used to propel shiny pop songs, with compelling results.
  • Vinyl LP (EM1134LP)
  • £15.99 £8.00 (saving: £7.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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T.Raumschmiere is the project of Marco Haas, label boss of the Shitkatapult imprint. This self-titled album is the first in 7 years, and although the press release ties itself in knots over whether or not this is ambient music, to my ears it sounds like industrially-tinged dark synth-simmer, with some vocal tracks. Has a strong atmosphere though. On Album Label.

Tairiq & Garfield
Childhood Swing

The debut release from twin brothers Tairiq & Garfield is a big production seemingly always in flux. Children to an R&B group father and a rapping mother they’ve got quite the headstart. Childhood Swing is not unlike a slow motion Squarepusher at his most sci-fi. Out on 12” vinyl from Software Recording Co.
  • Vinyl 12" (SFT0421)
  • £10.99 £5.50 (saving: £5.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Estara Outtakes / Remixes

Enjoyed Teebs’ recent Estara album? Want to hear more along those lines? Then you’ll be pleased to see the arrival of this LP on the Hit + Run label, which includes tracks from the same sessions that haven’t previously been released. Also, we have a couple of remixes, from Nosdam, Hominidae, and Co Fe. Available as either red or black vinyl, though please note the red is more limited!

Love Yes

TEEN are back with more shiny, funky soul-pop. Love Yes is principally about womanhood and expressions of sensuality that exist outside of the narrow corridor mandated by society. Wise songs, backed with infectiously grooving instrumental interplay. On the Carpark label as CD, 2LP, or an extra-limited transparent red vinyl edition.

Teen Daze
Morning World

Teen Daze is the solo project of one Jamison, who has allowed some collaborators into the Teen Daze world for the first time on Morning World. Over eleven tracks, he delves into a lush sonic environment, one less hermetically sealed than on past releases. Available as CD or LP on the Paper Bag record label.


Teenager, the fresh new sound of Toronto. With one foot in the garage and one in the, er, post-punk, Teenager have guitars and sneer in great amounts. Is E P L P an EP or an LP? Who can say!?! (it’s about 25 minutes long, so it’s an EP basically). The vinyl is released by the excellently named label Telephone Explosion.

Ad Infinitum

An assured fourth album from Seattle-based Telekinesis, Ad Infinitum is gloriously bathed in analogue electronics and features Michael Lerner's trademark knack for infectious power pop melodies of the highest order. Out on Digipak CD and vinyl LP from Merge. LP includes 3 bonus tracks and free download code.

Terence Fixmer
Aktion Mekanik Theme Versions

Back in 2003, Terence Fixmer released his track Aktion Mekanik Theme into the world of techno via the legendary Ostgut Ton label, and boy did it go down well. The proof of this is in the fact that Kobosil, Norman Nodge, and Marcel Dettmann have all seen fit to remix it: and these three versions are what you see before you.

Terence Fixmer
Depth Charged Remixes

Terence Fixmer’s collection from last year, Depth Charged, has been opened up to tweaking and re-imagining by Steve Bicknell and Answer Code Request, who both manage to elevate their tracks to even higher planes of dancefloor might. Fixmer himself rounds things out by including his live variations of the same two tracks. On CLR.

Terminal Gods

Terminal Gods are keeping the sound of Goth Rock alive well into the 21st century, with a strong Sisters Of Mercy influence. Boundless is their Christmas single, all about Father Christmas. Rather than being released on the band’s own Heavy Leather Sex Productions, Boundless is out on the rather more gently named Snowflake label. White vinyl, 350 copies.

The Arrogants
No Time To Wait

The Arrogants are a French group whose press release seems to position their choice to make garage / blues rock as a radical act. Hmmm, not sure about that. Fair play in following through on their interests though: great fun is clearly being had with No Time To Wait, the group’s debut full-length. Released by Dirty Water.

The Bid-On (Giuliano Sorgini)
Sorry Puppet

If you have an original copy of this, you’re a liar. Sorry Puppet, the work of Giuliano Sorgini, is one of those Library Music LPs that wasn’t ever properly released in any meaningful way, but has picked up a cult reputation through it’s jazzy excotica moods. This reissue on Cinedelic is limited to 600 copies.

The Bohicas
The Making Of

Essex boys The Bohicas hit upon a mix of Led Zepplin, Queens of the Stone Age and The Arctic Monkeys, bringing catchy and fuzzy riffs, vocal hooks that will earwurm their way in and ruin your day for the considerable future. Their debut album, and it’s avaiable on 12” with bonus 7”, just the 12” and CD from Domino.

The Central Executives
A Walk In The Dark

The Central Executives are a group deeply in love with a hedonistic 80’s New York long-since faded. Their album, A Walk In The Dark, is a fantasy trip into a basement club or loft party, where the band play their queer-disco-house-punk to an adoring audience of underground freaks. Pretty convincing to be fair. On Golf Channel.

The Chrome Cranks
The Chrome Cranks

The early '90s are an unappreciated musical era, with everybody pretending nothing happened except for Blur and Nirvana. Thankfully, HoZac are preaching the gospel by reissuing The Chrome Cranks’  self-titled debut album. It’s a piece of slow-paced and nihilistic punk, relentlessly packed with youthful energy and still appealing today. The first pressing is limited to 500 copies!

The Exorcist GBG
The Exorcist GBG

Not, in actual fact, the soundtrack to the classic horror, but a Swedish trio. Exorcist GBG play a giallo-tinged kind of techno. And they are a real band too, using bass guitar, drums and synths to make floor-fillers, though they are floor-fillers with a bit of a psych-rock flair. Self-titled debut LP on Hoga Nord.

The Hound Of Love
Careful Houndy

Jeans Wilder of The Mean Jeans strikes out with his first solo effort, under the name The Hound Of Love. He maintains the same wide-eyed enthusiasm we know from his band’s pop-punk, but transplants it to another merry genre: synth-pop! Careful Houndy is a bleepy, 80’s tinged set, out on Burger Records.

The People's Workshop
Houston Talent Expo '82

Houston Talent Expo ‘82 is a record with an unusual origin story. The Peoples’ Workshop was a ‘Pop Music Lab’ operating within Texas Southern University for the benefit of the local community, teaching students in the ways of soul and funk. This LP of the Workshop’s efforts has been incredibly rare, and is now being reissued by BBE.

The Poncho Brothers
Disco Azteca EP

The Poncho Brothers were a Mexican group of the 80’s, trading in fun and funky new wave. The tracks on Disco Azteca were recorded to cassette, and only recently retrieved. The material is a super-groovy set of beat tracks, instrumentals ready to ignite any dancefloor. Boosted with a remix from Zoovox, on Invisible Inc.

The Primitives

The Primitives and their bucketful of fuzz went less rejoiced than your average Jesus and Mary Chain record, but their early works betray a great sensibility for the distorting and occasionally playing of guitars. Galore was their final record for big corporate dudes RCA, and while it was originally released in 1991, it still exists now. As a reissue.

The Relationship
Oh Allen / Young Temptations

Weezer guitarist Brian Bell steps out of the shadows with his other outfit The Relationship. Fans of Cuomo et al won’t be disapointed. Oh Allen offers a belter of a chorus in that age old power pop tradition of strong, simple melodies. Backed up by Young Temptations on the B side. Out on vinyl 7” from Burger Records.
  • Vinyl 7" (BRGR866)
  • £7.99 £4.00 (saving: £3.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

The Sandwitches
Our Toast

Mysterious indie music from The Sandwitches with Our Toast. The album has a sense of uneasy folk punctuated by the drowsy drums and slack vocals. It's an album which seems very much like the soundtrack to some doomed burlesque bar from the 1930s. It all comes together to create something engaging and different which stands out from the rest of the indie fare.

The Vaccines
English Graffiti

English Graffiti is the third full length album by West London’s very own indie-rockers, The Vaccines. This time they enlisted the help of producer Dave Fridman (who has worked with The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev among others) to hone their sound. Recent singles Handsome and Dream Lover are included.

The Wake
Tidal Wave of Hype

1990’s indie by way of Glasgow. Tidal Wave Of Hype was the last album of The Wake’s original run (they’ve since reformed), and has involvement from members of groups like Teenage Fanclub and The Orchids. It has that early 90’s funky drumming and guitar tones to make you swoon. Remastered and reissued by LTM.

The Weeknd

Thursday is one third of Trilogy, the debut release by Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Abel Tesfaye, who is more famously known as The Weeknd. The album is a compilation of his early work and encompasses dubstep, downtempo, hip-hop, rock, reggae and dream pop. Thursday is now available as a stand alone double vinyl LP.

The Weeknd
Echoes of Silence

Echoes of Silence is one third of Trilogy, the debut release by Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Abel Tesfaye, who is more famously known as The Weeknd. The album is a compilation of his early work which was initially given away as free download. Echoes of Silence is now available as a stand alone double vinyl LP

The Wire
Issue 372

Mica Levi (aka Micachu) grins at you from the cover of edition number 372 of The Wire, daring you to ask her just how many fucks she gives. Weirdo pop and modern composition all fall under her purview, this feature will explain more for you. Also includes a big Derek Walmsley piece on the Red Bull Music Academy and its cultural implications.

Thee Cee Cees
Solution Songs

Thee Cee Cees do that rare thing of explicitly positioning themselves as a political group. So here, with Solution Songs, we have 11 tracks that take on the political status quo with anger, vigour, and old-school rhythm’n’blues. Featuring members of The Bluetones and Joe Strummer’s Mescaleros. Out on Blang.

Then Thickens

Colic is the new album by Then Thickens. The indie band from Chorley, Lancashire began as solo project of Jon-Lee Martin before expanding to the five-piece we have here. Their debut album, Death Cap at Anglezarke was critically acclaimed with a whole host of DJs from Radio 1 and 6 Music praising their efforts. The band describe themselves as having ‘60s production, ‘70s melody and ‘90s lyrics. After successful support slots with Biffy Clyro, Echo & The Bunnymen and Nine Black Alps, Then Thickens could well be the next big thing..
  • CD (HAT9CD)
  • £10.49 £5.25 (saving: £5.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Those Pretty Wrongs
Lucky Guy

Former drummer for Big Star and current producer of laid-back, 70’s California-hued countryish rock Jody Stephens presents the release of his new group Those Pretty Wrongs, a duo with Luth Russell. Burger Records are doing the duties, putting out Lucky Guy  on a 7” limited to a mere 500 copies.


Doom metal hailing from the chilly climes of Sweden. Throneless present their self-titled debut album proudly, as an expression of hatred for society. They know how to structure a jam, creeping upwards with relatively light, melodic playing until… The Riffs descend. Four long tracks, on brown vinyl, from the Heavy Psych Sounds label.

Together Pangea
The Phage EP

Together Pangea have 6 new tracks for you to enjoy. The Phage EP has their indie-punk sound on top-form: the vocals have the correctly affected sneer, the riffs have the right distorted heft, and the production has the right quantity of reverb. Available as an LP, or a CD, or a cassette, courtesy of Burger Records.

Toy Light
Sightless, Unless

Toy Light is a Los Angeles-based producer who is a dab hand with a whole range of instruments, not to mention beat-merchant production and a strong falsetto voice. Sightless, Unless is a varied set of tracks, sometimes flying into abstract territory and sometimes grounded in ‘proper’ songs. Released on the Alpha Pup label.
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Truth & J:Kenzo
Devil's Hands / Invaders

Taking you into the black hole with Truth & Youngsta. Devil's Hand / Invaders are two new remixes of tracks from Truth and J:Kenzo. On then A side, Youngsta spooks out 'Devil's Hands' with some eerie synths, minimal tribalism and low hertz. On the flip Truth dabbles with some heavy samples, crispier than Gary Lineker percussion and total dread. Out on 12" vinyl from Tempa.

Turbo Fruits
No Control

Floating between catchy pop-rock songs, pot-smoker lethargy, and break-down-the-roof live shows, Turbo Fruits are everything you could want from a rock band - and their name sounds like an item from Mario Kart! No Control is their fourth album, and sees the band reaching a certain level of maturity. But not too much maturity.

Alligator Years

Alligator Years is the second album by Twinsmith and follows on from their 2013 self-titled debut and follow-up single, Honestly. The four-piece from Omaha, Nebraska have an anthemic indie-pop sound that sits somewhere between Vampire Weekend, The Shins and MGMT. These guys potentially have the sound of summer all wrapped up.


Deep techno atmospherics from the project of Sciahri and Emanuele Porcinai. They are a producer / DJ and a composer / electroacoustics guy respectively, and these different approaches mean a very satisfying melding in the middle: texture and tone is as important a rhythm and groove. UNKNOT02 by UNKNOT is released on their UNKNOT label.

Muscle Mix / Nasty Mix

I know that lots of dance music is intentionally ambiguous and faceless but this 12” by Unknown featuring Muscle Mix on one side and Nasty Mix on t’other really takes the biscuit. The only information we are given is from where the label, Loonie Bin, derives its name. Apparently, it’s what we’d call a bargain bin. Anyway, you could take a chance with this, it might just be brilliant.

Urian Hackney
The Box

Urian Hackney set out to create a retro funky vibe with this new solo single, and he more than succeeded. The two tracks of The Box use gorgeously smooth breakbeats, wah-ing guitars and bright synth-lines to send listeners strutting boldly down the street as thought it was a sunny afternoon in 1970’s New York. 7” on Cold Busted.

Useless Eaters
Live in San Francisco

Useless Eaters’ entry into John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees) Castle Face label’s ongoing series Live In San Francisco delivers exactly what you want from a live garage punk show. All the best tracks from the band’s catalogue, but with extra lashings of mess, energy and sweat. Sounds like it was a wild party.

Vaadat Charigim
Sinking As A Stone

A supple psych offering from Israeli rockers Vaadat Charigim. Sinking As A Stone manages to utilise heavy distortion and screeching guitars whilst sounding sumptuously lush all at once. Drenched in reverb it’s an expansive collection of emotive epics. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Burger Records.

Black Man's Cry : The Inspiration Of Fela Kuti

This compilation takes Fela Kuti’s music as a starting point and then moves away from it into the musicians he influenced. Fela’s afrobeat had a vast impact on his countrymen and those further afield, and Black Man’s Cry lets us hear a ton of great material often impossible to hear before now. Includes Bola Johnson and the 6th Infantry Brigade of the Nigerian Army. 2LP or 4x10” set.

Vectors 2

The 2nd Vectors compilation 12” from the Power Vacuum roster, welcoming five new producers on board. Mighty techno and electro sounds from the likes of Jerome Hill, Vacated, Cylob and Anklepants; not to mention a spoken word(!) track from Cornwallis to round off the disc. This ought to do the trick.

Lab Series Vol. 1

Opening track Plutoniumdealers has such a dirty sawtooth it only promises the best for the rest of the first Volume in the Lab Series. Featuring original tracks and remixes by Parassela, Buck and Limo, this 12” has some nasty and unnerving techno tracks that we’re not sure how to dance to, but also can’t sit still to.

Eight Wigglin' Ways to Die

‘Eight Wigglin’ Ways To Die’ is the tenth release from Earwiggle inc and the contributing artist listing reads like a who’s who of the modern acid techno scene. Kicking off with the powerfully hooky lead riffs of AnD’s ‘Higgs Boson’, followed by the pummeling, acid sound of Martyn Hare's '2BE&aBN', the drilling distortion of noise that is Johan Platt and Boner M's 'Antsinplot 05’. This distorted, hybrid of a record is packed full of gems highlighting the innovation and production skills of some of the genres most pioneering artists.

Remembering Mountains : Unheard Songs By Karen Dalton

Tragically, Karen Dalton was never given the chance to record any of her own songs, instead lending her amazing voice to the songs of others. For Remembering Mountains: Unheard Songs, her lyrics have been lent to an incredible roster of female voices, including Laurel Halo, Sharon Van Etten and Josephine Foster. On Tompkins Square.

Ghostly Swim 2

Compilation from the long-running Ghostly label, with assistance from TV channel Adult Swim. The focus here is on the blurrier, more ambient ends of the Ghostly scale: rhythms remain, but swim comfortably to the back of your mind. All new tracks from the likes of Shigeto, Galcher Lustwerk and Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler.

Ixtab Compilation Series, Volume 1

The first of what is promised to be several compilations, Ixtab Compilation Series, Volume 1 has tracks by Interbrain, Samoln, Idea Fire Company and BRRR, and Empfänger. A wild variety of names and a wild variety of cosmic disco sounds. A groovy, colourful compilation on Monofonus Press, limited to 300 copies.


Doppeldoppelgänger is a rigorously conceptual compilation, released as an accompaniment to an art exhibition. A radical variety is present here, from Benjamin Britten to Robert Rauschenberg to Deux Filles. Covering sound poetry, contemporary classical and sound art, this is a delicious and unusual mix. On Shelter Press.

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