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Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid
Tales From Beyond The Pale : The Hole Digger / Trawler

Conceived by Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid, Tales From Beyond The Pale consists of two audio dramas The Hole Digger and Trawler. It’s a haunting collection with an original score by Dave Eggar. Starring James Le Gros and Owen and Tobias Campbell. Out on vinyl double LP from Deep Focus. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

Last Harbour

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Le Mans

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Leo James
You're Not a Machine

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Liebezeit Mertin

Aksak is the meeting of two mighty percussive minds: Jaki Liebezeit of the literal actual Can, and Holger Mertin of Drums And More. The two roll their pulsing rhythms around one another, Leibezeit working magic with a minimal kit while Mertin explores 19 different percussion instruments! Sounds incredible! On Staubgold.

Life Stinks
You'll Never Make It

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Lonely Walk

Lonely Walk is a heavy band project that features members of Strasbourg, Panoptique, Magneto and several other bands, plus the brains behind the Simple Music Experience label. With Teen they dive headlong into a synth-streaked dark post-punk tunnel, where the listener is more than welcome to join them. Released on the Born Bad label.

Long Beard

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Lucy and Klock
War Lullaby

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Service Industry

Service Industry is the new album from Brooklyn duo, Lushes. It is a raw rock record which ditches the moments of serenity from their first album, What Am I Doing, in favour of focusing on the primal and visceral aspects of guitar and drums. The album was recorded and mixed by long-time Sonic Youth associate Aaron Mullan.

Ancient Mechanisms

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Mad Masks
Mad Masks

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Heads Plus

This five track EP is the first vinyl release from Chicago based composer and Bulb records co-founder Magas (aka James Marlon Magas) since his ‘Violent ARP’ LP in 2009. ‘Heads Plus’ is an instrumental odyssey of raw, hallucinatory electronic, post techno utopia composed using classic synths and drum machines.
  • Vinyl 12" (MW002)
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Magnif + J Dilla
The Shining Pt. 2 / The Last

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Manni Dee
Behaviour Cycles

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Marcel Dettmann / Zenker Brothers
Activator / Namun

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Marcello Napoletano presents Ra Toth And The Brigantes Orchestra
Introspettivo EP

Three killer electro tracks on this 12” EP from Marcello Napoletano presents Ra Toth and The Brigantes Orchestra. Introspettivo is the title track and it puts some fun into what can often be a cold and clinical sounding genre in electro. There are some ‘80s vibes going throughout which remind me of someone like Jovonn’s glistening house synth but with some cosmic jazz layered on top. The B side ventures further into experimental jazz and the connection with Sun Ra is undeniable.    Limited 12” EP, limited to one copy per customer.  
  • Vinyl 12" (BH025)
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Mark Broom
Stunned (97 Mix) / Decay

Works old and new from Pure Plastic label-owner Mark Broom for this release on Robert Hood’s famed M-Plant label. As implied, Stunned (97 Mix) dates from way back when, though it’s thudding powers have been tweaked to 2015 levels without losing that original sound. On the B-side is a brand new techno slammer, ‘Decay’.
  • Vinyl 12" (MPM26)
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Mark Rogers + Mary Byrne
I Line My Days Along Your Weight

Debut album from the duo of Mark Rogers + Mary Byrne. They’ve used a barrage of interesting old instruments (including a “tricone resonator” and “golden-era flattop” - sounds delicious) and Mary’s rich voice to make these ten, close-feeling tracks. Mostly recorded live, for that extra sense of directness. LP on Important Records.
  • Vinyl LP (IMPREC408LP)
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Marquis Hawkes
Raw Materials

Dancefloor beat pioneer Marquis Hawkes’ latest release ‘Raw Materials’ revisits the primal house rhythms he made a name for himself with during his time with Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Citing influences such as house originators Ron Hardy, Gene Hunt and Roy Davis Jr, ‘Raw Materials’ title track is a dreamy analogue beat driven track with ethereal vocals, followed by two primitive tracks that cut straight to the core.
  • Vinyl 12" (HTH037)
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Martyn Hare
Swollen Sounds Remixes

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Peeling Out

Peeling Out is the new vinyl LP from Californian garage punk hoodlums Massenger.  This four-piece are hard and fast, but also have a knack for sweet surf-pop melodies and witty lyrics. Following up the dense guitar assault of their Banshee EP, this is groovy, teeth-gritted rock ‘n roll to annoy your parents. The album art for this Burger Records release is awesome too.

Mates Of State
You’re Going To Make It

Almost a decade since their last UK appearance, Connecticut-based, indie/synth/pop duo Kori Gardner (vocals, organ, piano and guitar) and Jason Hammel (vocals, drums, percussion and synth) finally announce their first release in four years. Their long awaited EP ‘You’re Going To Make It’ consists of five tracks of pure emotion, pouring out through powerful vocal harmonies and swelling synth pop melodies.

Matt and Kim
New Glow

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Maurizio Abate
Loneliness, Desire and Revenge

Maurizio Abate is usually found making experimental albums of a psychedelic nature with the recording process being just part of the music’s ever-evolving journey. With his latest work he has decided to abandon all that and make Loneliness, Desire and Revenge: a stripped back acoustic guitar album that reflects Abate’s mood. Unlike his previous work, this contains more-or-less the definitive versions of the songs. His relationship with the acoustic guitar was inspired by the film In Search of Blind Joe Death: The Saga of John Fahey, which he arranged several screenings of in his native Italy.
  • Vinyl LP (BS027)
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Max Loderbauer, Claudio Puntin & Samuel Rohrer
ambiq 2

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Max McFerren
Monk's Mood

Max McFerren has previously released on Ultimate Hits and 1080p, and now finds himself on Allergy Season (where do these labels get their names eh?). Monk’s Mood gives us three new tracks of vocal-centred house, and Blondes round out the EP with a remix of ‘Hunting’. Pressed to 12” with Allergy Season’s unique artwork style.
  • Vinyl 12" (ALLERGYFREE004)
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Metallic Taste Of Blood
Doctoring The Dead

The Metallic Taste Of Blood is an evocative name for a band, no doubt about it. Surprisingly though, this is no thrash album, though Doctoring The Dead certainly has its share of heaviness. Rather, this is a series of mostly math-rock tracks, careering tightly between time signatures and different musical styles. On RareNoise.

MFC Chicken
It’s... MFC Chicken Time!

MFC Chicken play an old school form of rock, the kind that only makes sense with “n’Roll” appended to it. It’s... MFC Chicken Time! is their cheerily-titled third album, full of “twistin’, stompin’ and shoutin’” tunes like ‘Bad News From The Clinic” and “Colonel Sanders’ Bastard Son”. Rather unfortunately for a band with such a strong association to food, the album is released by a label named Dirty Water.

Above The High Rays

Miaux, aka Mia Prce is a Bosnian musician based in Antwerp, Belgium. Above The High Rays is full of her intricate keyboard stylings that are cinematic in nature and have a hint of goth about them. Retro-futuristic synth sounds billow and swirl floating over angular eastern percussion. Feeding Tube signed her up with enthusiastic glee after her performance at the Bruismelk Festival. One-sided 12” featuring etching by Dennis Tyfus.

Michael Baker
Keys To The Kingdom EP

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Michal Lewicki

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Mickey Pearce
Wam Barzz

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Midday Veil
This Wilderness

Midday Veil are a funky bunch of characters, augmenting their personal brand of out-rock with large amounts of synth-magic and cosmic disco grooves. The Wilderness features guest spots from Eyvind Kang, Skerik, and the actual Berne Worrell, of P-Funk and Stop Making Sense era Talking Heads. On Beyond Beyond is Beyond.
  • CD (CDBBIB022)
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Mike Doughty
Stellar Motel

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Mild High Club

If Black Moth Super Rainbow got loaded on Quaaludes, maybe Mild High Club is what would happen. Their debut album Timeline is a severely poppy trip (not to be confused with a severe poppy trip), the songs coming at you through a dream-like sludge. Abandon your expectations, because Alexander Brettin will surprise you anyway.

Milk Lines

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Mishka Shubaly
Coward’s Path

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Mister Woo
Black Eyes EP

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This Divide EP

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MM / Imaabs
Body Horror II

MM is the abbreviated form of Miss Modular (the boss of Her Records), who obviously isn’t afraid to push into experimental territory while still maintaining the dance. Two wild pummelings on her side, and on the B we have Chilean producer Imaabs, who goes slow and hypnotising with his material. On the Purple Tape Pedigree label.

Tales For Sunrise

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Moon Pool & Dead Band

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Moon Zero
Moon Zero

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Mordant Music & David Rudkin
Pinvin reMMix

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Mouse On The Keys
Flowers Of Romance

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Mr. Mitch
The Man Waits (Remixes)

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Youth Mode

Straight from the stables of LuckyMe’s finest, Edinburgers NAKED are releasing their debut. Supposedly, Youth Mode deals with the problems we all face on a daily basis: anonymity in crowds and the limits of online interaction, all set to dreamy melodies from guitar and vox. Meanwhile, expect cold and stark beats in contrast. Think the XX and FKA Twigs.

Naked Lights
On Nature

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Native Lights
Native Lights

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Mister Divine / Shadows

You may well have seen Naytronix’s Nate Brenner already, as part of tUnE-yArDs touring band. But you haven’t heard the music of this solo project yet, as this single is the first ever release under the name, in advance of his upcoming album. Funky-weird 70s style goodness. Mister Divine / Shadows is released by City Slang.
  • Vinyl 7" (SLANG50084)
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Mister Divine

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Neil On Impression
L'Oceano Delle Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre

Italian post-rock maestros Neil on Impression’s masterpiece L’Oceano Delle Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre has been long overdue for both translation and reissue. And thanks to the kind folks at Google Translate and Denovali, we’re able to provide both. More or less. It’s something about The Ocean’s Waves That Remain Until Forever. It’s also about creating what is perhaps the pinnacle of post-rock.

No Parents
May The Thirst Be With You

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NOGAWA kazune
Koo She

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Normal Nada
Transmutacao Cerebra

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Black Body Radiation

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Crash, Burn & Cry

ONBC is not a solo project, as I first assumed on seeing the cover art, but a four piece band, dwelling in cosmopolitan Copenhagen. Debut record Crash, Burn & Cry is full of excellent harmonies between the two female singers of the group, with a rich seam of glamorous melancholy running through the whole affair. On Crunchy Frog.


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Oskar Offerman
Le Grand To Do

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New Shapes in the Air

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Pedro Muthaship
Ten Revolutions of Wrong

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Peine Perdue

‘Disparitions’ is the first vinyl, full length album by Berlin based artist/musicians Peine Perdue (aka Stephane Argillet and Coco Gallo). Released on French label Medical Records, ‘Disparitions’ is a poetic, mathematical, pattern inspired abstraction of economical synth-pop, coloured by the eclectic personality of it’s creators.


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Peter Lyons
Oh, To Pull You Up

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Disappear In Raveland

Whilst existing in club parameters, Disappear in Raveland by Phork is a minimalist and experimental work that also takes in the surreal and adventurous. Within these parameters, Chicago house, footwork, drone and and techno are all given equal weight. The reconstructed footwork beats could make this the ace in the hole in any DJ’s set. Phork has previously released work on Opal Tapes, NNA and Orange Milk to great acclaim. Disappear in Raveland is available on vinyl LP on Time No Place.
  • Vinyl LP (TNP020LP)
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Piero Piccioni
Amore Mio Aiutami

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Piero Umiliani
Synthi Time

Piero Umiliani is part of the canon of Italian film composers, but he stepped away from the orchestra for a while in 1971 to record Synthi Time, a lovely collection of short melodic pieces using synthesisers alongside a Hammond and a kind of harpsichord. Dreamy, bright, and a little odd, like a melancholic childhood. LP reissue on Schema.

Pinetop Perkins
Live At Antone’s Vol. 1

Jools Holland’s constant interjections of ‘boogie woogie piano’ on his TV show ‘Later…’ proving not quite enough for you? Then go straight to the source with Pinetop Perkins’ Live At Antone’s Vol. 1, which is a full-on adventure in original blues music. Expanded and remastered reissue on the New West label

Pinetop Perkins
Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie

Jools Holland’s constant interjections of ‘boogie woogie piano’ on his TV show ‘Later…’ proving not quite enough for you? Then go straight to the source with Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie, by Pinetop Perkins, who truly knows the blues. This 1992 record is receiving its first ever vinyl pressing on the New West label.

Pleasure Leftists
The Woods of Heaven

First full-length album from Pleasure Leftists, a four-piece who tear into their tracks pretty aggressively. The songs on The Woods of Heaven have an 80’s-indie tone to the guitar sound and a gothic distance to the vocals, and the rhythm section has an irresistible sense of forward drive. LP on Deranged Records.

Prequel Tapes
Inner Systems

Prequel Tapes retrieved the basis of these tracks from teenage recordings, and filtered them through subsequent years of experience in making and loving club sounds. Inner Systems is a very personal work, but also a pretty dance-ready one. The heavyweight LP is packaged with a 16 page booklet. On R’Coup’D.

Press Charges
Press Charges

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Primitive World
Purple Caps EP

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Prins Thomas

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Promise & The Monster
Feed The Fire

Promise & The Monster is the project of Billie Lindahl, a Scandinavian songwriter and instrumentalist with a dramatic flair. Feed The Fire, produced along with Love Martinson, is a set of songs with a rich production style, with a strong 1960’s flavour to it. Lindahl’s vocals give a powerful human energy to each track. Out on Bella Union.

Qasim Naqvi

Qasim Naqvi plays drums in the band Dawn of MIDI, but here he strikes out solo for a release on the generally excellent NNA Tapes. Preamble shows off a more compositional side, using plenty more than just percussion. And apparently, NNA are issuing CDs now as well, for those of you who scorn the cassette.


Three pianists playing at the same time: Can any good come from such megalomania? Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Onnen Bock, and Armin Metz, known together as Qluster, are out to prove that yes, indeed, something great can happen. The trio’s album Taster shows exactly what three pianos can do for minimalist modern classical music.
  • Vinyl LP (BB206LP)
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R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders
Number 2

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R.Ducros / L.Simoncini
America Amore Amaro

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Ralf Hildenbeutel

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Rats On Rafts
Tape Hiss

Dutch garage-post-punk from Rats On Rafts. After a successful debut, this second record is even more precision-tooled, tightening up their thrashing, surfy sound for greater mosh-making efficiency. Tape Hiss is released on CD and vinyl, but, despite the title, not on cassette: missing a trick there. On the Fire label.

Red Fetish
A Derangement Of Synapses

Red Fetish come from humble Stoke in the UK but the sound produced sounds more like it was knocked up on a space shuttle, somewhere around the moon. A Derangement of Synapses sees the two band members tinkering away on some classic Korg and Yamaha instruments to make some lo-fi Human League type stuff, perhaps edging more toward the dark tunes of Oppenheimer Analysis. 180g, red and white coloured vinyl LP.
  • Vinyl LP (MR-054)
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Temple City

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Regal Degal
Not Now

Not Now is the second record from Brooklyn’s Regal Degal, produced with Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear. Regal Degal operate firmly within the non-temporal realm of popular culture, where sonic elements from any and all eras are fair game, so that Not Now is hard to pin to any now or any then. On Terrible Records.
  • Vinyl LP (TR031LP)
  • £16.99 £8.50 (saving: £8.49)
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Ricardo Donoso

The first three albums produced by Ricardo Donoso have been compiled into two very handsome box sets by Denovali. Minimal polyrhythmic ambient compositions that take the listener to a special place. As hypnotic and questing as a Steve Reich piece. 3CD box or a limited-to-200-copies-only quadruple white vinyl box.

Rima Kato
Faintly Lit

While still at high school in the late nineties, Rima Kato began her music career in folk-rock duo Strrows, who gradually evolved from their jaunty pop origins towards a slower, more thoughtful folk-pop. Following her 2012 mini album ‘Harmless’, Kato’s album debut ‘Faintly Lit’ consists of a lo-fi arrangement of soft sounding electric guitar along with a selection of wood and wind instruments which carry the simple charm of her poetry delivered through her soft, gentle vocal style.
  • CD (FLAU45)
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Robert Leiner

Robert Leiner has been producing highly acclaimed techno / house / acid more or less since the birth of all three of those genres, and Melomenia represents the first we’ve heard from him in quite a while: and this time, he’s also working with a band! Nine tracks spanning multiple electronic genres, and the little interesting crannies in between them.

Roberto Clementi
Mobilhome EP

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Robot Koch

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