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Elodie Lauten
Miracle 2

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EMG & Battista
The Bridge EP

  • Vinyl 12" (TTT34)
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Windmill / Devotion

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Tiersen / Laquerriere / Poli

ESB (you may know them as Elektronische Staubband) are a French trio. Funnily enough, the Tiersen of Tiersen / Laquierre / Poli is actually Yann Tiersen of Amelie fame, but here he puts down the violin and dives into the world of analogue synth-joy with his partners. Spacey and thoughtful jams on Bureau B.
  • Artist(s):
  • ESB

Los Demenciales Chicos Acelerados

Some furious words from Spaniards Eskorbuto. Los Demenciales Chicos Acelerados is the 1987 banger getting a repress. This record is total anarchy, with the fellas ready to create a ruckus and oppose the powers that be - a la 'Rock Opera'. Full of straight up punk wailing, pneumatic drums, throbbing bass lines and righteous guitar solos, this is an unstoppable force. Out on vinyl double LP from Munster.

Esteban Adame
Rise & Shine EP

The EPM label have grabbed a track from Esteban Adame’s Day Labor album from last year and allowed it to shine as a stand-alone 12” release, in both original and ‘beat edit’ version. Also has remixes from Mark Flash and (check this out) the legendary Underground Resistance! 12” on EPM.
  • Vinyl 12" (EPM012V)
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Exploring Jezebel
On A Business Trip To London

Due to it’s sexually explicit material, this uncensored release from Exploring Jezebel comes with a warning that it is for ADULTS ONLY. As if that’s not already cool enough ‘On A Business Trip To London’ comes crashing into your deepest and most primal instincts from the blackest of black vinyl (no idea what this means but assume that it’s very very dark black).

Calling Out

EZTV is songwriter Ezra Tenenbaum teamed up with the rhythm section of Shane O’Connell and Michael Stasiak, forming a power trio to make Ezra’s masses of demoed songs into fully-fledged band reality. Calling Out is the group’s debut, presenting twelve solid songs. On Captured Tracks.

Fabio Frizzi
Frizzi 2 Fulci

Composer Fabio Frizzi and director Lucio Fulci have maintained a great collaboration throughout their careers, Frizzi providing memorable soundtracks to most of Fulci’s splatter-horror pictures. Frizzi 2 Fulci captures a rare live performance of this material at London’s Union Chapel in 2013 as a double vinyl gatefold set. On Death Waltz.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DW36)
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Faces of Drums / Steve Poindexter
Faces Drums / Short Circuit

A reissue 12” here that gathers classic old tracks from Steve Poindexter and his Faces of Drums alias. Acidic, staccato percussion punches its way over the top of the tunes, while on the B-side lies a remix from Africans With Mainframes, a duo containing, let’s not forget, Hieroglyphic Being. On Musique.
  • Vinyl 12" (MUSIQUE002)
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Faetch 1

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FaltyDL is back on Ninja Tune for two fresh new dancefloor rollers. Last year’s full-length In The Wild took things in a kind of experimental direction, full of ambience and build. That was very welcome, but a pro like FaltyDL wouldn’t squander the opportunity of a 12” on anything but full-on bangers. Heavyweight vinyl in Ninja Tune’s house sleeve.

FaltyDL & Fotomachine
FaltyDL & Fotomachine... Are Ren & Stimpy

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Family Fodder
Sunday Girls (Director's Cut)

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Fenster’s new record is the soundtrack to Fenster’s new film, Emocean. The band put the indie sci-fi picture together themselves, and from the sound of this musical accompaniment, it is probably quite a stylised, psychedelic production. Fenster’s third record of groovy indie is released by Morr Music.

Fhloston Paradigm
Cosmosis Vol 1

Fhloston Paradigm is a pseudonym of Philadelphia groover King Britt, following a busy career with releases on plenty of your favourite labels. Cosmosis Vol. 1 lands on Hyperdub, where it’s adventurous range of tracks (spanning ambience, twitchy soundscapery and hard analogue house) fit right in with the crowd. 12” EP.

Flora Quartet
Muzikka Organikka

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Florestano is an Italian producer who combines the modern-day vibing of the traveller with the electroacoustics of the mid-20th century. Most of the work on Noh is electronically produced, but Florestano reportedly begins each composition with a piano, so tune is as highly valued as texture. 2LP on Kowloon Records.
  • Vinyl Double LP (KWLONLP001)
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Flowers of Evil
Flowers of Evil

Flowers of Evil are a proper punk band, and we know this because this self-titled debut full-length is only 20 minutes long. Real punks don’t hang around. Also, they have plenty of snarling vocal drawl, basic, hammered-out rhythms, and distorted guitars to show off. LP released by Deranged Records.

Francesco Cavaliere
Gancio Cielo

The debut album from artist, composer and all-round eccentric Francesco Cavaliere, Gancio Cielo is available on vinyl LP from Hundebiss records. Francesco’s voice is the main source of his music, but twisted into strange new shapes by homemade circuit boards and effects. The mixture of recognizable vocals and mangled ones creates a surreal drone collage reminiscent of the bizarrest radiophonic experiments.

Francisco Lopez
La Selva: Sound Environments From A Neotropical Rain Forest

Francisco Lopez is a real pro at recording and sequencing field recordings, and rainforests are a particular favourite of his. La Selva: Sound Environments From A Neotropical Rain Forest is a continuous 70-minute piece of amazing scale and detail. Presented on a USB memory stick accompanied, for some unfathomable reason, by a blank LP. On Sub Rosa.

Francoise Hardy
Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour

The legendary Francoise Hardy is pretty much the sonic epitome of 1960’s French cool, and Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour is only her second record, but her self-penned songs already sound perfectly Hardy. A sleek set of recordings, carefully remastered and reissued on 180g vinyl reissue by Light In The Attic and Future Days Recordings.

Francoise Hardy
Mon Amie La Rose

The legendary Francoise Hardy is pretty much the sonic epitome of 1960’s French cool, and Mon Amie La Rose is her 1964 album: the year she became a major player. Sleek and beautiful recordings full of period flair, fully remastered from the original mono tapes. Reissue on Light In The Attic and Future Days Recordings.


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Few More Days To Go

Fufanu mix together a strong dose of 80’s goth rock and a smaller dose of post-punk with modern day electronic production styles. Few More Days To Go is their first full-length album, and shows off their full range, including unexpected weird little interludes. CD or LP on the One Little Indian label.


Fyoelk is a producer who likes to keep things under wraps, having not put anything out since a 7” on Erode Releases almost five years ago. Shame, as this self-titled 12” shows that they have the knack of weaving synth-lines and bass-lines into a fine, groovy mesh, with the beat cushioned in the middle. Limited edition.
  • Vinyl 12" (RHD-O25FYOELK)
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Mongrando Mongrel Trax

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Send Two Sunsets

Send Two Sunsets is no less than the first full length release of Gacha, a producer with a fondness for low-key semi-ambience. His work fits very well with guest vocalist Natalie Beridze, often singing at a level scarcely above a whisper. Limited edition vinyl in a fetching shade of blue, on the Apollo label.
  • Vinyl LP (AMB1507LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Gareth Wild
Precision Device

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Gary Wilson
Music for Piano

Gary Wilson is an experimental musician from Endicott, New York. His best known work is 1977’s You Think You Really Know Me after which he stopped recording and playing live. He started making music again in 2003. His fans are generally attracted to his lyrics which is strange for someone so experimental. Music For Piano, however is mostly instrumental, the closing track, I Love Gary being the exception. It is one of his most avant-garde recordings and was originally recorded around a similar time as You Think You Really Know Me.

Gateway Drugs
Magick Spells

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George Adams

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Ghostface Killah
Adrian Younge presents 12 Reasons To Die II

Adrian Younge presents 12 Reasons To Die II features Ghostface Killah working with old flames like Raekwon and RZA, to tell the next chapter in a complex story of Italian crime syndicates in 70’s New York. A great concept well executed by a killer team, all presented very cinematically. On Linear Labs.

Ghostface Killah
Return Of The Savage / King Of New York

Adrian Younge’s recent epic album 12 Reasons To Die II featured Ghostface Killah alongside old flames like Raekwon and RZA, working to tell the next chapter in a complex story of Italian crime syndicates in 70’s New York. Return Of The Savage / King Of New York picks out 2 quality Ghostface tracks from the record for single release. 7” on Linear Labs.

Goncalo F Cardoso & Ruben Pater
A Study into 21st Century Drone Acoustics

A Study Into 21st Century Drone Acoustics could be the name of any number of experimental ambient records, but in fact, these are the other kind of drones: the one’s governments use to kill people. Ruben Pater and Goncalo F Cardoso compile one side of drone field recordings, and one side of a layered-up composition. On Discrepant.

Space Explorations EP

Lithuanian Deep Techno project Grad_U has turned out enough high quality tracks and remixes over the years that the Echocord label have given him a full EP’s worth of space to fill. What they (and you, dear purchaser) get is a dubby trio of tracks, super-suited to low-end favouring dancefloors.

Graham Jones
Strange Requests And Comic Tales From Records Shops

Strange Requests and Comic Tales from Record Shops comes from Graham Jones who has 30 years experience of being a record company sales rep. It’s a book of amusing anecdotes and ridiculous requests received and heard in record shops over the years. Illustrated by Kipper Williams whose work is often seen in The Guardian and The Sunday Times, it’s a satirical look at those dusty stores we like to spend our time and money in.

Grave Babies
Holographic Violence

Grave Babies present a record all about the possibility that humanity is a doomed species, a proposition explored through drum machines and an hard-rock-in-the-1980s guitar sound. Holographic Violence is an odd-sounding album that is hard to pin down, something that works quite well. On the Hardly Art label.
  • CD (HAR087CD)
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  • Vinyl LP (HAR087)
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Grey Lands
Right Arm

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Grimm Grimm
Hazy Eyes Maybe

ATP Recordings, which seems to have survived all the liquidations to date, releases the new record from Grimm Grimm, solo project of the ex-frontman of Screaming Tea Party. This is singer-songwriter material on carefully plucked guitar, but with the feel of strangeness and unknown places lurking beneath the echo.

Grischa Lichtenberger
La Demeure; Il Y A Peril En La Demeure

Grischa Lichtenberger releases La Demeure: Il Y A Peril En La Demeure, a record of fucked-up beat tracks and unusually-structured electronic business. The press release even invokes Kafka, so it has to be having at least one listen right? Released as a CD on the aesthetically firm Raster Norton label.

Beats Misplaced

GT hammer out down-tuned wind-tunnels of blues-rock guitar-noise on Beats Misplaced, to great effect. This is their second album, and clearly the group have figured out what they are about. The beats don’t sound all that misplaced though: sounds like they are busily driving things along to me. On Communicating Vessels.
  • CD (CVCD27)
  • £10.49 £5.25 (saving: £5.24)
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  • Artist(s):
  • GT

Guy Blakeslee
The Middle Sister

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Gwilym Gold x Doc Daneeka
Lust For Sale (MGF Remix)

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Harry J Allstars

Here is a reissue of the classic 1969 album by Jamaican reggae producer Harry J. The lead track ‘Liquidator’ was an enormous hit  in Jamaica and went Top 10 in the UK spawning this album which includes covers of pop classics such as ‘Je T’aime’ (?) ‘My Cherie Amour’ and ‘Don't Let Me Down’. 

Cosy EP

Sounding like the end of a long day of sun-soaking, Cosy is filled with gentle surf guitars that keep rolling onto the shore. Headland could be a choice pick for a Late Night Tales mix, but instead it’s a splendid 5 track 12”. Limited to 500 editions worldwide, and on clear vinyl at that. Surf’s up, dude!

Hearts Hearts

Debut album from Hearts Hearts, a group proud to combine the various disciplines of electronica, traditional heart-on-sleeve songwriting and contemporary classical music. On Young they keep every element carefully under control, creating sparse soundscapes of strings, drum machine beats and mournful vocals. Released on the Tomlab label.

Heitor Alvelos

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Name Surname

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Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus are a quartet of young guns who are proud to hail from Minnesota. With the deep talents of Alan Sparhawk of Low producing them, what could go wrong? Their EP South is a set of upbeat-sounding indie rock that glistens in the sunlight. The 12” vinyl is released by the Transgressive label.

Hippo Campus
The Halocline EPs

Hippo Campus are a quartet of young guns who are proud to hail from Minnesota. Their sound is a fresh, upbeat-sounding indie rock that glistens in the sunlight. The Halocine EPs bundles up their debut EP Bashful Creatures with the brand new, Alan Sparhawk-produced South. CD on the Transgressive label.

The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come

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Hospital Ships
Oh Ramona

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Hugo Massien
Kontrol EP

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Hunger/Game have been sprinkling exciting 12” releases around for a while now, on the likes of Last Night On Earth and Innervisions. Now however, they are fully going for it with their debut full-length album, on the legendary Kompakt label. Adaption is a little less minimal than most of the stuff we’d associate with Kompakt, but with just as much careful craft in its full-bodied sound.

I Have A Tribe
No Countries

I Have A Tribe is an artist of intimacy: on several of No Countries’ tracks there is little more than careful piano and his melancholy vocals leaning into your ear. One of Ireland’s bright new talents, and quite possible someone for Villagers (who has worked with I Have A Tribe) fans to pay attention to. 12” EP on the Gronland label.

Ian Drennan
Flower of Love

Flower of Love is the third in a trio of contemplative albums by Ian Drennan. 2013’s Prelude to Bleu Bird Cabaret and and 2012’s Underwater Peoples make up the rest of the cycle. Drennan creates spacious soundscapes that are more expansive than his previous work. An equal mix of soothing and unsettling that fans of Carl Stone and Coil my find appealing.


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IMD // RSJ / JF // CF

The Brothers label / series continues into its eighth edition, pairing producers together in a fraternal way. IMD // RSJ / JF // CF translates to Eomac and Rory St John on one side of the 12”, and Joe Farr and Witch on the other, each pair producing a great tune for you to move too. The A side grooves where the B side attacks: very nice.
  • Vinyl 12" (BROS008)
  • £6.99 £3.50 (saving: £3.49)
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Iron Fist Of The Sun
We Can Yield Our Own Footseps

Iron Fist Of The Sun flaunts his power violence / electronics with this new album, We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps. Chilly synths, untraceable clicks and pops, and of course the genre favourite of indecipherably distorted screamed vocals! Six tracks of harsh action, or seven on the CD edition. From Cold Spring.

J. Tijn

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Jabru / Will Saul & Komon
Church feat. Joel Culpepper / Two For One

The next instalment of the neat little DJ-Kicks format of putting a new original track next to a remix of same, providing instant fresh perspectives. Jabru with Joel Culpepper (plus a Zedd Bias reworking) on the A side, Will Saul & Kommon (with an Appleblim reimagining) on the B. Church / Two For One is on !K7.

Jake Evans
Day One

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James Cotton
Live At Antone’s Nightclub

Some classic blues here from James Cotton, a hardy veteran of feeling a bit sad and singing about it. Live At Antone’s Nightclub is just that, a classic live show from Cotton and his ensemble on energetic form. Reissued by New West, both CD and LP editions are packed in a luxuriously embossed leatherette sleeve.

James Cotton
Mighty Long Time

Some classic blues here from James Cotton, a hardy veteran of feeling a bit sad and singing about it. Mighty Long Time is his 1988 album, and has the 12-bar guitar, the lived-in vocals, and the bursts of harmonica all firmly in place. Reissued by New West, both CD and LP editions are packed in a luxuriously embossed leather sleeve.

Jay Daniel
School Dance EP

Remember your first School Dance? If it was anything like mine, it was a crazy balance between adolescent self-loathing and a hazy alcoholic swagger. That’s exactly what Jay Daniel captures in his new EP, with disorienting decorations circling distantly around sturdy beats that do not care for subtlety.

Jean Nipon & Magendie High School presents
Industry Steal Vol. 2

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Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam

There is a rich tradition of odd-ball French electronic music. However from Jean-Pierre Massiera to Pierre Henry, none are as bizarre and utterly engaging as Jean-Jacques Perrey and at the grand age of 86, the master is releasing a new LP, ELA, along with the apprentice, David Chazam. Expect plenty of beautifully crafted electronic music with a huge sense of fun along with some previously unavailable pieces and some tracks from a live performance in Brussels. 180g vinyl LP. Limited to 500 copies.

Jean-Louis Costes
Le fantôme d'Archie Shepp

Here we have a live album from Jean-Louis Costes, recorded at the famed Instants Chavirés venue. I’m not entirely sure what subjects are inspiring Costes on Le fantome d’Archie Shepp, as I don’t speak French, but from the demented style of his vocals, he may well be possessed by the ghost of Shepp. An LP of fully committed odd-songs on the Disques Charivari label.
  • Vinyl LP
  • £11.99 £7.19 (saving: £4.80)
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  • Limited edition

Jeff Mills
Exhibitionist 2 (Part 2)

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Jerry Paper

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Jesse Hackett
Junk Circle Star

Having been through the Albarn-apprenticeship of Gorillaz’ live band and Africa Express, and even wandering into Thom Yorke’s touring group, Jesse Hackett is now finally ready to release his first own-name solo record into the world. Junk Circle Star’s sound grew out of a basic little keyboard, and from there has ended up in a variety of groovy genres. On Circle Star.
  • Vinyl LP (CS002LP)
  • £17.49 £8.75 (saving: £8.74)
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Jessie Jones
Jessie Jones

With a light tread, Jessie Jones jumps across catchy melodies and swinging beats. After fronting  Feeding People and while taking a break from Death Valley Girls, her self-titled solo debut gives Jones the opportunity to let out her upbeat demons. Get ready to bob your head to an irresistable lust for life.

Jim Manzie
From a Whisper to a Scream

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JM Airis
Wild Birds

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Joey Herzfeld and His So Called Friends
….Are Watching You

Joey Herzfeld writes songs that might be described as whimsical and traditional (a view possibly influenced by his moustache and choice of instrumentation). His So Called Friends turn out to include excellent improviser Alex Ward, as well as members of Nought and The Thurston Moore Band. LP on Scratchy.

Joey LaBeija
Shattered Dreams

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Johan Agebjorn

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John Swing / EMG / Vinalog
Relative 001.1

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Jonah Parzen-Johnson
Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow

Jonah Parzen-Johnson doubles up as a baritone saxophone player and an analogue synth user, and we hear both on Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow, his first album of this kind of material. Rather than taking the free-improvisation route, Jonah has crafted some interesting melodic, textural pieces. Released by Primary / Clandestine.

JT The Goon
Oil On Ice EP

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Junior Boys
Big Black Coat

Junior Boys haven’t released a full-length album for half a decade: a good length of time in which to carefully construct a very strong brace of soulful synth-pop songs. Big Black Coat has a sleeve straight out of the 80’s, and there is an aspect of that in the style of the sound. But the production also has an unmistakably modern stamp on it (well, post-2000 at least). On City Slang.

III Part 1

The unhinged Finnish electro-rockers unveil their third album. Hot on the heels of their dancefloor-orientated 'The History Of Techno' 12", their latest full-length builds on and surpasses its predecessors with cosmic chants, hypnotic beats and thick synth ooze aplenty. Along for this bizarre ride is Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic/Ø) who contributes his trademark noise to epic album opener "Psychic Hibernation". Released by Finnish label Svart, the vinyl edition is limited to 350 copies only.

Kanaku Y El Tigre
Quema Quema Quema

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Kareem / Perc
10 Years of Perc Trax EP 03

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Kate Boy

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Kazuya Matsumoto
Mizu No Katachi

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Keath Mead
Sunday Dinner

Dipping into your daydreams with Keath Mead. Sunday Dinner is the debut full length from the South Carolinian musician. Definitely a revivalist, Mead evokes the summer of love and also the slacker indie pop sounds of the 90s. It's infectious psyche-indie-pop full of trippy guitars, swaying drums and Meads melodic croon. Out on vinyl LP and CD from Company Records.

King Cyst
King of New York

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Kishi Bashi
String Quartet Live!

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Kit Grill

Kit Grill has five tight new tracks to present to the world, and this time he’s sending them out via the Vase label. Shiny house exultations from a sleek future world where unpleasantness seems to have been eliminated in favour of warm good times. Reminiscent of some of Ikonika’s textures at times. The Paradise 12” is released by Vase.
  • Vinyl 12" (VSE011)
  • £6.99 £3.50 (saving: £3.49)
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Koen De Bruyne
Here Comes The Crazy Man

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Korey Dane

Korey Dane apparently wrote this brace of songs while hitchin’ around the good old US of A, and the consequent record, Youngblood, is thus filled with down-home American stories of hitting the road. Dane’s songwriting shows that he obviously had a great time, and has fixed himself up with some strong musicians who know how to Americana. On Innovative Leisure.

Lake Haze

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Lamb released 5 (suitably enough, their fifth album) in 2011, the first recorded results of their reformation after a half-decade away. People seemed to like it, so it is now reissued in deluxe style by Music On Vinyl, who have pressed up 1000 copies to 180g silver vinyl. This version also includes two bonus tracks, one featuring Damien Rice.