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Some records are instant classics. Some take time. But all of them are here, on this list. Whether they were fawned over the moment they hit the shelves or slowly built up acclaim, shifted millions of copies or represent the pinnacle of a more modest scene’s collective ambition, every record here can revel in its classic status.

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Amy Winehouse
Back To Black

Back To Black was the second and final album by Amy Winehouse. It was regarded as a classic pretty much upon on its release. Here she found her ideal musical partner in Mark Ronson whose soulful production was the perfect backdrop to her incredible voice. Contains Rehab, Love Is A Losing Game and Tears Dry On Their Own.
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Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Not sure that you need us to introduce this one to you. The album that broke Aphex Twin to the masses (relatively speaking), Selected Ambient Works 85-92 starts with two genuinely sublime pieces of music, ‘Xtal’ and ‘Tha’, which your collection literally cannot be without. The whole thing is great though, whether for solo listening late at night or for esoteric dancefloors. An absolute classic.

Arcade Fire

They used to actually be a phenomenal band and Funeral is all the proof you need. Full of gang chants and guitar twitches, big band fever and Springsteen suburbia, the Arcade Fire made a hopeful and triumphant rock record that fully deserved to be loud. With a handful of indie rock's best tunes on it, it traversed a whole lot of death and even a bit of romance -- "Crown of Love" is still their best, most heartfelt moment.

Arctic Monkeys
Whatever People Say I Am

Debut album from Los Angeles' neé Sheffield's finest from back when they were four scrappy kids with big fringes, before the smart shirts and slicked back hair. Even now the young Alex Turner's lyrics are genuinely impressive in how vivid a vision of the People's Republic of South Yorkshire they can create. 

Arthur Verocai
Arthur Verocai

Well for once, the press release -- "one of the greatest albums ever made" -- sounds less like the usual over-enthusiastic blurb (hyperbole) and more in keeping with widely-held muso opinion. Arthur Verocai's self-titled solo record was a masterpiece produced, directed and created by the self-taught musician. Original copies of the 1972 classic recorded in Rio de Janeiro now fetch a heck of a lot of £££'s so here is a repress of the 2012 re-master supervised by the maestro Verocai himself. Truly music that transcends genre. Comes packaged in replica gatefold with artwork true to the original. On Mr Bongo records.
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Tri Repetae

Tri Repetae is the third album by legendary British electronic duo Autechre.  The album is considered one of the best and most influential electronic albums of the '90s and first showcases the way in which the duo combined totally different elements of dance music such as jungle and industrial and blended them into a unique whole.
  • Vinyl Double LP (WARPLP38R)
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Beastie Boys
Licensed To Ill

Album the first from Brooklyn’s finest, the legendary Beastie Boys. Licensed To Ill has crucial classics like ‘Fight For Your Right’ and ‘No Sleep Till Brooklyn’, plus the iconic airplane cover art. Basically, this is a crucial cornerstone in hip-hop history, and you can now buy it on vinyl again: happy days eh?
  • Vinyl LP (4782075)
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Beck's famed record of folk pop, hip-hop and gleeful harmonica turntablism gets a reissue through its original label Bong Load! This alternative gem crossed a lot of paths, each united under the boy's smirky vocal, blending the mainstreams of rock and electronic into one neat package. A now old-school classic from the guy who will be a head-in-a-jar come the year 3000.

Belle and Sebastian
If You're Feeling Sinister

This, I guess, was Belle and Sebastian's "breakthrough" album. The debut was so limited at the time that in those pre-internet days it took until the release of this before many people caught on. It's one of their most consistent albums with some right crackin' tunes as they say especially stuff like 'Mayfly' which showed they could provide some kind of cheerier version of Nick Drake.  This album, alonside all their others is being re-issued to celebrate a brand new album, on its way soon. 
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Black Sabbath
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Everyone’s favourite Birmingham-based proto-heavy metal gang are entering into a reissue campaign, restoring a host of their records to in-print and on-vinyl status. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is Black Sabbath’s fifth album, and is reissued here in a replica of the original sleeve. 
  • Vinyl LP (5414939920820)
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Modern Life Is Rubbish

Modern Life Is Rubbish announced Blur as a serious proposition. They carved out an identity, both musically and image-wise for themselves that moved away from the indie-by-numbers of their debut album, Leisure. It earned them comparisons of great Englishness previously characterised by The Kinks and Small Faces, thus kicking off the whole Britpop thing. Features the singles For Tomorrow and Chemical World.

Bob Dylan
Highway 61 Revisited

Colombia are reissuing Legacy Editions of a whole brace of classic Bob Dylan albums, not that they seemed at risk of falling out of print. Highway 61 Revisited dates from 1965, and marks the point on record where Dylan moved firmly towards rock forms. Includes ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ and ‘Ballad Of A Thin Man’.
  • Vinyl LP (88875146301)
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Bob Dylan
Blonde On Blonde

Colombia are reissuing Legacy Editions of a whole brace of classic Bob Dylan albums, not that they seemed at risk of falling out of print. Blonde on Blonde was recorded in Nashville in 1966, and stretches to full-on double-album length. Includes favourites like ‘Just Like A Woman’ and ‘Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands’.

Bob Dylan
Blood On The Tracks

Definitely regarded as Bob Dylan’s greatest album of  the ‘70s and beyond and right up there with his ‘60 work, Blood On The Tracks is allegedly a masterwork of confessional songwriting. Bob Dylan, however, denies that the songs were about his life. Whatever, it’s a great album and would look lovely nestled in with all your other LPs. LP on Columbia.

Bon Iver
For Emma, Forever Ago

For Emma, Forever Ago is the 2007 debut album by Bon Iver, who at the time consisted solely of Justin Vernon. After his band DeYarmond Edison split, and he’d suffered a bout of serious illness, he set off for a cabin in the woods to write and record the album. The resulting recording is now a firmly established classic and appeared at the top of many critics ‘best of’ lists at the end of 2007.

Brian Eno
Ambient 1: Music For Airports

Groundbreaking stuff here from Brian Eno. Ambient 1: Music For Airports was released in 1978 and marks the first time when the word ‘ambient’ was used in connection with this kind of music. Eno made the album by layering tape loops. His intention was to make a soundscape that would cut through anxieties and tension in an airport. Half-speed master. Cut at 45 rpm on heavyweight vinyl.
  • Vinyl LP (ENOLP6)
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By the time Burial's second album surfaced, his reputation had grown to underground stardom, even if his identity was still a secret. 'Untrue' continued the story of the twilit inner city, loneliness and distant threats informing a melancholic rhythmic atmosphere, and is now seen as a landmark in electronic music.
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When the debut Burial album popped onto radars over the world, divided opinion soon gave way to cult status. An unlikely pairing of screwed up garage beats, moody bass and morose ambience heralded an era of genuinely emotive but strange dance music, cementing the album as a contemporary electronic classic. 

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Safe As Milk

50th anniversary edition of this classic debut from the Captain and his merry travellers. Though the title could be seen as tongue in cheek, this is the group at their most accessible with their blues-influenced work only just fraying at the edges. We're still a long way from Trout Mask Replica but this is a brilliant work and has been re-issued to celebrate its half century. 


The beginning times of what would become an enormous unstoppable rock behemoth. It's got all the good early hits on it like 'Trouble' and 'Yellow' and the deliciously spectral 'Don't Panic'. These soft rockers could certainly pen a haunting tune back then before it all got a bit stadium. Perfect for a late night weep into your cellphone.  
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Voodoo by D’Angelo is regarded by many as the first great album of the new millennium. It was released shortly after 1999 had rolled into 2000. It features a crack-team of R&B musicians who were able to look into each others eyes as they played live. Voodoo is inspired equally by his children, his childhood home in Virginia and ground-breaking black musicians such as Sly Stone, George Clinton, Jimi Hendrix and Al Green.
  • Vinyl Double LP (4724084)
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Daft Punk

Discovery was the second album from playful Parisian electronic duo Daft Punk. It marked a shift away from their debut Homework in being more inspired by R&B and disco than the earlier Chicago House influenced sound. It was also around this time the duo became robots shedding their previous human based presentation. The most famous track on the album is probably Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger having been sampled by Kanye West.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (0724384960612)
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David Bowie
★ (Blackstar)

David Bowie has another new album out! The mysteriously titled ★, which is less mysteriously known as Blackstar is his first new material since the weird single Sue (or in a Season of Crime) in 2014 and first album since the brilliant The Next Day in 2013. ★ is available on CD and on vinyl with some lovely die-cut packaging, and sounds like Bowie trying to perpetuate the avant-garde vibes of Scott Walker.

David Bowie
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars

Parlophone reissued a range of David Bowie albums in the Five Years boxset in 2015: now these nice 180g vinyl versions are being released individually too. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars needs no introduction, being one of the best-known albums of an enormous cultural icon. This release uses the 2012 remastered versions of the tracks.

Dead Can Dance
Within The Realm Of a Dying Sun

Within The Realm Of a Dying Sun was the third album by famed Aussie duo and 4AD mainstays Dead Can Dance. It split the vocal contribution equally down the middle between Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard but was otherwise business as usual if usual is the right word for tinkering around with Indian and Middle Eastern sounds alongside church choirs, lashings of hammered dulcimer and the duo's unique vocals. 


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Deep Purple
Machine Head

Maybe you’re too lazy to walk to your local thrift store. Maybe you don’t like scratches on your records (who does?), or maybe you don’t want your sleeves to smell like old tobacco smoke. Whatever your problem is, don’t fret: now you can order Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water and 7 other tracks on a fresh piece of vinyl, called Machine Head.

Depeche Mode
The Best of Volume 1

Well this has a much different track listing than the 'best of' I have on tape with a few album tracks thrown in for good measure yet it still has all the brilliant singles from 'See You' to 'Everything Counts' and 'Enjoy the Silence'. Originally released in 2006, now is your chance to get it again on triple vinyl.  

Depeche Mode

It would have been impossible to predict when watching them as children on Top of the Pops doing "New Life" that Depeche Mode would become enormous stadium fillers with success in that massive place we call the United States of America. 'Violator' is the one that sent them completely overground and contains forever classics like 'Personal Jesus' and the surely never to be surpassed pop brilliance of 'Enjoy the Silence'.   
  • Vinyl LP (88985336751)
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DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow’s sample-built 1996 debut album Entroducing….. has all the drama you’d expect from a title with ellipses two-thirds longer than the standard. As tense as it slaps, this is truly one of the the best instrumental trip/hip-hop albums ever made. The deluxe edition comes with expanded liner notes, photos, alternate versions, and remixes from the likes of Kuedo and Teklife.

Dusty Springfield
Dusty In Memphis

A few years ago (I say ‘a few’ I probably mean 20) I read an opinion, I think in the NME, that the 10-second intro to Son Of A Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield is the greatest 10 seconds of music ever recorded. It’s hard to argue with as it is very good indeed. Dusty Springfield released Dusty In Memphis in 1969 and utilised the talents of the city’s finest session musicians. It was produced by Jerry Wexler and Tom Dowd and is thought of as her best work, and is arguably one of the best albums of all time.


In 1994 you would have thought that Elastica would have gone on to become something quite special but instead they dribbled to a halt. Still they released one classic album that although was dangerously derivative at times had the type of killer tunes that filled those indie discos. Vinyl reissue includes a bonus fanzine and flexi disc. 

Elliott Smith
Either/Or: Expanded Edition

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The Marshall Mathers LP

The Marshall Mathers LP was the second album by Eminem and was originally released in May 2000. It’s widely regarded as the rapper’s best album and was critically well received at the time of release. It also contains the tracks The Real Slim Shady and Stan, which features Dido on vocals.

Another Green World

Another Green World is Brian Eno's third solo album and marks the beginning of his move from rock-based compositions to the ambient work he pursued in the late '70s. It contains some of his best known tracks such as St Elmo's Fire and the beautiful title track and is notable for guest spots from Robert Fripp, John Cale and Phil Collins. 
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Here Come The Warm Jets

Here Come the Warm Jets was Brian Eno's debut solo album, credited under the name Eno it marked a continuation from the glam/art rock of Roxy Music but with a much more experimental bent. Tracks like the storming opener Needles in a Camel's Eye and Baby's On Fire anticipate the forward thinking art rock later to explored by David Bowie and the more out there post punk bands. 
  • Vinyl LP (ENOLP1)
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Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes eponymous debut album was released to great critical acclaim in 2008. Big things were expected after the release of the Sun Giant EP and the band duly delivered. By the end of 2008, they were the band on everyone’s lips and the album was appearing on critics Albums of the Year lists on both sides of the Atlantic, more often than not at number 1.

Fleetwood Mac

Who hasn't heard this before? Well if you haven't then you are in for a treat. It's one of the biggest selling albums of all time and the reason why is because it is soft rock hit after soft rock hit. Most of these songs were FM radio smashes but the album has a dark lyrical undertone as the band's internal dynamic to say the least. If you haven't already picked this up for 10p at your local car boot sale then we have a new Clear vinyl edition. 
  • Vinyl LP (0603497850518)
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Four Tet

Ten years since the original release, Domino reissue Four Tet's Rounds on CD and vinyl. This masterwork of leftfield beats, sampling and melodic sound construction came at a pivotal point in Four Tet's journey to fame. On the reissue the album comes with a bonus live recording of a performance in Copenhagen.

Frank Zappa
The Hot Rats Sessions

Frank Zappa’s 1969 weirdo virtuoso cosmic jazz rock classic Hot Rats is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The Hot Rats Sessions is available as a reissue of the original LP, pressed on Hot Pink coloured vinyl, and a 6 CD box set featuring alternate takes of album tracks and non-album tracks - 65 tracks in all, 59 of them previously unreleased - and liner notes by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening. 
  • Vinyl LP (238419)
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Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand

Honestly, who knew we'd look back on this one as fondly as we do? Franz Ferdinand's first record seemed hell-bent on compacting as many hooks as was feasibly possible in a post-punk record, with "Take Me Out" a prime example of overdoing it for the best results. Not much else needs be said about this record of smirking gloom hits.

The Score

Classic album reissue alert. Remarkably, The Score is the final album from Fugees. Well, go out on a high right? Continually rated as one of the best rap/r&b/hip hop albums of all time, The Score retains its danceability and intricacy to this day. Reissued by Columbia who initially released the album in 1996. A double vinyl LP.

Gang of Four

Entertainment was the the debut album by Leeds post-punk band Gang Of Four. It was originally released in 1979. The band incorporated elements of funk, dub and reggae into their choppy and angular punk sound. Features the tracks Damaged Goods, At Home He's A Tourist and I Found That Essence Rare.

Gene Clark
No Other

Originally released in 1974 to critical praise but little commercial impact, The Byrds’ founder Gene Clark poured his heart and soul - and quite a lot of his own money - into No Other, a massively ambitious and strikingly beautiful record spanning psychedelia, country, folk and soul. For its 45th anniversary, 4AD are re-issuing the re-mastered album on CD and LP, and also in a lavish box-set containing a myriad of alternate mixes and bonus tracks, a documentary film and extensive liner notes and essays. 


The fourth album in the Genesis cannon was 1972’s Foxtrot. According to critics at the time, this is the one where their blend of prog, creativity and musical nous were combined perfectly. Foxtrot was notable for its ambitious closing track, Supper’s Ready, a complex construction which clocked in at 27 minutes. Reissue 180g vinyl LP on Virgin/EMI.

Genius / GZA
Liquid Swords

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Iggy & The Stooges
Raw Power

It's called 'Raw Power', but much of the conversation around this seminal punk rock record from Iggy Pop & The Stooges is about its recording. Originally mastered by David Bowie, it got the remaster treatment from Iggy himself just over a decade ago, showing off both's approach to these ferocious songs. Both are available on this reissue from Music On Vinyl, but concentrate on the songs, yeah?

Iggy Pop
The Idiot

The Idiot was Iggy Pop's first post the Stooges album and the one Dame David Bowie had a huge hand in by co-writing and producing. It had a dark electronic sound not dissimilar to Bowie's Berlin trilogy albums. It was a huge influence on the likes of Depeche Mode and Joy Division and it was the last record Ian Curtis listened to just before he took his own life. 
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Iggy Pop
Lust For Life

Iggy’s second solo album came hot on the heels of the similarly Bowie-produced, but stylistically very different The Idiot (both 1977). With the Sales brothers on bass and drums and Carlos Alomar and Ricky Gardiner on guitars, this is much more of a rock album, but one that doesn’t at all resemble the Stooges. The title track and The Passenger are now almost omnipresent, but the record is full of delights - sleazy (Sixteen), daft (Success), or somewhere between comical and emotionally devastating (Turn Blue).
  • Vinyl LP (5736325)
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Turn On The Bright Lights

The formidable debut from Interpol, Turn On The Bright Lights, which turns 15 this year. In that early-2000s city environment, the New York post-punk revivalists dished out generous helpings of gloom, brooding vocals and those headily dark basslines that we’re still enjoying now. LP or CD on Matador.

Iron Maiden
The Number of the Beast

You might have heard of this one. Hard to believe there once was a time when Bruce Dickinson was the new boy, fresh from Samson and awaiting judgement from the Di’Anno fans, but it’s fair to say he passed the audition. There’s a good chance that Maiden are playing the title track, Hallowed Be Thy Name or Run to the Hills in some corner of the globe right now. It might be a stretch to talk about “deep cuts” on a 14 million seller, but Children of the Damned and The Prisoner aren’t too shabby either.

Tin Drum

David Sylvian fronted arty-odd-synth-pop-new-wavers Japan originally released their fifth and final album Tin Drum in 1981 through Virgin. This half-speed mastered edition is available as a single LP as per the original, or a 2LP edition cut at 45 RPM for a better noise floor. Includes the singles Ghosts and The Art of Parties, as well as the ever infectious Talking Drum.

Jeff Buckley

Despite a number of archival and live albums, Grace was the only full studio album released by Jeff Buckley. Still, high points of the singer-songwriter's celebrated but tragically short career - 'Last Goodbye', 'Hallelujah', 'Lover, You Should Have Come Over' - were part of the collection, and deservedly so.

Jefferson Airplane
Surrealistic Pillow

One of the quintessential '60s psych rock albums Surrealistic Pillow was actually the second album by Jefferson Airplane but the first to feature vocalist Grace Slick. It has gained near legendary status over the years perfectly timed to soundtrack the counterculture movement of the late 1960s. 
  • Vinyl LP (88985396711)
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John Coltrane
Blue Train

Blue Train by John Coltrane was recorded in 1957. Blue Train follows the jazz sub-genre of Hard Bop. It was his second album, and surprisingly the only one he ever recorded for the legendary Blue Note label, although Coltrane was never officially signed to the label. This vinyl reissue celebrates the label’s 75th anniversary.

Johnny Cash
At Folsom Prison

At Folsom Prison is one of the most beloved Johnny Cash recordings. The music here, more than on any other recording is imbued with his grit, his spirituality and his wry sense of humour. The set list was put together especially for the concert and the songs deal with subjects that would likely be close the inmates thoughts. It was because of this album that Johnny Cash earned the moniker The Man In Black.

Johnny Cash
Greatest Hits - The Sun Records Years

This is not a Best of Johnny Cash album. If you’re looking for one, look elsewhere because here we only have the Greatest Hits. Only the greatest from the great man himself and all from his great period at Sun Records between 1955 and 1961. Released to mark the 60th anniversary of Cash’s first LP from 1957, the roll call of singles remastered from their original tapes on this LP is a delight; “I Walk The Line”, “Cry! Cry! Cry!”, “Folsom Prison Blues”, “Ballad Of A Teenage Queen”, but to name of few. The 180g vinyl comes with liner notes by the president of Sun Records. A truly great celebration!  

Joy Division

Second and final LP by doomed Salford post-punk band Joy Division, this is perhaps most often cited their greatest moment. Recorded shortly before the untimely death of singer Ian Curtis, whose health deteriorated rapidly during the making of this album, and produced by Martin Hannet. Limited edition vinyl reissue. 

Joy Division
Unknown Pleasures

Debut album by Salford post-punkers Joy Division. Recorded in April 1979, Martin Hannet's unique production techniques and Ian Curtis's doomed lyrics and monotone vocal lend the album a downbeat greatness that has been often emulated yet rarely surpassed. One of only two albums recorded by the band before Curtis's tragic suicide in 1980. 
  • Vinyl LP (0825646183906)
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Joy Division
Substance 1977-1980

Funny when you reach the stage in a band’s life (or afterlife in this case I suppose) when even the compilations are being reissued. That said, the material remains crucial, always good to have the stuff available on wax. Substance 1977-1980 contains most of your Joy Division favourites, and has been expanded by two tracks.

Keith Jarrett
The Koln Concert

When Keith Jarrett turned up at the venue for this gig in April 1975 - the first ever gig being put on by a 17 year-old German wannabe promoter, it seemed that it was doomed before it started. He was late, he needed feeding, the piano was horribly out of tune, but due to Jarrett being such a great musician, The Köln Concert just happens to be one of the greatest live jazz albums ever recorded.
  • Vinyl Double LP (2727888)
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Kendrick Lamar

Good Kid, M.A.A.D City was the major label debut from soon-to-be-pretty-big rapper Kendrick Lamar. It was an introduction in more ways than one as it was a concept LP about Lamar's upbringing in the 'hood. Lyrically complex with sub-plots and red herrings galore it featured a more subtle production that has often been seen in hip-hop with brooding instrumentals and deep atmospherics leading to both underground and commercial accolades.    

King Crimson
In The Court of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson) [50th Anniversary Edition]

A 50th anniversary edition of one of rock music’s most iconic debut albums - not least for its iconic and unsettling artwork. King Crimson’s In The Court of The Crimson King was one of the first proper visions for progressive rock, and comes on a re-mastered 2xLP package featuring alternate takes of albums tracks on disc two, or a 3xCD + Blu-Ray set. 


This is Kraftwerk’s fourth album, though it’s treated by the band as their year zero, and not entirely without justification. Though retaining “real” instruments like flute, piano, guitar and violin, this marks the start of Kraftwerk as a focused, conceptually defined, electronic entity. The side-long, Beach Boys-inspired title track and the mix of ambient soundscapes and melodic pieces on side two all share an airy, utopian feel. This is the digital remaster on vinyl.
  • Vinyl LP (5099996601419)
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LCD Soundsystem
Sound Of Silver

Some say James Murphy gave up comedy when he turned down a chance to be a scriptwriter on Seinfeld...but then he formed LCD Soundsystem. Boom and indeed boom. Sound of Silver was the second time he merged bits of the Fall, Suicide, Talking Heads and other bits of music he's heard into sleek dance rock. Less of a novelty perhaps than their debut it turned LCD Soundsystem into a danceable juggernaut getting critical acclaim everywhere including being named as the second best album of the year by Pitchfork.   

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

If you were to assemble a hard rock band you’d probably want John Bonham on drums, John Paul Jones on bass, Jimmy Page on guitar and Robert Plant on vocals. That’s what Led Zeppelin did and they were arguably the best hard rock band there’s ever been. Their self-titled debut was released in 1968 and thus cemented the band’s place in rock history forever. Various vinyl and CD versions available.

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin II is the second album, believe it or not, by Led Zeppelin. They are, as many people would tell you, widely regarded as the greatest rock band of all time. II is the album with Whole Lotta Love and Heartbreaker on it - so what more do you need to know? It’s essential stuff…..and now, it’s available in a variety of spiffy vinyl and CD versions.

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin's 'IV', known colloquially as "the one with Stairway To Heaven On It", was the band's fourth record (uh, yes?), and saw them surge back from the relative obscurity of 'III'. It stands as one of the high watermarks of hard rock and saw the band cross into folk and prog more consistently. Get the Led out in 2014, because I hear that's the done thing.

Led Zeppelin
Physical Graffiti

This deluxe edition of Led Zeppelin’s sixth studio album ‘Physical Graffiti’ marks the fortieth anniversary of the original vinyl release in 1975. As with every Led Zeppelin deluxe edition, 'Physical Graffiti' has been remastered by guitarist Jimmy Page and also includes a disc of previously unreleased material including rough mixes of ‘In My Time Of Dying’ and ‘Houses Of The Holy’.

Leonard Cohen
Songs of Leonard Cohen

Almost 50 years ago, Leonard Cohen made the move from writing poetry and novels into songwriting, releasing his debut album. Songs of Leonard Cohen is full of crucial numbers like ‘Suzanne’ and ‘So Long, Marianne’, that no student of song can really be without. Plus, can you really do without that cover shot of Laughing Len peering out at you from the shelf? 180g vinyl reissue.

Leonard Cohen
Songs of Love and Hate

Songs of Love and Hate was the third studio album by Leonard Cohen. It was originally released in 1971. It was produced by Bob Johnston who also worked with Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Tracks include Avalanche, which has been covered by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, the widely covered Famous Blue Raincoat and the single Joan of Arc.

Manic Street Preachers
The Holy Bible

So, to paraphrase a popular tweet, are they Street Preachers who are Manic or are they Preachers from Manic Street? Either way 'The Holy Bible' is the Welsh rock institution's third album and considered one of their finest. One of the few bands with the gall to take politics as their subject, and the talent to pull it off well.

Marvin Gaye
What's Going On

Immediately recognisable from the cover alone, What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye feels like an album that was never not there. The soothing and enthralling tracks like Mercy Mercy Me and What’s Happening Brother, feel like they have always existed somewhere, a testament to Gaye’s effortless craftsmanship and one of the myriad of reasons why this has become a classic LP and one that deserves to be in any respectable collection.  

Massive Attack
Blue Lines

Ah 'Blue Lines'. That time hip-hop, reggae, R&B, and soul all together under the mysterious cinematic umbrella of Massive Attack. The first time their special blend of breakbeats, sampling and rapping was heard and it's presence is still being felt 25+ years on. The usual guests are in place, Horace Andy, Tricky, Neneh Cherry and of course Shara Nelson on the stone cold classic 'Unfinished Sympathy'.  

Master Of Puppets

Master Of Puppets by Metallica was originally released in 1986. It has grown in reputation to be widely regarded as the zenith of thrash metal. Available on 180g LP and standard CD, but there’s also a shelf-threatening Deluxe LP box set with 3 LPs, 10 CDs a cassette and two DVDs. With this you’ll get a slew of unreleased stuff, demos, live stuff, an interview lyrics and badges. There will also be a 3 CD version with rough mixes, demos and live stuff in addition to the original album.

Miles Davis
Kind of Blue

It may seem ironic that the biggest-selling album in jazz history is such a subtle and understated beast - perhaps less so when you consider it as a sublime masterpiece of subtlety and understatement. Improvisation is an enigmatic and elusive thing, especially at the envelope-pushing level captured here, with Miles and sidemen forging ahead and abandoning the strictures of hard bop for the relative freedom of a modal approach. Even for musicians of the calibre of Coltrane and Bill Evans, there’s a special unplannable magic here, where every player is utterly in the zone and in synergy. They all unleash majestic lines like it’s the easiest thing in the world. Kind of Blue is no daunting, towering edifice - it doesn’t insist on itself, but is a gently seductive and laidback entity. It’s beautifully recorded record too, and one of the nicest vinyl experiences you can have.

Miles Davis
Bitches Brew

'Bitches Brew' is a jazz standard living outside of jazz standards, believed to be one of the best ever made. 'Bitches Brew' is recommended for fans of improvisation and weird compositional stories (Davis "arranged his band in a semi-circle" and conducted them vaguely - sounds like he might have heard 'Trout Mask Replica' once or twice). Perhaps the most experimental of Davis' works.
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Vauxhall And I (20th Anniversary Definitive Master)

When Steven Patrick’s fourth album was released in 1994, it felt like his most well-rounded and mature work. The intervening years haven’t called for any revision of that assessment. While it might have less bite than the Mick Ronson-produced Your Arsenal, the sound is warm and epic. Guitarists Boz Boorer and Alain Whyte work as solid and inventive co-writers to the master of his domain, who at this point is still expressing relatable emotions amid the bitterness. The album spawned three superior singles, The More You Ignore Me the Closer I Get, Hold On to Your Friends and Now My Heart is Full. If this isn’t one of your top three non-comp solo Moz albums, you thought List of the Lost was a cracking read. On CD with a bonus live disc, or heavyweight vinyl.

Straight Outta Compton

Reissue Heavyweight 180 gram LP with download card on UMC. This is a reissue of the 20th anniversary edition, and if I need to tell you any more about this then get bloody clicking. This is vital hip hop. Type it into youtube, and start your life already. With the biography film coming up later this year, you better get your homework done, otherwise you ain’t cool.


Illmatic was the debut album from New York rapper, Nas. Upon its original release in 1994, when Nas was just 20 years old, East Coast hip-hop was losing its identity. Illmatic, with tracks like N.Y. State Of Mind, gave the genre’s birthplace a much needed shot in the arm.

Neil Young

"That's not the real Neil" barked a particularly discerning Neil Young fan when I dared to suggest that 'Harvest' was my favourite album. Proper fans may prefer 'Trans' but for any newcomer to Neil Young, this is the one to start with. It's a lovely late '60's folk album with a consistent feel throughout and a sound that set the blueprint for his sporadic 'sensible' albums over the years. Just because it's popular it shouldn't be dismissed.  

Neil Young
After The Gold Rush

Neil’s 1970 masterpiece is sublimely balanced. The lonesome piano stoner anthem of the title track, the eerie / uplifting Don’t Let It Bring you Down, Only Love Can Break Your Heart’s hippy wisdom, a pair of Crazy Horse rockers, and a few weepies. There’s not a song here that wouldn’t be an essential setlist inclusion for most artists, but this is Neil we’re talking about. Hence the charming miniatures Cripple Creek Ferry and Til the Morning Comes are relatively overlooked and Tell Me Why rarely gets a live airing. The recent remaster was a revelation and best of all on vinyl.

Neil Young
On The Beach

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New Order
Power, Corruption and Lies

New Order’s second full-length achieves a fine balance between electronic and guitar-based music. While the preceding Movement LP was the work of a band who couldn’t quite shake off the weight of their past as Joy Division, Power, Corruption and Lies and the contemporary Blue Monday 12” saw them define a singular identity. We All Stand and Leave Me Alone still have the guitar-driven angst of old, but the Blue Monday variation 5 8 6 and Ecstasy were ground-breaking forays into a Hi-NRG-influenced sequencer-driven style, enhanced by the unmistakable lead basslines of Peter Hook. Also Barney got over his reticence and became a proper lead singer. Housed in a high-concept, die-cut Peter Saville sleeve, it’s still an utter joy today. 
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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Tender Prey

If you were only ever to own one Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album, 1988’s ‘Tender Prey’ might be the one to get. It has ‘The Mercy Seat’ on it, the defining statement of his early career and a peerless piece of modern songcraft; songs like ‘Deanna’ and ‘City Of Refuge’ are perhaps the finest examples of the deranged Elvis-preacher shtick Cave was on in the late 80s; with hindsight we can now see ‘Watching Alice’ as the first flush of the more abstract and impressionist style of songwriting Cave et al have been serving up in recent years. The record also kick-started a decade-long run in which Cave made classic album after classic album. Essential copage.

Nick Drake
Family Tree

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Nick Drake
A Treasury

A Treasury is a fifteen track compilation of songs by the incomparable folk singer/songwriter Nick Drake. It was originally released in 2004. It includes tracks from his three studio albums Bryter Layter, Five Leaves Left and Pink Moon and one tracks from his odds-and-ends album Time of No Reply. Drake sadly died in 1974 aged 26 following an overdose.

Nick Drake
Pink Moon

Pretty much one of the most beautiful albums ever made. Just Nick, his ever fluid guitar playing, husky voice and on one track, a slither of piano. Listen to it late at night, on the headphones and admire the wonderful natural way the album was recorded. The songs are exquisite, odd at times, soothing at others. To me, the best Nick Drake album more because what isn't on it than what is. 

Nick Drake
Bryter Layter

Bryter Layter should obviously be in your record collection, and luckily you don’t have to spend £1,000,000 on a crackly old dog of a copy anymore. Island have faithfully remastered and reissued this beautiful thing from the (almost) original master tapes, and packaged it so it’s just like how your Dad would have bought it back in the day.
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Chelsea Girl

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Bleach: Deluxe Edition

Nirvana going round for the first time. 'Bleach' was the beginning of the famed grungers infinite ascendency, and it's now reissued as a lovely deluxe edition with more anthemic dejection than you could ever wish for: a live recording of their Portland show in 1990 (with a few surprises and covers), plus an obscenely long booklet of once-private photos. In summary: Nirvana, Bleach, deluxe.


Of Nirvana’s three studio albums, the middle one, Nevermind, is probably the most well known, but it is after all, the one that got them noticed. It kicked down the doors and allowed everybody through. Their mix of classic rock and punk was sprinkled with magic dust by the then unknown producer Butch Vig. It was also the first album to feature the now Foo Fighter, Dave Grohl on drums. It is great.
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(What’s The Story) Morning Glory? (Remastered)

Following on from 'Definitely Maybe', Big Brother are reissuing Oasis' second record and Britpop standard, 'What's The Story (Morning Glory)'. It will be available as CD, double LP or deluxe CD - the latter of which includes a 56 page hardback book, demos of "Hello" and "She's Electric", a replica 12", a replica cassette and a bunch of live tracks.  Just what the world needs, eh?
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Paul and Linda McCartney

Universal have a full brace of Paul McCartney reissues to show off. 1971's Ram is Paul’s first record made with his wife Linda McCartney, and it is widely interpreted as a dig at John Lennon: Ram was of course being recorded and released in the aftermath of the break-up of some band called The Beatles. CD and LP reissues.

Paul Weller
Stanley Road

I don't know which Paul Weller album this is. It doesn't really matter. If you like him you'll be interested in getting it on vinyl. Whether you can afford the £32.99 asking price is another matter. The music industry screwed itself up in the past by charging £16 for CDs that cost pennies to make. Looks like they are off the same way with vinyl. Obviously this format is more expensive to produce so a higher retail price is understandable but this is really taking the piss especially when there are no extras and nothing deluxe. 

Slanted & Enchanted

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Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten remains a serious landmark in alternative rock, playing an important part in determining the direction of popular rock music in the 90’s. Its also considered one of the band’s very best records, so what's not to like? Ten has sold millions of copies to date, but this reissue by We Are Vinyl keeps vinyl copies of the album nice and available for fans.

Pink Floyd
The Dark Side Of The Moon

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Pink Floyd
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Piper at the Gates of Dawn was the debut album by Pink Floyd and their only album to be recorded under the stewardship of founding member Syd Barrett. It was released in 1967 - Barrett was fired midway through the recording of its follow-up A Saucerful of Secrets. Piper at the Gates of Dawn is highly regarded as a British psychedelic classic and definitely their most wonderfully strange recording.
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Come On Pilgrim... It's Surfer Rosa

Well there's no doubt that these are two of The Most Important Indie Rock Records Of All Time. Both are absolutely exceptional, in particular 'Surfer Rosa' which pretty much turned everything I knew on its head in my teenage years. 30 years after the event we get this luxury box set of both records plus a live show from the era. No new demos or whatever, but tasty and very collectable nonetheless.

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