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Air Max '97
Core Work / Expenditure

Air Max ‘97 has set up a new label, Decisions. The label’s intentions are to move people with music, focusing on dancefloor tunes on vinyl and digital formats. Core Work and Expenditure are two brooding yet effective cuts to showcase the new label’s ethos. According to Taskforce, both sides are "certifiable bangers".
  • Vinyl 12" (DECISIONS1)
  • £8.49 £4.25 (saving: £4.24)
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Armando Trovajoli
Ciao Rudy

Ciao Rudy was a 1966 musical that was scored by the talented Armando Trovajoli. Music from it became one of the rarest 33rpm records that RCA ever released, but this reissue and remastering from GDM makes it somewhat more available. Trovajoli’s work is as grand and dramatic as you’d expect, with a good dose of 60’s flair.
  • Vinyl LP (GDMLP6708)
  • £27.99 £16.79 (saving: £11.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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Boogarins are a psychedelic pop / rock group from Brazil who sing mostly in Portuguese. Manual is their second full-length record, and its eleven tracks feel at once grounded (by a rhythm section who propel everything forward) and about to drift away (elevated by the airy vocals and guitars). Released by the Other Music label.

Dan Friel

Dan Friel comes at things the right way, starting with a small, simple set-up and wringing all he can out of it. In his case, a Yamaha Portasound toy keyboard is at the core of everything, Friel overcranking it and using it to mimic a whole range of instruments. Life is a record of high-energy, lo-fi melodic dance songs: lots of fun! On Thrill Jockey.

Dawit Eklund
Ouroborous EP

Dawit Eklund has been all over the place of late, turning up on Future Times, PPU and PAN in this last year alone! But he isn’t neglecting the label he co-founded himself either, dropping the very fine Ourobouros EP on the memorably named 1432 R imprint. Frantically skipping electro-funk that sounds produced behind a vintage haze. A mighty 12”.

Join The Queue

Join The Queue comes from 1982, right at the core of Dillinger’s peak. He is on fine form here, rhyming smooth over the reggae / dancehall rhythms. The tracks were laid down by We The People Band and Roots Radicals, two of the finest studio outfits of the time. This record has been out of print for a full 33 years(!), so enjoy this reissue on King Spinna.

First Voyage

A bright and busy tumble through a colourful set of housey analogue dance jams, courtesy of Dresvn. First Voyage follows up on releases for labels like Acido Records and Sex Tags Mania, but this time lands comfortably on Honest Jon’s. The 12” also includes some remix work from DJ Sotofett.

Tiersen / Laquerriere / Poli

ESB (you may know them as Elektronische Staubband) are a French trio. Funnily enough, the Tiersen of Tiersen / Laquierre / Poli is actually Yann Tiersen of Amelie fame, but here he puts down the violin and dives into the world of analogue synth-joy with his partners. Spacey and thoughtful jams on Bureau B.

Fabio Frizzi
Frizzi 2 Fulci

Composer Fabio Frizzi and director Lucio Fulci have maintained a great collaboration throughout their careers, Frizzi providing memorable soundtracks to most of Fulci’s splatter-horror pictures. Frizzi 2 Fulci captures a rare live performance of this material at London’s Union Chapel in 2013 as a double vinyl gatefold set. On Death Waltz.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DW36)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Desire Lines

Fictonian is just one man, and yet a whole multiplicity of instruments appear on this album. Mad skills eh? Desire Lines is his debut full-length under the name: a set of carefully layered, bright and sunny songs. ‘Being true to who you are’ is apparently one of the guiding things, something Fictonian achieved by writing and recording in the countryside. On Distiller.

Few More Days To Go

Fufanu mix together a strong dose of 80’s goth rock and a smaller dose of post-punk with modern day electronic production styles. Few More Days To Go is their first full-length album, and shows off their full range, including unexpected weird little interludes. CD or LP on the One Little Indian label.

Future Punx
This Is Post Wave

The members of Future Punx have all played in punk bands of every stripe, and are now squeezing that punk experience into a rather retro conception of the future. Synth-pop basically. This Is Post Wave is released as an LP packaged in a sleeve powerfully reminiscent of a 1980’s CD release of some academic computer music found only in libraries. On Adagio 830.

Ghostface Killah
Return Of The Savage / King Of New York

Adrian Younge’s recent epic album 12 Reasons To Die II featured Ghostface Killah alongside old flames like Raekwon and RZA, working to tell the next chapter in a complex story of Italian crime syndicates in 70’s New York. Return Of The Savage / King Of New York picks out 2 quality Ghostface tracks from the record for single release. 7” on Linear Labs.

Hand Of Dust
Like Breath Beneath a Veil

Hand Of Dust describe themselves as “apocalyptic folk”, which is pretty accurate in terms of the doomed tone of these songs. But that term misses out the amplified weight of much of this music, which sounds like it raging against whatever has been lost (from within a desolate desert). Like Breath Beneath a Veil is released by the Avant! label.

Hirofumi Murasaki, Morihiko Akiyama and Masayuki Nagao
Shinobi III - Return Of The Ninja Master

This is a cool one! The soundtrack to Shinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master, a Sega game from 1993 in which the player took the role of a deadly ninja, taking on seven deadly bosses through dense forests, deep caverns and deadly dungeons. It was all soundtracked by Hirofumi Murasaki, Masayuki Nagao and Morihiko Akiyama and the 16bit music is incredibly punchy, with some super percussion going on under some intricate melodies. It really is awesome stuff. Remastered on 180g vinyl from the original recordings, the vinyl comes with a foldout poster with some original artwork from the SEGA archives and a traditional OBI strip.   

3.5 Degrees

Youthful producer Howes has compositional skills beyond his years, working with modular synth patches with a focus often lacking from many stick-all-the-leads-in-and-hope-for-the-best synth dabblers. 3.5 Degrees is his debut album, and is made up mostly of single-take tracks recorded after days of careful patch design. Strong, multifaceted electronics out on Melodic.


Ilitch (aka Thierry Müller) released Periodikmindtrouble in 1978. The record is a collection of bedroom instrumentals, using tape loops, guitar and synthesised ‘scapes, the whole thing sounding rather atmospheric and unusual. Reissued on vinyl for the first time, nestled within a gatefold sleeve. On Superior Viaduct.


Island are a London via Oxford rock group on Beatnik Creative. They specialise in a dense, but soulful, rock and pop music that’s keen on storytelling and craft. Girl, the group’s debut EP, is available on vinyl 12” and CD, and strengthens the reputation they’ve developed with their relentless gigging. The vinyl is a limited edition 180 gram pressing too.

Jim Manzie
From a Whisper to a Scream

From A Whisper To A Scream was the last film of Vincent Price, and it could fairly be described as a macabre, lo-fi stab-em-up. Jim Manzie provided the soundtrack, keeping his pallette frighteningly minimal: he mostly uses simple synth patterns. The vinyl is limited edition, pressed to coloured wax, and gatefolded. On Terror Vision.

Kate Boy

Kate Boy are an Australian/Swedish duo made up from Kate Akhurst (Kate) and Markus Dextegen (Boy). One was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, which the duo claim to be the Capital of Pop. The songs are catchy and the choruses even catchier with lyrics, like the album’s title, suggesting that self-empowerment can unify everyone together to make a powerful force.


Klavikon approaches prepared piano with an aesthetic drawn as much from techno and IDM as from John Cage. “No looping!” is the key: like Colin Stetson, Klavikon makes more sound than seems possible in one moment. I mean that kick drum sound has to be a sample right… Nope, that’s from the piano, unsequenced. Debut album on Nonclassical.

Koichi Namiki, Katsuhiro Hayashi and Shigeru Ohwada
Super Hang On

Super excited about this one. Data Discs present the soundtrack to Sega’s legendary Super Hang On arcade game. Dense arpeggios, rapid-fire bleeps and boogie synths helped make the soundtrack highly sought after and the game an iconic 1980s experience. The music from Koichi Namiki, Shigeru Ohwada and Katsuhiro Hayashi has been taken from the arcade soundboard, mastered for 180g vinyl LP and stunningly packaged in heavy card stock.

Kurt Cobain
Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings

Montage of Heck - The Home Recordings is the long awaited soundtrack to the only fully authorised documentary about grunge legend Kurt Cobain. This album contains early home recordings, including snippets of what would become full Nirvana songs, made by Cobain giving an intimate view of his creative process. Available on 31 track vinyl LP and CD.

Lolina (Inga Copeland)
Relaxin' With Lolina

Limited pressing, self-released 3 track CD. Inga Copeland hits again under a different moniker, and away from Hype Williams her experimentation has been boundless. Under the Lolina name she pushes the R’n’B grooves and discordant piano riffs even further than Copeland. Relaxin’ is perhaps an inaccurate title for these, frankly disconcerting pop songs.

Marcel Dettmann / Zenker Brothers
Activator / Namun

This 12” release on the 50 Weapons label pairs experienced Berghain techno overlord Marcel Dettmann with the young and up-and-coming Zenker Brothers, from Munich. Both tracks hit hard and run smooth, with the Brothers doing an impressive job of keeping up with the big boss. 180g vinyl 12”.

Marcello Napoletano presents Ra Toth And The Brigantes Orchestra
Introspettivo EP

Three killer electro tracks on this 12” EP from Marcello Napoletano presents Ra Toth and The Brigantes Orchestra. Introspettivo is the title track and it puts some fun into what can often be a cold and clinical sounding genre in electro. There are some ‘80s vibes going throughout which remind me of someone like Jovonn’s glistening house synth but with some cosmic jazz layered on top. The B side ventures further into experimental jazz and the connection with Sun Ra is undeniable.    Limited 12” EP, limited to one copy per customer.  
  • Vinyl 12" (BH025)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Marco Bernardi
The Dancing Clowns

It is generally assumed that Marco Bernardi is underrated despite a prolific back catalogue on labels such as Mathmatics and Creme - though The Dancing Clowns, his new 12” slice may change all that. This is out on Berceuse Heroique Inc. and over it’s beautifully paced 15 minutes recalls the days when Detroit techno groundbreaker Carl Craig could do no wrong. On the flip is a Specter remix.

Mark Broom
Stunned (97 Mix) / Decay

Works old and new from Pure Plastic label-owner Mark Broom for this release on Robert Hood’s famed M-Plant label. As implied, Stunned (97 Mix) dates from way back when, though it’s thudding powers have been tweaked to 2015 levels without losing that original sound. On the B-side is a brand new techno slammer, ‘Decay’.

Mark Lanegan and John Robb
A Conversation with Mark Lanegan

In Hebden Bridge earlier this year, as part of the 25th anniversary weekend for Heavenly Recordings, Mark Lanegan played a show. But what we have here occurred the next day, when Lanegan sat down with journalist John Robb for a little chat. Lots of revealing details about Lanegan’s life, pressed to a limited edition LP!

Max McFerren

Known to many under his Mcferrdog moniker, Max McFerren reverts to his own name for this leftfield release on 1080p. Acid funk flavours and expansive synthscapes combine on Sipps to create an alien mood that’s infused with urban melancholy. Out on limited 12" vinyl from 1080p. One copy per customer.
  • Vinyl 12" (1080V002)
  • £7.99 £4.79 (saving: £3.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Mike Cooper
New Kiribati

First released in 1999, here is the first installment in Mike Cooper’s intriguing journey away from songcraft and towards ‘Ambient Exotica Soundscapes’: intriguing and atmospheric little soundworlds made with… well, all sorts. This reissue on Discrepant is the first ever appearance on vinyl for these remarkable recordings, where they clearly belong.

Mordant Music & David Rudkin
Pinvin reMMix

An esoteric conversation that touches on faith and history held between David Rudkin and Sukhdev Sandhu, blended in with some queasy abstracted sound from Mordant Music. The whole thing is powerfully odd, disorientating my thinking in just a few minutes. Pinvin reMMix is served up on a single-sided square 7” flexidisc.

Neo Image / Florist / D Tiffany
Rhythms Of The Pacific Volume 2

The cream of the scene in Vancouver, Canada is gathered together on Rhythms Of The Pacific Volume 2. Florist, Neo Image and D Tiffany each present floor-filling productions with an ambient sheen. Please be aware, this 12” on the Pacific Rhythm label is limited enough that we are restricting purchases to one per customer.

Macrocosm Microcosm

PAUW are a trio of Netherlanders, who mix two different styles of psychedelic music very capably. That is to say, they have both the gnarly wildness of modern psych-rock and, more intriguingly, the whimsy and oddness of 60’s psychedelia. Macrocosm Microcosm is their debut full-length, out on Caroline Benelux.

Piero Piccioni
Amore Mio Aiutami

Piero Picconi’s soundtrack to Alberto Sordi’s 1969 film Amoroe Mio Aiutami is a gorgeously romantic thing when it wants to be, massed groups of swings sweeping all around. Or it can be loungey, reflecting the film’s movement between romance and comedy. This LP reissue is remastered from the original tapes and includes two bonus tracks.

Pop. 1280

Pop. 1280 are ostensibly still a punk band, but in practice they spread themselves far beyond the boundaries of that genre. Dark ambient synth-scapes are leered over by Chris Bug’s desolate vocals and some real gnarly noisy guitar. Cello and trumpet ever appear, all contributing to the deliciously bitter atmosphere. On Sacred Bones.

Power Glove

EP II follows on, naturally enough, from EP I, which released for Record Store Day and didn’t hang around long. Power Glove make electronic music that is weighty on the 1980’s cultural influences (I mean they are named after a Nintendo accessory…). Out on Invada, pressed to red vinyl.

Public Service Broadcasting
Sputnik / Korolev

Everyone’s favourite modern history sample duo, Public Service Broadcasting are back with a new EP, Sputnik/Korolev. Sputnik is taken from their successful second album, The Race For Space. Korolev is a brand new track, propulsive and built around a muscular riff. On CD and 12” Vinyl both formats feature remixes by Blond:ish, Petar Dundov, Eagles & Butterflies and Plugger.

Ricardo Donoso

The first three albums produced by Ricardo Donoso have been compiled into two very handsome box sets by Denovali. Minimal polyrhythmic ambient compositions that take the listener to a special place. As hypnotic and questing as a Steve Reich piece. 3CD box or a limited-to-200-copies-only quadruple white vinyl box.

It'll Be Cool

Silkworm’s final album finds itself reissued 11 years after initial release: and for the first time, it is being made available on vinyl. By this point in their career, the band know exactly how to craft scuzzy indie rock tracks, and the standard here is high. It’ll Be Cool was recorded by Steve Albini and is released by Touch And Go.

Sim Hutchins
I Enjoy To Sweep A Room

Occasionally tense, always emotional and beautifully constructed, I Enjoy To Sweep A Room is the debut album from Essex boy Sim Hutchins. Blurred, synthy and richly produced it’s a woozy journey into the mind of a post-grime talent. Well worth your time. Out on vinyl LP from No Pain In Pop. Included bonus CD.


Skeptics were active in 1980’s New Zealand, throwing out post-punk music that leaned very close to noise at certain exciting moments. They swum against the prevailing jangle-indie tide of their scene with samplers and aggression: Amalgam was their final record, and possible their darkest. Reissued by Flying Nun.

Somerset Catalog
Lonely Fang

Containing members of Alan Alda, Bela Karoli, Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story), Instant Empire, Rabbit Is A Sphere, Poet’s Row and The Big Get Even, Somerset Catalog is one helluva Colorado supergroup. Self described as bubblegum doom-pop, their album Lonely Fang deals in uplifting ideals and resigned melancholy in equal measure. Out on vinyl LP from Misra.
  • Vinyl LP (LPMSR079)
  • £18.49 £9.25 (saving: £9.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Space Afrika
Primrose Avenue

Swirling cosmic ambience sits alongside alien techno of a Drexciya persuasion on this new 12” from Space Afrika. Primrose Avenue comprises four tracks of reverb-heavy explorations, the questing synths and deep drum machines all sounding like they are pressing through a wall of haze. Atmospheric stuff on Where To Now?

Stabat Stable
Ultrissima On The Junk's Moon

DIY tape experiments and bedroom post-punk from the incredibly obscure French artist Stabat Stable. Cache Cache have done all the hard work on this vinyl LP, first tracking down scuzzy cassettes and rare pressings and then compiling them all in this wonderful package. Ultrissima On The Junk's Moon blends cheap drum machines and playful synths into an unclassifiable proto-electro.

The Jesus & Mary Chain
Barbed Wire Kisses (B-Sides and More)

Timely vinyl reissue of a 1988 early singles, b-sides and rarities compilation by seminal indie rock provocateurs, The Jesus and Mary Chain. Showcasing the many sides of the band with trashy pop, sultry surf, moody acoustic numbers and searing walls of noise- a great introduction to the band and a must have for devotees.

Useless Eaters
Live in San Francisco

Useless Eaters’ entry into John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees) Castle Face label’s ongoing series Live In San Francisco delivers exactly what you want from a live garage punk show. All the best tracks from the band’s catalogue, but with extra lashings of mess, energy and sweat. Sounds like it was a wild party.


Chicago house compilation on L.A. Club Resource; Delroy Edwards’ label. Featured artists include Wrecking Project, Blacktail and Innstyter as well an exclusive beat groove by Gene Hunt. Expect trashy, fuzzed out, grainy and distorted drum machines pushing their shuffles and grooves to the absolute max.


Stainless looks like it would be an industrial techno record (it is, after all, coming out on Kerridge’s Contort label), and in a way it is. But these four tracks also feature a lot more cello and piano than your average techno 12”, as WSR is interested in pushing electroacoustic experimentalism into rhythmic realms.

Your Friend

Your Friend is the guitar, voice and loops project of Taryn Miller, who releases Gumption straight from finishing a tour with Courtney Barnett. On this album Miller perfects the rich DIY pop and sad indie of her Jekyll/Hyde EP. Like that release, her powerful voice dominates here, but is accompanied by glistening samples and lush textures. Domino have put this record out on vinyl LP (with download code) and CD.