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Six of the Best

Short of time? Can't be arsed scrolling through everything? Here are the six best reviewed things this week.  
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Chris Abrahams
Fluid To The Influence

Chris Abrahams is of course the pianist in essential trio The Necks. His piano playing surfaces here, as does some organ work, but in addition this solo record is teeming with electronic slices and other instruments, assembled with a musique concréte approach. Fluid To The Influence is released by Lawrence English’s Room40 label.

Rook to TN34

For the third time, Mordant Music and Ekoplekz unite for a set of fierce experimental bass-heavy audio. With track titles including ‘Britain’s Got Talon’, ‘Gloomy Leper Techno’ and ‘Hastings’, no to mention the shouted lyrics to ‘Less Trap More Clap’,  the pair aren’t taking themselves so seriously, but the music has a serious impact. Rook to TN34 is released as a cassette on the Mordant Music label.

She Sleeps, She Sleeps

Hell of a collab, this one: experimentalist Mats Gustafsson has played sax 'n' reeds as part of The Thing and with Phil Minton, and here joins post-rock minimalist Johan Berthling (fresh from a record with Oren Ambarchi) and Andreas Werlin of the percussive dance crew Wildbirds & Peacedrums. As Fire!, a group that once extended to an orchestra of thirty, they're going to improvise, a lot, and see what comes out. I imagine 'She Sleeps, She Sleeps' will garner psychedelic fruits.

Vibrant Forms II

Fluxion did a great job expanding the reach and meaning of dub at the turn of the millennium, taking ambient techno and pushing it deeper into the echo chamber. Vibrant Forms II originally released on Chain Reaction compiled his strong early work, and makes for a powerful trip. Remastered audio with new artwork.

In The Mouth Of The Wolf
In The Mouth Of The Wolf

In The Name Of The Wolf is what happens when big-name industrial techno practitioners Cindytalk and Ancient Methods get together: hard-thrusting rhythms and harsh, noisy textures all the way! Heavy stuff that simply commands the dancefloor’s co-operation. This self-titled collaborative debut 12” is limited to 500 copies only, in screen-printed sleeves. On Diagonal.

Massive Attack
Ritual Spirit

After six years the legendary trip-hop group return with Ritual Spirit, on 12” vinyl. This EP borrows from Massive Attack's past with Tricky, but also includes collaborations with new artists who share their dark and dense sound, including Roots Manuva and Young Fathers. The music is heavy, varied and always claustrophobic.

Odd Nosdam

Veteran of the world of outsider beatmaking Odd Nosdam returns with a new full-length, Sisters. LA’s Low End Theory nights have been a big part of the Nosdam world for a while now, and that is reflected here both in the overall dreamy-woozy vibe and in the presence of Teebs on one track. LP on Leaving Records.

The Range

The Range is James Hinton’s project, in which he dives into the infinite space of YouTube, dragging out vocal samples and repurposing them as the centre of his euphoric electronic tracks. But don’t worry, the vocalists will get due recognition in an upcoming documentary, Superimpose. Potential is released by Domino.