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Like the wind whipping through the rafters on a winters day, the array of pre-orders never ends. Here is the latest batch of soon-to-be-favourites, 
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Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto
The Revenant

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Oren Ambarchi’s label Black Truffle reissues a genuine avant-landmark: the first album from AMM. AMMMUSIC landed in the 1960’s like a slab of alien matter, sounding almost entirely unlike anything else. Keith Rowe, Cornelius Cardew and the rest broke out of all the musical norms, and the world is still reeling to this day. Remastered and presented in a replica sleeve.
  • Vinyl LP (BF018LP)
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Bob Mould
Patch The Sky

Now that Husker Du aren't reforming (good), Bob can get on with making his solo albums. This latest one is a result of him spending six months in solitude (a long time to not see a human) and promises to be his darkest record in some time. I'd be interested to see a return to the 'Workbook' sound but who knows with Bob. His latter day albums always have moments of great so this will be well worth keeping an eye on.     

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
Hello, Good Evening, Welcome. And Goodbye: Live At Maida Vale

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Clint Mansell
Black Swan - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante
The North Green Down

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Dick Diver
New Start Again

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Freakwater do make country music, but they only do it on their own terms. So that means subtle harmonies from the two singers, delicate bass playing from Dave Grey and a blend of bluegrass, folk and blues. Scheherazade is their first album in a decade and has been put out by Bloodshot on vinyl LP and CD.

Golden Teacher
First Three EPs

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Mass Gothic
Mass Gothic

The pressure of being the creative force behind New York band Hooray For Earth had gotten to Noel Heroux. Ten years down the line he had found himself being depressed and frustrated, being slap-dash and not giving his all. The only way to halt the decline was to break-up the band and start again. Mass Gothic is his new project for Sub Pop. Working alone, Heroux has found that the creative juices flow resulting in a sweeping and thrilling set of guitar-driven pop songs. Available on indies only banana yellow ‘Loser Edition’ vinyl, standard vinyl, CD and Cassette.

Miranda Lee Richards
Echoes of the Dreamtime

Produced by Rick Parker (Dandy Warhols, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) ‘Echoes Of The Dreamtime’ is the third studio album by American psyche-folk, singer songwriter Miranda Lee Richards. Having picked up a few songs on guitar from Kirk Hammett, Richards went on to work with the likes of Joe Firstman, Suzanne Vega, Tim Burgess, Tricky, Good Listeners and the Jesus and Mary Chain as well as being a member of the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired

Mothers are an indie-folk-rock four piece from Athens,GA who have been making waves in the online and printed music press as well as on mainstream radio stations. Their debut long-player When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired explores the big questions: what is our value, what is our place in the universe, mortality and how these questions affect our relationships. The music is, in places, gorgeous, elegant and spacious, whilst in others elements of post rock and math rock are introduced. Vinyl LP and CD on Wichita.

Here Be Monsters

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Mr. Fingers
Outer Acid

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Grandfeathered is Pinkshinyultrablast follow up album on Club AC30, a more experimental pop affair than their debut, a more expansive and layered fuzzy pop sound. Warm swathes of fuzz peeling back to playful Foals esq beats and picks. Chuck in some of Braids’ beauty and some of Boris’ power and you’s got some bizarre, and brilliantly coined “Thunderpop”.


Quilt craft a careful, sensitive set of tracks here on Plaza, working in the mould of luscious, string-section-augmented, folk-pop-rock. It sounds like the output of some relaxed 1970’s Californians, in the best way possible. The band’s third album, Plaza is released by Mexican Summer, with an indie-store-exclusive option of clear vinyl.

Robert Hood
Paradygm Shift - Volume I

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Robert Pollard
Of Course You Are

Guided By Voices’ leader Robert Pollard is back with another solo outing (his twenty-fourth(!)), a suite of classically rock-based tunes and dextrous songwriting.. One track even has an appearance from that deliciously proggy instrument, the mellotron. Of Course You Are is released on the Fire America label.

Saul Williams

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First Light

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Steve Mason
Meet The Humans

Steve Mason of the Beta Band recorded this album with Craig Potter, best known as the producer and chap on the keyboards for Elbow. The follow up to Mason's ‘double political concept album’ ‘Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time’ this is a more straightforward and accessible undertaking. Taking in influences from the re-invigorated deep house scene, pop, dub as well as folk it's central themes are optimism, joy and hope. Released on 180g Vinyl or digipak CD versions.

From Farthest Known Objects

A brand-new, full-length album from Anthony Child, aka Surgeon. This time, the conceit is that Child’s vintage equipment ended up spitting out such strange-sounding results that they could only conceivably emit from another galaxy: hence From Farthest Known Objects. These tracks are indeed a fresh, wild-sounding trip, though they still keep hold of that essential Surgeon rhythm. On Dynamic Tension.


Debut full-length from new Londoners Telegram. Punkish indie with little touches of glam and psych garnishing the edges. The CD and vinyl versions of Operator have slight variations in tracklisting; what’s more, one of the vinyl editions is both coloured and signed! Released on the Gram Gram label.
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Brilliant Sanity

Seeking out the art of the perfect pop song, Teleman’s second album Brilliant Sanity captures some of the joy that went into the creation of the music. Well honed and impeccably played, featuring the four piece, with brothers Tommy and Johnny on vocals, guitar and synth  drummer Hiro Amamiya and Pete Cattermoul on bass. On vinyl and CD.

The Big Eyes Family Players

Following a series of albums veering from instrumental soundtrack work to folk songs in collaboration with the likes of James Yorkston and Adrian Crowley, the Big Eyes Family players are set to release their first album of new material in over six years. 'Oh!' is a lush and melancholic take on the type of space age batchelor pad pop previously peddled by the likes of Broadcast and United States of America. They don't veer too far from their folky roots though with a lilting cover of Lal Waterson's 'Song For Thirza an album highlight. Sharron Kraus and Aby Vulliamy (Trembling Bells/Aidan Moffat) guest.   
  • Vinyl LP (HAM013)
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  • Limited edition

The Jazz Butcher
Last Of The Gentlemen Adventurers

Celebrating the 30th birthday of this long running British indie collective, this begins a series of re-issues from their long and varied back catalogue. Led by the wonderfully monikered Pat Fish, the Jazz Butcher took elements of the Velvet Underground and Syd Barrett and took it in idiosyncratic, whimsical directions. As well as Pat there's some future big names on here including super producer Richard Formby and Spacemen 3 legend Sonic Boom.  

Venetian Snares
Traditional Synthesizer Music

Venetian Snares is well known for his ludicrous break mashing at insane tempos and bizarre musical structures. Never shying away from a different approach Traditional Synthesizer Music is his take on the modular synth. Each track made from scratch and each element synthesized, and recorded in one take, then delete, move on to the next. It’s a different approach, but still the Venetian Snares chaos we all love.

Violent Femmes
We Can Do Anything

We Can Do Anything is the ninth album from The Violent Femmes and the first new material from the dauntless three-piece in 15 years. The album finds the band in an alluring and exuberant mood mixing their own takes on folk, jazz, blues, punk and rock ‘n’ roll which stretch from the minimal to the cosmic. Gordon Gano plundered his stash of unreleased and unfinished songs searching for the perfect blend for this album, unearthing some gems in the process.

White Hills
No Game To Play

300mics re-press the debut of psychedelic rockers White Hills. No Game To Play is an essential introduction to the hypnotic and transcendental hard rock they have pioneered since the early 2000s. Their rough and repetitive sound is equal parts NYC scuzz and krautrock minimalism. Limited to 1000 copies; 200 in milky clear and blood red wax (which are sold out at source) and 800 in black.
  • Vinyl LP (DOS-002)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Come to My Party

Winkie are a New York based shoegaze-pop group, but with a twist: they don’t use any guitars! Nevertheless, the fuzz haze is strong with this one, cloaking the innocent vocals to just the right degree. Come To My Party is their second full-length, and is released in a screen-printed sleeve by America Primitive.