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Actual tapes....on Opal Tapes. Made to make your mouth water....and cheap too. 
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Basic House
Cryptid Binaries

Opal Tapes head honcho Basic House re-releases his own brutal Cryptid Binaries cassette, but in a larger batch than the original buy-on-sight 50. The thought that only 50 people got to hear this raw, funky and downright industrial house music is a sad one, that is thankfully being rectified. This is proper tough and gloriously unhinged machine music.

Basic House / Metrist
The World Is Order, Incarnate

Essential free-form drones and kick-drums from Opal Tapes boss Basic House and new friend Metrist. This short run cassette finishes off a killer year for both artists. Within The World is Order, Incarnate we get slow-burning noise epics, disorientating field recordings and abrasive house and techno grooves; all mashed together, of course.

Naka Naka
Juan Pestañas

Ñaka Ñaka is a Mexican / American producer who crafts electronic music that falls somewhere between techno and ambience: Selected Ambient Works-esque synth melodies circulate over dusty post-industrial drum machines. Juan Pestañas was first issued in 2013, and the tape has now been re-pressed for the benefit of all by Opal Tapes.


Another slice of 2013-era leftfield sort-of-techno from the Opal Tapes roster. OOBE (which stands for ‘Out Of Body Experience’) can work it at all sorts of different tempos, and always with beautifully subtle melodic synth-lines hovering overhead. SFTCR is re-pressed and back on the streets in cassette form, on Opal Tapes.


Personable is a project of M. Geddes Gengras, a busy collaborator with the likes of LA Vampires and Sun Araw. His Alternate / Other tape, first issued in 2013, finds him modular-synthing his way to gnarly techno glory: on-beat enough to dance too, off-kilter enough to sound woozy and fresh. Repress cassette on Opal Tapes.