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Badly Drawn Boy
The Hour Of Bewilderbeast

One of the reasons Damon Gough has turned to drink must be down to the fact that he has never come anywhere near to bettering his debut work. This album and the EPs that preceded it contain all his early folky musings when he didn't really care what anyone thought of him. It still sounds superb today and has a raggle taggle charm that was lost when he started seeing himself as a rock star. Whatever you think of him now, he still manages to perform this album live following the kind of drinking that would see lesser mortals take to their beds. Essential re-issue with loads of bonus tracks and 'kinky' leatherette sleeve. 

The Box Set

The ultimate collection for the Blur fan. Featuring all their albums (pre split and reformation of course), just the five and a half hours of unreleased material, three DVDs and even a 7" single of a rare Seymour track. Now cheaper, it will still set you back but look what you get for your brass.

David Laurie
Dare: How Bowie & Kraftwerk Inspired the Death of Rock 'n' Roll and Invented Modern Pop Music

Here we have a book by David Laurie, in which he lays out his thesis that innovators like David Bowie and Kraftwerk allowed the development of synthpop groups like OMD and The Human League, whose success ended the hegemony of guitar-rock forms and allowed a paradigm shift in pop to blossom. Full of excellent photographs too.

Eugene Mirman
I'm Sorry (You're Welcome)

Eugene Mirman is a stand-up comedian who you also might know from parts in various American sitcoms. Amazingly, he has committed himself to a whole 7 LP box-set, which contains a recording of a live stand-up set, but also a massive ton of other oddities, supposedly including Russian lessons, crying, and a ‘fuckscape’. Remarkable box set on Sub Pop.

Art Angels

Grimes is back, not that’s she’s been away really, but she certainly split some opinions when she released Go in 2014. With Art Angels she has turned away from the populist pop-trap fad and delivered 14 tracks of addictive leftfield pop. Featuring even more instrumentation played by herself as well as collaborations with Janelle Monáe and Aristophanes.

Complete Works

Sadly (and inadvertently) timed to coincide with the death of core member Dieter Moebius, we have here the Complete Works of Harmonia. That’s a whole five albums by the pioneering komische-electronicists, including a live album and Tracks And Traces, their collaboration with Brian Eno. Grand deluxe vinyl box-set with all the trimmings.

Ian Curtis / Jon Savage
So This is Permanence

'So This is Permanence' is an incredibly personal insight into post-punk’s most enigmatic pioneer. This collection of intimate writings is filled with lyrics and previously unseen, unpublished replicas of pages from Ian Curtis’ notebooks. For the most ardent of fans, there's also a limited edition of just 200 copies, all of which are signed by all of the surviving members of Joy Division, plus Jon Savage, editor of the collection, and Deborah Curtis who contributes a foreword to the book. 

John Shuttleworth
The Yamaha Years

Fifty-something DIY enthusiast, John Shuttleworth lives in Sheffield with his wife and two kids. He writes perfect kitchen-sink pop songs with the help of his portable Yamaha synthesizer. Available for the first time on vinyl, The Yamaha Years contains such classics as Pigeons In Flight and My Wife Died In 1970. This double LP also contains 7 bonus tracks. Graham Fellows is the man behind John Shuttleworth. He also created the character of Jilted John for the eponymous punk hit in 1978.
  • Vinyl Double LP (FRP2LP001)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Led Zeppelin

The definitive Led Zeppelin compilation, Mothership gets treated to a remastered reissue supervised by Jimmy Page himself. The 4LP vinyl edition arrives contained in a deluxe archival 2-piece box including an oversized full-colour booklet. A delicious introduction or a fine collectors piece. Out on CD and vinyl LP box set from Atlantic.

Lord Tarquin
Memoirs Of A Shoegazing Gentleman

Sonic Cathedral are venturing into publishing books for the first ever time with 'Memoirs of A Shoegazing Gentlemen', the work of Piss-Taker-In-Chief Lord Tarquin (also known as David Quantick). The content of this book of satire and maybe potentially some shoegaze originally found its home in a frequent column for NME. 
  • Book (SCR058)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Mark Burgess
View From A Hill

View From A Hill, the story of Mark Burgess -- singer and founding member of legendary post punk band The Chameleons –- was previously only published in very limited print runs, but here it gets the attention it deserves with a revised, definitive edition. Complete with a full discography, family tree and an introduction by fanzine legend Karren Ablaze. 
  • Book (978-0-9574270-1-3)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Mark Lanegan
One Way Street

Calling all Mark Lanegan fans! The first five solo albums that the gravel-voiced singer released, gathered together in full as a 6LP set. From solo debut The Winding Sheet to latest collection Field Songs, it’s all here. One Way Street features reproduction sleeves and heavyweight vinyl, all put together by Sub Pop.

Max Richter

You’ve heard the excerpted album version, now hear the full-length total version: the full 8 hours of Max Richter’s SLEEP. The idea is that listeners will put this on and have it play while they sleep and dream: consequently, the music is quiet, slow, and beautiful. Presented by Deutsche Grammophon on 8CDs and as a Blu-Ray that will play continuously.

Central Belters

Something of a motherload here for Mogwai fans: the noisy Scottish group are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a grand, box-set compilation, equal parts favourites and rarities. If you’ve never heard their ‘My Father My King’ before for instance, now’s your chance! Three CDs or a whole six vinyl records! On Rock Action.

Neil Young
A Letter Home

On 'A Letter Home', Young retreats into his folk traditions after a couple of years incorporating drone, psychedelia and noise into his records and live sets. This record was recorded at Jack White's Third Man studio, in the kind of pay-per-use recording booth you would've found way back in the day. Young stepped in and recorded these covers of folk standards, only using his guitar and the occasional piano accompaniment from White. Among the covers are Tim Hardin's "Reason to Believe", Bob Dylan's "Girl from the North Country" and the good old "On the Road Again". 'A Letter Home' is interspersed with Young reading out a letter he's written to his late mother. Bless you, Neil.

Neko Case
Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule

Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule is an 8-LP box set by Neko Case. The collection contains all 8 of her studio albums from 1997’s The Virginian, which appears on vinyl for the first time, to 2013’s The Worse Things Get, the Harder I fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You and her 2002 classic, Blacklisted. Singer/songwriter, Case hails from Virginia but moved to Vancouver in 1994. Both of these locations inform her music as she has straddled genres from alt. country to indie. Most notably a solo artist, Case was also a member of the A.C. Newman led Canadian supergroup The New Pornographers.
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set (0045778737215)
  • Limited edition

New Order
Music Complete

And just like that, a brand new New Order album! Music Complete is their first since 2013, and is notable for a complete lack of Peter Hook, who grumped his way out of the band a while back. A fresh, Mute-worthy sound, wrapped up in a typical Peter Saville sleeve! Available on double LP (only black vinyl now) and CD!

Nine Inch Nails
Halo I- IV

An extremely limited vinyl repress of Nine Inch Nails' phenomenal early work. Halo I-IV refers to Trent Reznor’s personal numbering system, and this one-off set contains his first three singles on 120 gram 12” vinyl and Pretty Hate Machine on a whopping 180 gram slab of wax. This abrasive album and the classic run of singles that led to it defined NiN’s claustrophobic, industrial rock.

Carbon (MM) Moving Magnet Cartridge

What can we say about this item, but that it works, and works well? Rega know what they are doing in terms of turntable production, and the Rega Carbon Moving Magnet Cartridge is designed to perfectly balance the qualities of easy set-up and replaceability with a clear and accurate reproduction of the sounds on your record.

Bias 2 Moving Magnet Cartridge

What can we say about this item, but that it works, and works well? Rega know what they are doing in terms of turntable production, and the Rega Bias 2 Moving Magnet Cartridge will quite simply make your records sound as they should. Apparently they test each individual cartridge for two days (!), so you know it’ll be good by the time it gets to you.

Rega RP1 Performance Pack Turntable

Rega produce premium turntables, and their Rega RP1 Performance Pack gives you one of their high-end players, along with a turntable mat and a specialised cartridge. We’ve got it in grey, titanium, or Union Jack designs: perfect stylistic options, whether you want to listen to minimal European techno or vintage Britpop.


In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Ride’s debut, they are re-releasing Nowhere with loads of extra goodies. With an expanded 15-track version of the album, as well as live recordings from their concert at London's Town & Country Club in March 1991. As well as a photo booklet. All wrapped up in some pretty special packaging.

Savage Pencil
Trip or Squeek's Big Amplifier

  • Book (978- 1907222122)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Telephantasm (Super-Deluxe Edition)

This is a career spanning mega box by the rock monoliths including some of their greatest moments, deep cuts from their back catalogue and one unreleased track. Comes in massive box with 3LPs, 2 CDs and a DVD. and in this super-deluxe edition you get a book and photos. We've made it a bit cheaper too.

The Island Years

Following on from their recent collaboration with Franz Ferdinand as FFS, you can now get your hands on The Island Years by Sparks. The 5-LP box set contains four classic albums recorded between 1974-76: Kimono My House, Propaganda, Indiscreet and Big Beat with a fifth LP of B-sides which have never before been released in this format. All 5 LPs are pressed on 180g vinyl. The box set also contains a download code.

White Light from the Mouth of Infinity / Love of Life

Swans are an American experimental rock who had their origins in the New York No Wave scene of the early ‘80s. They are fronted by multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira. White Light From The Mouth of Infinity and Love of Life are two of their classic albums from their early ‘90s period. Both complete albums are presented here as a box set available on CD and Vinyl, both versions come with an 18 track CD of bonus material.

The House Of Love
The House Of Love Deluxe

Helping indie rock find its feet as a toddler back in the 1980s, The House Of Love created a rich debut that caught a lot of cult favour but has since gone missing from alt-rock consciousness. This deluxe package offers all of their singles for Creation and a lot of unreleased demos, demonstrating the long and prosperous activities of a band who were all too briefly in our hearts.

The National
A Lot Of Sorrow

An experiment in how far one track’s emotional resonance can be help through repetition by The National and Icelandic performance artist Ragnar Kjartansson. The entire performance features the track Sorrow played repeatedly for six hours. 105 versions are here on clear vinyl in a deluxe LP box set from 4AD. Exhausting and evocative.

The Sisters of Mercy

Floodland was the first album produced by Sisters Of Mercy version two, released in 1987. One of the most successful examples of their morose gothery. This box-set reissue is a sprawling beast, adding the three 12” singles released in the same period, each of which is rich with alternate and extended mixes and non-album B-sides. On Rhino

The Triffids
Born Sandy Devotional

The Triffids were one of 1980’s Australia’s greatest alternative rock groups. Grand, sweeping songs, driven by the basslines of Martyn Casey, later of The Bad Seeds and Grinderman. Born Sandy Devotional hasn’t been in print on vinyl since the original release in 1986, and is now handsomely remastered. Limited edition, on heavyweight vinyl.

The Vinyl Box

In gloriously awkward fashion, Belgian label Cramboy celebrates the 38th anniversary of experimental post-punkers Tuxedomoon with a deluxe 10LP box set. Complete with a 28 page 12” book the set contains the band’s nine studio albums on vinyl and an additional album of previously unreleased tracks. Contains download code for the whole lot.

Fun Bag

Life can be so predictable. We listen, we click, we order, we get home and we listen to the same thing. We go to gigs where a band plays its classic album in it's entirety. We know what is coming next. But who would go to a football match where you already knew the outcome? So why not take a risk and get a fun bag. You could end up with a load of old shit or some lost classics. These are mystery bags containing randomly selected items from our shelves. They come in 7", CD or CD without cases formats. Go on, live a little. 

Touch And Go The Complete Fanzines Box Set

Completely insane re-productions of Touch and Go's legendary fanzines all lovingly re-produced and with bonus CD so you can hear some of the music that is raved about enthusiastically. A true piece of music history.

Parchman Farm: Photographs and Field Recordings: 1947–1959

This record documents Alan Lomax's experience in the prison farm of Parchman in Mississippi. Lomax took photos and a tape deck with him and attempted to present an image of working prisoners who passed their time in labour by singing. This collection has over forty tracks from this experience, as well as a huge collection of photo and essays that try to convey the sense of place. 

This Record Belongs To ___

This Record Belongs To _____ is a children’s record for parents who think it extremely important that their young ones start appreciating vinyl as soon as possible (no surprise then, that Jack White’s Third Man Records is behind it). However, the tracklisting, including Carole King, Nina Simone and Jerry Garcia (!) will entice adults too.