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New Year pre-orders

So after all that Christmas malarkey (sooo last year) we have a big fresh New Year to look forward to. We hope this one (entitled 2016) is a bit better for the world. Music wise there's lots to look forward to as this massive and long hand picked, line-caught list reveals.....
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Animal Collective
Painting With

Animal Collective are back again! What strange areas have they wandered into this time around? The answer seems to be less harsh, but similarly frantic territory to Centipede Hz, though with a particular focus on shorter, faster songs. CD, LP and deluxe LP edition (that last one includes a psychedelic zoetrope-style slipmat), with the possibility of 3 different covers.

Arthur Russell
The Sleeping Bag Sessions

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Bert Jansch

Please note the limited versions are now OOP! Earth Recordings have gone above and beyond on this phenomenal reissue of Bert Jansch’s Avocet. Not only do you get Jansch’s gorgeous and varied folk songs, but newly remastered recordings and stunning packaging. The CD is a unique ‘bookback’ design and the vinyl LP comes in a die-cut card sleeve with 6 lithographs of the birds Jansch’s delicate acoustic songs are about. Both versions have extensive sleeve-notes and newly commissioned illustrations.

Bloc Party

Suprise! Bloc Party are back! Hymns, their fifth record, arrives after some time away, with original songwriters Kele and Russell accompanied by a bass-player formerly of Menomena and a young drummer from Youtube. Initial single The Love Within has been picking up a lot of love from listeners, suggesting this might be a strong return. On Infectious Music.

Cavern of Anti-Matter
void beats/invocation trex

Cavern of Anti-Matter is a new group led by Tim Gane of Stereolab! void beats / invocation trex has the classic gorgeous motorik vibe that Stereolab alumni do so well, sucking you into its world. Guest appearances from Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3: quite a line-up eh? CD or triple LP on Duophonic.

Heartache City

The sixth album from Bianca and Sierra Casady a.k.a Cocorosie is as intriguing as each of the previous works by the creatively evolving duo. Heartache City comes out on their own label Lost Girl, and takes the band back to their DIY roots, utilising vintage toybox instruments played at their farmhouse studio in Southern France. Out on CD from Lost Girl.

Many Colours

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Damien Jurado
Visions of Us on the Land

Damien Jurado is a folk-ish kind of artist who is comfortable with revealing his most private feelings in his intimate songs. Visions of Us on the Land is available in 3 formats, of escalating scale. There is the CD, the double LP, or the triple LP, which adds an LP of demos. All on Secretly Canadian.

Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman, composer of a million soundtracks, naturally had a hand in accompanying Goosebumps, a series with an impressive heritage (62 books!). It sounds highly dramatic and plenty spooky, and comes packaged in brand new artwork exclusively designed by Tim Jacobus, the illustrator of the books. On Waxwork.

Not To Disappear

Second album from Daughter, the slightly-ethereal, thoroughly-melancholic indie trio. They’ve been away for 3 years, and the time has allowed them to hone their frosted sound to a fine, sharp point: Not To Disappear is sincerely sad in sound and in words, but manages to avoid becoming maudlin. Out on 4AD.

David Bowie
Bowie at the Beeb: The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions 68 -72

Bowie At The Beeb: The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions ‘68 - ‘72 compiles the finest moments from across 12 different sessions, so there was plenty of material to choose from. This release is also the first time that this collection of early David Bowie has been pressed to vinyl! Quadruple LP set, with a booklet, on Warner Bros.

Fever 121614

Fever 121614 captures Deerhoof playing live in concert in Tokyo last year, to the evident joy of their audience. The setlist goes deep into their repertoire, with fan favourites from several albums brought out to play. As ever, the band are melodic, complex and fun all at the same time, and the live audience brings out their energetic best. Out on the Polyvinyl Record Co.

Earl Brutus
Your Majesty... We Are Here

Much-missed cult favourites Earl Brutus have their work reissued by 3 Loop Music. Cutting post-punk super-pop. Your Majesty… We Are Here (an admirably bold title for a debut album) comes with a bonus CD, full of all the contemporary B-sides, alongside extremely rare remixes from David Arnold and Alan Vega of Suicide(!)

Emma Pollock
In Search of Harperfield

It has taken nearly six years but Emma Pollock has finally followed up her marvellous album The Law Of Large Numbers with  In Search of Harperfield. The album nods in the direction of great female artists such as Kate Bush, Sandy Denny, Dusty Springfield and Kristin Hersh whilst Emma’s vocals recall the talents of Annie Lennox and Siouxsie Sioux. Emma’s songwriting ability and gift for melody set her apart from the pack. The album was produced by fellow ex-Delgado Paul Savage. In Search of Harperfield will please fans of The Delgados and is already regarded as one of the best albums in the Chemikal Underground cannon.

Field Music

Field Music went on hiatus after touring their brilliant 2012 album Plumb. Brothers Peter and David Brewis undertook various projects including David’s School of Language album Old Fears and producing and playing on Ripe by Slug. Now they’re back with a new album, Commontime. Whereas Plumb was a stream of consciousness - melodic ideas melding into one another, Commontime contains more conventionally structured songs taking in ‘70s influences such as David Bowie and Roxy Music and filtering them through ‘80s influences such as Talking Heads, Japan and Scritti Politti. Available on indies only double Neon Orange vinyl LP, standard double vinyl LP and CD.

Glenn Mercer
Incidental Hum

Glenn Mercer of The Feelies releases his second solo album, an all-instrumental set of originals with covers of Jimi Hendrix, Brian Eno and The Wizard of Oz to finish up. Mercer is a talented musician, weaving these detailed, many-layered compositions together entirely by himself. How many instruments he plays here I’ve no idea… Out on Bar-None.

Geidi Primes

Geidi Primes was Grimes debut LP released in 2010. Way before she was attracted to billionaire Elon Musk, she was making dreamy pop in her basement influenced by everything from dubstep to disco. It was the first of her recordings to make waves across the globe and, though not her best work, is a fascinating early taste of what would come later.     

Girl At The End of The World

It has apparently been 32 years since James formed: hard to believe eh? After such a long stint, they’ve elected to make a brand new record (their fourteenth). The Girl At The End Of The World is an electronically tinged set of excited indie numbers, the band obviously still enjoying the creative process. CD or double LP.
  • Label(s):
  • BMG

Jesu / Sun Kil Moon
Jesu / Sun Kil Moon

This joint album from Sun Kil Moon and Jesu is the strangest and most natural of collaborations. The groups have different methods (Justin K Broadrick with abrasive post-metal and Mark Kozelek with acoustic ballads and dark wit) but on America's Most Wanted these combine alongside bleak textures and melancholy guitars. This CD album on Rough Trade and Caldo Verde Records also has an all-star cast of indie icons, from Bonnie "Prince" Billy, to Rachel Goswell of Slowdive.

John Cale
Music For A New Society

An interesting move here from John Cale, who is simultaneously re-releasing his 1982 album Music For A New Society and producing a wholly new version, M:FANS. This vinyl release of the original album includes an additional 3 bonus tracks that were previously unreleased. LP with download code on Domino.

John Carpenter
Dark Star - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Dark Star was the first feature film that John Carpenter directed: he also, naturally, provided the soundtrack, a smorgasbord of synthy bleeps, bloops and tones. This reissue on we release whatever the fuck we want comes as a 12” with the OST and a 7” featuring an Alan Howarth rework and a locked groove of sound effects.
  • Vinyl LP (WRWTFWW007)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Kiran Leonard

Kiran Leonard is an indecently good musician, bearing in mind his tender age of 20. This isn’t even his debut… Grapefruit has lots to show off, from fully rock-action passages to chamber orchestra sections and even some radio hiss ambience, all cemented by Leonard’s remarkable voice. Released by the Moshi Moshi label.


Believe it or not, this is bass music veteran and Hyperdub boss Kode9’s first ever full-length solo record (having previously made albums with the sadly departed Spaceape). Nothing works in grime and footwork influences along with typically low-slung Kode9 rollers: several tracks also acknowledge Spaceape by leaving empty space for the absent vocalist.

M. Ward
More Rain

M. Ward has produced a lot of excellent music over the years, as a solo artist, with Zooey Deschanel as She & Him, and with members of My Morning Jacket and Bright Eyes as Monsters of Folk. Some heritage eh? He consequently dives into More Rain with confidence, producing a strong suite of uptempo songs. On Bella Union.

Manuel Göttsching

E2-E4: a classic slab of minimal electronica from Ash Ra Tempel wizard Manuel Göttsching. Absurdly, for such a crucial work, the whole hour-long piece was improvised by Göttsching so he’d have something to listen to on his walkman during a plane journey the next day: the mind boggles. 35th anniversary LP reissue with embossed artwork, on MG.ART.

Marissa Nadler
Ballads of Living and Dying

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Melt Yourself Down
Dot To Dot

Melt Yourself Down are soon to return with a second album of their frenzied fiery free-afro-jazz-punk. Dot To Dot, the first single, makes a compelling preview, Kushal Gaya holding forth authoritatively over an unbeatable groove. The track is backed by a fresh-flipping remix by DJ Khalab. 12” in an edition of 500, on The Leaf Label.
  • Vinyl 12" (DOCK62)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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I'll Be The Night

MONEY have that proud Mancunian vibe to them, not least in the vocals, which I don’t think I’d be unfair in saying sounds a little Morrissey-like? Second album Suicide Songs has arrived, and single I’ll Be The Night previews their emotionally weighty chamber-indie sound. 12” on Bella Union.

Mystery Jets
Curve of the Earth

Mystery Jets pull slightly away from their psychedelic-indie-pop routes slightly on new album Curve of the Earth, making a Foals-esque move into deeper, darker, more melancholy songwriting. It fits them pretty well in fact, lead single ‘Telomere’ rising and falling between quiet piano passages and firmer crescendoes. Out on Caroline International.

Odd Nosdam
T r i s h EP

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Primal Scream

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Richmond Fontaine
You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing To Go Back To

Richmond Fontaine have a name that sounds like a solo artist, but don’t be fooled: this is a band through and through. You Can’t Go Back If There’s Nothing To Go Back To, their tenth album, is another gorgeous, heavily-laden alt-country sprawl. The band is accompanied for the first time by members of The Delines and The Decemberists. Available in regular editions, and in a deluxe LP version with exclusive bonus CD.

Saddar Bazaar
Seventh Valley

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Sarah Neufeld
The Ridge

Fresh from her stunning, album-of-the-year-from-Norman-Records-award-winning collaboration with Colin Stetson (who also guests here), Arcade Fire member Sarah Neufeld puts out her second solo record. The Ridge takes her violin to higher planes of hypnotic, dramatic melodicism. Also features Tim Hecker! On SN Music.

Adore Life

Savages return! Second album Adore Life is just as ferocious as their debut, but the intervening touring has allowed them to be even better at it. Jenny Beth’s lyrics and vocal performance are scouringly energetic, especially in the particularly relentless single and leading track ‘The Answer’. Out on Matador.

School Of Seven Bells

SVIIB is the final studio album by School of Seven Bells. It was recorded in 2012. At the time of recording, School of Seven Bells were a duo consisting of Benjamin Curtis, previously of Secret Machines and Alejandra Deheza following the departure of her sister Claudia Deheza in 2010. Sadly, Benjamin Curtis died in 2013. Alejandra Deheza made it her mission to finish the record. She worked with producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen. Alejandra Deheza describes the record as a love letter starting from the day she met Curtis.

Severed Heads
Please Clifford, Don't Live In The Past

Please Clifford, Don’t Live In The Past is a retrospective collection of Severed Heads, a bunch of Australian post-punk, synth-pop, tape-experimental heads whose work is getting some reissue attention from the Dark Entries label. Lots of exciting odds and ends here, with live, demo and unreleased tracks along with band members’ solo recordings. Double LP on Dark Entries.

Jet Plane and Oxbow

Surprise surprise from Shearwater, who seem to have unleashed a full-blown 1980’s synth-rock album right here. Jet Plane and Oxbow is a collection of big, widescreen songs, designed with the help of Brian Reitzell and Jesca Hoop among others. CD, double LP, or a special, independent-stores-only blue vinyl ‘Loser’ edition. On Sub Pop.

Night Thoughts

Something that a lot of people thought impossible at one point is soon to come to pass: a totally new album by Suede. Night Thoughts seems to be very much the late-period, grandiose work, featuring a full string section for most of the record and accompanied by a full-on film exploring the same themes, available as a DVD with half the four formats available.

Sunn O)))

Domkirke is a document of a 2007 live performance by Sunn O))) in the atmospheric environment of Bergen Cathedral. Stretching far beyond the usual palette of infinitely-amped riff-crashing, these 4 side-long tracks feature plenty of organ and the dread vocals of Attila Csihar. It is an interesting corner of the Sunn O))) canon, a welcome reissue. 2LP on Southern Lord.
  • Vinyl Double LP (SUNN94LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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The Fall
Wise Ol' Man

The Fall follow up their most recent album Sub Lingual Tablet with this EP. Wise Ol’ Man (is that supposed to be Mark E. Smith?) mixes all-new tracks with a smattering of remixes, instrumentals and edits, as well as a reversioning of old festive favourite ‘No Xmas For John Quays’. 7 tracks in all. Out on the Cherry Red label.

The Fat White Family
Songs For Our Mothers

Album number two from Fat White Family, that gang of nihilistic performance upstarts. Songs For Our Mothers promises to be spitting with hatred and negative energy, and probably lots of loud guitars as well. Includes the single Whitest Boy On The Beach. Released on the somewhat dubiously titled Without Consent label, as CD and as LP.

The High Llamas
Here Come The Rattling Trees

Whilst lamenting the new direction of The High Llamas on a regular cycle around his particular corner of South-East London, Sean O’Hagan decided to give the next album a narrative structure. Because of this, he also decided that the story within the songs must be performed as a play first. And that’s exactly what happened. Here Come The Rattling Trees has been performed in several places in London throughout 2014 and now the album, which is full of typically intelligent, soft and melodic moments, is available for you to enjoy. Lyrically, it has a story arc that focuses on Amy. Amy meets several characters who, in turn, tell their own story. CD and LP on Drag City.

The Pop Group
For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?

An essential record from The Pop Group, reissued at last. For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? is no less boldly political than it’s title suggests, railing furiously against imperialism with Mark Stewart’s howls and the band’s tight post-punk-funk. Both CD and 2LP editions come with art prints and posters. On Freaks R Us.

The Third Eye Foundation

The Third Eye Foundation’s legendary slice of shoegaze-inspired drum ‘n' bass is finally reissued by Ici d'Ailleurs. Semtex’s brutal, dense and anti-establishment music blends harsh breakbeat rhythms and melancholy samples to create something that still sounds unique 20 years later. It feels a little strange to have something so perfectly rough and anti-social so beautifully presented. Available on CD and double vinyl LP.

The Walker Brothers
Nite Flights

One of the most unusual records of all time. Nite Flights was then forgotten '60s combo The Walker Brothers 1978 comeback album. It was split into contributions by each band member with Scott Walker getting just four songs. The album is worth buying just for those four songs as they pave the way for his future more experimental work. Its title track invents everything that happened in the early '80s basically. Astonishingly unusual. 

The Wave Pictures
A Season In Hull

On A Season in Hull, the fourteenth studio album from English rockers The Wave Pictures, the group return to their lo-fi roots. Recorded live with a single microphone, this vinyl LP on Wymeswold Records relies on impeccable songwriting and charming grooves. The immediacy of the recording reminds us just how sharp and witty these guys have always been. Lovely stuff.

This Heat
Health and Efficiency

This Heat remain one of the most unique and remarkable bands in existence, and it is a joy to see their catalogue being reissued on vinyl for the first time! Health & Efficiency is a hell of an EP, combining weird tape-manipulated soundscape ‘Graphic/Varispeed’ with the title track, which seems to accelerate at least 4 times before getting locked in a tight loop. Remastered audio, 180g vinyl, and a booklet of notes and photos, on Modern Classics.

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room, Tindersticks’ latest full-length, comes accompanied by a full brace of short films, one for each of the album’s eleven tracks. These songs are thus suitably cinematic, grandly arranged but on an intimate scale. Also includes a guest vocal from Jenny Beth of Savages. Four different format options, on City Slang.

The Catastrophist

The first new Tortoise album in a nigh-on seven years! The officially legendary post-rock (in the original, interesting sense of the term) group have convened to produce an inventive melange of sonic approaches: first single Gesceap is a pulsing piece led by minimal-but-melodic synths. All bodes well. On Thrill Jockey.

Skilled Mechanics

New tunes from the man Tricky himself! Skilled Mechanics is titled for a certain kind of CIA assassin (not, as I’d hoped, in tribute to some guys who fixed his car), a theme which suits Tricky’s brand of shuffling paranoia. As usual, he pulls in a range of vocalists to help him craft his world, including Chinese producer  Ivy 艾菲. Out on !K7.
  • Label(s):
  • !K7

Ty Segall
Emotional Mugger

Announced through the unusual approach of sending out in the post VHS tapes with the album dubbed on, Emotional Mugger is the latest work from the very busy Ty Segall. Seems it’s another 11 tracks of that delightful garage-pop sound, Ty leading from the front with high-pitched vocals and fuzzy guitar. LP, CD or cassette tape, on Drag City.

Underground Resistance
World 2 World

Sold out

Still In A Dream - A Story Of Shoegaze 1988-1995

Still In A Dream - A Story Of Shoegaze 1988-1995 does its genre a service, providing a comprehensive retrospective that digs much further than the obvious surface: Lush, Ride and The Cocteau Twins are all here, but so are Swirlies, Flying Saucer Attack and Smashing Orange. 5 discs, packaged along with extensive liner-notes, on Cherry Red.

Wild Nothing
Life of Pause

Album number 3 from ambitious indie musician Jack Tatum, best known as Wild Nothing. Life Of Pause is a bold new collection, bringing in the likes of saxophones and marimbas to the melancholy smooth-indie mix. The result is a superbly textured, well produced record, each song full of layers to peel away. On Bella Union.

Yorkston / Thorne / Khan
Everything Sacred

In which James Yorkston, John Thorne (of Lamb) and singer / sarangi-player Suhail Yusuf Khan get together to record a remarkable set of material, encompassing original tunes, Ivor Cutler covers and improvisations. Everything Sacred is available in special independent-stores-only edition, with an exclusive bonus 7”.

Paranormale Aktivitat

Sold out