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Coil re-issues

No need for us to big this one up. Essential reissues from Coil's unparalleled catalogue. £9 each or grab all 8 for £65.
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The Angelic Conversation

Remastered and Rereleased from the Threshold House archives, Coil’s album An Angelic Conversation made up the soundtrack to Derek Jarman’s film of the same name. Different to the original version, this reissue doesn’t include the dialog/sonnet portions, and instead the tracks work as separate pieces.

Threshold Archives - Remastered Reissues CD Bundle

Rising from the UK post-industrial underground of the early 1980s, Coil were the visionary duo of Peter Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle/ Psychic TV) and Geoff Rushton aka Jhon Balance. The two core members were joined over the years by a rotating cast of like-minded artists that included Thighpaulsandra, Drew McDowell, Stephen Thrower and others. Their cross-genre music and art incorporated everything from experimental/ electronic, post-industrial, ambient, soundtracks, drone etc. and explored the occult, magick, altered states, the human condition, mysticism, mortality and beyond. After the untimely death of Jhon Balance and later Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, the future of the extensive Coil back catalogue has since been in limbo - shrouded in controversy and rumour. To say that this first batch of reissues has been keenly anticipated would be an understatement. Their beloved and highly collectable discography has seen prices increasing on the second hand market to ridiculous levels of unattainability for most fans; hence the emergence of inferior bootlegs. Now, finally, after much speculation - the time has come and Threshold Archives is now active. The label dedicated to preserving and making available - in the best possible quality this important, diverse and often profoundly affecting body of work. The seeds of the label were sown by Peter Christopherson prior to his transition into the next life and have since been nurtured by former members, friends and family. Eight CD reissues of long out of print and rare material have emerged; The Angelic Conversation, Panic, The Wheel, The Consequences of Raising Hell, The Anal Staircase, Wrong Eye, Windowpane and The Snow. Audio has been painstakingly remastered from original sources including; DATs, cassettes, Betamax masters, reels, and old computer hard disks. These new editions have been expanded to include previously unreleased tracks, demo versions and instrumentals. A dream come true for Coil heads. To mark the occasion, for the hardcore Coil fans, we’re offering all eight titles as a convenient, discounted bundle for £65.00, saving £7.00 on purchasing them all individually.


Remastered and Rereleased from the Threshold House archives, Panic is one of many Coil singles and albums to resurface. Featuring the original tracks from the single, as well as added unreleased remixes, instrumentals, and compilation tracks from the same period, making it up to a thirteen track monster. Everytime things like this appear, you remember how damned good John Balance and Peter Christopherson were.

The Wheel

Continuing the massive reissue of Coil albums and rarities, this one’s a little bit more special. The first time these tracks have been available on CD, having previously only been on separate 10” and 7”. Both versions brought together, so you have The Wheel, The Wheal, and Keelhauler as well as loads of unreleased (even unnamed) tracks and well as demos. A gem for the Coil cataloger.

The Anal Staircase

Here it is, the grand reissuing of Coil albums. The Anal Staircase samples Igor Stravinsky’s Rite Of Spring, and was first released as a 12” single. This reissue, however, adds remixes, extra tracks, and a whole brace of 13 demo tracks that were previously unreleased. On Threshold Archives.

The Consequences of Raising Hell

Approached by Clive Barker to do the soundtrack to Hellraiser Coil set about doing precisely that, though it apparently proved to be too much even for Barker’s taste. This remastered collection brings the original tracks as well as eleven previously unreleased demos from their Gold Is the Metal era.

Wrong Eye

A big reissue campaign of Coil records is now underway. Wrong Eye was first released as a 12” single in 1990, but this archival reissue adds in contemporary compilation tracks and demos that have never previously been released. Part of Threshold Archives, a project started by the late Peter Christopherson to get Coil’s archive out there.


A big reissue campaign of Coil records is now underway. Windowpane was first issued as a single in 1990, but this archival release adds in a host of demos, most of which previously existed only on the Side Effects of Life cassette. Part of Threshold Archives, a project started by the late Peter Christopherson to get Coil’s archive out there.

The Snow

A big reissue campaign of Coil records is now underway. The Snow was first released as a 12” single in 1991, and this reissue fills it out into a full-length release with a demo tracks never previously heard outside of the Coil inner circle. Released by Threshold Archives, a personal project of the late Peter Christopherson himself.