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They Remixes

18+ generously handed over a load of stems to some respected producers, and what they got back is represented on They Remixes. Suicideyear, Mr. Mitch, Tia Maria and Audri Nix do the duties, representing sounds from trap to grime and countries from Puerto Rico to Portugal. 500 copies of heavyweight vinyl, on Houndstooth.

Air Waves
Parting Glances

Nicole Schneit's Air Waves project returns with a second album drawing on an array of Brooklynite talent including  friends from Hospitality, Ava Luna, Woods and Crystal Stilts alongside Jana Hunter (Lower Dens). Schneit's songs remain thoughtful meditations on interpersonal relations while her gently rocking soundworld is enriched by the contributions of her comrades.

Arvo Pärt

Passio by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt is a work for solo baritone, solo tenor and vocal quartet. Violin, Cello, Bassoon, Organ and oboe are the principal instruments used. It is a passive and formal expression of the spiritual with an awe-inspiring grandeur. The text is from the Gospel of John, chapters 18 and 19. Passio is available on double vinyl LP housed in a gatefold sleeve.


From the sound of the music, and knowing Baldruin’s past interests, I’d hazard a guess that the Portal of this record’s title leads to some mystic other world…? At times this sounds like free-jazz played over synth-ambient music, but things never stay in one place for long. Spooky dramatics. Clear vinyl LP from Wounded Knife.

Basil Poledouris
Robocop: Original Score

Another day, another soundtrack to a classic 80’s film released on vinyl… This time we have Robocop, grandly and dramatically scored by Basil Poledouris, with a full orchestra working at his behest. The records (yes, the soundtrack stretches over 2 LPs) are pressed to silver wax: appropriate eh? On Milan Records.

Bernard Vitet
La Guepe

La Guepe captures under-acclaimed French free jazz musician Bernard Vitet in full flow in 1971. I say free jazz: this LP also has some very interesting excursions into contemporary classical textures, such as at the start of Side A. I’d not heard of Vitet before this reissue, but I’ll be looking out in future. Reissue LP on Continuous Breath.

Brian Ellis & Brian Grainger
At Dusk

Southern California multi-instrumentalist Brian Ellis presents a collection of dusky instrumentals produced in collaboration with South Carolina ambient musician Brian Grainger. The music has some of the lightly eerie drift of Bill Frisell at his most atmospheric, with perhaps a touch of Ry Cooder and a pinch of John Fahey-like American Primitivism on top.

Thulsa EP

Chemotex is a pseudonym of Marcos Cabral, and the Thulsa EP is some of his most danceable, club-listener-accessible work in some time. The four tracks of this 12" duck and thrust around, sparring with the dancers and giving them a good time. Chemotex's Thulsa EP is released by the Trilogy Tapes label.

Dawn McCarthy
Traveller Returning : Circa 1997-2000

Traveller Returning: Circa 1997-2000 by Dawn McCarthy is a collection of songs that were inspired by McCarthy’s travels away from her native New York City. It shows her transitioning and finding her own voice. They are early versions of songs that would become the core of her band, Faun Fables’ setlist. Upon revisiting the recording for this cassette, McCarthy said that the versions of the songs on here are “some of the best versions of them despite the crude recordings”.

Egisto Macchi

This is first ever commercial release of Bioritmi by Egisto Macchi. The enigmatic rarity was recorded in 1971. Bioritmi is a clever mix of avant-garde orchestration, dark modular composition and percussion that has been electronically altered. It has been said that Macchi melds the styles of Moondog, Philip Glass and Leonard Rosenman’s score to the 1966 sci-fi movie Fantastic Voyage.

Elysia Crampton
Bound Adam

Elysia Crampton is an American artist and has previously worked under the name E&E. Bound Adam was originally self-released digitally in 2011 but is now available on vinyl for the first time. This 7” features three mini-soundscapes inspired by her relationship with her Ford Ranger SUV. On Total Stasis.

EMG & Battista
The Bridge EP

  • Vinyl 12" (TTT34)
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Rich Prick Poor Dick

FaltyDL heads straight back for the dancefloor following the more esoteric sounds of his last album. Rich Prick Poor Dick is a tight little double-track package: the title track is driven by a fast-clicking drum pattern and supported by bleeding-through-from-the-next-room bass, while ‘RPPD 128 edit’ seethes powerfully. 180g 12” on Ninja Tune.

40oz On Repeat / West Coast

40oz On Repeat / West Coast is the new double A sided single from Fidlar. The L.A. skate-punk four-piece have been gaining interest from fans and media alike since their clutch of EPs in 2011 and 2012 and their self-titled debut which was released the following year. Both tracks featured here are taken from their forthcoming Wichita Recordings album, Too.

Golden Void

Album number two from psych rock adventurers Golden Void. Heavy riffs are, of course, at the beating core of this band’s music, but they don’t leave it there. Berkana throws plenty of additional atmospherics into the mix too, filling out tracks with keyboards and the like. Out on Thrill Jockey as a CD or as an LP.

Gwilym Gold x Doc Daneeka
Lust For Sale (MGF Remix)

Gwilym Gold and partner in crime Doc Daneeka are so confident in the power of their new track that they haven’t even bothered to put anything on the B-side. Thankfully, Lust For Sale is more than enough for the club to be getting on with, bouncing along with a swing in its step. One sided 12” on Ten Thousand Yen.


Innercity presents his catchily titled new record, ABABABABABABAS (Blue Lion Child), a dense and messy sound-wall that is ostensibly ambient, but practically a lot closer to noise. Textures all over the shop, generated with guitars and violins and put through big racks of something heavy. LP on Further Records.

James Horner

The soundtrack to what is probably director James Cameron’s finest hour here: Aliens! James Horner applies suitable amounts of sonic creep and audio terror, firmly implying the presence of the terrible double-mouthed beasts. The soundtrack has been released before, but this double LP version includes stacks of previously unreleased tracks and cues. On Mondo.

Kit Grill

Kit Grill has five tight new tracks to present to the world, and this time he’s sending them out via the Vase label. Shiny house exultations from a sleek future world where unpleasantness seems to have been eliminated in favour of warm good times. Reminiscent of some of Ikonika’s textures at times. The Paradise 12” is released by Vase.
  • Vinyl 12" (VSE011)
  • £6.99 £3.50 (saving: £3.49)
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Konstrukt and Akira Sakata
Kaishi: Live at Kargart

Konstrukt are a group dedicated to improvising not only within themselves, but with outside guests. Following records with Joe McPhee and Peter Brötzmann, they recently welcomed Japanese saxophonist Akira Sakata to join them Live at Kargart, where they played continuously for 70 minutes, improvising around psychedelic themes. Double LP on Holidays Records.

Lil Noid
Paranoid Funk

Lil Noid’s 1995 album Paranoid Funk is seeing reissue! Crucial Memphis rap famed both within the scene and without: interesting to hear how vividly it parallels with some contemporary trap sounds. The full ten tracks, reissued in a limited edition by the L.A. Club Resource label. Vinyl LP complete with original stark sleeve art.

Mike Krol

Mike Krol presents his third record, and his first for famed indie label Merge. Turkey is a direct thrashload of lo-fi indie-punk-pop, rich with analogue hiss. In fact, the instruments all seem to slide together into one big high-energy mess. This is a lot of fun. LP comes with a nice newsprint-esque insert.

Wrong Headspace EP

Wrong Headspace is the first vinyl release by N1L, aka Martins Rokis, after ten years of live performances and a split cassette with N.M.O.’s Ruben Patino. Wrong Headspace is flustered techno-house and pulsating electronics that takes in elements of grime and ‘90s jungle along the way. A promising debut.

Come On / We Hold You Responsible

Nondescriptly named trio Paper are a furious proposition, thrashing their way through two quick sides of hardcore-inflected kraut-pop with Come On / We Hold You Responsible. Lots of melody in play as well though, and a few dashes of synth have been spotted around the edges. 7” single on the Hoga Nord label.

Primitive Parts
Parts Primitive

Tight little garage rock trio from London here, with constituent parts taken from Sauna Youth, Male Bonding and Monotony. That kind of pedigree unsurprisingly makes Primitive Parts a strong proposition, and their almost self-titled debut Parts Primitive serves ten slices of their bouncy sound. On Trouble In Mind.
  • Vinyl LP (TIM100LP)
  • £15.99 £8.00 (saving: £7.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Rita Furstenhof
Hadron Collider EP

Nothing much is known about Rita Furstenhof, but what more do we really need to know above and beyond the facts of what we can hear on the Hadron Collider EP? This material pulses along superbly, forcing listeners into a head-nodding groove. Optimo Music are very excited by this release, and so should you be.

Robert Piotrowicz
Old School Made of Gold

Robert Piotrowicz deals in electroacoustic modular synthesis, and the two pieces presented on Old School Made Of Gold show us that he is damn good at it. The sound field is filled with carefully balanced tones and sharp little details: a composer’s ear is definitely at play here. Transparent red vinyl 12” on Musica Genera / Bocian.

Roger Waters
Amused To Death

One of Pink Floyd's prime crooners and fretboys, Roger Waters also released a bunch of solo material, including the questionably titled Amused To Death, which dealt with every-day existential crises through intricately arranged rock that went from prog to soft. Released an age or two ago, it's now getting a reissue so you can hear all of Water's symphonic, Orwellian murmurings.

Personal Computer

Personal Computer is the fine new record from Kody Nielson's project Silicon. This has to be the funkiest album to come out of New Zealand in years, mixing the textures and the compositional feel of disco and electo-pop with full-fledged songs. On Weird World, as a CD, an LP, and a deluxe LP edition with a book of art prints.


Oh goody, a new single from Slaves! The chirpy Tunbridge two have grabbed Sockets from their album Are You Satisfied?, and backed it with a B-side. The music is fairly straight-forward punk rock, but it’s the vocals that get me: aggravating shouts, and not in the good way. Heavy-vinyl 7” on Virgin EMI.

Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures

Raging through the European calypso-folk-underground, Herman Dune has been making cheerful singalong songs since the 1990s. After changing his name to Stanley Brinks, his music has become less organized and even more endearing. Wakefield, taken from his new album My Ass, and b-side Dolores, will leave you with a wide grin.

Susan Howe & David Grubbs

David Grubbs (former member of Gastr del Sol) has been working together with poet Susan Howe for ten years and three albums so far, and WOODSLIPPERCOUNTERCLATTER is their fourth. Piano and quiet field recordings mix with Howe's words to form a delicate and thoughtful set of pieces. On Blue Chopsticks.


Syntoma were a Mexican underground synth-pop group active in the 1980’s. Little-heard outside of their region, EM Records allows us to redress the balance, revealing the beautifully bright sound of the trio. Tinny drum machines and early consumer-synths are used to propel shiny pop songs, with compelling results.
  • Vinyl LP (EM1134LP)
  • £15.99 £8.00 (saving: £7.99)
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Terry de Castro
You Can’t Separate Light

Terry De Castro has a busy history, having played with The Wedding Present, Cinerama and Goya Dress. Solo, she steps away from the bass guitar with which she has made her name and steps to the mic, where she delivers heartfelt Americana. You Can’t Separate Light is her second solo outing, released by Scopitones on clear vinyl.
  • Vinyl 10" (TONE060)
  • £9.49 £5.69 (saving: £3.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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The Chemical Brothers

New Chemical Brothers 12”, extracting Go from this years full-length Born In The Echoes. As you would want from a Chems 12”, the track is extended for full dancefloor effectiveness, and is accompanied on the flip by an ‘Edge Of Control Dub’ version. Q-Tip takes up the vocal duties with vigour. Pressed up to DJ-grade 180g vinyl on Virgin EMI

Tribes of Neurot

Tribes of Neurot were a side project of post-metal band Neurosis. Whilst beiung thematically similar their music was different - experimental, ambient and tribal. Grace was regarded as a companion piece to Times of Grace by Neurosis. It was originally released in 1999 and has never before been issued on vinyl.

Dedicated To Jim Morrison

Ukranian house artist Vakula seems to be a big fan of Doors man Jim Morrison, with this record being dedicated to him. Dedicated To Jim Morrison makes an interesting left turn for the producer, being less of a straight house affair: this features spoken poetry and a general bluesy vibe. LP on Leleka.

Cititrax: Tracks Volume One

Cititrax: Volume One is the first of four compilations showcasing the label’s latest and greatest. The sampler features tracks by Amato, which is a new project by The Hacker, uncompromising Chinese youngster Tzusing and Berlin-based New Yorker An-i to name a few. Each artists puts their own original stamp on dance music.

Void Vision
Sub Rosa

Shari Vari heads up Void Vision - the philadelphia-based minimalist synth project. By adding melody to vintage dance grooves, Vari has created a dynamic and unique sound that cherry-picks its influences from the last 30 years of electronica. Sub Rosa is available on vinyl LP and limited to 400 copies.


Ah, Whitehouse… You ought to know already if you'll like this or not. Halogen is their 1992 album, brought out here for the first time on the vinyl format. All your favourite Whitehouse tropes: sex, abuse, violence, general nastiness. This unpleasant material comes luxuriously pressed to 180g vinyl, on the Dirter label.