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It's an open secret that we love Autumn. It's not just kicking leaves about, the smell of bonfires, that nip in the air that makes us all excited. It's the time of year when the big hitters start hitting..... Let's see what is coming up in the next few weeks shall we?
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(Sandy) Alex G
Beach Music

Beach Music is the seventh album by Lo-fi troubadour Alex G and follow-up to DSU which was no.37 in Norman’s top 50 albums of 2014. Alex G, full name Alex Giannascoli, takes his influences from all sorts of American indie of the ‘90s, mainly the good stuff - Pavement etc. The album was mixed by Jacob Portrait of Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Beach Music is likely to reach the places his other albums didn’t as he has now signed to indie giant, Domino Records.

Alex Bleeker and The Freaks
Country Agenda

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Anna von Hausswolff
The Miraculous

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Asian Women On The Telephone
You Have Reached Your Destination

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Blitzen Trapper
All Across This Land

Over the years Blitzen Trapper have incorporated just about every kind of guitar based music into their sound from indie-folk, alt. country, alt. rock and psychedelia. It seems the experimentation with different styles has paid off as their new album All Across This Land seems to tie up all the these strands into one focused and brilliant piece of work.

Blue Daisy
Darker Than Blue

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Chad Valley
Entirely New Blue

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The sophomore release from international band Cheatahs gleans its name from Roland Barthes’ collection of essays. Mythologies follows a diverse touring schedule accompanying the likes of No Age, Metz and Wavves - absorbing a little influence from each along the way. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Wichita and Sonic Fun!.

Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp
The Island

The sleeve art to Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp’s new record The Island gives you a good impression of what they achieve here. Over four tracks, the pair’s synths and guitars recline into a warm haze of sunset ambience. The two play off each other with lots of nice details, but all in service of the music’s blissful vibe. On Trouble In Mind.


Hello everyone and welcome, to the ever-so-slightly weird and very wonderful world of Coil. Every bit as wonderful as the rest of the mighty Coil canon, 'Backwards' is a little extra special arriving in 2015 as an extra-beautified end product; from a project with its origins way back in 1992! Beautiful and ghoulish in equal measure, in true Coil style, it's kinda heartwarming to see the power within these grooves, undiminished some 23 years later. On Cold Spring records.

New Bermuda

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Fading Frontier

At last, new Deerhunter! With their seventh album, the band have taken a fairly accessible approach, crafting songs with a strong melodic thrust and clear production. Lovely stuff. But they can’t hide their inherent weirdnesses entirely: Fading Frontiers is full of the odd little touches that make this band so special.

Elephant9 with Reine Fiske
Silver Mountain

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Lost Voices

Esmerine have been producing high quality chamber rock for several years now, and Lost Voices finds them in more of a ‘rock’ mood than ever before. The delicate precision of the arrangements is still there of course, as you would expect from a group that includes members of godspeed you! black emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion. On Montreal’s Constellations, of course.

FKA twigs

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Floating Points

A major statement here from Floating Points. Elaenia is a full-length record that spans everything the producer / composer has done so far. Jazz, Soul, and Brazilian music are just as important to the sound of Elaenia as the electronic dance tracks most know Floating Points for. At times reminiscent of Flying Lotus’ more ornate work, this really is quite a record.


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Gary Wilson
Music for Piano

Gary Wilson is an experimental musician from Endicott, New York. His best known work is 1977’s You Think You Really Know Me after which he stopped recording and playing live. He started making music again in 2003. His fans are generally attracted to his lyrics which is strange for someone so experimental. Music For Piano, however is mostly instrumental, the closing track, I Love Gary being the exception. It is one of his most avant-garde recordings and was originally recorded around a similar time as You Think You Really Know Me.

Girl Band
Holding Hands With Jamie

Debut album time! Here’s Holding Hands with Jamie by Girl Band. Annoyingly enough, Girl Band are actually four Irish blokes. Probably irony or something. Still, they produce some raw, energetic noisy rock and post-punk which fits in nicely with the Rough Trade label they landed with. Available on CD, LP and indies only yellow LP.

Leave Me Alone

Hinds are an all-girl indie four-piece with a DIY aesthetic. Their reverb-heavy guitars and call-and-response vocals are inspired by the ‘60s sun-kissed music of Californian beaches but also recall more modern bands such as Bleached, Best Coast and Dum Dum Girls. Their debut album, Leave Me Alone is getting plaudits from all the right places including BBC 6 Music, Pitchfork and NME.

Joanna Newsom

Indies of the world delight! A new record from the unique Joanna Newsom! Five years on from Have One On Me, Divers continues her life-long mission of creating immaculately arranged songs, each seemingly containing a universe. Divers is available from Drag City on diverse formats: double LP, CD, or cassette.

John Carpenter
The Fog - New Expanded Edition Original Film Soundtrack

John Carpenter not only directed his 1980 spooky pirate movie The Fog, he also personally soundtracked it. Is there no end to the man’s talents? Dramatic organs and creepy synth arpeggios do an admirable job of setting the tone. And it was remastered by erstwhile collaborator Alan Howarth. This double disc set on Silva Screen contains 20 minutes of music not previously released.

John Carpenter
Lost Themes: Remixes

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John Grant
Grey Tickles, Black Pressure

Following collaborations with the likes of Sinead O’Connor, Goldfrapp and Elton John, as well as sell-out European show and a recent US tour with the Pixies, ‘Grey Tickles, Black Pressure’ is Brit award winner John Grant’s third album release. The tone of the record is heavy with Grant’s dark humour and features an eclectic mix of ecstatic electro-pop, rich, cinematic ballads and desolate synthscapes.

July Skies
Dreaming Of Spires

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Laetitia Sadier
Dry Fruit

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Fear Of Fours

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Lana Del Rey

New record from quasi-Lynchian pop star Lana Del Rey. Honeymoon has the trademark Del Rey vibe: sunny production and subject matter (the lead single is titled ‘High By The Beach’ for example), but with a pitch dark undercurrent carried through the haunted vocals. Released as a CD, or as double black vinyl.

Lanterns On The Lake

Lanterns On The Lake return with Beings, an album that drives forward a little more directly, a little more forcefully, than some of their previous work. Their broad range of instrumentation feeds into vividly detailed song constructions: just the right number of textures to make each track something to explore. Released by Bella Union.

Meanwhile Gardens

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Luke Abbott & Jack Wyllie
Luke Abbott & Jack Wyllie

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Luke Haines
British Nuclear Bunkers

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Luke Vibert

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Magnif + J Dilla
The Shining Pt. 2 / The Last

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Marco Beltrami & Philip Glass
Fantastic Four : Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Mercury Rev
The Light In You

Oooh look, a new Mercury Rev album looms on the horizon! The Light In You is the first we've heard from the group since Snowflake Midnight a full seven (!) years ago. 2015-era Rev material is sweeping and symphonic again, Jonathan Donahue's nigh-on Disney vocals swooping above a mixture of elaborate instruments. Out on Bella Union.


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Michael Chapman

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Central Belters

Something of a motherload here for Mogwai fans: the noisy Scottish group are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a grand, box-set compilation, equal parts favourites and rarities. If you’ve never heard their ‘My Father My King’ before for instance, now’s your chance! Three CDs or a whole six vinyl records! On Rock Action.

Ms. John Soda

Ms. John Soda are a German duo made up of Stephanie Bohm and Micha Acher. Acher has played with The Notwist among others so it’s probably not surprising that they make a kind of indie-electronica hybrid. Loom is their third album and first recording since 2006’s Notes and the Like which was critically lauded.

Alpine Frequency

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Neon Indian
VEGA INTL. Night School

Neon Indian has only been sighted in one-offs and collaborations for quite a while now, so it is more than welcome to see the release of VEGA INTL. Night School, his third full-length. Partly recorded on a cruise ship(!!!), the record is suitably trash-groovy and fun, pulling in influence from Palomo’s early dance pseudonym Vega. On Transgressive.

Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm

Another installment of the intimate improvisational collaboration series between Erased Tapes figureheads Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm. The material on Loon came about from a couple of days spent with some new synthesisers and a few effects units. The results are delicate, beautiful and explorative. 12” on Erased Tapes.

Oneohtrix Point Never
Garden of Delete

A new full-length album from Oneohtrix Point Never, a project that Daniel Lopatin seems to be taking ever deeper into the world of digital hyper-reality. Garden Of Delete is festooned with painfully bright synth sounds and bitcrushed samples, creating a vivid and disorientating sound-universe. On Warp Records.

Peter Buck
Warzone Earth

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Kiddy Pool Dreams

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Fall In EP

This is the very first release from Pixx, a new artist from the countryside that borders London’s sprawl. She is both a soulful singer-songwriter and a canny electronic producer, and the Fall In EP shows that she can merge those two practices together very well indeed. She’ll go far. Debut 12” record on 4AD.

Without You I'm Nothing

Reissue of Without You I’m Nothing, the second album by Placebo and a landmark record for alternative (but still successful) rock groups in the '90s. Brian Molko expresses his inner pain over the band’s tight riffing. Includes their hit ‘Pure Morning’. 
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Houston producer Rabit has an electrically-fired approach to club sounds, throwing in a teeming soundscape of clicking audio detritus along with his hammering beats. Communion, his first full-length for Tri Angle, is not only the most developed his sound has been to date, but is also the most emotionally charged, fuelled by a mass of 2015-era issues.

Rachel Grimes
Marion County 1938

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Radar Men From The Moon
Subversive I

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Rafael Anton Irisarri
A Fragile Geography

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Ricked Wicky
Swimmer to a Liquid Armchair

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Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles is Ryan Lee West - a London based electronic producer signed to Erased Tapes who has his roots in rock music and is primarily a guitarist. His mission on his new album, Howl was to find the perfect balance between club music and something more personal to listen to at home. The album’s title track is made up from West’s experiments of wiring synths up to guitar pedals, the resulting noises were howl-like. These experiments also inspired a darker tone to the album. His less-is-more approach to composition fits in with the Erased Tapes ethos.

Roots Manuva

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Why Choose

Shopping follow up their self-released debut album with Why Choose, on FatCat. The band’s sound comes from a rich lineage of angular post-punk, which is not to say they don’t sound fresh. You can alternately thrash and dance to their business, good stuff. If you get hold of the limited first pressing of the LP version, the vinyl will be clear!

Six Organs of Admittance
Dust & Chimes

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Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Ryuji Luchi, Osamu Murata & Yuzo Koshirp

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The Decemberists

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The Necks

Vertigo is album number 18 for Australian jazz trio, The Necks. They like to take a simple idea and allow it to develop organically through improvisation. They don’t know where they’re going when they set off but they always seem to get there. Their music is very human, it allows room for space, it’s ambiguous allowing the listener to interpret it in their own way.

The Pretty Things
The Sweet Pretty Things

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The Space Lady / Burnt Ones

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Tim Hecker
Norberg / Apondalifa

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Modern Dancing

The sound of TRAAMS is the sound of a few friends rollicking through some tuneful post-punk numbers. Modern Dancing cuts straight into action and doesn’t let up much over the course of eleven tracks. Pristinely produced by MJ of Hookworms, this second TRAAMS record is available as CD or limited orange coloured vinyl.

In A Moment... Ghost Box

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Weyes Blood
Cardamom Times

Weyes Blood is the project of multi-instrumentalist Natalie Mering who earned her stripes with experimental noise-rockers Jackie-O Motherfucker. Her haunted folk template is imbued with influences from Terry Riley to Sybille Baer and writer Anais Nin. Mering recorded Cardamom Times at her home studio at Rockaway Beach in New York using a range of vintage and contemporary instruments.

Shape Shift

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Let's Jam EP1

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