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New vinyl finds!!

Our stock room elf Brian is back in the fold, rolling his trolley around the hard concrete floors and finding all the vinyl we have idiotically lost. Each Wednesday we will share with you all that he has located.  Check the latest below......
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Like O

Paleman has built up a strong reputation over the last couple of years with his slick sound, one that crosses aspects of the UK underground scene with more European techno styles. Like O drip-feeds you another two of the dude’s tracks, on the Swamp 81 sublabel 81. Let the strikingly well-composed photograph of a crane on the sleeve guide you.

Paper Dollhouse

Against a sober yet rich electronic soundscape, Paper Dollhouse’s vocals are not just cardboard cutouts. They stand out like young girls’ imaginations, the dollhouse being just a background. Aeonflower, the group’s second effort, focusses on dyanmic music, and finding the balance between ambient music and noise.

Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides
Aulos' Second Reed

Patron Saints
Fohhoh Bohob

  • CD
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Pearson Sound
Extended Mixes Part 1

From the Hessle Audio imprint he co-runs with Ben UFO & Pangaea, this is the latest 12" from Pearson Sound. Originating in 2006 under the name Ramadanman it wasn't until 2008 that he started to gaining momentum with his innovative approach to bass-heavy club music, releasing a successful run of 12"s on highly prestigious labels such as Soul Jazz, 2nd Drop, and Hessle Audio. Full of tight but weighty experiments in bass heavy techno/electronica this is a nice compendium to the latest album. 

Percee P ft Vinnie Paz & Guilty Simpson
Watch Your Step

  • Vinyl 12" (STH2163)
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Piero Umiliani
Il Marchio Di Kriminal OST

A reissue of the soundtrack to the 1968 film Kriminal: Il marchio di kriminal composed by the Italian soundtrack aficionado, il maestro Piero Umiliani. A wonderful mix of light jazz, lounge, bossa nova, this soundtrack has all the hallmarks of the classic Italian soundtracks of the 1960s to ‘70s. A picture disc lp limited to 500 copies.

Pleq, Hiroki Sasajima and Spheruleus
Time & Language


  • Vinyl LP (UTR040V)
  • £11.49 £5.75 (saving: £5.74)
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Pop Will Eat Itself
Can U Dig It?

Psychic Reality / LA Vampires

Leitmotiv LP1

  • Vinyl 12" (TRESOR249A)
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Bus Ride/Rappcats

As well as the Unseen-era 'Basic Instinct' EP, Stones Thrown are reissuing this 2005 slice of Quasimoto which was released in the run-up to the 'Further Adventures of Lord Quas' album, with the title track's warped good vibes that disintegrate into oddball Beefheartian weirdness and 'Greenery' both appearing on said album. Instrumentals are included. Can't go far wrong with a bit of Madlib's goofball alter-ego.

Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra

Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry
Spinning Round

Reines D'Angleterre
Les Comores

Richard Youngs
Summer Through My Mind

Summer Through My Mind is part of an informal series of albums in which a label owner dares the infinitely marvellous Richard Youngs to make a record in a certain style. Here the label is Ba Da Bing, and the genre is Country, but of course Youngs does not play it wholly straight. Highlights include ‘Spin Me Endless In The Universe’ and the curious ‘Story of Jhon’.

Robedoor & Haunted Castle
Nameless Race

  • Label(s):

Stranger Than Paradise

This remix 12" was previously only available from Piccadilly records but now we have it too! Good old us. Anyway it's a nice 12" of remixes from balearic psych-sters Seahawks but the main calling card for many of you is that it contains a Pye Corner Audio remix. Also appearing are Prins Thomas, Rune Lindbaek and Georges Vert.  

Sewn Leather
Sikknastafari Slash Crasstafari

The first time we saw Sewn Leather was on an infernal summer night at Bo Diddley's old house in Gainesville. Never since have we felt that close to the limits of our own mortality and immortality simultaneously. His shows aren’t performances so much as bloodletting rituals. A spontaneous group-trance ceremony transpires from a multitude of sweaty limbs, heads, and feet-- stomping, swaying, punching, pulsing, and hypnotized into one singularly-thinking-entity by infectiously minimal bass beats, seemingly ground to a pulp by the teeth of some odious beast. 
  • Label(s):

Sherwood & Pinch
Late Night Endless

Two generations of dub pioneers combine as Adrian Sherwood meets Pinch on CD and vinyl for On U-Sound. Sherwood brings his singular and experimental studio mastery whilst the dark, rolling percussion can probably be attributed to Pinch’s deft fingers. Disembodied vocals, swathes of echo and heavy bass-lines dominate a collaboration so perfectly matched it seemed unlikely to ever happen.

Simian Mobile Disco

Abele Dance

Old school deep house from Italian producer and DJ Simoncino. You can hear shades of Detroit techno and Chicago house, genres which have been hugely influential. Simoncino has also amassed a 10,000 piece vinyl collection according to his bio, which makes him alright by us!  This 4 track vinyl 12" is out on L.I.E.S and is strictly limited. 

Siouxsie and The Banshees

An interesting anomaly in the Banshees large and sprawling back catalogue. The departed John McGeogh was replaced by none other than Sir Robert Smith of the Cure. Unsurprisingly perhaps it was the Banshees mine a dark underbelly miles away from the pop that was in the charts at the time. No hits but it forced Smith out of his stupour to go on and write some of the Cure's best and brightest songs once he'd escaped.    
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  • Label(s):
  • Label(s):

New Ways Remixed

Solvent mainly plays analog, but he selflessly ditched his IDM leanings for the soundtrack to 'I Dream Of Wires', a documentary about the darkside: modular synths. Four of the tracks he scored for the film are now being remixed on 'New Ways Remixed', by four of the artists in the film, in one of many ever-so-slightly meta things to happen to music this year. On the bill are Orphx, Bronze Teeth, Martial Canterel and Chris Carter, all doing their own thing on those synths that simply cannot be tamed.  

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Tape Club

  • CD (PRC2282)
  • £9.99 £5.00 (saving: £4.99)
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SWR (Shaun Ryder)
Close The Dam

Shaun William Ryder once of Happy Mondays and Black Grape but now also known for UFO Documentaries, "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' and having teeth not quite as white as former bandmate Bez. Unlike Bez, Ryder is again making new music and this appears to be the first fruits. His distinctive gutteral bark is intact on these tracks produced by who is the nephew of Quincy Jones no less.

Talking Heads

  • Label(s):

Terminal Sound System
Constructing Towers

  • CD (DEN87CD)
  • £15.49 £4.65 (saving: £10.84)
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Terror Bird
Human Culture

  • Vinyl LP (n/a)
  • £14.99 £7.50 (saving: £7.49)
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