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Phil has been sifting through the distro catalogues and found some choice titles which we previously thought unavailable. This has since been rectified for your convenience and we've bundled them up for you neatly in this moderately sexy list.
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Efterklang with Copenhagen Phil
The Piramida Concert

  • Vinyl Double LP (CAD3316)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Jamie xx
In Colour

In Colour is the debut album by Jamie xx, from the Mercury Music Prize winning band, The xx. Over the past six years Jamie xx has worked with and re-worked the likes of Radiohead, Alicia Keys and Florence & The Machine but his crowning glory must be the reworking of Gil Scott Heron’s I’m New Here album. In Colour will please fans of his collaborative efforts and includes, Girl, Sleep Sound and Loud Places. The latter is the forthcoming single.

Julia Holter
Don't Make Me Over / Hello Stranger

Julia Holter has a penchant for taking classic pop tunes and abstracting them into her own fascinating world of chamber pop and ambient. 'Don't Make Me Over' offers up two on a double A-side: the eponymous cover of the Dionne Warwick song, as well as the gloriously sustained and droning "Hello Stranger", which is a cover of Barbara Lewis' originally bright and bouncy soul tune. Holter makes it terrifying and tragic.

Malcolm Middleton
5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine

2002’s 5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine saw Arab Strap mainstay Malcolm Middleton step out as an artist on his own terms. Middleton has subsequently perked up over the course of a long and fruitful run of solo records, but 5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine is an album as wracked and self-examining as anything made by Middleton’s heroes Smog and Will Oldham. This new Chemikal Underground pressing comes souped-up with a bunch of rarities and demoes.

Live In Denton

Midlake love their hometown don't you know, and with their now rather famous brand of indie pop, they come in for a victory lap in the place they once blossomed from. Live In Denton is the band doing the delicate thing they do on stage, so chances are it is recommended if you like Midlake. 

Come On Die Young

This deluxe edition of ‘Come On Die Young’ has been painstakingly put together by the band and label, unearthing more than an hour of bonus material, including: Previously unreleased takes from early Chem19 sessions of ‘Waltz For Aidan’, ‘Christmas Steps’, ‘Rollerball’ and ‘7-25’, which featured on ‘Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait’. Seven remixed and remastered album tracks from CAVA sessions pre-dating the final Tarbox recording sessions. Two previously unreleased tracks - ‘Satchel Panzer’ and ‘Spoon Test’. Rarities ‘Nick Drake’, ‘Hugh Dallas’ and the three track ‘Travels In Constants’ EP. The original, previously unreleased version of ‘Helps Both Ways’. Available on double CD, 4LP box set and digital download. Box set details: Four 180gsm LPs featuring the original double LP, plus two LPs of bonus material and a download code for all audio. Two exclusive Chem19 demos: ‘Christmas Steps’ and ‘7-25’. Limited to 1500 units for the UK and Eire.

Neutral Milk Hotel
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

The damn near-mythologised second album from Neutral Milk Hotel. Idiosyncratic stuff from 1998. Whether you’re die-hard for this one or rediscovering, let Jeff Mangum sing to you about semen-stained mountaintops and Jesus Christ between those stellar brass sections. Reissued on Domino on LP or CD.

Palace Brothers
There Is No-one What Will Take Care Of You

Enter Will Oldham. Before morphing into Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and reinventing acoustic guitar music at the end of the ‘90s, the Kentucky singer released a slew of records under the moniker Palace Brothers. For his debut LP, 1993’s There Is No-One What Will Take Care Of You, Oldham found himself accompanied by a bunch of people from Slint. However, apart from the occasional swell of distorted guitar these tracks largely eschew post-rockisms and lay down the kind of tortured balladry that Oldham’s name(s) has become a byword for down the years. Here we see There Is No-One What Will Take Care Of You reissued by Domino.

Summer In Abaddon

After a couple of LPs for Ace Fu around the turn of the century, Touch & Go provided a home for Pinback’s third full-length Summer In Abaddon. The 2004 album is a prime example of the stirring indie-rock that the band did so well around that time. Contemporaries like Wolf Parade, Les Savy Fav and Death Cab For Cutie would have all been happy to have come up with something like Summer In Abaddon.


Rodan’s very influential Rusty LP here. While this may be the Kentucky band’s only full-length record (we’re not counting 2013’s odds-and-sods collection Fifteen Quiet Years), the fusion of technicality and power on the tracks here still exerts a strong influence on the worlds of post-hardcore and math-rock. People often write the words Slint and Spiderland in close proximity to Rusty, and there’s a reason for that.

Roots Manuva
Brand New Second Hand

Due to the huge success of ‘Witness (1 Hope)’, a lot of people see Roots Manuva’s career as kicking off in 2001 with Run Come Save Me. Now that’s a fine record indeed, but to put all your energy into that album and overlook Rodney Smith’s 1999 debut LP Brand New Second Hand is a wrong move. Over beats that blended reggae, boom-bap, jungle and scratch influences, Roots Manuva delivered bars of potent dub poetry here. The overall effect comes off like Linton Kwesi Jonson remixed by DJ Shadow and makes Brand New Second Hand one of the first great UK hip-hop records. Ignore at your peril.

Melody AM

  • Vinyl Double LP (WALLLP027)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Scott Walker

Contrary to what it may seem, ‘Tilt’ was not a complete shift in trajectory for the former pop star Scott Walker. Prior to its release in 1995, Walker had spent years finding ever more oblique methods to communicate his ideas, however, is undoubtedly true that ‘Tilt’ was his most daringly realised attempt yet. Desolate, ardently experimental, but also beautiful, a pathway which would lead to later opuses such ‘The Drift’, ‘Bish Bosch’, and ‘Soused’ - his collaborative LP with drone metal legends Sunn o))) .  

Lovetune For Vacuum

Soap&Skin’s Lovetune For Vacuum came out in 2009, but this particular Norman Records™ writer is typing up its description a decade later. As such, listening to Soap&Skin’s debut LP has been as much of a chance to muse on the changing musical winds of the past ten years as it has been an exercise in music journalism. You really don’t hear much stuff like it anymore, but I can distinctly recall a time when this Regina Spektor/Dresden Dolls/PJ Harvey-type thing was very much the order of the day. The only things here that aren’t quite as time-stamped are glitching techno cuts like ‘DDMMYYYY’. While the style is a bit dated now, you really can’t fault the songwriting. Indeed, the piano balladry here is a few notches above the Adeles and Olafur Arnaldses we’re having to deal with at the moment. More power to Soap&Skin!

Songs: Ohia
Songs: Ohia

This is where it all started for the late Jason Molina. The eponymous debut LP from his Songs: Ohia venture was released in 1997 as only the fourth catalogue number for the fledgling Secretly Canadian imprint. The slow-/sad-core style that Molina showcased here helped set the tone for the label, the Songs: Ohia project and the late-90’s/early-00’s Americana resurgence. Very beautiful record.

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