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Phil has been sifting through the distro catalogues and found some choice titles which we previously thought unavailable. This has since been rectified for your convenience and we've bundled them up for you neatly in this moderately sexy list.
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A Place To Bury Strangers

Kings of the effects pedal A Place To Bury Strangers have a new album out after a heavy couple of years touring and writing in Brooklyn. The band have taken an experimental step forward, but still pack a punch with noise-infused rocky smashers. Their love of Joy Division still shines through. On CD and vinyl.

Adrian Crowley
Some Blue Morning

This new record from Adrian Crowley sees the songwriter further expand his folk oeuvre; six records in, his lyrical style has become as measured and distinct as a Bill Callahan, while his arrangements are able to bring out the same intricacies as Lambchop 'Some Blue Morning' is the work of a folk professional.

Alessi's Ark
The Still Life

Alessi steers her Ark into more varied waters on The Still Life. The loveable songwriter and singer crafted this new one largely with new US producer Andy LeMaster, hitting a Feist-esque rich streak of sound at times. The vinyl of the new one from Alessi’s Ark comes with the CD too, and both are out on Bella Union.
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Amon Tobin
Foley Room

When making his sixth studio LP Amon Tobin decided it was time for a change. Out went his usual trick of messing around with old vinyl, in came a bunch of field recordings and virgin samples. Rats being chewed up by cats, people in the bath and ants eating grass are just some of the sounds used on Foley Room. When smashed together with Tobin’s paranoid chamber electronics the effect is eerie and thrilling. Think Stockhausen, Ligeti and Aphex.

Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion

One of the Animals discovered that it sounds pretty darned rad if you play two or three Beach Boys songs at once. He told the rest of the Collective and, lo, t’was the birth of Merriweather Post Pavilion, and yea, it did dominate anno 2009 most ruthlessly. Precisely like the little green things on the front cover, the contents of Animal Collective’s eighth album are continuously lurching to and fro no matter what you do. Hang on tight!

Aphex Twin
MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96

Over the past 6 months, we’ve seen an incredible quantity of Aphex Twin material resurface. The new MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96 EP is another finely titled piece of IDM, starting off slowly but evolving, subtly, into a complex and summeresque masterpiece. This is RDJ in old form: all over the place but of consistent quality.

Arthur Russell
The World Of Arthur Russell

The World of Arthur Russell is the 2004 compilation which captures the breadth of Russell’s musical capabilities. From the banging New York disco cuts, to his more introspective and experimental cello-centric songs, Soul Jazz have created something for both long-time fans and interested beginners.

Badly Drawn Boy
The Hour Of Bewilderbeast

One of the reasons Damon Gough has turned to drink must be down to the fact that he has never come anywhere near to bettering his debut work. This album and the EPs that preceded it contain all his early folky musings when he didn't really care what anyone thought of him. It still sounds superb today and has a raggle taggle charm that was lost when he started seeing himself as a rock star. Whatever you think of him now, he still manages to perform this album live following the kind of drinking that would see lesser mortals take to their beds. Essential re-issue with loads of bonus tracks and 'kinky' leatherette sleeve. 

Bert Jansch
L.A. Turnaround

As a glance at the album title might lead you to guess, L.A. Turnaround was one of the albums that grew out of the time that Scottish folk troubadour Bert Jansch spent in America, adding a certain twist to Jansch’s formerly rather traditional sound. This reissue presents the original 1974 album along with a bonus brace of four additional tracks. CD and LP edition by Earth Recordings.

Big Black

Big Black. You know ‘em, you like ‘em, you wanna hear more of ‘em. Bulldozer was the second EP (mini-LP?) released by Steve Albini etc. Originally issued in 1983, the follow-up to the previous year’s Lungs is notable for being the first record on which Big Black nailed their sound. Bolstered by Urge Overkill’s Pat Byrne on drums, the group’s pointed and frenzied brand of hardcore falls into place here. Albini and his pal Bob Weston have given the record a remastering job for this reissue.

Big Black

Noise-rock overlord Steve Albini made Lungs, the first Big Black EP, when he was just 19 years old. Bar a bit of saxophone supplied by a mate from college, Albini played every instrument on the release and taped it on a borrowed reel-to-reel recorder. This incubated feeling sets it apart from the rest of Big Black’s releases - it’s less skull-shaking post-hardcore, more dystopian minimal wave. Albini hates it now but we beg to differ.

Blonde Redhead
In An Expression Of The Inexpressible

Blonde Redhead’s fourth studio LP here, courtesy of Touch & Go. Boy does In An Expression Of The Inexpressible sound 1998. This is no bad thing, of course - the late 90’s saw a lot of experimentation in alternative rock and produced some great genre cross-pollinations. On the album Blonde Redhead fold plenty of reggae, dub and hip-hop into their grungey-alt-rock sound. As a result In An Expression Of The Inexpressible has shades of Skunk Anansie, No Doubt, The Slits and Pavement to it.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy & The Cairo Gang
Island Brothers

Bonnie Prince Billy With Harem Scarem & Alex Neilson
Is It The Sea?

The North Borders Tour. - Live

'BONOBO GOLDEN TICKET' competition. Buy the CD or DVD version of 'The North Borders Tour' from us and you are in with a chance of winning one of 10 pairs of 'golden tickets' secreted randomly in copies of the album. The ticket will secure you a VIP pass to either the final date of Bobobo's tour at Alexandra Palace, London on 28th November OR the Manchester Warehouse project show on 21st November. If you think you've won contact vip@ninjatune.net quoting your unique code to claim your tickets and full prize.    It's quite unbelievable how big Bonobo has come.  As if to prove it this is a live document of his recent 175 date, 30 country tour. Massive. It comes in three formats,  a CD and DVD set in deluxe packaging with a 72 page hardback clothbound book containing live photographs, tour diary, anecdotes and a foreword by Gilles Peterson. The DVD contains 60 minutes of live footage taken at Pula Amphitheatre and The Roundhouse, interspersed with documentary footage and photo gallery, videos and a time lapse video. The live CD includes recordings from seminal Bonobo shows including Pula Amphitheatre, The Roundhouse and live radio sessions at Maida Vale (London), KEXP and KCRW (US).Also available as a standalone softpack CD and a double LP on 180g vinyl in 5mm spine sleeve with download code. Popular lad. 

Perfect Hair

'Perfect Hair' is the eighth record in the career of lightning fast wordsmith Busdriver, who has been speeding past people with his raps for a minute now. On record, he's joined by a great host of contemporaries, including the Andrew WK of hip-hop, Danny Brown, and Aesop Rock, who shares a love for getting his poems out as fast as possible and leaving listeners stuck in the rubble. As always, Busdriver is recommended for fans of underground and indie rap music.

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