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Alice Coltrane
Universal Consciousness

Universal Consciousness, originally released on Impulse! Records in 1971, is finally back on vinyl. Reissued on CD in 2002, a 12” reissue was highly overdue. Sprawling with free jazz and transcendental improvisation, Alice Coltrane can be heard at her peak. Time to take the aural express back to the '70s again!

Alvarius B
Chin Spirits

Alvarius B is, of course, a pseudonym of Alan Bishop, one of them Sun City Girls. This 10”, entitled Chin Spirits, is a bright example of the kind of half-nonsense, half-beauty those Bishop brothers excel in. First issued as a cassette on Chocolate Monk, now enjoy the vinyl version, thanks to the Unrock label.

Arthur's Landing
Second Thoughts

Arthur’s Landing is the name given to this project in which songs by the belived Arthur Russell are mixed and remixed by a bevy of talent. In the case of Second Thoughts we have Alkino, Bob Blank, Virgin Magnetic Material and several others. LP version is split across two parts, on Buddhist Army.
  • Vinyl LP (LPBA1005)
  • £19.49 £9.75 (saving: £9.74)
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  • Vinyl LP (LPBA1004)
  • £19.49 £9.75 (saving: £9.74)
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Beach Baby
No Mind No Money (single)

Beach Baby are an indie pop four-piece from Dorset and Athens who met at Goldsmiths College in London. Limited to 300 copies, their latest single release 'No Mind No Money' is part of a Chess Club records 7''series which included their debut March release 'Ladybird'. Their music comprises elements of shoegaze, post punk, indie pop and late nineties grunge into a coherent, catchy package.

Best Coast
California Nights

Just as the summer starts to rear it’s head in 2015, Best Coast return with a third album. The subject matter remains much the same (California! Summer! Hanging out!), as does the music, but the production values on California Nights are a notable leap up. It’s a catchy, lovely sound, and this is the fullest version of it so far.

Semi Detached

Blancmange’s fifth album release ‘Semi-Detached’ is the first record from the British, eighties synth-poppers without the involvement of long term collaborative partner Stephen Luscombe. With it’s roots firmly planted in the sterling company of synth pioneers and hitmakers such as Soft Cell and Depeche Mode, ‘Semi-Detached’ marks a progression into new territory with this stripped down, edgy record that is musically both ecstatic and devastated as well as being very personal lyrically without losing any of the characteristically dark humour of their earlier records.

Mars (Head High's Core Remix) / Mars (Head High's Venus Remix)

Caribou’s last release Our Love was his most electronic, club-orientated album yet under the moniker, and here Head High (who you might know as Shed) takes one track, ‘Mars’, even deeper into that territory with two new remixes. Bangin’! 12” released on Dan Snaith’s own Jiaolong label.
  • Vinyl 12" (JIAOLONG15)
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Les Sept Salons

Following her 2013 debut LP ‘Folie Sacré’, Alice Dourlen aka Chicaloyoh’s latest release ‘Les Septs Salons’ documents her non stop, eighteen month world tour. Chicaloyoh brings her arsenal of creative skills and experiences to the table such as her dramatic theatrical styles, experience with sound experimentation, penchant for oriental aesthetics and her multilingual upbringing to produce evocative, psychedelic soundscapes.

Christina Carter
L'Etoile de Mer

L’Etoile De Mer by Christina Carter was her first solo album and therefore the first album she had recorded without Tom Carter in their band The Charalambides. Her band were known for making stark records, but L’Etoile De Mer is stark even compared to anything The Charalambides. Side A is just electric guitar, side B is just her voice. L’Etoile De Mer was originally released in 2000 on cassette, 15 years later comes a welcome vinyl release.

European Soul

European Soul is the second album by London based soul-pop trio, Citizens! The album was produced by Laurent D’Herbecourt who has worked with the likes of Phoenix. Citizens! are a positive force, according to singer Tom Burke the band’s philosophy is “to never be resigned”and “always push forward”.

Machine Conspiracy

Extra modern science waves for your listening pleasure from Conforce aka Boris Brunnik. Machine Conspiracy is a series of deep and sultry techno crème brulees. Boris mixes the classic extraterrestrial aesthetic of 'the D' in a minimal euro manner. Tump it out on the F1 or schmooze it around for a sunday lunch .. possibly. Out on triple vinyl LP and CD from Delsin record.

Constellation Botsu
Constellation Botsu

‘Constellation Botsu’ is a sonic bombardment of ‘Botsu’ which are a sort of recorded music ‘track’ if you will, of terrifying, unhinged electronic experiments of which there are currently several hundred in existence. The Botsu considered most suitable for human consumption have been chosen for this record, each one is a miniature hurricane of abrasive, overdriven assault.
  • CD (NUTE023)
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Norwegian artist DJ VLR, aka Livar Særheim returns to the desk to demonstrate the craftsmanship of mixing as an artform. Including tracks by the likes of MNLTH, DMX Krew, Automatic Tasty, Cygnus, ‘CPU II’ covers nearly 3 years of DJ VLR’S back catalogue mixed into the perfect sampler. The release also includes a bonus track mixed by DJ VLR and scratched by DJ HANAL.

E.G.Kaidan : Esplendor Geométrico + Hijokaidan
E.G.Kaidan (Live In Tokyo 24 November 2013)

Esplendor Geométrico (Spanish Industrialists) travelled to Japan in 2013, and played a show with Hijokaidan, the almighty Japanoise pioneers! The resultant monster, E.G. Kaidan is a beat-driven harsh cacophony, the two group’s sounds gelling surprisingly well. Full credit to E.G. vocalist Arturo Lanz for facing up to Queen Junko herself.

EMG & Battista
The Bridge EP

Emily Hall
Folie a Deux

‘Folie à Deux’ is award winning British composer Emily Hall’s debut collaborative release with Icelandic singer songwriter and multiple times Björk collaborator, Sjón. Hall’s composition a piece of modern folk storytelling written for two vocalists, an acoustic harp and an electro-magnetic harp.

Expo '70
Solar Drifting

The material on Solar Drifting first appeared on a myriad of formats with an array of labels, including Eat, Sleep, Repeat and Trensmat. Now these bits and pieces of the Expo ‘70 world are collected as either CD or tape depending on preference. Weird and wonderful singles jams, dual released by Zoharum and Sonic Meditations.

Floris Vanhoof
The Wonderful World of Well Sounding Voltages and Projected Light

‘The Wonderful World Of Well Sounding Voltages And Projected Light’ is a DVD document of the experimental super 8 films, soundtrack work and live performances of subconscious adventurer Floris Vanhoof. Vanhoof uses film techniques such as double exposures and plays on his love of experimenting with electronic sounds to investigate the persistence of vision and perception, through the craft of flickering lights and abstract noisescapes.

Girls In Hawaii
Hello Strange

Belgian indie pop act Girls In Hawaii do the opposite of Bob Dylan at Newport, ditching the electric jangle pop for something purer and more acoustic. Revising their work here with new arrangements that are equal parts sparse and delicate, 'Hello Strange' is a surprisingly versatile release from a band who's sound has been well worn.
  • Vinyl LP (NV832361)
  • £15.49 £7.75 (saving: £7.74)
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Grave Babies
Holographic Violence

Grave Babies present a record all about the possibility that humanity is a doomed species, a proposition explored through drum machines and an hard-rock-in-the-1980s guitar sound. Holographic Violence is an odd-sounding album that is hard to pin down, something that works quite well. On the Hardly Art label.
  • CD (HAR087CD)
  • £10.49 £5.25 (saving: £5.24)
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  • Vinyl LP (HAR087)
  • £12.99 £6.50 (saving: £6.49)
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Grimm Grimm
Hazy Eyes Maybe

ATP Recordings, which seems to have survived all the liquidations to date, releases the new record from Grimm Grimm, solo project of the ex-frontman of Screaming Tea Party. This is singer-songwriter material on carefully plucked guitar, but with the feel of strangeness and unknown places lurking beneath the echo.


Mixing drone, shoegaze and psych rock into the same room like distant cousins awkwardly making conversation on the Christmas holidays, Implodes make a strange cacophony of loud noises - reverberating, sustaining and compelling, Reverser offers up a different kind of darkness to the psych rock universe. 
  • Vinyl 12" (RELIC62)
  • £23.99 £14.39 (saving: £9.60)
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  • Limited edition
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Jay Chattaway
Maniac Cop 2

Maniac Cop 2 is of course a film, although I would truly love the band who chose it for a project title. Released in 1990 and following the spree-based adventures of an undead law enforcement official, the film was soundtracked by Jay Chattaway, released now by Mondo. Includes an array of cues, plus the compelling ‘Maniac Cop Rap’.

Jay Daniel
School Dance EP

Remember your first School Dance? If it was anything like mine, it was a crazy balance between adolescent self-loathing and a hazy alcoholic swagger. That’s exactly what Jay Daniel captures in his new EP, with disorienting decorations circling distantly around sturdy beats that do not care for subtlety.

Jay Jay Johanson

Swedish avant-garde songwriter Jay Jay Johanson brings out his 10th studio album featuring 10 stories set in his own darkened world. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t fantastical tales, there’s a bittersweet realism to Johanson’s work. Songs that seem to want to paint you a picture in order to tell you that it is just a picture, not real life. Healthy blending of electronics and Bad Seeds blues right here.

Jesse Hackett
Junk Circle Star

Having been through the Albarn-apprenticeship of Gorillaz’ live band and Africa Express, and even wandering into Thom Yorke’s touring group, Jesse Hackett is now finally ready to release his first own-name solo record into the world. Junk Circle Star’s sound grew out of a basic little keyboard, and from there has ended up in a variety of groovy genres. On Circle Star.
  • Vinyl LP (CS002LP)
  • £17.49 £8.75 (saving: £8.74)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Jessica Pavone
Knuckle Under

After medical problems forced her to take a 21-month break from playing the viola, Jessica Pavone returns with a new-found focus on the sounds she wants to hear herself - extended tones, wrenched forcefully from her instrument and processed, amplified, looped and layered in simple, exhilarating clouds of noise.

Josh Rouse
The Embers Of Time

Available on either 12” vinyl or CD from Yep Roc. Josh Rouse seems to manage to create a unique take on country folk, adding a little bit of joy and tongue-in-cheekness. So you get his Bob Dylan esque confession filled vocals surrounded by playful pop like arrangements. For fans of Glen Campbell, Ryan Adams.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis The Third

Winsome middle class siblings Kitty, Daisy and Lewis reappear for a third album of laid back old timey organic grooves. If lead single "Baby Bye Bye" sounded just a little too close to Mike Read's "UKIP Calypso" then the lyrics chart a more lovelorn territory that should help get it onto an advert before the summers out. Produced by Mick Jones of The Clash.  

Lake Komo

It’s new indie pop from Lake Komo with their debut 7”, Thinktank released on fledgling label Human Music. Lake Komo are based in Manchester and hail from Lancaster and Kendal. Their music is cold, electronic indie pop which feels synthetic, with even a bit of autotune in there to remind you of awful music from the early 2000s. Lovely.
  • Vinyl 7" (HUM001)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Vaporware Tracks 1

Following an already prolific output in early 2015 with new music, new internet films and new Shadow Wolf Cyberzines, otherworldly techno creator Legowelt returns with a new EP release on Creme Organization records. ‘Vaporware Tracks Vol. 1’ ranges from the edgy paranoia inducing drum tracks, to melodic, psyche out synths, to totally wired, fuzzed out sounds of broken technology to crispy clean, sci-fi sounds.

Life's Track
Smell of Sanctity

Five tracks-worth of low-down heavy funky sound by Life’s Track on this new 12” EP. Smell of Sanctity bounces along powerfully with thick, irresistible beats that sound like they are kept on a short leash. Only 300 copies of this around, on the Black Opal label, so don’t wait around if you want one. Hand stamped too, for extra authenticity.


A modern classic from Lone, Lemurian gets the re-issue treatment in fully remastered style. Available on vinyl for the first time it features new artwork and a spot gloss cover. Contemporary balearic vibes just in time for summer. Out on CD, vinyl LP and limited edition pink vinyl LP from Dealmaker Records and Magic Wire.

Luis Bacalov

Django is just the kind of spaghetti western stuff you’d hope for after seeing the cover. Django was in fact an influential and mysterious classic, and Luis Bacalov’s soundtrack is presented here on double vinyl, alongside new artwork, liner notes, a poster, and vintage flyers. If you are even slightly a fan of the film, you won’t be able to resist.  

Luxury Apartments
Luxury Apartments

David Tyack was part of the Twisted Nerve gang that featured Andy Votel, Badly Drawn Boy and Jane Weaver, he played drums in Misty Dixon with Jane Weaver. He tragically died in 2002, around the time that he had been working under the name Luxury Apartments. The results of his purposeful experiments and improvisation led to what we have here - a mix of mechanical folk and darkly ambient music.

Mannerfelt / Haydo
Radio Mohave

Collaborative 12” by the fresh new duo of Mannerfelt (Roll The Dice, The Subliminal Kid) and Simon Haydo. Firmly disorientating grayscale electronics that thud their way around your room and your subconscious alike. Heavily atmospheric Scandinavian times. Radio Mohave is released by the Avian label.

Mikal Cronin

Prolific garage rock character and Ty Segall associate Mikal Cronin returns with his third proper solo record, its properness signified by the official-sounding title MCIII. It is also ‘proper solo’ in another sense, in that Cronin himself plays virtually every scrap of sound here himself, with the exception of a string quartet. Whaddaguy.

Model Alpha

Model Alpha are a Parisian pair, who have been beavering away at their analogue synthesisers for a while now. Dimensions is the first public release of their dabblings, and the result is a set of tranced-out, space age instrumentals. Released as an LP with a bonus, single-side flexidisc squeezed into the package for good measure, on Desire.

Moon B
Life World

On vinyl for the first time, here we have Lifeworld from Moon B. Lifeworld is an electronic collection of funk, world and synth samples, mashed intricately into a groovy, ever changing album of fun tunes which blend genres and styles. For fans of similar electronic groove makers such as Max Graef, this is an album of many moods but always great fun.     

Moon Pool & Dead Band

Moon Pool & Dead Band built up long jamming tracks of crackling analogue synth fastened to a funky framework, and then farmed out the stems to the likes of Patrick Russell, Ice Cold Crissy and Nate Young of that Wolf Eyes. The results are spread over four sides of vinyl, and display a great range of approach whilst fitting together weirdly well.

En Konsert For Folk Flest

A special release of Norwegian proggers Motorpsycho and Ståle together with Kammerkoret Aurum and Sheriffs Of Nothingness performing the commissioned work En Konsert For Folk Flest in the Nidarosdomen cathedral of Trondheim. Featuring a 24-piece choir this is a mighty piece captured and released here in this deluxe set. Out on Deluxe gatefold 180g vinyl 2LP + DVD + CD on Rune Grammofon.

Plot Defender

Nochexxx makes music that sounds like vintage electro / techno that has been made using gear of that vintage that perhaps hasn’t weathered the years very well. All the elements are in place, and you could certainly dance, but the whole is pleasingly muffled. Coloured and translucent double LP on Type.

NOGAWA kazune
Koo She

Nogawa Kazune began performing live in 2011. His aim was to revive synthesizer music and ambient electronica. Koo She utilizes elements dubstep and ambient music to create a chilled out soundscape. Kazune founded the cassette-only Stuk Label in 2013. Koo She, however, is on CD, on the White Paddy Mountain label.

Old Man Gloom
Meditations In B

Old Man Gloom's aka Aaron Turner (ISIS) and Santos Montano (Zozobra) are a post-metal, post-math, post-hardcore, post-rock riff generator. Originally released in 1999, their debut ‘Meditations In B’ is a dark record combining the elements of doom and metal to create an underlying presence that is disturbingly haunting.

Passion Pit

Happy-go-dancy indie rockers Passion Pit are finally back with a new album. Kindred is filled to the brim with high pitched vocals, joyful synthesizers and extremely energetic beats that carry the whole thing. Here’s hoping the album is up to the same level as 2009’s Manners. We are ready for amazing things to happen.

Peine Perdue

‘Disparitions’ is the first vinyl, full length album by Berlin based artist/musicians Peine Perdue (aka Stephane Argillet and Coco Gallo). Released on French label Medical Records, ‘Disparitions’ is a poetic, mathematical, pattern inspired abstraction of economical synth-pop, coloured by the eclectic personality of it’s creators.

Pit Ponies
Magnificent Second Occupation

Pit Ponies, as the name signifies, identify strongly with an English working class tradition, and they carry this through with their direct, soul tinged music. Magnificent Second Occupation certainly kicks back against working class marginalisation, but it has a definite joy to it too. Released by Trashmouth Records.

Dead September

‘Dead September’ is the third LP on Rural Isolation Project by Austin noise-punks Quttinirpaaq. Like a record you might write it a particularly tense and sweaty dream, this is unapologetically painful, industrial, heavy rock noise with unrecognisably distorted vocals and punishing guitar sounds over distant, angry electronic beats.

Ramin Djawadi
Iron Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

An epic soundtrack for an epic film: Ramin Djawadi presents his Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Robert Downey’s Jr.’s smash Iron Man. Apparently screen-sound legend Hans Zimmer had a hand in producing: handing down the blockbuster baton to Djawadi perhaps? 1000 copies of 180g vinyl on Silva Screen.

Rat Columns
Fooling Around EP

‘Fooling Around’ is the latest E.P release on Blackest Ever Black from spaced out modern garage rock band Rat Columns (David West). Originally released in it’s fledgeling form on Rat Columns' album ‘Leaf’ the title track, written in collaboration with Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring), appears in its full glory with its relentlessly jaded guitars, West’s unmistakable vocals and Young’s psyche synth embroideries finally committed to vinyl.

Ricked Wicky
I Sell The Circus

Robert Pollard is an indefatigably prolific artist, writing indie pop songs that make 99% of other songwriters jealous. Now that his main band, the legendary Guided By Voices have decided to call it a day, for a second time, Pollard has a new band, Ricked Wicky. Pollard describes the band as a “Sophisticated arena band”. I Sell The Circus is available on CD.

Rima Kato
Faintly Lit

While still at high school in the late nineties, Rima Kato began her music career in folk-rock duo Strrows, who gradually evolved from their jaunty pop origins towards a slower, more thoughtful folk-pop. Following her 2012 mini album ‘Harmless’, Kato’s album debut ‘Faintly Lit’ consists of a lo-fi arrangement of soft sounding electric guitar along with a selection of wood and wind instruments which carry the simple charm of her poetry delivered through her soft, gentle vocal style.
  • CD (FLAU45)
  • £10.49 £5.25 (saving: £5.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Satoshi Tomiie
New Day

House legend Satoshi Tomiie is back with a brand new album New Day. This eclectic album once again proves that he remains a truly relevant figure in house music and beyond. Twenty five years since Tears with Frankie Knuckles, the Japanese maestro has still got it. Out on 2LP and CD from Abstract Architecture.

Actions and Indications

Seaweed are eighties northwest punks, formed by singer Aaron Stauffer (Spook & the Zombies) and best friend Clint Werner (guitar) who then recruited Wade Neal on guitar, John Atkins on bass, and drummer Bob Bulgrien. Seaweed played over a thousand shows throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as recording five pop punk albums from 1989 to 1999 including the powerhouse 'Actions And Indications', originally recorded in 1999.

Yuh Yuh

The latest in a line of reissues of Turkish folk and protest singer Selda, many will be familiar with Finders Keepers 'Selda' release from 2006 that was so popular they repressed again a few years later. This was originally a German cassette release now getting a vinyl issue after nearly 40 years. Tracks are taken from Selda's debut album and singles from the mid to late '70s. Title song 'Yuh Yuh' is from Selda's 1977 'Dostum Dostum'/'Yuh Yuh' single, in the '80s Selda Bagcan was persecuted by Turkey's military rulers due to her political lyrics. Anatolian Rock super group Dadaslar who are known for their works with Ersen provide the backing for many of the tracks. The band beef up Selda's sound and provide a powerful groove with their psychedelic arrangements giving the tracks a funk-rock vibe that will appeal to fans of Jagwar Ma or Tame Impala looking for something more cosmic.

Severed Heads
Big Saints Reward (1988- 1990 Dubs)

EP available on 12” vinyl on Optimo Trax. With a lot of comparisons drawn between Australia’s Severed Heads and Kraftwerk in their musical and working style, you can certainly see their effect on modern day electronic music. Big Saints.. is a collection of tracks that have had minimal remastering and rearrangement for DJ usage, and could definitely still smash a dancefloor today.

Wiretap Scars

Sparta quickly came together after the tumult of At the Drive-In’s rise to fame and subsequent implosion. Out of the remains of the band after Omar and Cedric left, Wiretap Scars was the sound of 3 dudes getting back to the post-hardcore vein they’d furrowed in relative obscurity previous to ATDI’s Relationship of Command. Limited 180g red vinyl reissue on Music on Vinyl.

Stranger Cat
In The Wilderness

Sufjan Stevens’ right hand woman takes centre stage here with her new project Stranger Cat. With a CV that takes in the likes of The Shins, Sharon Van Etten and Son Lux, Cat Martino belts out a number of tunes with her sights trained directly at the radio. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Joyful Noise.


Not Not Fun delve further into new-age weird-loner America with this evocative LP from Swanox. Duskrunner marks the first vinyl transmission for Anthony Orion, and contains more heady, heavy, abstracted vibes. Only 299 copies pressed of this blissful Californian detritus exist. Sounds like another indispensable slab from this essential label.


Syntoma were a Mexican underground synth-pop group active in the 1980’s. Little-heard outside of their region, EM Records allows us to redress the balance, revealing the beautifully bright sound of the trio. Tinny drum machines and early consumer-synths are used to propel shiny pop songs, with compelling results.
  • Vinyl LP (EM1134LP)
  • £15.99 £8.00 (saving: £7.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Infrared Riding Hood

Originally released in 1995, Infrared Riding Hood was the 5th and final album by Tad. The album was produced by the legendary Jack Endino, whose fingerprints are all over seminal grunge albums - Bleach by Nirvana, for one. Although the sales figures weren’t as high as classics like God’s Balls and 8 Way Santa due to the demise of grunge, Infrared Riding Hood is regarded by many as Tad’s best work. Infrared Riding Hood is available on ltd 180g blue marbled vinyl.

The Coma Lilies
Memento Mori

Wild multi-genre band The Coma Lilies stopped operating seven years ago, but their legacy lives on through this reissued EP, to honour “10 Years Of Denovali”, the record label that has pressed this treat up once more. Memento Mori jerks all over the place, demanding that the listener follows it. 250 copies of 180g vinyl.

The Germs

Early early early L.A. punk from The Germs, first hammered onto tape (in an actual garage, no less) in 1977. Basic, direct, skronky, lo-fi, and altogether true to punk ideals. This 7”, Forming (an appropriate title given that the group had just formed at this time) is reissued on Superior Viaduct.

Those Pretty Wrongs
Lucky Guy

Former drummer for Big Star and current producer of laid-back, 70’s California-hued countryish rock Jody Stephens presents the release of his new group Those Pretty Wrongs, a duo with Luth Russell. Burger Records are doing the duties, putting out Lucky Guy  on a 7” limited to a mere 500 copies.

Nail House Party Compilation

The Emotional Response label is run by the same people who used to run 555. They've already put out a bunch of great things including a 7" by Sleaford Mods no less. Now theypresent the Nail House Party Compilation, a bundle of twenty of their bands: indie / punk / indie-punk galore! The bargain-priced set contains the likes of Bad Guys, Hulaboy, Tangible Excitement!, Kids On A Crime Spree, Hard Left, The Safe Distance and Victorian Slang, and will surely give you a good time. On LP and bargain priced CD.

Wei Zhongle
Nu Trance

Wei Zhongle are a trio operating on a number of axes simultaneously, pulling in dubby bass, a melange of electronics, occasionally klezmer-ish clarinet and ecstatically meandering vocals to make a curious brew. The LP version of Nu Trance is released on Hairy Spider Legs, the cassette version on NNA Tapes.
  • Vinyl LP
  • £16.49 £8.25 (saving: £8.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Whirling Hall Of Knives

Whirling Hall Of Knives are a pretty insane sounding duo (comprising Magnetize and Barry M), pushing over-gained and distorted electronics together into a messy mash. P!!ggz has frantic passages and some more restrained sections, but the whole thing certainly makes a great impact. 100 cassette copies on Fort Evil Fruit.

Let Go

You better get your shovel out to dig into this density from Xosar. BOP004 is the eight tracker from the San Franciscan, now Berlin based, producer. On this one she isn't holding back at all, with the low end rumbling through and destroying all in its path at various tempos. There is peak time aggression in 'The Pit', early hours gliding on 'Sail 2 Elderon' and tripped out euphoria on 'Gnome Circle'. If you want all the frequencies then pick it up on vinyl LP from Black Opal.