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Even more summer pre-orders

Ooh aren't those nights really starting to draw in? Before we know it we'll be huddled around a two bar electric fire cozying up to a hot water bottle with Lemsip in the jar boy. Let's enjoy the tail end of summer then with some of the latest pre-orders to hit the site including stuff by Mogwai, Harmonia, Kurt Vile, Yo La Tengo, Natural Snow Buildings, Patricia and loads more!  
Please note that this promotion officially ended on Tuesday August 25th 2015. Any discounted items may now have returned to full price, and other items may no longer be available at all. If you missed out on this promotion then sign up for our email alerts so that you stand a better chance of not missing out on the next one.
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!!! (chk chk chk)
As If

!!! (or chk chk chk if you were hoping to say their name out loud) have another tight collection of indie-dance jams, although actually, if you ask me, plenty of these tracks sound like full on 12” club platters. These New Yorkers know what’s up. As If thus comes highly recommended for those who like to move. On Warp Records.

Babes In Toyland

Babes In Toyland's third record, Fontanelle, sees reissue on Rhino. Coming straight outta 1992 with a very grungy rock sound. Some would call it riot grrrl, though I'm hesitant to as I know the group weren't keen on being identified as such. Singer Kat Bjelland wrote most of the songs and joined Lee Ranaldo on production duties. 180g vinyl.

La Di Da Di

Battles are back! The second record produced by their trio format, La Di Da Di is as bright, as colourful, and as listenably complex as ever. The first track references horrifying Australian film Wake In Fright, which is a promising way to begin. CD or double gatefold LP with bonus breakfast-themed posters for the first pressings. On Warp.

Briana Marela
All Around Us

Jagjaguwar presents the second album of Briana Marela, entitled All Around Us. Here, Marela’s voice lies at the centre of a swirl of melodic electronics, stuttering drum machines and, well, here own voice again, multitracked into a choir. The LP release reflects this with its own swirly design.

Carter Tutti Void
f (x)

Next tight little release from the indomitable Carter Tutti Void trio (Throbbing Gristle, Factory Floor). f(x) finds them destroying dancefloors with a sharp set of tunes that balance beat-hypnotism with icy synth melodies. This release continues a brief but powerful tradition of excellent material from these three, and is out on the Industrial Records label.

Cosmic Ground
Cosmic Ground II

Cosmic Ground are back with their second full-length, creatively titled Cosmic Ground II. Two LPs and only four tracks, so you know that this is going to be some premium, stretched out komische. And so it comes to pass: Dirk Muller leads the listener into some pretty fresh headspaces. 500 copies on Deep Distance.

Dawn McCarthy
Traveller Returning : Circa 1997-2000

Traveller Returning: Circa 1997-2000 by Dawn McCarthy is a collection of songs that were inspired by McCarthy’s travels away from her native New York City. It shows her transitioning and finding her own voice. They are early versions of songs that would become the core of her band, Faun Fables’ setlist. Upon revisiting the recording for this cassette, McCarthy said that the versions of the songs on here are “some of the best versions of them despite the crude recordings”.

Hermits On Holiday

Drinks appears to be the bizarro-side-project of Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley, in which they cast aside their usual singer-songwriter / hardcore punk focuses and get unusual. Hermits On Holiday has odd spoken word over the top of nervously bouncy instrumentals, and forms a satisfying, and unexpected experience. On Heavenly.

Return To The Moon

Menomena and the National are clearly good friends: earlier this year Pfarmers formed from members of each, and now another band has come to us with the former's Brent Knopf and the latter's Matt Berninger. I guess you could call it an indie rock supergroup, though as EL VY ("hell pie", we're told as way of pronunciation), the typical modesty of Berninger should temper that; it'll take the surreal, humorist songwriting of Knopf to lift them both up.


Joyless is the debut album by the tireless Midlander Sam Manville a.k.a FTSE. Formerly of hardcore band Blakfish, his new incarnation takes the political bile of his former work and channels it into a radio-friendly post-The Streets guise. Out on CD and vinyl LP on Lucky Number. Includes a free bonus Lucky Number 10th Anniversary CD.


Ty Segall’s proto-metal trio, Fuzz are back with their second album aptly named, Fuzz II. The band are in a musical time warp, ostensibly existing somewhere between 1968 and 1973, a time when guitars were fuzzy, and everything was real heavy. Their eponymous debut was a cracking homage to the rock sub-genre, Fuzz II sounds like it’s going to be just as good.

Complete Works

Sadly (and inadvertently) timed to coincide with the death of core member Dieter Moebius, we have here the Complete Works of Harmonia. That’s a whole five albums by the pioneering komische-electronicists, including a live album and Tracks And Traces, their collaboration with Brian Eno. Grand deluxe vinyl box-set with all the trimmings.

Documents 1975

Unfortunately (and inadvertently) timed to coincide with the death of core member Dieter Moebius, here is a set of previously unreleased recordings by Harmonia. Documents 1975 has live and studio tracks never before heard by the komische-loving public, all bounced down to cassette tape. On Grönland.

The Original Faces

Check this one out Grouper fans! Liz Harris has formed a band, as in ‘an actual band’ band. Harris’ unmistakeable vocals can thus be heard over a sort of shoegaze/indie-pop backing. Helen still maintains an essentially mystic nature, but it is very welcome to hear a whole new side to Harris. The Original Faces is released by Kranky.

Helena Hauff
Discreet Desires

‘Discreet Desires’ is the debut solo album from German electro artist Helena Hauff. Driven by a fascination with the relationship between artist and machine, Hauff creates a spontaneous, analogue generated techno, through freestyle jams and improvisation. Her debut release reflects her love for musical subcultures such as punk, nu wave, industrial, krautrock and avant garde electro.

Here We Go Magic
Be Small

Here We Go Magic have their fourth album up and ready to go, and it finds them in a more positive mode / mood than ever! Be Small is full of tightly orchestrated pop songs with an ornate proggish twist. Eleven tracks on Secretly Canadian, released in standard formats and as coloured vinyl exclusive to independent shops.


Swedish group Hills are dedicated to ever-escalating psychedelic freakouts, which they pull off with aplomb. But, crucially, they are also keen to avoid cliche, and their tracks keep things original with slightly unusual structures and lesser-spotted instruments like the flute. Frid, their third album, is released by Rocket Recordings.

Hooton Tennis Club
Highest Point In Cliff Town

Wirral based, indie rock four piece Hooton Tennis Club gained attention with debut single ‘Jasper’ on Heavenly Recordings, having signed to the label after being spotted only three gigs into their careers by Carl Hunter (The Farm). ‘Highest Point in Cliff Town’ is their debut album release on the label and if the taster single ‘Kathleen Sat on the Arm of Her Favourite Chair’ is anything to go by, expect chirpy, 60’s pop inspired guitars and catchy vocals that won’t leave you alone.


Innercity presents his catchily titled new record, ABABABABABABAS (Blue Lion Child), a dense and messy sound-wall that is ostensibly ambient, but practically a lot closer to noise. Textures all over the shop, generated with guitars and violins and put through big racks of something heavy. LP on Further Records.

Jay Dee aka J Dilla
Jay Deelicious: The Delicious Vinyl Years

Jay Dee / J Dilla had a hell of a career during his brief time, and this compilation (stretched over a full triple LP set) gathers up a load of his earlier productions. Those include work with Pharcyde, Mos Def and Q-Tip, as well as a number of stand-alone beat instrumentals. Released by Delicious Vinyl.

Joanna Newsom

Indies of the world delight! A new record from the unique Joanna Newsom! Five years on from Have One On Me, Divers continues her life-long mission of creating immaculately arranged songs, each seemingly containing a universe. Divers is available from Drag City on diverse formats: double LP, CD, or cassette.

John Shuttleworth
The Yamaha Years

Fifty-something DIY enthusiast, John Shuttleworth lives in Sheffield with his wife and two kids. He writes perfect kitchen-sink pop songs with the help of his portable Yamaha synthesizer. Available for the first time on vinyl, The Yamaha Years contains such classics as Pigeons In Flight and My Wife Died In 1970. This double LP also contains 7 bonus tracks. Graham Fellows is the man behind John Shuttleworth. He also created the character of Jilted John for the eponymous punk hit in 1978.
  • Vinyl Double LP (FRP2LP001)
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Keith Levene
Search For Absolute Zero

Keith Levene was an original member of The Clash, but more notably the guitarist and founding member, along with John Lydon, of PiL. His guitar work underpinned the sound of their classic albums such as Metal Box and Flowers of Romance. His 2013 eclectic, experimental opus, Search For Absolute Zero finally gets a vinyl release. The album fuses ambient, post-punk and dub to create a work that is essential for fans of PiL and those who look for adventure through musical experiments. Former PiL bandmate, Jah Wobble and 3D from Massive Attack make guest appearances.

Kurt Vile
b’lieve i'm goin down…

b’lieve i’m goin down… is album number six from troubadour Kurt Vile. What he has for us is a rich new collection of twelve songs, a kind of country-indie-rock that Vile is obviously extremely comfortable making. CD and 2LP editions, and also available as a triple-LP with six extra tracks, titled believe I’m goin (deep) down...

Tundra Remixed (Mark Fell / Kyoka)

Lakker's Tundra album is a rich enough beast to begin with, so minds out to be blown by the forthcoming existence of Tundra Remixed. This release offers a sneak preview on DJ-friendly 12" wax, with both Kyoka and Mark Fell stepping up with versions. Fell's piece is especially strong, hammeringly repetitive and a little bit obtuse. On R&S.

Liquid Liquid

Legendary post-punkers Liquid Liquid reached a peak of dance-floor intensity with Optimo, their 1983 EP. Reissued here on wax it’s a timely reminder of the New York band’s high-quality output and influence on future dance-punk outfits through the years. Out on vinyl 12” from Superior Viaduct.

Liquid Liquid
Liquid Liquid

A truly iconic piece of work from New York’s post-punk pioneers Liquid Liquid. Equal parts avant-garde and dance-floor oriented, this debut EP remains remarkably relevant in its single-minded pursuit of urgency. Uncompromising yet eminently welcoming at every turn. Out on vinyl 12” from Superior Viaduct.

Lou Barlow
Brace The Wave

New Lou Barlow album! Brace The Wave is the third album Lou Barlow has recorded under his own name. It’s his first since Goodnight Unknown in 2009. Barlow was a key figure in the alternative Boston, Massachusetts music scene in the late ‘80s and ‘90s firstly with Dinosaur Jr then with the incomparable Sebadoh, Sentridoh and Folk Implosion.

Max Eastley / Derek Bailey / Coum / Feminist Improvising Group
Another Evening At Logos 1974/79/81

Max Eastley (sonic sculptor), Derek Bailey (non-idiomatic guitar improviser extraordinare) and Coum (the pre-Throbbing Gristle group of aggro-experimentalists) are grouped alongside the underrated Feminist Improvising Group for this set of recordings made in the same Logos studio in Belgium. Wonderful improv on Sub Rosa.

Central Belters

Something of a motherload here for Mogwai fans: the noisy Scottish group are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a grand, box-set compilation, equal parts favourites and rarities. If you’ve never heard their ‘My Father My King’ before for instance, now’s your chance! Three CDs or a whole six vinyl records! On Rock Action.

Natural Snow Buildings
Terror's Horns

Very exciting times as a brand new Natural Snow Buildings announce a new record on Ba Da Bing! Terror's Horns is a relatively brief excursion for the duo, and is a little less droney than most past efforts. The vocals can recall bleak English folk, but the music is a wonderful, multi-faceted blur. Gorgeous stuff.

Nick Nicely
49 Cigars

Nick Nicely first released 49 Cigars in 1980, as the B-side to the single Hilly Fields. But now the B-side gets promoted to the A-side of a 7" all of it's very own! Supporting it are two tracks from a newer album, one of which has been remixed by Nick himself. Grand space-pop released on the Fruits de Mer label.

Bem Inventory

EP on 12” Vinyl. It’s been pretty much a year since the last Patricia release, with the Side Piece EP. Now returning to Opal Tapes Bem Inventory offers six tracks of thick pounding techno, but Patricia always manages to add a warmth to the cold-defined genre, with tracks seemingly hard-hitting to begin with they blend into rhythmic lush soundscapes. Comes with download code and full colour artwork by Louis Johnstone and Max Ravitz.


First full album in a whole eight years from the highly regarded Pole. Wald is a very strong way to return, a tight electronic meditation on the forest. Slightly dubbed rhythms are accompanied by nicely textured synth lines for a record perfect for home listening or esoteric dancefloors. 3 sides of music, with the side D taken up by an etching.

Popol Vuh
Das Hohelied Salomos

Reissued after 40 years, Popol Vuh’s second album is finally available to the public again. Filled with epic (and I do not use this word lightly) guitars and bombastic orchestrations, Das Hohelied Salomos is perhaps one of the pinnacles of 70s progressive rock done well. Put it on and forget about your day job for a bit! Comes with three previously unreleased bonus tracks.

The Agent Intellect

‘The Agent Intellect’ is the third release from Detroit post-punk band Protomartyr (featuring Joe Casey on vocals, Greg Ahee on guitar, Alex Leonard on drums and Scott Davidson on bass guitar). Frontman Joe Casey describes the sample track ‘Why Does It Shake?’ as a "back-handed ode to humanity's resilient self regard in the face of inevitable oblivion. Then the trap door opens.” It’s a dark, seething industrial track with an aggressive undercurrent that sounds a bit like Joy Division.

Rayon (Markus Acher)
Il Collo E La Collana

Rayon, the solo-project of The Notwist’s Markus Acher, is mostly concerned with the production of soundtracks. For Eleonora Danco’s newest movie N-capace, Acher made the music: Il Collo E La Collana. Like we’ve come to expect from the Alien Transistor label, the soundtrack is strange, disorienting and beautiful. Expect simple musical themes and careful, stretched-out glitches. 

Rose McDowall
Cut With The Cake Knife

Rose McDowall was a member of much-loved indie darlings Strawberry Switchblade, and Cut With A Cake Knife compiles songs that were originally intended for that group's second album. Instead, McDowall recorded them herself over 1988 and 1989. Lovely and bright indie pop from an expert of the form. CD or swirly vinyl on Night School.

Salad Boys

DIY indie pop in that rich New Zealand tradition, that’s what we have here with Salad Boys. The album title, Metalmania, is a bit of a misnomer really. This debut full-length is a fleet-footed thing, bouncing poppy melodies along over a guitar / rhythm section churn. Satisfying stuff. Released by Trouble In Mind.

Personal Computer

Personal Computer is the fine new record from Kody Nielson's project Silicon. This has to be the funkiest album to come out of New Zealand in years, mixing the textures and the compositional feel of disco and electo-pop with full-fledged songs. On Weird World, as a CD, an LP, and a deluxe LP edition with a book of art prints.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Thank God For Mental Illness

Thank God For Mental Illness is the third album by The Brian Jonestown Massacre. It was originally released in 1996. Their consistent quality and prolific nature is mind blowing enough, but when you realise that this album was recorded in one day for less than $18, you’ve just got to applaud their chops. Thank God For Mental Illness is available for the first time on vinyl, so to make it that bit more special, the vinyl is yellow and a weighty 180 gm.

The Fresh & Onlys
Early Years Anthology

A very valuable release here from The Fresh & Onlys, compiling together top-notch early material. The Early Years Anthology is bursting at the seams with Bay Area DIY garage-punk fun, and is released with the assistance of John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees) on his very own Castle Face label. Out on LP or CD.

The National
A Lot Of Sorrow

An experiment in how far one track’s emotional resonance can be help through repetition by The National and Icelandic performance artist Ragnar Kjartansson. The entire performance features the track Sorrow played repeatedly for six hours. 105 versions are here on clear vinyl in a deluxe LP box set from 4AD. Exhausting and evocative.

The Oscillation
Beyond The Mirror : Rare and Unreleased Tracks

The Oscillation here release all the Rare and Unreleased Tracks that they have accumulated over the course of their last three albums. Four of these songs have been scooped up from EPs and B-sides, but the rest will be all new to even the most ardent Oscillation fan. Beyond The Mirror is on All Time Low.

The Twilight Sad
Oran Mor Session

Scottish alt-rock miserablists The Twilight Sad have enough full studio albums under their belt to start turning towards compilations and rare track collections. The Oran Mor Session was of course recorded in the venue mentioned in the title, and finds the band in fine form attacking a number of tracks from their last album Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave. On Fatcat.


Another essential box from The Numero Group here, rounding off their Unwound series. Empire gives you the final two albums Challenge For A Civilised Society and Leaves Turn Inside You, the band's most crushing nihilistic documents -- both use sinewy guitar and a hands-off vocal approach that admits nobody's listening anymore. Comes with rarities and unreleased recordings and a 15,000 word essay. That smorgasbord is spread over four whole vinyl LPs, packaged in a serious sleeve.

Trevor Jackson Presents: Science Fiction Dancehall Classics

Trevor Jackson, compiler extraordinaire, has another carefully chosen collection of danceable history for you. Science Fiction Dancehall Classics is an incredibly enticing title, and the contents live up to the billing. Wondrous weird dubness from the likes of Neneh Cherry, Mark Stewart + The Maffia and Missing Brazilians. 2 CDs or 3 LPs.

Wavves / Cloud Nothings
No Life For Me

No Life For Me is the new album that sees a collaboration between Nathan Williams of Wavves and Cloud Nothings main-man Dylan Baldi. The music is influenced by the SoCal punk scene of the early ‘80s adding Williams’ summery splash with elements of Baldi’s lugubrious sentiment. It was recorded in Williams' house and produced by Sweet Valley.

All Yours

Widowspeak produce a beautifully languishing music, Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas winding their melodic lines together. Hamilton sings gently but passionately, and the band’s instrumental backing billows slowly. All Yours is a very accomplished third album, and is released on Captured Tracks.

Wolf Eyes

Slicer is a piece of early Wolf Eyes, initially released way back in 2001 as a cassette. For only the second outing of the 'classic' line-up of Aaron Dilloway, Nate Young and John Olson, Slicer is a really amazing piece of work, moving through a whole lot of territory. This reissue is the first vinyl outing for the record too.

Yo La Tengo
Stuff Like That There

Yo La Tengo have been making some of the best American indie music for 30 years now. Their new album, Stuff Like That There is a sort-of companion piece to their classic album Fakebook which contained re-imagined Yo La Tengo songs and selected cover versions. For this new album, the concept is the same. Also, the trio become a quartet with guitarist Dave Schramm joining Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley and James McNew.