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Records you could have inadvertently ignored

We all do it. Forget about something we really wanted to buy. Like tickets to that Hurricane No1 reunion show (without Andy Bell)...just fell by the wayside when Ride reformed and started wearing hats. So we've compiled a lot of music that is much much better than Hurricane No1 that may have slipped through your fingers. 
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Aisha Devi
Conscious C*nt

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Alvarius B
Chin Spirits

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Antenna Happy
Rotor / Late

Antenna Happy (the electronic music project of Nathan Pope) has been away from music for a full twenty years. He’s coming back with the excellent Pinto EP, but one isn’t enough now he’s recaptured the bug, so we also have this nice white label release of Rotor / Late, self-released on a self-named imprint. Two great, atmospheric cuts.


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Echo Fisk
Water Sports

Punk Jazz Rock doesn’t sound too promising, but that’s how the press release describes Echo Fisk and Water Sports. It sounds more like experimental jazz to me, something in the vein of The Feed Back or something like that. I think the Punk element comes from the fact that the three Norwegians in the band are all bald. It’s disjointed, whirling and compelling stuff with some jazz sensibilities and some added craziness. Vinyl LP in edition of 300 copies.

Emily Hall
Folie a Deux

‘Folie à Deux’ is award winning British composer Emily Hall’s debut collaborative release with Icelandic singer songwriter and multiple times Björk collaborator, Sjón. Hall’s composition a piece of modern folk storytelling written for two vocalists, an acoustic harp and an electro-magnetic harp.

Expo '70
Solar Drifting

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Fox Millions Duo
Lost Time

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Franck Vigroux

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Frankie & The Heartstrings

A brand new record (the first since 2013) from Frankie and his band of loyal Heartstrings, now featuring the recognisable vocal contributions of a former Futurehead as well. Decency sounds pretty decent all told, the indie melodies catchy, the riffs and strums of the guitars sounding just right. On Wichita.

Grave Babies
Holographic Violence

Grave Babies present a record all about the possibility that humanity is a doomed species, a proposition explored through drum machines and an hard-rock-in-the-1980s guitar sound. Holographic Violence is an odd-sounding album that is hard to pin down, something that works quite well. On the Hardly Art label.
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Grimm Grimm
Hazy Eyes Maybe

ATP Recordings, which seems to have survived all the liquidations to date, releases the new record from Grimm Grimm, solo project of the ex-frontman of Screaming Tea Party. This is singer-songwriter material on carefully plucked guitar, but with the feel of strangeness and unknown places lurking beneath the echo.


Headphones are a group who are proud to stand behind only synthesisers (and drums), rather than any guitars. Headphones is their debut record (and indeed their only record), released in 2005 and now reissued by Suicide Squeeze on white vinyl. Indie synth-rock with a strong ear for melody and a songwriter’s touch.

John Swing / EMG / Vinalog
Relative 001.1

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Kawabata Makoto
Astro Love and Infinite Kisses

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Lucy and Klock
War Lullaby

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Into The Night

Midnight were a small-town teenage group operating in the mid-to-late seventies. They had strong chops for ones so young, taking on hard rock tropes and bringing them to suburban Illinois. Into The Night is one of the few recordings still actually in circulation, and Drag City are doing their bit to make it that bit more available than before with this reissue.

Red X

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Owl & Mouse

With the sweet Australian voice of Hannah Botting, Owl & Mouse are treating us to another album. Gentle pop songs emerge from careful orchestrations on Departures, the band featuring an expanded cast of musicians. A great record for when you really need to bury your melancholy. Or for when you like pretty songs, of course.

Perk Badger
Do Your Stuff

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Peter Walker
Live at Third Man Records

Jack White's appetite for live albums continues to grow as he releases yet another album of a person doing a thing in his studio which White then boasts about through the medium of 12". Here the great Peter Walker pays his debts to his favourite artists -- John Fahey and Robbie Basho, and all who could turn a guitar exercise into a beautiful American landscape. It's called Live At Third Man Records as I think about five thousand records now are.

Pvre Matrix

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Roger Waters
Amused To Death

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SK Kakraba

SK Kakraba is part of a mighty lineage of Ghanaian Gyil players; the Gyil being a kind of xylophone. Yonye is a fantastic collection of solo recordings, the buzzing sound of the instrument giving the traditional songs an almost electric tang to them. Plenty of life and energy in this record, which is out on Sun Ark.


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The Antlers
In London

One special night in October of last year, The Antlers played a show to a sold-out crowd at the Hackney Empire, much to the happiness of those in attendance. If you were there, or wish you had been, then In London, the document of that performance, will let that happiness flow right back into your life again. Double LP on Transgressive.

Those Pretty Wrongs
Lucky Guy

Former drummer for Big Star and current producer of laid-back, 70’s California-hued countryish rock Jody Stephens presents the release of his new group Those Pretty Wrongs, a duo with Luth Russell. Burger Records are doing the duties, putting out Lucky Guy  on a 7” limited to a mere 500 copies.

Esperanza de OTO 2

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Vision Heat
The Chosen Themes - Program I

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Senary Cycles EP

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