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Autobahn are a group in thrall to the good old days of post-punk, where sternly grooving basslines could drive everything forwards and vocals could echo around as if they were in a dilapidated warehouse. Dissemble, the group’s debut album, carries this vision through with intense focus. On Tough Love.

Ben Folds
So There

Combining his love of stringed instruments and chamber music with his firmly rooted pop sensibilities, Ben Folds is back with ‘So There’. Consisting of eight tracks of chamber pop songs performed by Ben Folds and the yMusic Ensemble, the album also includes a 21 minute piano concerto with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.

Country Teasers
Science Hat Artistic Cube Moral Nosebleed Empire

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Darwin Deez
Double Down

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David Bowie

This David Bowie material dates from before the concept of ‘David Bowie’ really existed. 1966 sounds very different from any of his later sounds, being more of a straight mod-pop affair. Still, these six songs are well put together, a lot more than just novelties. Though it is intriguing to hear this early side to the man. Reissue on Sanctuary.

Death And Vanilla
California Owls EP

Hot on the heels of their much adored 'To Where The Wild Things Are' album, Death and Vanilla have given us another treat in the form of this limited edition 12" EP. It contains two songs from the album and two previously unreleased tracks which showcase perfectly their vintage retro-futurist sound which has drawn comparisons with Broadcast and Stereolab. Limited to 1000. On green vinyl.  
  • Vinyl 12" (BLAZE225)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura
Clifton Park, NY

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In Dream

This is The Editors fifth studio album, ‘In Dream’ and their second release featuring the ‘new’ line up of the band with founding members Tom Smith, Russell Leetch and Ed Lay being joined by Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams. Following two years of intensive world tours, the five piece has taken a step away from the straighter, rock aesthetic of albums like ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ and has moved towards a more electro pop inspired sound, reminiscent of their third album ‘In This Light And On This Evening’. Slowdive's Rachel Goswell guests. 

Fatima Yamaha
What's A Girl To Do

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Girl Band
Holding Hands With Jamie

Debut album time! Here’s Holding Hands with Jamie by Girl Band. Annoyingly enough, Girl Band are actually four Irish blokes. Probably irony or something. Still, they produce some raw, energetic noisy rock and post-punk which fits in nicely with the Rough Trade label they landed with. Available on CD, LP and indies only yellow LP.

Haiku Salut
Etch and Etch Deep

Don’t let the name fool you; Haiku Salut are neither French nor Japanese. Instead, they hail from Derbyshire. The tracks they make on Etch and Etch Deep combine a big stack of sounds grabbed from sources electronic and acoustic, with results that are both strange and highly tuneful. On How Does It Feel To Be Loved?

Higamos Hogamos
Fuzzy Majesty EP

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Jackson C. Frank
The Complete Recordings

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John Baker & The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
The Vendetta Tapes

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Jon Collin
Early Music

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Joy Division

Funny when you reach the stage in a band’s life (or afterlife in this case I suppose) when even the compilations are being reissued. That said, the material remains crucial, always good to have the stuff available on vinyl. Still, first out in 1981, brings together Joy Division material that was unreleased at that time, including live recordings.
  • Vinyl Double LP (0825646183920)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Julia Holter
Have You In My Wilderness

‘Have You In My Wilderness’ is a collection of dreamy, atmospheric, intimate ballads textured with the imagery inspired by various literary references, exploring familiar themes such as love and human relationships in a way that is enigmatic and slightly unnerving. The record seems to be drawn from a more personal source than her first two releases.

Little Comets
Life Is Elsewhere

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The Hunter

‘The Hunter’ is US stoner rock band Mastodon's first non concept album since ‘Remission’ (2002). It contains no elements of classical music and is pure, heavy rock. The album includes a song composed and sung entirely by drummer Brann Dailor who also features on vocals on several other tracks.

Max Richter
from SLEEP

A record surely made with our Phil in mind. If anyone can get him to sleep it will be Max Richter. Richter has written what is thought to be the longest piece of classical music and you are supposed to listen to it when you are asleep  - if such thing is possible. The work is being released in its entirety in digital form but of course you can't squeeze that onto CD or vinyl so these are one hour adaptations of the work. Certainly you'll need to be awake for the vinyl version otherwise the needle will just get snagged in the run out groove. 

I Am A Wallet

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Michael Vallera

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Mick Jones
Ex Libris

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Lovers Know

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Noonday Underground
Body Parts For Modern Art

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Nurse With Wound / Blind Cave Salamander
Cabbalism I & II

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Nurse With Wound / Blind Cave Salamander
Cabbalism I, II & III

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Sun Coming Down

Sun Coming Down is the much anticipated second full length from the Montreal quartet who have found love across the globe with their debut album which topped many end of year lists with it's twitchy economical sound and yelped David Byrne-like vocal delivery. This new album continues in that angular manner, an unpolished charge of politicised avant-rock.  

Painted Palms

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Parquet Courts / Joey Pizza Slice

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The Secret History Volume 1

Pavement were arguably the greatest American band of the ‘90s. The Secret History Vol. 1 compiles 30 tracks from the band’s early days, 25 of which have never been available on vinyl before. There are b-sides, Peel Sessions and a live concert from the time when Slanted & Enchanted was their only album. The deluxe double LP is housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket and contains essays from Pavement main man Stephen Malkmus and guitarist Scott Kannberg, aka Spiral Stairs.

Pere Ubu
Dub Housing

Too many Pere Ubu records have been allowed to slip out of print, so here, to coincide with some shows, the group are reissuing a few early records on Fire. Dub Housing is their second album, and represents the group at their wild, harsh best. Newly remastered from the original tapes and available on CD or LP.

Protomartyr / R. Ring
A Half of Seven

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Public Image Limited
What The World Needs Now

Incredibly, What The World Needs Now… is Public Image Limited’s 10th album, although it could have been so much more had they not had that 17 year gap before releasing This is PiL in 2012. John Lydon’s returns with that acidic tongue of his bellowing his typically witty and relevant lyrics over some great instrumentation which sees PiL returning toward some heavier punk rock sounds but always experimenting. You can never know what Lydon or PiL are going to do next.   

Red House Painters
Down Colourful Hill

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Red House Painters
Red House Painters / Rollercoaster

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Red House Painters
Red House Painters / Bridge

Of the two sorta untitled Red House Painters records, Bridge is the perennial underachiever, a record that's more subtle in places and less focused in tone. It makes for something of RHP rock record: a strangely joyous cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock" appears, as does a gloomy, pantomimic cover of the Star Spangled Banner. There's also some of Kozelek's own songs, which were pretty good back in the day.
  • Vinyl LP (CAD3410)
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Red House Painters
Ocean Beach

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‘Manbait’ is the new double LP release from Regis aka Karl O’Connor (Downwards records, Sandwell District collective, British Murder Boys). The record features several new versions of three original tracks, remixes of Raime, Vatican Shadow, Ike Yard and Dalhous, an alternate mix of Tropic of Cancer’s ‘Plant Lilies At My Head’ and a new take on a song from Regis’s teen, synth punk band Family Sex.

Ricked Wicky
King Heavy Metal

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Why Choose

Shopping follow up their self-released debut album with Why Choose, on FatCat. The band’s sound comes from a rich lineage of angular post-punk, which is not to say they don’t sound fresh. You can alternately thrash and dance to their business, good stuff. If you get hold of the limited first pressing of the LP version, the vinyl will be clear!


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The Bug
Zim Zim Zim

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Venetian Snares
Your Face

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Vibracathedral Orchestra
Rec Blast Motorbike

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William Basinski
The Deluge

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