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Aidan Baker & Idklang
In The Red Room

‘In The Red Room’ is where the ambient drones of Aidan Baker (Nadja, B/B/S/) meet the experimental sound designs of Idklang aka Markus Steinkellner (Arktis/Air) over two epic, twenty minute instrumental tracks of gentle, effects driven, ambient guitar drone over repetitive, krautrock beats.

AnD RMX01 (Zeitgeber / Sleeparchive / O/H)

Everyone enjoyed AnD’s recent album Cosmic Microwave Background didn’t they? Industrial dancefloor power tunes and no mistake. Well three people who definitely enjoyed that record are Zeitgeber, O/H and Sleeparchive, as each are present here on AnD RMX01 to techno-remix the hell out of those original tracks.

AnD RMX 02 (JK Flesh / Black Rain)

Everyone enjoyed AnD’s recent album Cosmic Microwave Background didn’t they? Industrial dancefloor power tunes and no mistake. Well two people who definitely enjoyed that record are Black Rain and JK Flesh (aka Justin Broadrick), who both use AnD RMX02 as an excuse to heavy-up these tracks even further.

Arthur Russell

Corn is the first music from Arthur Russell’s diverse catalogue to be released in seven years. The album is made up from nine tracks that were recorded between 1982 and 1983. The direction Russell had taken at this time won’t surprise too many fans as songs from these sessions have appeared on 2004’s Calling Out Of Context. Fans will also be desperate to get their hands on this for the closing track, Ocean Movie, touted as one of Russell’s most beautiful pieces.

Arthur's Landing
Second Thoughts

Arthur’s Landing is the name given to this project in which songs by the belived Arthur Russell are mixed and remixed by a bevy of talent. In the case of Second Thoughts we have Alkino, Bob Blank, Virgin Magnetic Material and several others. LP version is split across two parts, on Buddhist Army.
  • Vinyl LP (LPBA1005)
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  • Vinyl LP (LPBA1004)
  • £19.49 £9.75 (saving: £9.74)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Ata Kak
Daa Nyinaa / Bome Nnwom

Once obscure, now the stuff of legend Ata Kak’s infectious dance music gets even more exposure here. Daa Nyinaa was recorded way back in 1993 and more than stands up for itself in the current electronic climate. Packed with repetitive melodies. Out on 12” vinyl from Awesome Tapes From Africa.

Atom TM

‘HD+’ is a data DVD collection documenting the visual work of experimental pop musician Atom, aka Uwe Schmidt. As well as tracks from the ‘HD’ album, this video compilation also includes tracks from other Atom releases such as ‘Streuung’ as well as previously external releases such as ‘Praezision’.

Barry Adamson
Oedipus Schmoedipus

Barry Adamson’s records are getting the reissue treatment thanks to Mute. Adamson is currently a member of Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds (the man himself guests on a track here), but in the mid-90s, when Oedipus Schmoedipus was released, Adamson was crafting these grand mini-epics. Also featuring an incredibly breathy guest vocal from Jarvis Cocker.

Black Deer
Trail Of Tears

‘Trail Of Tears’ 12" is Black Deer aka William Burnett (Will & Florian)’s release for the ambiguous No Label record label which exists as a platform for less categorizable music that falls outside the remit of more specific, labels or genres. ‘Trail Of Tears’ certainly falls under the ethos of No Label, extending a more experimental side to Burnetts’ already impressive sonic arsenal.

Black Sabbath

Well look who it is. Ozzy Osbourne and his merry men. The sixth studio album from Black Sabbath gets the reissue treatment here. Sabotage was recorded during a tumultuous time for the band but still made a big impact on the rock music of the time. The sleeve artwork is faithfully recreated to mirror the original. Out on vinyl reissue LP + CD from Sanctuary.

Charles Cohen
Brother I Prove You Wrong

Charles Cohen, he of the Buchla Music Easal synthesiser, has been anthologised and reissued a lot recently, but Brother I Prove You Wrong is brand new material, stretching its pointillistic bleep / bloop patterns across nine tracks. Explorative and inward-looking electronic wonder. Vinyl release from the Morphine label.

Les Sept Salons

Following her 2013 debut LP ‘Folie Sacré’, Alice Dourlen aka Chicaloyoh’s latest release ‘Les Septs Salons’ documents her non stop, eighteen month world tour. Chicaloyoh brings her arsenal of creative skills and experiences to the table such as her dramatic theatrical styles, experience with sound experimentation, penchant for oriental aesthetics and her multilingual upbringing to produce evocative, psychedelic soundscapes.

Constellation Botsu
Constellation Botsu

‘Constellation Botsu’ is a sonic bombardment of ‘Botsu’ which are a sort of recorded music ‘track’ if you will, of terrifying, unhinged electronic experiments of which there are currently several hundred in existence. The Botsu considered most suitable for human consumption have been chosen for this record, each one is a miniature hurricane of abrasive, overdriven assault.
  • CD (NUTE023)
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Night Lines

Presented over four tracks as a noir fairytale, ‘Night Lines’ EP is the fourth release by Kyoto native dream pop artist Cuushe, due for release on New York/London based independent alternative record label Cascine. Using her light, mesmerizing vocals as the main instrument, Cuushe builds a haunting soundscape of the darker side of modern Japan with her lyrics while collaborator Aus creates a gritty backdrop using sounds sourced from film, animation and found samples.

D. Stop
Traitement de choc

Woo, exceedingly rare first release from synth-punkers D. Stop, reissued at last. What’s more, Traitement de choc’s original three tracks are complemented by four other contemporary numbers, which have never seen vinyl release before. Clear vinyl 10” reissue on the Desire label, limited to only 300 copies.

Dario Marianelli
The BoxTrolls Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Mondo bring forth another soundtrack from a Laika film: here we have Dario Marianelli’s OST for The BoxTrolls! The film was released last year and wasn’t far off winning an Oscar: this is the first release of the soundtrack and Mondo present it on double 180g deluxe super gatefold vinyl for your listening pleasure. 500 copies only!


Norwegian artist DJ VLR, aka Livar Særheim returns to the desk to demonstrate the craftsmanship of mixing as an artform. Including tracks by the likes of MNLTH, DMX Krew, Automatic Tasty, Cygnus, ‘CPU II’ covers nearly 3 years of DJ VLR’S back catalogue mixed into the perfect sampler. The release also includes a bonus track mixed by DJ VLR and scratched by DJ HANAL.

Don Robertson
Celestial Ascent

American, multi instrumentalist Don Robertson’s ‘Celestial Ascent’ was originally released exclusively on tape in 1980 (11 years after his 1969 debut ‘Dawn’). Divided into two parts, the album explores the concepts of day (A side ‘Oracle Of Love’) and night (B side ‘Isis Unveiled’), conjuring transcendental atmospheres of peacefulness and sanctuary through a variety of instrumentation and sounds including the zither.

Ecstatic Vision
Sonic Praise

Psych, psych and more psych from Philadelphia’s Ecstatic Vision. Indebted to the likes of Hawkwind and more recently Wooden Shjips, Sonic Praise is their debut effort packed full of riffs, solos and motorik drumming. Utterly retro space rock for those who like it classic. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Relapse.

Evan Caminiti

You might well know Evan Caminiti from his work in droning guitar duo Barn Owl: this latest solo LP presents a more electronic side to his sound, working with synth systems. Deep caverns of tone and click, moving slowly forwards towards who-knows-what end. Meridian is released on CD and LP by Thrill Jockey.

Purple Melters

Brain-smashing hardcore wave-synthesis from Evol here on this new 12” on iDEAL Recordings. The aim of these intense, super-repetitive pieces is apparently to warp the listener’s perceptions, and it seems to me to do an excellent job. Get your Purple Melters on yellow vinyl, with a free sticker of a mocking acid smiley face.

Exoteric Continent

I had hoped that Referéndum might represent Hospital Productions long-awaited commentary on David Cameron’s EU referendum, but upon listening it doesn’t seem to be. Instead, Exoteric Continent brings some potent noise techno into play, the material previously put out as two tapes but now brought together on an LP.

Moonlit Invocations

FJORDNE is a solo project of Fujimoto Sunichiro, who drives his hovering compositions forwards with careful, sometimes mournful piano. In the background lingers a wall of wandering electronic ambience and remembered-through-reverb jazz drums. Moonlit Invocations is out on the White Paddy Mountain label.

Francisco Lopez

Francisco Lopez creates experimental sounds from field recordings made to cassette. He talks about how his limitations in not having the standard equipment to create field recordings, led to him having to be more creative in his creation of the sounds. It shows in the recordings which meld sounds together into something quasi tangible. 1980-82 is a collection of sounds made from recordings made in Madrid.

Gareth Dickson
The Dance

Following in the success of his 2009 release ‘Collected Recordings’ which was a purist ambient/acoustic record made with minimal production, an acoustic guitar, vocals and a tasteful amount of reverb, soulful folk acoustic songwriter Gareth Dickson has taken his music even further back to basics with ‘The Dance’. Stripping back all unnecessary instrumentation and technology leaving nothing between the listener and the artist but the chilling, gloomy echoes of the guitar, the vocals and the room.

Ginger Johnson and His African Messengers
African Party

Ginger Johnson and His African Messengers made a glorious, joyful sound with their extra-percussive version of highlife, and nowhere more so than on African Party, now seeing reissue release on Freestyle Records. This stuff, recorded in 1967, really drives forwards: you will enjoy this with your mind and your feet, I assure you.  

Goblin Rebirth
Goblin Rebirth

Man, you just can’t keep Italian horror-progsters down can you? In addition to the group currently touring as Goblin, we now have the band’s original rhythm section from back in the day producing music as Goblin Rebirth. This album soundtracks a film so perfectly suited to Goblin that it doesn’t even need to exist for them to soundtrack it. On Relapse.

Guenter Schickert
Toncollage Zu Dem Film:In Den Zeichen Von Sabine Franek-Koch 1981

Toncollage Zu Dem Film: In Den Zeichen Von Sabine Franek-Koch 1981 by Guenter Schickert is a mysterious release from one of the unsung heroes of krautrock. Bigged up by the likes of Klaus Shulze, Schickert traded in hypnotic, echoing guitars tied to a singular psych vision. Out on limited 7" in new silk screened covers.


After five EPs worth of training, the duo of Jay Ahern and Stefan Schneider is finally ready to make their full-length, ‘proper’ album debut. Hauntologists self-titled debut drives relentlessly forward, pushed by the analogue machines they use to make their murky techno. Released on a label of their own devising: CD has two more tracks than the vinyl.

Olympic Mess

‘Olympic Mess’ is the follow-up album to 2014’s ‘The Hollow Organ’ from Helm. Inspired by dub techno, Balearic disco and loop based industrial sounds, Younger has composed ten euphoric soundscapes using a variety of heavily manipulated samples, found sounds and electroacoustics, informed by the hypnotic potential of these influences.

The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come

Self-described experimental and political pop from duo Holychild. Giving themselves the title brat pop, The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come reveals itself as a sort of ironic tribute to Katy B with a glut of US social commentary thrown into the mix. It’s nothing if not catchy and certainly radio friendly. Out on vinyl LP from Glassnote.


Gatefolded LP limited to 500 copies, on Wah Wah. Originally released in 1974 Andrea Centazzo was credited with playing the whole album, and Ictus being used as an album name, this has been corrected for this reissue, citing fellow band members Armando Battiston and Franco Feruglio. Transforming all the time, it features incredible percussion and synthesisers and is captivatingly futurist jazz.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi
Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Jaakko Eino Kalevi is a Finnish producer / singer-songwriter whose self-titled record shows off a smooth neo-R&B kind of sound. The album is out on Weird World as CD, LP, or special indies-exclusive LP edition with a bonus 7” and a comic that delves into Jaakko’s mythical personal history! You know you need that.

Jay Chattaway
Maniac Cop 2

Maniac Cop 2 is of course a film, although I would truly love the band who chose it for a project title. Released in 1990 and following the spree-based adventures of an undead law enforcement official, the film was soundtracked by Jay Chattaway, released now by Mondo. Includes an array of cues, plus the compelling ‘Maniac Cop Rap’.

JM Airis
Wild Birds

JM Airis has reportedly laboured over Wild Birds for ages, and the man clearly has an excellent attention to detail: every little element here is spaced just right in relation to every other element. The consequences are a sort of melancholy folk updated with touches of synth and a city attitude. Double LP on Totally Gross National Product.
  • Vinyl Double LP (TGNP043LP)
  • £20.49 £10.25 (saving: £10.24)
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A Beacon From Mars

Kaleidoscope were an American psychedelic folk/rock band. Their second album, A Beacon From Mars, was originally released in 1968 and garnered positive reviews. However, commercially it was a flop and has since become one of those forgotten or lost classics. Luckily, it's now available on vinyl so you can buy it and bask in its brilliance.

Keith Emerson / Goblin
La Chiesa – The Church

In which the fairly proggy Italian group Goblin team up with the extremely proggy Keith Emerson to soundtrack a Dario Argento horror flick. Dating from 1989, Emerson takes the film’s title La Chiesa (The Church) literally, by sticking mostly to a huge-sounding church organ. First reissue on vinyl, yellow and orange versions available!

Keston Cobblers Club

‘Wildfire’ is the fifth album release from folk sextet Keston Cobblers Club. Inspired by the British power pop scene and Glasgow’s dreamy indie pop, this record is a collection of sweet anthemic songs built out of swelling orchestral and choral arrangements creating a blanket fort of vocals over their folky foundations.

Lake Komo

It’s new indie pop from Lake Komo with their debut 7”, Thinktank released on fledgling label Human Music. Lake Komo are based in Manchester and hail from Lancaster and Kendal. Their music is cold, electronic indie pop which feels synthetic, with even a bit of autotune in there to remind you of awful music from the early 2000s. Lovely.
  • Vinyl 7" (HUM001)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Life's Track
Smell of Sanctity

Five tracks-worth of low-down heavy funky sound by Life’s Track on this new 12” EP. Smell of Sanctity bounces along powerfully with thick, irresistible beats that sound like they are kept on a short leash. Only 300 copies of this around, on the Black Opal label, so don’t wait around if you want one. Hand stamped too, for extra authenticity.

Mai Mai Mai
Πέτρα (Petra)

Following ‘Theta’ (Boring Machines, 2013) and ‘Delta’ (Yerevan Tapes, 2014), ‘Petra’ is the final piece in the trilogy of soundscapes based on Mai Mai Mai’s Mediterranean explorations. Composed to inspire romantic nostalgia for the human memories held in stone, Mai Mai Mai’s has created abstract soundscapes from field recordings and drones over rough, compact beats.

The Spectacular Nowhere

Available on CD or as Gatefold double Vinyl on Ici d'ailleurs.  After a 10 year hiatus, working on Numbers Not Names and a Third Eye foundation album, Bristol’s Chris Cole returns under his Manyfingers moniker. The Spectacular Nowhere showcases his huge growth as a classical composer since his previous records. Features guest performances from David Callahan (Moonshake), with nods to Phillip Glass and Steve Reich it is certainly a unique mix. Includes bonus track as EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD. 

Max Guld
For Enden Af Corridoren

If you have an original cassette copy of Max Guld’s 1984/1985 album For Enden Af Corridoren then count yourself lucky, there were only ever 100 of them! So here, on Dark Entries, the whole thing has been reissued as a remastered vinyl LP. Raw homemade synth-tracks put together with borrowed equipment.

Mel O'Dubhshlaine
Deformed Vowels

Mel O’Dubhshlaine, also known as Ocelocelot and as a member of the legendary Ashtray Navigations, produces remarkably bizarre music using a curious array of instruments including an Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI). Deformed Vowels uses aspects of an excellent recent live performance at Leeds’ Crater Lake festival, and is very good.

Michael Perilstein
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is a film that you already know everything about simply from reading the title. This slice of vinyl provides you with Michael Perilstein’s original soundtrack to the production, full of vampy cues and cheesy horror grooves. Good fun all round. Gatefold LP, 180g vinyl, on the Death Waltz Recording Co.

Model Alpha

Model Alpha are a Parisian pair, who have been beavering away at their analogue synthesisers for a while now. Dimensions is the first public release of their dabblings, and the result is a set of tranced-out, space age instrumentals. Released as an LP with a bonus, single-side flexidisc squeezed into the package for good measure, on Desire.

No More
A Rose Is A Rose

1982 album from a trio of German youths, channeling their frustrations into dark, stark, synth-featuring slices of post-punks. This reissue of A Rose Is A Rose pulls in the original 10” along with the Suicide Commando 7” and some additional demos. Experience No More on the Dark Entries label.

Music for a Dance Performance

The latest Posh Isolation release is a collaboration between joint-label-boss Loke Rahbek and Lower / Vår member Kristian Emdal. Using the project name Olymphia, they produce low-slung, sinisterly-reverbed tracks of synth drone and drum machine, apparently designed to represent or suggest Music For A Dance Performance.

Part Time
Virgo's Maze

New Part Time music is out now: a double album no less, available as 2LP, CD, or even cassette tape, all courtesy of Burger Records. Virgo’s Maze has twenty tracks of good-times indie pop fun, including the sexily-titled numbers ‘Touch Me Responsibly’ and ‘Pussy Of My Dreams’.

Princess Chelsea
The Great Cybernetic Depression

Princess Chelsea’s music is a heady concoction, her reverbed vocals sitting in the middle of a many-layered blur of synths. The Great Cybernetic Depression is surely the pinnacle of her work so far, bright and poppy at the same time as sounding like a narcotic haze. Released on Lil’ Chief / Flying Nun.

Dead September

‘Dead September’ is the third LP on Rural Isolation Project by Austin noise-punks Quttinirpaaq. Like a record you might write it a particularly tense and sweaty dream, this is unapologetically painful, industrial, heavy rock noise with unrecognisably distorted vocals and punishing guitar sounds over distant, angry electronic beats.

Regal Degal
Not Now

Not Now is the second record from Brooklyn’s Regal Degal, produced with Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear. Regal Degal operate firmly within the non-temporal realm of popular culture, where sonic elements from any and all eras are fair game, so that Not Now is hard to pin to any now or any then. On Terrible Records.
  • Vinyl LP (TR031LP)
  • £16.99 £8.50 (saving: £8.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Retribution Body

12" on Type. Retribution Body is the project of Boston, Massachusetts-based Matthew Azevedo. A teacher at Berkley College of music, he also does THIS….. For fans of Sunn o)) and their sub tone meddling, however this is different to most modern day drone records because it is all acoustic, sparse piano and guitar tones recorded in a recital hall, instrumenting the resonance of the space itself. Debut release, and limited to 500 copies.

Rosen & Spyddet

Rosen & Spyddet make music that is quite remarkably bright sounding, given the standards of most of Posh Isolation’s tightly-tailored bleak aesthetic. Instead, Fortuna shines and shimmers, tracing the bright summers of youth but with the melancholy undercurrent that comes with remembering a lost past.

Royal Jesters
English Oldies

Royal Jesters were a group of 1960’s Texan-Mexicans who brought joy to the teenage populace in their locality. Their blend of doo-wop and R&B sizzles with the feeling of groovy fun, and with English Oldies containing a full 28 tracks, there is plenty to enjoy here. Released on The Numero Group.

Ruskin & Broom

Hand stamped white label 12” vinyl on Blueprint. James Ruskin and Mark Broom join forces for R&B Edits. With a dubby live re-editing of Hostage from the pair’s No Time Soon E.P. on the A side to a more straight up bassline driven banger in Council House. These Edits are part of a build up to their album The Fear Ratio  dropping in the summer.


Smooth and spiritual hippy-jazz from the early 1970’s, the one and only album of Umlah Sadauh Holt’s Sadaka group. Premonition started life as a very rare private press release, but thankfully now is restored to availability, and hopefully a bit of recognition, by Jazzman’s Holy Grail series.

Sergie Rezza

Sergie Rezza is a collaborative project between Romain Poncet and DJ Deep that lies somewhere in the dark and dreamy territory between techno and noise. ‘Mist’ combines the energy and focus of Romain with the atmospheric experimentation of Deep to forge a new, more cerebral, beat driven path embellished with intricate melodies and sub conscious sounds.

Laid Out EP

12” vinyl on Friends of Friends. With the release of his new album Dark Red Shlohmo  is re-releasing a few of his previous works. The Laid Out EP is his first foray into working on vocal centered songs. Featuring How To Dress Well this EP is a perfect introduction to how Shlohmo has developed his sound in the last few years.

My Company

My Company is the new single from Slime, released in advance of an album in the not-too-distant-future. Two tracks that slide around through melancholy territory, shifting significantly between toy-box xylophone, faded diva vocals and funk-bass, with a shuffling rhythm holding it all down. Very nice. Fake white label 12” on Weird World.

Super Heavy Solid Waste

Spanning a decade across the ‘80s and ‘90s the eclectic industrial sounds on the Smersh compilation Super Heavy Solid Waste are a clanging joy to behold. Often spontaneously written and recorded, these songs are packed with bustling energy. For fans of Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. Out on vinyl LP from Dark Entries.

Spirit Club
Spirit Club

Wavves + sibling of Wavves + childhood friend of the Wavves brigade = Spirit Club, another scratchily defined garage punk band that sigh about nostalgia and then distort the sighs to oblivion. The guitars on the surprisingly titled Spirit Club have the usual caustic lack of symmetry and breezy jangle, but they're a bit sludgier than you might expect from Mr. Wavvvvvvvvvvvvves.

Stereo Total
Yéyé Existentialiste

Stereo Total have been around for 20 years apparently and here they have a well deserved best-of compilation, Yéyé Existentialiste, taking form as a double vinyl LP. The Stereo Total sound is generally joyous French pop which whistles along at a pace and has an air of chic that can only be achieved from a French female vocalist. However they bridge many genres along the way, from indie to electro to New Wave and the 28 tracks on this compilation reflect their diversity.

The Fall
This Nation's Saving Grace

Beggar’s Banquet are launching the next phase of their Fall reissue campaign, hooray hooray! This Nation’s Saving Grace, an album by The Fall that almost everyone seems to agree is a classic slice of Fall: impressive, given how hard it is to get that fanbase to agree. Major level Fall, get involved.

The Fall
The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall

Beggar’s Banquet are launching the next phase of their Fall reissue campaign, hooray hooray! Next up is The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall, a relatively ‘mainstream’ (gasp!) Fall album, full of hooks. One of the first Fall albums to feature premium action from Brix too. Remastered LP or cheap CD.

The Sandwitches
Our Toast

Mysterious indie music from The Sandwitches with Our Toast. The album has a sense of uneasy folk punctuated by the drowsy drums and slack vocals. It's an album which seems very much like the soundtrack to some doomed burlesque bar from the 1930s. It all comes together to create something engaging and different which stands out from the rest of the indie fare.

The Spills
A Film and a Frame /​ Crash​-​landed Clouds

The Spills are a West Yorkshire crew, self-defining as indie rock but with vocals that sound more of the hardcore tradition. The opening of Crash-landed Clouds shows this off, the singer having seemingly zero regard for the health of his own voice. A good thing. Paired with A Film And A Frame on the a-side, the single is out on Too Pure.

Trust Fund
No One's Coming For Us

Ellis Jones, the main songwriter behind Trust Fund, is up to his first full-length album now, following EPs and a split with Joanna Gruesome. No one’s coming for us is sing-song indie pop with a bag of riffs and some occasional noisy bits, all performed to a high standard. Released by Turnstile as an LP with accompanying CD.

Sounds Of The Universe: Art + Sound

The legendary Soul Jazz label here releases two different sets of exclusive tracks: one load from editions formerly limited only to their Sounds of The Universe record store, one load brand new. Major players here: Heatsick, Hieroglyphic Being, Kassem Mosse… Available as a double CD set or as two separate double records.

Nail House Party Compilation

The Emotional Response label is run by the same people who used to run 555. They've already put out a bunch of great things including a 7" by Sleaford Mods no less. Now theypresent the Nail House Party Compilation, a bundle of twenty of their bands: indie / punk / indie-punk galore! The bargain-priced set contains the likes of Bad Guys, Hulaboy, Tangible Excitement!, Kids On A Crime Spree, Hard Left, The Safe Distance and Victorian Slang, and will surely give you a good time. On LP and bargain priced CD.

Vatican Shadow / Cut Hands
Azar Swan Variations

Two titans of noise collide in this super limited release. Vatican Shadow (Dominick Fernow of Prurient) and Cut Hands (William Bennett of Whitehouse) showcase their respective knacks for finding melody in industrial surroundings. Out on vinyl 12" on Handmade Birds. Limited to 400 copies in poly-lined collector sleeve.

Wei Zhongle
Nu Trance

Wei Zhongle are a trio operating on a number of axes simultaneously, pulling in dubby bass, a melange of electronics, occasionally klezmer-ish clarinet and ecstatically meandering vocals to make a curious brew. The LP version of Nu Trance is released on Hairy Spider Legs, the cassette version on NNA Tapes.
  • Vinyl LP
  • £16.49 £8.25 (saving: £8.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Whirling Hall Of Knives

Whirling Hall Of Knives are a pretty insane sounding duo (comprising Magnetize and Barry M), pushing over-gained and distorted electronics together into a messy mash. P!!ggz has frantic passages and some more restrained sections, but the whole thing certainly makes a great impact. 100 cassette copies on Fort Evil Fruit.

White Eyes
White Eyes

White Eyes were a bunch of beatnik longhairs from Missouri. They peddled psych-drenched rock, garnished with glorious harmonies. The five-piece travelled across North America with their gear jammed into a 1953 Cadillac hearse touring like crazy whilst they perfected their live set. This self-titled LP was recorded during Late '69 and early '70 and intended as a promo only. The band never got the break they deserved. Luckily, for fans of psychedelia, you can now buy it!