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:zoviet*france: and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
Flexible Pooling

:zoviet*france: and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project continue exploring their fruitful collaboration following last years Patina Pooling album. This flexidisc (yes, you read that correctly) consists of two new tracks in scuzzy lo-fi. Released in conjunction with the Baltic 39 exhibition. Out on limited 33rpm white 7" flexidisc in custom package with insert on alt.vinyl.

Alessandro Alessandroni
Killer Nun

On translucent red vinyl with lobby card and obi strip. Death Waltz present another first on vinyl with Alessandro Alessandroni’s bizarre (fitting I guess, considering the theme of the film) score to Giulio Berruti's video nasty Killer Nun. Phased and layered guitars, dissonant electronics and even the odd chilled and wistful downtempo track….?! Features 3 unreleased tracks.

Alva Noto
Xerrox Vol. 3

Alva Noto, he of the cold and abstract electronica (that is usually also super-banging), returns to his Xerrox series. As the title suggests, the concern here is with copying and re-copying, creating all-new material in the process. Unexpectedly, Xerrox Vol. 3 is grounded in Noto’s intimate personal memories, a rare but compelling move from him.

Best Coast
California Nights

Just as the summer starts to rear it’s head in 2015, Best Coast return with a third album. The subject matter remains much the same (California! Summer! Hanging out!), as does the music, but the production values on California Nights are a notable leap up. It’s a catchy, lovely sound, and this is the fullest version of it so far.

Broken English Club
Scars EP

A strong four-tracker from Oliver Ho a.k.a Broken English Club. Bleak, propulsive and dripping with sweat the Scars EP manages to make an industrial post-punk aesthetic simultaneously cold as ice but with a human warmth. Not dissimilar to the early promise of Daniel Avery. Out on limited edition clear vinyl on Cititrax. 

Mars (Head High's Core Remix) / Mars (Head High's Venus Remix)

Caribou’s last release Our Love was his most electronic, club-orientated album yet under the moniker, and here Head High (who you might know as Shed) takes one track, ‘Mars’, even deeper into that territory with two new remixes. Bangin’! 12” released on Dan Snaith’s own Jiaolong label.
  • Vinyl 12" (JIAOLONG15)
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Cerrone IV / Cerrone VII / Give Me Remixes

This month is already special because we witnessed the reissuing of Cerrone IV and Cerrone VII, as well as the release of a special remix LP. But now… You can buy all three these records together in one sexy box! Limited to 1000 editions globally, which means that these delectable disco treats are hot commodities! Get your dance, swing and boogie on!

Christina Carter
L'Etoile de Mer

L’Etoile De Mer by Christina Carter was her first solo album and therefore the first album she had recorded without Tom Carter in their band The Charalambides. Her band were known for making stark records, but L’Etoile De Mer is stark even compared to anything The Charalambides. Side A is just electric guitar, side B is just her voice. L’Etoile De Mer was originally released in 2000 on cassette, 15 years later comes a welcome vinyl release.

Dario Marianelli
The BoxTrolls Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Mondo bring forth another soundtrack from a Laika film: here we have Dario Marianelli’s OST for The BoxTrolls! The film was released last year and wasn’t far off winning an Oscar: this is the first release of the soundtrack and Mondo present it on double 180g deluxe super gatefold vinyl for your listening pleasure. 500 copies only!

Ezra Furman
Restless Year

Restless Year is the debut single from Ezra Furman’s forthcoming album, Perpetual Motion People. His effortless mix of ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll, ‘60s garage rock, catchy melodies and abrasive wit is pretty addictive. Ezra Furman has been making big waves in the last couple of years and has certainly impressed the folks at BBC 6 Music.

Hailu Mergia
Hailu / Yegle Nesh

Having been neglected for years, reissues of Hailu Mergia’s material have brought him back onto turntables. Hailu/Yegle Nesh shows why we’re glad he’s getting some reissue loving; afrofunk with some incredible percussion work and wonderful jazz melodies. Something really special here. 7” vinyl.


Mixing drone, shoegaze and psych rock into the same room like distant cousins awkwardly making conversation on the Christmas holidays, Implodes make a strange cacophony of loud noises - reverberating, sustaining and compelling, Reverser offers up a different kind of darkness to the psych rock universe. 
  • Vinyl 12" (RELIC62)
  • £23.99 £14.39 (saving: £9.60)
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  • Limited edition
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Jared Wilson
Ghost Miners II

Floating between acid techno and a haunting IDM, Jared Wilson is back. Praying to the spirits of the underground workers of decades past, he has summoned forces unknown to create Ghost Miners II. This is a follow-up to his debut album (feel free to guess its title) - these 4 twitchy and almost paranoid tracks will leave you with a deep respect for miners, and a great appreciation for the open space above ground.


First released as a beat-tape back in 2011, Kutmah’s Closure at last gets the vinyl pressing that its low-slung, dubbed-out hip-hop instrumentals deserve. The tracks were made between 2004 and 2011, so we can truly trace the history of Kutmah with this release. Nine tracks and 10” of red vinyl, served in a screenprinted sleeve on Hit+Run.

Lake Komo

It’s new indie pop from Lake Komo with their debut 7”, Thinktank released on fledgling label Human Music. Lake Komo are based in Manchester and hail from Lancaster and Kendal. Their music is cold, electronic indie pop which feels synthetic, with even a bit of autotune in there to remind you of awful music from the early 2000s. Lovely.
  • Vinyl 7" (HUM001)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Lung Dart

If you've been missing indie pop done by way of a James Blake and London Grammar hybrid -- whispers and high-strung romantics, placed over layers of ethereal gold dust and washy ambience -- then Lung Dart ask a pertinent question: "why don't you stay with me?". Though it mostly began as voice memos on an iPhone, this eighteen minute beginner's guide to the band, known as Ebbs, allows them to shine around gorgeous, ascending synths, a kind of celestial pop music that feels decidedly post-rock in its direction.
  • Vinyl 12" (HVRV002)
  • In stock and ready to ship

The Spectacular Nowhere

Available on CD or as Gatefold double Vinyl on Ici d'ailleurs.  After a 10 year hiatus, working on Numbers Not Names and a Third Eye foundation album, Bristol’s Chris Cole returns under his Manyfingers moniker. The Spectacular Nowhere showcases his huge growth as a classical composer since his previous records. Features guest performances from David Callahan (Moonshake), with nods to Phillip Glass and Steve Reich it is certainly a unique mix. Includes bonus track as EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD. 

Michael Perilstein
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is a film that you already know everything about simply from reading the title. This slice of vinyl provides you with Michael Perilstein’s original soundtrack to the production, full of vampy cues and cheesy horror grooves. Good fun all round. Gatefold LP, 180g vinyl, on the Death Waltz Recording Co.

Mix Mup
Skip Intro

Available on 12” vinyl LP from The Trilogy Tapes. The perfectly named title track, Skip Intro heads these four tracks of tape crackly 808 rhythm experiments from Leipzig artist Lorenz Lindner’s Mix Mup moniker. Poly rhythms galore with cold analogue synthlines and textures swaying back on forth in the mix. If you like beat counting to Mark Fell, check this out.

Mumford & Sons
Wilder Mind

Mumford & Sons are finally back with their third full length. Britain's most successful family project since the start of the monarchy has plugged in their acoustics and completed the transfer to rock. On Wilder Mind, you can witness Mumford & Sons find a new path, if first single the Wolf is any indication.

Old Man Gloom
Meditations In B

Old Man Gloom's aka Aaron Turner (ISIS) and Santos Montano (Zozobra) are a post-metal, post-math, post-hardcore, post-rock riff generator. Originally released in 1999, their debut ‘Meditations In B’ is a dark record combining the elements of doom and metal to create an underlying presence that is disturbingly haunting.

Passion Pit

Happy-go-dancy indie rockers Passion Pit are finally back with a new album. Kindred is filled to the brim with high pitched vocals, joyful synthesizers and extremely energetic beats that carry the whole thing. Here’s hoping the album is up to the same level as 2009’s Manners. We are ready for amazing things to happen.

Regal Degal
Not Now

Not Now is the second record from Brooklyn’s Regal Degal, produced with Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear. Regal Degal operate firmly within the non-temporal realm of popular culture, where sonic elements from any and all eras are fair game, so that Not Now is hard to pin to any now or any then. On Terrible Records.
  • Vinyl LP (TR031LP)
  • £16.99 £8.50 (saving: £8.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Rima Kato
Faintly Lit

While still at high school in the late nineties, Rima Kato began her music career in folk-rock duo Strrows, who gradually evolved from their jaunty pop origins towards a slower, more thoughtful folk-pop. Following her 2012 mini album ‘Harmless’, Kato’s album debut ‘Faintly Lit’ consists of a lo-fi arrangement of soft sounding electric guitar along with a selection of wood and wind instruments which carry the simple charm of her poetry delivered through her soft, gentle vocal style.
  • CD (FLAU45)
  • £10.49 £5.25 (saving: £5.24)
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Celestial H-Fi

Fans of Sheavy have waited long enough: for the first time ever, their Celestial Hi-Fi album has been released on vinyl! They also get two bonus tracks to tempt them back into the stoner-doom lair of these Canadians. The artwork is also reprised from the original, although in this case I’m not sure that is such a good thing.

Feed The Mantaray

Just look at them. It's fair to say that Slaves haven't been invented to appeal to ears of my vintage.  An appearance of this single on the Shaun Keaveny show this morning came very close to spoiling my breakfast They make a right old racket of barely listenable rawk with cockney vocals and buzzsaw riffs. Uuurgggh. 

Wiretap Scars

Sparta quickly came together after the tumult of At the Drive-In’s rise to fame and subsequent implosion. Out of the remains of the band after Omar and Cedric left, Wiretap Scars was the sound of 3 dudes getting back to the post-hardcore vein they’d furrowed in relative obscurity previous to ATDI’s Relationship of Command. Limited 180g red vinyl reissue on Music on Vinyl.


How about some gruesome shoegaze for when the whole earth has been scorched and salted? Spectres' are buying, if you're interested, their new record Dying belting out a variety of dishevelled noise tactics all at the same time. Like hearing every Sunn O))) or Wold song at once, it bleeds from white noise into sonic catharsis without you realising.

Speedy Ortiz
Foil Deer

On gatefold 12” Vinyl or CD  both with pull-out poster, or as a limited edition gold 12” w/ chapbook and sticker. A cleaner, clearer, and almost less angsty sophomore album from Speedy Ortiz. Maybe Sadie Dupuis is all of the above as well. Pushing their sound away from something akin to Silkworm, and maturing with songs that are from a less unhappy place pushing into almost Pixies like territory.

Vatican Shadow / Cut Hands
Azar Swan Variations

Two titans of noise collide in this super limited release. Vatican Shadow (Dominick Fernow of Prurient) and Cut Hands (William Bennett of Whitehouse) showcase their respective knacks for finding melody in industrial surroundings. Out on vinyl 12" on Handmade Birds. Limited to 400 copies in poly-lined collector sleeve.