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We're so damn busy trying to find NEW music for your ears that soundtracks have taken a bit of a back seat of late... For one, they are just too scary. Two, there's loads of them. And three...we can't pronounce a lot of the names of the composers. Anyway, here are 35 of the best - and to encourage you further to scare yourself rigid we've given you 10% off (in-stock items only).
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Alain Goraguer
La Planete Sauvage - Original Soundtrack

Long renowned as one of the most dazzling and original animated films to burst forth from the European quarter, Its soundtrack is actually as celebrated as the beloved film from 1973, Re-issued on wax by J Saul Kane's DC recordings around the Millennium and again a few years back, this is the latest definitive version from crate diggers extraordinaire Superior Viaduct. This OST is a wicked, groovesome soupçon of styles with the emphasis on funk, orchestral and astral tones to create a true 70's space-face classic. Sampled to hell for generations, make sure you bag this if you've not indulged previously. In this age of lavish soundtrack fetishism, there's a handful that truly ARE indispensible and work as well away from the movie as with it.
  • Vinyl LP (SV058)
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Alessandro Alessandroni
Killer Nun

On translucent red vinyl with lobby card and obi strip. Death Waltz present another first on vinyl with Alessandro Alessandroni’s bizarre (fitting I guess, considering the theme of the film) score to Giulio Berruti's video nasty Killer Nun. Phased and layered guitars, dissonant electronics and even the odd chilled and wistful downtempo track….?! Features 3 unreleased tracks.

Andrew Thomas Wilson
The Chain Reaction - Original Soundtrack

Andrew Thomas Wilson's compositions are cold but gentle, bringing about the inevitable conflicts of chilling instrumental music with light, synth-pop oriented sounds. Basically, there's a lot of synth, used in a few different disciplines -- and it always sounds like an icicle is being dangled above your head. 'The Chain Reaction Soundtrack' is an understated gem in the history of electronic film soundtracks, showing off Wilson's ability to tame one of those pesky modular synths in the midst of an apocalypse.
  • Vinyl LP (DUAL011LP)
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Antoni Maiovvi & Umberto
Law Unit

‘Law Unit’ is the latest release on Death Waltz Originals by retro futurists Umberto (Prophecy Of The Black Widow, Night Has A Thousand Screams) and Antoni Maiovvi (Yellow, Delta City). The resulting ten tracks explore the possibilities of early experimental, industrial music through disharmonious, reflective synths, determined apocalyptic percussion and the occasional suggestion of electric guitar.

Brooke Blair and Will Blair
Blue Ruin - Original Soundtrack

Brooke and Will Blair are spooky brothers who actually had nothing to do with that witch project everyone goes on about. They scored the film Blue Ruin and filled it with crystalline drones that shimmer over the scenes as if wind were feedback. It's fitting, all this ambient fear-mongering, for a film focused on the strong-bonding tensions of revenge.

Bruno Nicolai
La dama rossa uccide 7 volte (The Red Queen Kills Seven Times)

Bruno Nicolai conducted for soundtrack master Morricone from For A Few Dollars More and then many more pieces. He was also a composer in his own right, recording many soundtracks in the 1960s and 70s, almost becoming as prolific as his maestro. The soundtrack for The Red Queen Kills Seven Times is a first class example of his work in the giallo genre. On vinyl with exclusive artwork. Dagored.

Cat's Eyes
The Duke Of Burgundy

Enchanting and fairy taleesque, the soundtrack to The Duke of Burgundy is characterized by floating vocals and a pretty orchestration upon which they drift. Cat’s Eyes offer a small window into a weird and pretty world, just like actual feline eyes. Here’s a chance to step through the iris.
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  • RAF

Claudio Gizzi
Andy Warhol’s Blood For Dracula

In the 1973 Andy Warhol produced Blood for Dracula, there’s a host of beautiful orchestrations from the hand of Claudio Gizzi that had been lost to the sands of time. Until now of course, with the entire soundtrack reissued on a 1000-pressing vinyl. Careful piano is joined by an at times magnificent orchestra on this album, which definitely holds its own, even without the film.

Dario Marianelli
The BoxTrolls Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Mondo bring forth another soundtrack from a Laika film: here we have Dario Marianelli’s OST for The BoxTrolls! The film was released last year and wasn’t far off winning an Oscar: this is the first release of the soundtrack and Mondo present it on double 180g deluxe super gatefold vinyl for your listening pleasure. 500 copies only!

Don Christenson, Joel Harris and Julia Heywood
Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out)

Halloween and Christmas go hand in hand when you think about it: Father Christmas dresses in red, just like the blood of thine enemies. Christmas Evil is about a boy who decides that when he grows up, he wants to around murdering people on Christmas -- a pretty limited career path, but really, who are we to judge? The soundtrack was provided by powerhouse trio Don Christenson, Joel Harris and Julia Heywood, who make gruelling sounds but play up to the film's ridiculousness with plenty of melodramatic synthwork.

Ennio Morricone
Il Buono, Il Brutto e Il Cattivo (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)

Ennio Morricone, he of the thousand film scores… (I exaggerate, but he has literally scored more than 500 films). Lots of reissues of his works around at the moment, and this one certainly won’t need any introduction. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly contains probably the most well known of all Morricone’s themes, a deserved classic.

Ennio Morricone
La Resa Dei Conti

Ennino Morricone delivered more of the same dramatic conflict on his score for the 1968 Western 'La Resa Dei Conti', this time mixing in a bit of atmospheric formlessness among his more romantic and orchestral sounds. There's some vampiric-sounding organs as well as one of those ascending, judgement day tunes that's expected of a Western: the strings come into play and the choir gets heavy with the tension.

Fabio Frizzi
City Of The Living Dead

180gm clear red vinyl housed in a 350 GSM jacket with a poster and OBI strip. featuring all new sleeve notes from composer Fabio Frizzi. Exclusive artwork by Graham Humphreys. 17 tracks newly remastered including a previously unreleased cue Occhi Di Brace and an exclusive 10 minute suite of the score recorded live at the Union Chapel in 2013 during Fabio Frizzi’s first ever live performance in the UK and included here as a precursor to a full live album coming in the fall of 2014.

Gianfranco Plenizio
La Gatta In Calore

Including four previously unreleased tracks, beautifully remastered by American composer and acoustic experimentalist Alvin Lucia, ‘La Gatta In Calore’ is the first ever official album reissue of this rare 1972 classic by conductor/composer Gianfranco Plenizio (‘Hotel Rwanda’, ‘The Soul Keeper’)

Giuliano Sorgini
Under Pompelmo

Reissue of Under Pompelmo, a 1973 album that has never been reissued before, not even once! Thanks be to Cinedelic Records eh? Giuliano Sorgini is an Italian composer of broad and varied musical styles: on this famed LP, super-funky psychedelic beat-fun is the order of the day. Available on regular vinyl, or picture disc!


Seven minutes of ghostly, funk-inflected prog from the one and only Italian kings of the soundtrack, Goblin. Split evenly across the two sides of vinyl, Chi? is the theme song to the 1970's TV show of the same name. Reissued for the very first time on limited vinyl 7” all the way from AMS Records.

I Speak Machine
The Silence

Tara Busch tries to make an indie rock slasher flick with The Silence but just ends up with the soundtrack, a record of bloodthirsty synths that at times recall a pop star version of Pharmakon who relents from the layers of noise and instead offers hushed vocals and softened beats. Eerie and occasionally flashing white, this will go down well with fans of Death Waltz, John Carpenter and Gazelle Twin.

Jeff Grace
House Of The Devil - Original Score

Ti West's 2009 Satanic panic-themed slasher 'The House of the Devil' paid homage to '70s and '80s horror in both its look and sound, with a score that holds its own against similar films of the time with simple vintage synth chills, and chugging '80s electrofunk building up to a thrilling climax of synths and violins. It's so good that horror experts Death Waltz are pressing it on vinyl even though it's only five years old.

Jon McCallum
Surf Nazis Must Die (Original 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

If you haven't watched 'Surf Nazis Must Die', it's about a bunch of Neo-Nazis who can surf and take control of a Californian beach -- then a grieving mother takes revenge on them with a lot of grenades. Yeah. Now, its soundtrack is being released by the newly launched Strange Disc Records. The score was never released alongside the movie, so this is its first official release: the music was composed and arranged by cult movie musician Jon McCallum, who decided the movie needed a good dosage of foreboding synth to go along with it. For fans of the dark ambient sound made by acts such as Tangerine Dream. 

Keith Emerson / Goblin
La Chiesa – The Church

In which the fairly proggy Italian group Goblin team up with the extremely proggy Keith Emerson to soundtrack a Dario Argento horror flick. Dating from 1989, Emerson takes the film’s title La Chiesa (The Church) literally, by sticking mostly to a huge-sounding church organ. First reissue on vinyl, yellow and orange versions available!

Krzysztof Komeda
Knife In The Water

One of the big names in a list of big names in Polish jazz musicians, Krzysztof Komeda soon drew the attention of filmmaker Roman Polanski and here we have the soundtracks from two of the director’s films; Knife in the Water and Two Men and a Wardrobe. Komeda weaves some luscious piano driven jazz across the two sides of this lp to create some beautiful classic jazz melodies. Just add the clinking of glasses, the popping of champagne corks, the chatter of beautiful women and a wisp of cigar smoke to complete the atmosphere Komeda creates. Limited lp of 500 copies.

Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid
Tales From Beyond The Pale : The Hole Digger / Trawler

Conceived by Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid, Tales From Beyond The Pale consists of two audio dramas The Hole Digger and Trawler. It’s a haunting collection with an original score by Dave Eggar. Starring James Le Gros and Owen and Tobias Campbell. Out on vinyl double LP from Deep Focus. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

Luis Bacalov

Django is just the kind of spaghetti western stuff you’d hope for after seeing the cover. Django was in fact an influential and mysterious classic, and Luis Bacalov’s soundtrack is presented here on double vinyl, alongside new artwork, liner notes, a poster, and vintage flyers. If you are even slightly a fan of the film, you won’t be able to resist.  

Luke Abbott
Music For A Flat Landscape (Original soundtrack to The Goob)

Luke Abbott's newest release, Music For a Flat Landscape, follows in the footsteps of prior record Wysing Forest, unfurling a complicated electronic soundscape into something that's ultimately beautiful and accessible. This music was originally commissioned as a soundtrack for movie The Goob, but it stands as itself as impressionistic electronica that can be listened to for its own ambience.

Michael Perilstein
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is a film that you already know everything about simply from reading the title. This slice of vinyl provides you with Michael Perilstein’s original soundtrack to the production, full of vampy cues and cheesy horror grooves. Good fun all round. Gatefold LP, 180g vinyl, on the Death Waltz Recording Co.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Loin Des Hommes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

On CD or Gatefold Vinyl from Goliath Entertainment. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (Bad Seeds, Dirty Three, Grinderman) have quite the track record for serene desolate soundtracks. With eight already under the belt previous epics include The Road and The Assassination of Jesse James. The Loin Des Hommes OST stands closer to their work on The Proposition. Bare and emotive strings section with electronic elements.
  • Vinyl LP (GOLIATH001V)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Olafur Arnalds
Broadchurch Original Soundtrack

The original soundtrack for the popular BAFTA award winning crime series Broadchurch, released in conjunction with the second series. Combining the best music of both seasons, it follows on from the digital-only release of last year. All music is written and composed by Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Olafur Arnalds and it's fittingly haunting.     

Paul Giovanni
The Wicker Man Original Soundtrack

The soundtrack to the deliciously creepy British classic The Wicker Man has had a varied and interesting past: long story short, musical director Paul Giovanni’s ideal soundtrack album has never been widely available before on vinyl. Traditional folk with pitch-dark undercurrents, very atmospheric. On white vinyl, thanks to Silva Screen.

Perry Botkin / Morgan Ames
Silent Night, Deadly Night

Because everyone's favourite kind of Santa is an axe-wielding Santa, right? Death Waltz continue to find new, shocking ways to say "Boo!", and contributing to the cause is this vinyl issue of Silent Night, Deadly Night, one of those festively confused films about Christmas and death. Perry Botkin and Morgan Ames scored the 1984 film's soundtrack, with crushing distorted works offered by the former and traditional Christmas numbers by the latter, which are given an ironic gravity considering the film's stocking full of gore.

Piero Umiliani
L’Uomo Nello Spazio

Florentine label Dagored have been reissuing plenty of wonderful Italian soundtracks from the likes of il maestro Ennio Morricone and Nico Fidenco however a personal favourite is the work of Piero Umiliani who always seems to add an extra level of the bizarre to his music, yet often, very playful, engaging and visual. Here is no exception with Umiliani taking us on a tense journey through space with low synths combined with glistening piano and beyond on L’uomo nello spazio.   Limited to 500 copies on clear blue vinyl.

Stelvio Cipriani
La polizia ringrazia

Another corker from the Florentine label Dagored, here we have Stelvio Cipriani’s soundtrack to the 1972 film La polizia ringrazia, one of the first poliziottesco films. The genre is defined by it’s often high tempo and brooding soundtracks and here is no different. Limited to 500 copies and on a light beige vinyl.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

The music from Guardians of the Galaxy takes the distant future back to the golden past, with tunes from the '70s playing as part of the film's very own narrative -- each song included on the soundtrack exists on a supposed mixtape Peter Quill, our smiley protagonist, was compiled by his mother. The future is 1970.

NEKRomantik (Original 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

When a movie is banned in several countries, that probably means it’s outside of my comfort zone. Judging by the pictures and descriptions, NEKRomantik is definitely no exception. However, does that mean the Original Extend Soundtrack is any less appealing? Hell no, especially with there only being 500 copies! After listening, please, just try not to Saville any corpses.

Yuji Ohno
Captain Future

Much of the Captain Future score sounds like a quintessential scene in a cop movie where our anti-hero gets fired and walks through the rain, defeated; but with flutes, violins and smooth jazz injected into proceedings. This anime space opera gets its gorgeous and spry soundtrack from composer Yuji Ohno.