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Pre-orders for June

As we approach the mid-year point records are still pouring out of the release pipe, many of them delayed because of the Record Store Day backlog. If you want stuff to arrive quickly, it's *always* best to pre-order. Here's the latest batch of things we are looking forward to. 
Please note that this promotion officially ended on Tuesday June 9th 2015. Any discounted items may now have returned to full price, and other items may no longer be available at all. If you missed out on this promotion then sign up for our email alerts so that you stand a better chance of not missing out on the next one.
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Adan Jodorowsky
The Dance Of Reality

Finders Keepers are busily issuing the soundtracks to Alejandro Jodorowsky’s films, and The Dance Of Reality, his first film in decades, released only last year, is soundtracked by his son, Adan Jodorowsky, working in a richly cinematic mode. Director-supervised transfer from the original master tapes.

Talkie Walkie

Rhino Records are in the midst of a campaign of reissuing the discography of Air, the smooth, loungey French synth-charmers. Talkie Walkie first came out in 2004, and is suitably Airy - and I don’t just say that because of the pun, this album feels like an early summer evening in the park with a light breeze. Pressed to proper 180g vinyl and freshly remastered.
  • Artist(s):
  • Air

Moon Safari

Remastered version 12” vinyl on Rhino. Moon Safari was the album that rocketed Air into, well, space. Couldn’t go to any record shop, or turn on any TV channel without hearing Sey Boy or Kelly Watch the Stars. Now it’s had the full treatment and back on vinyl. Comes with download code for digital versions.
  • Artist(s):
  • Air

Best Available Technology
Excavated Tapes 1992-1999, Vol. 2

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Brian Wilson
No Pier Pressure

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British Sea Power
The Decline Of British Sea Power

2003 was a bit before the vinyl craze we find ourselves in which will explain this reissue of British Sea Power’s debut LP from 2003, The Decline of British Sea Power  - some classic, footstompin' indie rock with solid guitar hooks and catchy choruses. Here we have a vinyl LP reissue, a 2CD issue with extra bits and bobs, a CD Box-set with 2CDs and a DVD all in a fancy casing and an indie exclusive issue of 4CDs, a DVD and 2LPs. Something for everyone there.

Carlton Melton
Out To Sea

Out To Sea by Carlton Melton sees the band growing their psychedelic palette with a thundering rhythm section, cosmic guitar riffs, searing solos and analog synth action wrapped in an ethereal prog bubble. Fans of The Heads, Parson Sound, Bardo Pond and Faust, among others will dig this. It's pressed on double coloured vinyl too!


‘Murasaki’ is Cheatahs third release, following their debut album and underground hit ‘Sunne’ EP. The record sees Canadian Nathan Hewitt, Californian Dean Reid, British James Wignall and German drummer Mark Raue more consciously exploring their cultural diversity over distorted guitars and breaking synth lines. For fans of Sonic Youth or My Bloody Valentine.

Cliff Martinez
Far Cry 4 - Original Soundtrack

Total sketchy madness from Cliff Martinez with the Far Cry 4 - Original Soundtrack. I must say, I bloody love computer game music and this is no exception. It goes from some kitsch "middle-eastern" psy-trancey drum & bass into an atmospheric not-quite-traditional Indian and/or Indonesian vibe with tuned percussion. Always some industrial Reznor-esque-ness chucked in too. Out on CD from Invada. Where's my controller, I need a fix.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (INV143LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Close Lobsters
Firestation Towers 1986-1989

C86 eh? Fun while it lasted. There were many great bands ...and many of these great bands who claimed that they weren't all jangly and fey. Thing is on the C86 tape only about a third of it was jangly and fey. Close Lobsters appeared on that legendary tape and this is a collection of their two studio albums and a single collection in a big 3LP package. I expect to see some excited fringes flapping about on RSD....and now along comes the CD if you missed out on the vinyl.   

Daughn Gibson

Co-produced and recorded at Avast Studios in Seattle by Daughn Gibson and Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Jesse Sykes, Tim Hecker, ‘Carnation’ is the third album from singer songwriter Daughn Gibson. While carrying elements of the country music influence of Gibsons first two albums ‘All Hell’ and ‘Me Moan’, ‘Carnation’ is deconstructed by its textural ambience into a much darker vision.

David Bowie

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David John Sheppard
Vertical Land

The debut solo album from composer David John Sheppard allows him to step out into the light with his polyrhythmic minimalist compositions. By hitting guitars with vibraphone mallets, Sheppard has created an album with distinct comparisons to Liverpool’s Ex-Easter Island Head. Vertical Land is perfect for fans of the minimalism of Reich and Glass. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Village Green. Vertical Land.

DMX Krew
There Is No Enduring Self

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FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks)

Definitely not enough of this kind of thing happening these days: a totally implausible collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, excellently titled FFS. The self-titled album brings us something more than just a blend of Franz’s indie-rock and Sparks camp-pop: this has plenty of both, but ends up as something fresh. CD or double LP, including special indies-only red vinyl edition!

Hard Left
We Are Hard Left

Available on vinyl LP on Future Perfect Records. Debut album from angry punk modsters Hard Left. Made up of members from Lunchbox, Boyracer and Whorl. Oakland, California based, but sounding akin to 70s and 80s british punk, they are equally angry and politically charged. Good to follow your Sex Pistols and The Clash records.

High Wolf
Growing Wild

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Love It All

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Jaga Jazzist

Jaga Jazzist have sailed their Norwegian ship through a wide variety of genre waters over the years, and their latest, Starfire, finds them docking in a land of space-funk. One suspects that band leader Lars Horntveth’s move to Los Angeles has found him absorbing the energies of some of Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder crew… On Ninja Tune.

John Metcalfe
The Appearance of Colour

Expansive electro-acoustic compositions from composer John Metcalfe. Having written string arrangements for the likes of Morrisey and The Pretenders, The Appearance Of Colour showcases an alternate side to his style. With a polyrhythmic bent leaning towards Reich and Glass, this involving album brings to mind the solo work of Mark McGuire. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Real World.

Kathryn Williams

‘Hypoxia’ is Liverpool born singer songwriter Kathryn Williams’ latest release. The album is inspired by Sylvia Plath’s cult classic coming of age novel ‘The Bell Jar’. Williams draws on the sonic textures of her 2011 release ‘The Pond’ whilst bringing a few new flavours to the table such as the glam rock guitars that emerge in the single ‘Mirrors’.

Michael Head and The Strands
The Olde World

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Nils Frahm
Music for the Motion Picture Victoria

Featuring collaborator and cellist Anne Müller, violinist Viktor Orri Árnason and ambient artist Erik K. Skodvin of Deaf Center on guitar, this is Nils Frahm’s first soundtrack score produced for German director Sebastian Schipper’s feature film ‘Victoria’. Filmed in one continuous take in Berlin, the film follows the story of a wayward party girl on a night out that quickly turns into a crime spree. The dramatic atmospheric changes in the film are perfectly complimented by the score as it changes from fully charged techno to remorseful, anxious piano compositions.

No Joy
More Faithful

The third LP from No Joy is More Faithful which delivers some beautiful shoegaze that whirls around in reverb and almost chant-like vocals which layer over one another before being hooked back to earth with some concrete guitar work. It’s full of ethereal melodies which glance toward Slowdive and Curve before plowing its own groove and going with it.  


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Chase The Light EP

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Papernut Cambridge
Nutlets 1967-80

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With a history of playing with arty types such as Thurston Moore, Yoko Ono and Xiu Xiu you could think that Peptalk would be some kind of noise/art collective. Instead they draw on their love of exotica, dub, electronica and in particular the Bladerunner soundtrack to create their own world of highly original yet highly accessible becalmed soundscapes. 'Islet' is their debut album and will appeal to fans of artists as disparate as Mum, The Slits and Ryuichi Sakamoto. 

Flailing Tomb

The Petrels sound is a huge one, shooting high into the sky and falling down all around the listener. Flailing Tomb, his latest, is influenced seemingly by a little bit of everything under the sun: sonically, it contains a large choir in addition to the usual Petrels pallette. Released on 180g vinyl and on CD by the Denovali label.

Prinzhorn Dance School
Home Economics

Prinzhorn Dance School crafted this collection with a first-take kind of ethos, so that Home Economics does not lack in freshness. Released on DFA, this carries many of the familiar hallmarks of that label (such as a tight, funky rhythm section), but comes from this side of the Atlantic, giving a different angle.

Rachel Grimes
The Clearing

Rachel Grimes, formerly the leader of Rachel’s (funnily enough), hasn’t released a solo album for six years, so The Clearing is a significant release. Working with the likes of Helen Money and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the album moves through stately and deep neo-classical territory, Grimes’ piano leading the way throughout.

Redd Kross
Third Eye

Redd Kross began life as part of the 1970’s Los Angeles South Bay punk scene by brothers Steven and Jeff McDonald who were intermittently joined by a revolving cast of members including Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks) and Ron Reyes (Black Flag). Full of catchy, melodic, thrash punk/power pop gems, their major label debut ‘Third Eye’ has been increasingly hard to come by on vinyl until now.

Sarah Cracknell
Red Kite

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Sauna Youth

Originating from Brighton, Sauna Youth are everything a post punk band should be: impossible to categorise, totally wild live performers with a sound that is contradictorily harmonious and brutal at the same time. ‘Distractions’ consists of 14 instinctive songs about desire, carried by a sound that is both superhuman and super weird. It’s also really fun to dance to.

Sharon Van Etten
I Don't Want To Let You Down EP

One of those nice, tidy little clear-up releases from Sharon Van Etten here on Jagjaguwar. I Don’t Want To Let You Down follows up her Are We There album from last year with five tracks not on that album, forming a rather good little EP, with all the Van Etten hallmarks pleasingly pleasant. 12” or CD.

Sun Kil Moon
Universal Themes

New album from Mark Kozelek’s Sun Kil Moon project. Universal Themes contains the familiar Kozelek sound and approach (forward-strolling rock and lyrics on whatever is on Kozelek’s mind that day), but this time with help from Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley. On Rough Trade with a desolate phone-box image on the sleeve.


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Tresor 97-99

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Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe
I Declare Nothing

Anton Newcome of The Brian Jonestown Massacre has been working with Tess Parks for a little while, and the collaboration has now borne fruit in the form of I Declare Nothing, ten sprawling tracks of hazy tone, languorous vocals from Parks over Newcombe’s backing. On Newcombe’s own ‘a’ recordings.

The Catenary Wires
Red Red Skies

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The Fall
The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall (Expanded Edition)

Beggar’s Banquet are launching the next phase of their Fall reissue campaign, hooray hooray! Here we have a deluxe double pack that combines the (relatively) ‘mainstream’ The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall with The Wonderful and Frightening Escape Route of The Fall. Bargainous reissue goodness.

The Orb
Moonbuilding 2703 AD

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The Pop Group / Sleaford Mods
Nations / Face To Faces

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The Prettiots
Boys (That I Dated In High School)

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The Safe Distance
Do Some More Songs

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The Twilight Sad
It Never Was The Same

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Tom Vek
We Have Sound

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Third is an instrumental album of folky tunes which sprawl out vast landscapes before your eyes, some evoking the far West with blues inspired guitar work, and others keeping in Tout’s native England, with whimsical folk features such as a double bass and violins. The tunes build and grow and always seem fresh upon every listen.

William D Drake
Revere Reach

Despite having made his name with the frantic Cardiacs, William D Drake’s solo work shows considerable delicacy and craft. With more than a touch of folk tradition lurking beneath these compositions, Revere Reach builds up a strong and personal sense of place around the semi-real location named in the title. On Onomatopoeia.