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Our Top 20 RSD15 picks

We love all the RSD2015 stuff on offer this year. Honest. No, really! Honest guv. Pssst. Wanna buy a used car? Etc. Here are 20 items that we really do rate though...
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Live In Chicago

American 'slow-core' greats captured live in concert by Shellac's Bob Weston back in the heady days of 1998. The main performance comes from an appearance at Chicago's legendary Empty Bottle with further tracks from San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill on the download coupon. Limited to 1000 copies, these previously unreleased sessions are a must for fans of late '90's mumblers.

Brian Eno
My Squelchy Life

Y'all know who Brian Eno is so I'll spare the ambient adjectives. Back in the day, My Squelchy Life was sent out to the presses before being dramatically recalled; that drama doesn't signify anything about its quality, as it remains a stellar and interesting pop album from an artist who was master of writing songs and carving out the best spaces for them. Gatefolded into your arms for Record Store Day.

Close Lobsters
Firestation Towers 1986-1989

C86 eh? Fun while it lasted. There were many great bands ...and many of these great bands who claimed that they weren't all jangly and fey. Thing is on the C86 tape only about a third of it was jangly and fey. Close Lobsters appeared on that legendary tape and this is a collection of their two studio albums and a single collection in a big 3LP package. I expect to see some excited fringes flapping about on RSD....and now along comes the CD if you missed out on the vinyl.   

Courtney Barnett
Kim's Caravan

You love her. You absolutely love her. We've sold a billion of her recent album with the long title. This is a 12" with one of the highlights from said opus as lead track. There's other stuff on there too but we're not sure quite what yet but there's only 1500 or so of these so it will be worth an investment. 

Cristobal Tapia De Veer
Utopia 2 - Original Television Soundtrack

The eccentric and violently fantastic TV conspiracy thriller Utopia owes much of its success to this completely unique soundtrack. With mangled samples, electro-acoustic experiments, nonsensical rhythms and Cristobal Tapia de Veer’s classical training being stretched beyond repair, the second series' soundtrack works well alone. Now we know the show hasn't been renewed for a third season you best revel in it. Originally just a CD, you can now grab yourself the LP. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (SILLP1463)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Field Music
Music For Drifters

This is the classic type of Record Store release. This instrumental soundtrack to a silent film is not the sort of thing Field Music would normally release and so fits into the original aesthetic of unusual releases. Here it is on limited silver vinyl and it looks like they'll be touring this accompanying the film in theatres across the UK soon. The arty buggers.  

Five Or Six
Cantame Esa Cancion Que Dice, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Five or Six were one of the most unheralded bands to emerge in the post-punk era. They had the opening track on the legendary 'Pillows and Prayers' compilation on Cherry Red but their debut was for some unfathomable reason only released in Spain. They join the dots between Joy Division, This Heat and Wire and this first ever re-issue of their early work is well worth picking up.    

Kristin Hersh
Sundrops / The Cuckoo

Now this truly is a find. I remember seeing Kristin Hersh on her 1994 'Hips and Makers' tour. Little did I know that around the time of her Leeds show she recorded a couple of tracks for BBC Radio Leeds that for reasons only known to them weren't broadcast. Label honcho Jaz Long found them in a bin at the BBC and after many years of confusing back and forth (this is the BBC after all) he has been granted permission to release the tracks. And here they are in their exquisite acoustic beauty. 

Monty Python
Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python's The Galaxy Song

While we all get caught up in the is it/isn't it is Record Store Day ruined and a waste of everyones time type arguments we probably need to lighten up a bit and listen to something truly bizarre. This is indeed a recording of Monty Python's 'The Galaxy Song' with lead vocals by none other than English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author of 'A Brief History of Time', Stephen Hawking, a man I was surprised to learn is 73 years old. Whatever next eh? 

Pere Ubu
Elitism For The People

Ol' quacker and his buddies are still going strong but this box set celebrates the early days when they emerged out of Cleveland like some kind of aliens. It contains their classic 'Modern Dance' and 'Dub Housing' albums along with 'The Hearpen Singles' collection and the 'Manhattan' 12" of live tracks. You get a free 1977 gig poster too so you can pretend you were there at the time.  


Fancy a good old fashioned relaxing sesh? Well then Pullman are the men to help you. Featuring members of Come, Tortoise and Rex, they formed out of a love of acoustic music. The album is a delightful entanglement of jazzy post rock-ish pluckings that will appeal to anyone who likes Jim O' Rourke's song based compositions. Pullman don't go anywhere fast but always travel in a sun dappled haze. This is a limited re-issue on Thrill Jockey with new artwork and four tracks not on the original CD edition.

Red House Painters
Box Set

Long before he spent his time upsetting yacht rockers and singing songs about his dad, Mark Kozelek fronted one of the most life-affirming bands of this or any other era.  Red House Painters took the miserable aesthetic and melancholy jangle of The Smiths, slowed it down to 16RPM, and were essential listening for those of us who were depressed through the '90s. This is healing music and in this exquisite format will be the most sought after artefact of Record Store Day 2015.   

Shocking Blue
Love Buzz

Phil's pick...and one of his favourite songs of all time, he loves this original take on the song that would become the first single by grunge greats Nirvana. What an odd thing to do to release a cover for your debut release. Anyway it comes from 1969's 'At Home' album and this limited yellow coloured 7" re-issue has album opener 'Boll Weevil' on its flip.  

Blue Day

Here is the classic latter day Record Store Day item. A vinyl edition of Slowdive's 1992 compilation 'Blue Day'. At least its not ludicrously limited, 2000 of you have the chance of owning or re-owning these selected tracks taken from their first three EP's. Considered a joke in their lifetime, Slowdive are now one of the most revered bands on the planet, reforming with added beards for a successful tour last year.  

Syd Barrett / R.E.M
Dark Globe

One of the most haunting songs written by anyone who can vaguely be described as human, 'Dark Globe' was Syd Barrett's perfectly unhinged description of his tattered mental state yet he still manages to inject it with a heartfelt pathos. R.E.M later released it as a fan club only flexi disc, strangely missing out the second verse but Stipe's vocals soar.... especially on the live versions you can find on t'internet. You get both versions here.  

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe
Cocaine Cat

We all know who Anton Newcombe is  - he's the one out of Brian Jonestown Massacre. We know less about Tess Parks but according to Alan McGee "Tess is an amazing lady” so this should be an interesting collaboration. They recorded this in Berlin and I *think* it's a taster for a forthcoming full length. Brian Jonestown-related stuff always shits out on RSD and there's no sane reason why this should be any different.    

The Heads
Nobody Knows

Re-issue culture reaches new and confusing heights with this issue of rehearsal tracks found by members of The Heads when they were putting together the bonus tracks for their 'Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere' re-issue. So, effectively this is bonus stuff from the bonus tracks..... we think. In any case The Heads records usually beat a path out of our office at an alarming rate of knots so don't expect this to hang around too long. 

The Prodigy (featuring Sleaford Mods)

It was only a matter of time before Jason Williamson got the call to inject some anger into other people's records. He may have to hold tight for the Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller invites but the Prodigy are in on the ground floor and Williamson slathers his vile all over this gruesome piece of electronic racket. Will be of interest to Sleaford Mods and Prodigy fans alike. 

The Wibbley Brothers
Go Weird

One of the most bizarre Record Store Day releases comes from 1982 era Bonzo's meets Half Man Half Biscuit lunatics The Wibbley Brothers. Comprising of brothers Terry and Ronnie Wibbley and having done nothing in the subsequent 33 years it comes as no surprise that 'Go Weird' is as out there as a fish on flexidisc. Madcap '80's mayhem. This is what people did before the internet.  

TOY and Jane Weaver / H Hawkline
Fell From The Sun / It's A Drag

Not much info on this but it looks like London psych rockers Toy have collab'd with folky, krauty everywhere girl Jane Weaver on one side whilst Welsh Gruff Rhys mini-me H.Hawkline takes up the B side. Heavenly are releasing some great records at the moment so this will be a highly sought after one to add to your collection.  

Venetian Snares
Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett

Breakcore ambassador Venetian Snares originally released Rossz Csillag Allatg Szuletett on Planet Mu back in 2005, a record written in Hungarian and combining the force and terrorising pace of breakbeats with a backdrop of symphony and big band: strings and horns added the refining touch to Venetian Snares' most romantic work.