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Pre-order round up for December onwards... 40 items left

Let's face it, not that many releases come out towards the end of the year. Everyone is too busy with baubles etc but it looks like we have enough to squeeze in one final round up of the year which lets us take a glance towards what might be happening once Christmas and all that are well and truly over. 

Pre-order round up for December onwards... »

Opal Tapes / Black Opal - Discounted Gems 9 items left

Opal Tapes (and sister label Black Opal) are responsible for introducing some very fine artists to the world at large. Always willing to take risks and give a platform to emerging artists as well as more established figures, Opal Tapes represents the true spirit of the underground and is easily one of the finest labels currently releasing electronic music from techno to drone and beyond. Check out some of the class discounted titles on offer...

Opal Tapes / Black Opal - Discounted Gems »

2018's Best New Albums (so far) 142 items left

We'll be unveiling our official Albums of the Year 2018 on Friday 28th December, but here - in completely random order - are the records we've been eyeing up. Sign up for our emails and we'll ping you when our final Top 50 is announced. And remember that from now until Friday 21st December we're offering double NormanPoints on all orders.

2018's Best New Albums (so far) »

2018's Best Reissues (so far) 105 items left

We'll be unveiling our official Reissues of the Year 2018 on Friday 28th December. Until then here are the records we've been mulling over. Sign up for our emails and we'll ping you when our final Top 50 is announced. And remember that from now until Friday 21st December we're offering double NormanPoints on all orders.

2018's Best Reissues (so far) »

November Pre-orders 58 items left

November is...how you say? Shit. Public transport grinds to a halt, it's dark at 3pm, there's a pointless 'international break' in the football and we've got Christmas to start fretting about. It's not all doom and gloom though as our site is full of tasty pre-orders for you to get excited about. Let's take a look....

November Pre-orders »

Christmas Gift Guide 95 items left

What a time of year it is. Sherry. Log fires. Roast potatoes. Dogs having a great time. Heartwarming adverts on telly. Baking. Wine with bits in it. Shared misery at the annual work's night out. So let's look at all the exciting/inevitable box sets, books, re-issues and whatever that you can get that special person at this special time of year.

Christmas Gift Guide »

Latest reductions from October 2018 208 items left

Our monthly round-up of all the stuff you haven't been buying and that we need to get shut of before our accountant does himself a mischief. 10% off, as per usual.

Latest reductions from October 2018 »

More Autumn Pre-orders..... 32 items left

As well as being prime leaf falling season, autumn is notable for a never ending plethora of record releases that we can't get into a single promo even if we try really hard to squeeze it in. Here is your latest batch of good things to save you trawling through our pages in the hope of finding something you like.   

More Autumn Pre-orders..... »

BEST OF LAST WEEK! 6 items left

"Hey, baby, yesterday has just departed and tomorrow hasn't started..." but lets take one last look at the best things from last week before we move on to new pastures and forget all about them".  Here's your top 6 from last week as selected by our hard working scribblers....


MONDAY REDUCTIONS! 34 items left

That lovely, lovely word....no no the 'reductions' bit. As the Boomtown Rat said 'We Don't Like Mondays' but they are a little better if we give you a bunch of reductions each week starting with this little lot. Good chunks off a bunch of records we've simply ended up with too many of. No tat. Honest. 


Black Friday 12 items left

It's not just vacuum cleaners you can get on Black Friday, but records too. So save your time clambering over people at Asda and have a look at the wonderful exclusives that are all lined up for you. November 23rd. Save the date.  

Black Friday »

King Gizzard re-issues... 5 items left

Should you not have enough King Gizzard vinyl in your collections after their 2017 five album splurge, then you can now get vinyl re-issues of some of their earlier releases. And as we know by now they don't do things by halves. Here's five of the buggers on various forms of coloured vinyl. 

King Gizzard re-issues... »

Kate Bush re-issues 16 items left

I know there's the whole Theresa May thing but haven't we got over that yet? There's no disputing the quality of this woman's work so feel the quality in this re-issue program which has all her albums remastered for vinyl either separate or housed in big box sets. You can also get them in CD box set editions. It's all rather confusing and mysterious rather like Kate herself. 

Kate Bush re-issues »

Brian Eno Half Speed re-issues 4 items left

The man known best as Roger Eno's brother has finally deemed to let us have some of his classic ambient albums on half speed re-issues. This means that the music will be even more drowsy and life-soothing as before. Heavyweight vinyl on Virgin. 

Brian Eno Half Speed re-issues »

Early Autumn Pre-orders Part 2 51 items left

It seems we just did our 'leaves-a-fallin', nights gettin' colder' pre-order round-up but (other than it getting dark early), this time of year is known for a deluge of new releases so already it is time to look at the next batch of things we can expect for future fireside listening. 

Early Autumn Pre-orders Part 2 »

This Mortal Coil re-issues. 3 items left

Finally, finally we have the long promised re-issues of the three classic This Mortal Coil albums. 4AD leader Ivo Watts-Russell gathered together a loose collective of like minded souls to cover some then obscurities and...well...the rest is history. Please dive in.

This Mortal Coil re-issues. »

Joe Hisaishi - Studio Ghibli reissues 7 items left

Japanese imprint Tokuma present nine Anime soundtracks by Joe Hisaishi from the beloved Studio Ghibli universe. Reissued on vinyl for the first time!

Joe Hisaishi - Studio Ghibli reissues »

Stereolab re-issues 4 items left

Much loved by many people, Stereolab's singles compilations have been very hard to come by - especially on vinyl. But all three are now re-issued, on clear vinyl too. There's even a CD anthology of all three collections.

Stereolab re-issues »

Indies-only vinyl 330 items left

Help keep Jeff Bezos the wolves from our door by treating yourself to one of our indies-only releases. Exclusive to independents like our good selves, buying these is the very best way to make yourself feel good.

Indies-only vinyl »

Home Normal - REDUCED! 8 items left

That nice man at Home Normal has let us have a load of his back catalogue stuff for almost no pence so you can top up your ambience in time for a peaceful Christmas.   

Home Normal - REDUCED! »

Faux Discx - REDUCED! 10 items left

We love Faux Discx and it's very sad they're finishing. But the good news is that we've managed to grab a load of their stock on the cheap. There are some fantastic records in this collection so don't dawdle.

Faux Discx - REDUCED! »

The Leaf Label - REDUCED! 46 items left

Who remembers all the good things Leaf put out over the years? We do! So we teamed up with them to offer their back catalogue cheap. So many good records here that we don't actually know where to start.

The Leaf Label - REDUCED! »

Norman Records' Essential Vinyl 133 items left

A big bunch of the things we've been trying to sell to you since 1996. Records that no collection should be without, in our humble collective opinion.

Norman Records' Essential Vinyl »

Classic vinyl 151 items left

Established critical faves from this century and the last. We're not keen on them all, but they're definitely popular. Take a look at our Norman Records' Essentials collection too - we vouch for every one of those.

Classic vinyl »