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Mute 4.0 6 items left

Mute are wading through their back catalogue at the rate of knots and here's their latest selection of choice reissues on varying colours of vinyl. As a bonus if you order any of these you'll receive a bonus 'Mute Tonal Evidence' CD. Get in :)

Mute 4.0 »

Stereolab re-issues 4 items left

Much loved by many people, Stereolab's singles compilations have been very hard to come by - especially on vinyl. But all three are now re-issued, on clear vinyl too. There's even a CD anthology of all three collections.

Stereolab re-issues »

August Pre-orders 33 items left

As things cool down about one degree there's a bunch of new titles out for the onset of autumn. Let's pick our way through the best bits.....

August Pre-orders »

More Felt Re-issues 5 items left

Well they couldn't just leave it at the first half of their career could they? Now that our appetite has been whetted, Cherry Red now present the second batch of Felt re-issues which includes marvellous albums such as 'Poem of the River' and 'The Pictorial Jackson Review' all in a choice of luxury CD editions of vinyl re-presses.

More Felt Re-issues »

CHEAP(er ) Sub Pop titles.... 20 items left

Whether it be the heat, the world cup, brexit or whatever Sub Pop have knocked a bit of cash off a load of their recent vinyl. Some of these are 'Loser' editions too so you can get your coloured vinyl fix for even less dosh.

CHEAP(er ) Sub Pop titles.... »

CHEAP! Deutsche Grammophon 7 items left

A label so hi-brow I am unable to spell it without assistance but Deutsche Grammophon are not just for the super rich. They've reduced a load of their lovely neo-classical titles so that we can all sit about sipping wine and discussing their merits.

CHEAP! Deutsche Grammophon »

The Best Summer Pre-orders 99 items left

It's entirely possible that you spent June watching the World Cup and July getting too hot to tear yourself away from the fridge. So here is a round-up of the biggest pre-orders of the summer, plus a few autumn arrivals to look out for. With a nice round 100 items to go at you're bound to find something to please your ears.

The Best Summer Pre-orders »

Latest reductions from July 2018 119 items left

Our monthly round-up of all the stuff you haven't been buying and that we need to get shut of before our accountant does himself a mischief. 10% off, as per usual.

Latest reductions from July 2018 »

A Certain Ratio re-issues. 3 items left

These Mancunian post-punkers knew about summer even in drizzly old Manchester. Very fond of their shorts on stage - sensible. Mute have been slowly re-issuing their back catalogue. Here's the latest batch.

A Certain Ratio re-issues. »

REDUCED! Lost Tribe Sound 10 items left

Now then this could be a bit tasty. We love Lost Tribe Sound what with their lovely packaging and beautiful artwork but this kind of quality comes at a price. So together with the label we've worked to reduce a bunch of it making these wonderful records more affordable.

REDUCED! Lost Tribe Sound »

Summer Pre-orders Special. 42 items left

Without banging on about the freaking weather again it's hot. Hot as a sausage on a hot tin roof. But you'll need records in the autumn and winter so please use this opportunity to stock up. Here are the best/most important things forthcoming.

Summer Pre-orders Special. »

Throbbing Gristle re-issues. 3 items left

Three essential live documents from Throbbing Gristle now re-issued including a recording of their last ever performance. Limited edition vinyl on Mute.

Throbbing Gristle re-issues. »

CHEAP! Portishead and Sonic Youth vinyl. 7 items left

You wouldn't necessarily put these two together at any other time other than they make 'music' but this week they fit together like cheese and tomato as we have insanely cheap vinyl in by both, Just £8.49 for really good records.

CHEAP! Portishead and Sonic Youth vinyl. »

Indies-only vinyl 335 items left

Help keep Jeff Bezos the wolves from our door by treating yourself to one of our indies-only releases. Exclusive to independents like our good selves, buying these is the very best way to make yourself feel good.

Indies-only vinyl »

July Pre-orders. 78 items left

It's hot. Hotter than July in fact. Hotter than anything we've known. Hotter than when I ruined my dad's lawn by cutting it every day in 1976. Here are some new records for the heat.

July Pre-orders. »

Autechre 'NTS Sessions' 5 items left

Christmas has come early for Autechre fans with the release of their NTS sessions. Eight hours of new music aired as part of a month-long residency at NTS Radio. Now available on deluxe LP or CD box sets or split into individual triple LPs.

Autechre 'NTS Sessions' »

60% off Tape Sale 36 items left

Get your walkman dusted out, we're having a tape sale. Up to 60% off the little blighters.

60% off Tape Sale »

June Pre-orders part 2. 46 items left

One day the World Cup will end and we'll have nothing to do. So let's take a look at some upcoming records that can fill a football shaped hole.

June Pre-orders part 2. »

Cheap Overstocks! 16 items left

Like people with big flapping hands sometimes we get just a bit excited and buy in too many things. THESE ARE GOOD RECORDS! We just have too many of them. So we've made them cheaper.

Cheap Overstocks! »

June Pre-orders 44 items left

Just a few weeks and the nights will start drawing in again so let us take a look at all the best pre-orders our always busy remote record adder Ant has put on the site this week....

June Pre-orders »

Latest reductions 218 items left

Our monthly round-up of all the stuff you haven't been buying and that we need to get shut of before our accountant does himself a mischief. 10% off, as per usual.

Latest reductions »

The Breeders vinyl. 5 items left

Been on telly a lot recently haven't they with their big smiles and their lopsided grungy indie tunes. Did you know though that all their albums have recently been re-issued on vinyl? And of course the latest 'All Nerve' is rather excellent too. Let's compile them so we can see exactly what we have in stock.

The Breeders vinyl. »

Sarah Records re-issues... 4 items left

With an exciting package tour on the horizon, there are loads of Sarah Records re-issues and compilations coming out of the Arizona based Emotional Response label. Not only that there's a four band compilation of new and unreleased tunes too. Get that anorak dug out, form your thinning hair into a bowl cut and let's re-live indie's cutest/punkest label.

Sarah Records re-issues... »

CHEAP! Krayon Records 7 items left

Ultra cheap stuff from Krayon records including Vibracathedral Orchestra, C. Spencer yeh, Oren Ambarchi. Limited quantities. Get on it sharp.

CHEAP! Krayon Records »

Early Summer Pre-orders 26 items left

It's hotter than July so let's take a look at what records can expect to be your summer jams.

Early Summer Pre-orders »

Hood etc 11 items left

This week's EXCLUSIVE the Declining Winter 7" (now sold out) reminded us that have been meaning to round up the seemingly inexhaustable collection of releases that filtered out of our sadly out of action Hood. Say, you did pick up those vinyl re-presses of their classic era albums on Domino didn't you? Take a look below and see if there's owt you missed. We've discounted a few.

Hood etc »

CHEAP Boards of Canada CDs 6 items left

We love a bit of Boards here at the towers and what better way to listen to them than on a compact disc where you can put on and not worry about getting up to turn it over. Also brilliant for the car as you drive over spectacular mountain scenery or stuck in traffic on Armley Gyratory. Also very cheap.

CHEAP Boards of Canada CDs »

Julian Cope Re-issues. 4 items left

A load of classic albums re-issued on vinyl from leather daddy Julian Cope including some of his best known work. No weird stuff....ok some weird stuff.  

Julian Cope Re-issues. »

The best (and worst) of March 18 items left

Though it was dominated by return-to-form albums by the big-hitting likes of The Breeders and Yo La Tengo, dig deeper and there were some excellent records passing under the radar. Take a look at the best and worst of March's vinyl.

The best (and worst) of March »

Wire re-issues. 3 items left

Just remember that when the latest piece of dross is being fawned over that a band as good as Wire weren't really fully appreciated in the day. We were probably too busy listening to the Goombay Dance Band or something. Well never fear - it's not too late especially now that these vinyl and CD re-issues are here.   

Wire re-issues. »

Spring pre-orders 22 items left

Dare we? Ok we dare. And because there's sun streaming through the blinds and a bunch of tasty pre-orders on the site we thought we'd collect everything together as a warming batch of goodness.  

Spring pre-orders »

Polytechnic Youth 1 item left

The latest three singles on this highly collectible label.

Polytechnic Youth »

March pre-orders (part 2) 37 items left

We dare not call it spring yet but there's light at the end of the long dark tunnel we call the English Winter. Here's a bunch of pre-orders to get snapped up before everything grinds to a Record Store Day style halt. 

March pre-orders (part 2) »

Soundtracks 32 items left

Films on vinyl record. You can't watch these bad boys though so just listen to them and imagine what's happening on the screen!

Soundtracks »

March pre-orders (part 1) 36 items left

It's here are your latest pre-orders before the RSD madness. Loads of really good titles here - some of them very limited - so get in quick.

March pre-orders (part 1) »

Village Green 33 items left

We've got loads of Village Green titles in at knockdown prices. And when you buy any of them you get a free label sampler on download, exclusive to us.

Village Green »

Records you may have missed 25 items left

Stuff is easily missed in today's fast moving world but we are going to make things a little easier for you. Here's a list of some good stuff over the past few months that may well have passed you by. 

Records you may have missed »

Cocteau Twins reissues 2 items left

4AD further their Cocteau Twins re-issue campaign with their classic 2nd and 3rd albums on 180g vinyl. 

Cocteau Twins reissues »

Julian Cope reissues 5 items left

Julian Cope fans. We have good news! You can now get some of his long out-of-print 'classic era' LPs on vinyl again. Plus, in case you've not yet spotted it, his Dope project/folly gets a vinyl issue having only been available on tape.

Julian Cope reissues »

Felt reissues 5 items left

Felt: the greatest band of the 80s? To some they were. With their spangling, delicate guitar pop and poetic worldview, Lawrence and chums produced ten fascinating records across the decade. The first five of these have now been re-issued on vinyl and extensive CD box sets. Grab 'em while you can...

Felt reissues »

Home Normal - REDUCED! 8 items left

That nice man at Home Normal has let us have a load of his back catalogue stuff for almost no pence so you can top up your ambience in time for a peaceful Christmas.   

Home Normal - REDUCED! »

Faux Discx - REDUCED! 10 items left

We love Faux Discx and it's very sad they're finishing. But the good news is that we've managed to grab a load of their stock on the cheap. There are some fantastic records in this collection so don't dawdle.

Faux Discx - REDUCED! »

The Leaf Label - REDUCED! 46 items left

Who remembers all the good things Leaf put out over the years? We do! So we teamed up with them to offer their back catalogue cheap. So many good records here that we don't actually know where to start.

The Leaf Label - REDUCED! »

Norman Records' Essentials 105 items left

A bunch of records that no collection should be without, in our humble collective opinion. Take a look at our other Classic 'Essentials' collection too - not that we're keen on every record in there...

Norman Records' Essentials »

Classic records 130 items left

Established critical faves from this century and the last. We're not keen on them all, but they're definitely popular. Take a look at our Norman Records' Essentials collection too - we vouch for every one of those.

Classic records »