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Added to site: Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Any Random Kindness

  • Vinyl Double LP (4050538469646)
  • Coloured vinyl

William The Conqueror
Bleeding On The Soundtrack

  • Vinyl LP (VJLP246)

Rolando Simmons
Summer Diary One EP

Ok, so it’s the depths of winter here and in Rolando Simmons native Sweden, but that’s not put him off trying to remind us that the sun does occasionally shine. Summer Diary One EP is the producer’s first recording for Analogical Force and is equipped with enough melody and punchy bass grooves to make us feel like it’s summer once again. 5-track 12” EP on Analogical Force.
  • Vinyl 12" (AF0191)

Basic Rhythm
Dough Boy / Can't You See

  • Vinyl 12" (ARC16)

Decayed Society

  • Vinyl Double LP (AUXLP002)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The Drums

  • Vinyl LP (8714092764918)

Gary Numan
I, Assassin

Hey Gary, I get the feeling you’re supposed to be hiding in the shadows but you appear to be standing in the light of streetlamp. You’ll get seen, y’know. However bad an assassin Gary Numan may make in reality doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we have spiffy reissue of his 4th solo album, I, Assassin, which was originally released in 1982. It contains the hits Music For Chameleons, White Boys and Heroes and We Take Mystery (To Bed). Green vinyl LP on Beggars Banquet.
  • Vinyl LP (BBQLP40)
  • Coloured vinyl

Roy Montgomery
Last Year's Man

  • Vinyl 10" (Okraïna#13)

Derek Bailey & Tony Coe

  • Vinyl Double LP (HJRLP208)

Derek Bailey & Cyro Baptista

  • Vinyl Double LP (HJRLP207)

Holy Moly & the Crackers
Take A Bite

Holy Moly and the Crackers are 6-piece band from Newcastle. They unashamedly do their damnedest to make music that everybody will like. It’s easy-to-swallow mix of folk, blues and indie rock that has drawn comparisons to The Gossip, Arctic Monkeys, Gogol Bordello and the B52s. Take A Bite is their new album. LP and CD on Pink Lane Records.
  • Vinyl LP (PLR004LP)


Et album two, Brutus? Yes, the Belgian trio are back, serving up eleven new songs with Hassle Records. Nest isn’t quite as exciting an album title as that of the debut, Burst, but I wouldn’t worry about it lacking any of the energy and strength of the debut. Nest finds the group more settled and confident than ever.
  • Vinyl LP (HOFF300LPB)
  • Vinyl LP (HOFF300LPA)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

The Fuzz

Ellis is an indie rock/slowcore/dream pop singer/songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario. The Ellis name is play on her own initials: Linnea Sigglekow - L.S. Her debut EP is called The Fuzz. If you’ve invested time and money into fellow Canadians Alvvays or perhaps Mazzy Star or Berkshire’s shoegaze heroes, Slowdive, then Ellis may be the artist for you. 6-track 12” on Fat Possum.  
  • Vinyl LP (FP17081)


  • Vinyl LP (TO115V)

Will Burns & Hannah Peel
Chalk Hill Blue

  • Vinyl LP (Rivertone10)

fabric Presents: Bonobo

  • Vinyl Double LP (fabric201lp)

Makaya McCraven
Where We Come From (CHICAGOxLONDON Mixtape)

  • Vinyl LP (LPIARC0020B)
  • Indies-only

The Secret of Letting Go

Manchester trip-hop/electronic duo Lamb come back into life on Cooking vinyl. The Secret Of Letting Go is their new album. It was, weirdly, conceived as the band decided to split. The recording took them from their South Downs studio to India and Ibiza. Oh, I get it now, a new album meant a holiday! Anyway, you can get this on LP and CD.
  • Vinyl LP (COOKLP728)

96 Back
Excitable, Girl

  • Vinyl Double LP (CPU01000111)

William Tyler
Goes West

Go west! William Tyler’s there! The title of Goes West is to be taken both literally and figuratively: literally in the sense that the former Silver Jews/Lambchop guitarist moved to California to write the record, figuratively in the sense that there is a distinctive dose of West Coast sunshine to this collection of instrumental alt-country. We could quite easily see these deft tracks cropping up on the soundtrack for Bojack Horseman one day - a compliment indeed (have you seen that show’s Metacritic scores?!).
  • Vinyl LP (MRG645LPC1)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (MRG645LP)
Added to site: Tuesday 22nd January 2019


  • Vinyl 12" (MW005)
  • Limited edition

Begin Again

  • Vinyl LP (SH04)

Pieces Of A Pensive State Of Mind
Missin' You EP

  • Vinyl 12" (4UTRQDM1SIL)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl 12" (4UTRQDM1)

Flight of The Conchords
Live in London

The Flight Of The Conchords TV series finished its run way back in 2009 - that was 10 whole years ago. Since then Ben McKenzie has become an Oscar-winning songwriter and Jermaine Clement has been adding his voice to films such as Despicable Me, Moana, and The Lego Batman Movie.  The duo reunited to tour the UK in 2018. Their London show was recorded for an HBO TV special, and now it’s available on LP, CD and Cassette via Sub Pop. Includes two bonus tracks that were not included on the TV special.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (SP1275X)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl Triple LP (SP1275)

Various (Umwelt, Talker, Rory St. John, Swarm Intelligence)
Directors Cut 01

  • Vinyl 12" (VOI DC01)

Ty Segall & The Freedom Band
Deforming Lobes

It’s rare that there’s a time without a new Ty Segall studio album either newly released or on the horizon. Just to make sure you don’t forget he exists there’s Deforming Lobes, a live album recorded live to tape in LA by Steve Albini. He’s backed by The Freedom Band who’ve been his musical unit of choice since 2016. LP, CD and Cassette on Drag City.
  • Vinyl LP (DC716)

Jayda G
Significant Changes

Jayda G’s debut album on Ninja Tune is here, and it is titled Significant Changes: well indeed. Jayda’s had a good couple of years, and her progressions are there to be heard on the album, which is lush and funky and optimistic, even when touches of melancholy are in the mix. Great and thoughtful dancing music.
  • Vinyl Double LP (ZEN254)

Mira Calix

  • Vinyl 10" (10WAP431)

The Mover
Final Sickness

  • Vinyl LP (PP004V)

Abu Obaida Hassan
Abu Obaida Hassan & His Tambour: The Shaigiya Sound of Sudan

Abu Obaida Hassan’s music was discovered by the Ostinato Records label earlier this decade, and they’ve now followed through on their initial fascination to the point that they are now releasing this set of songs hand-picked by the man himself. Hassan’s tambour, double percussion and voices sound is hypnotic, addictive, and extremely dance-friendly. Check it out.
  • Vinyl LP (OST004LP)

Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa

Archivists and archive-trawlers alike do wonderful work all the time, but the history of this release is really something else. In 1988, the tapes containing fifty years of wonderful Somali music were smuggled out of Somalia and literally buried underground to protect them from the forthcoming civil war. They were only retrieved recently. Sweet As Broken Dates gives a glorious insight into the poetic and funky sounds of pre-war Somalia: very valuable listening. On Ostinato Records.
  • Vinyl Double LP (OST003LP)

Smoke DZA x Pete Rock
Don't Smoke Rock

  • Vinyl LP (BBG1087CLP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Gangster Music Vol. 1

Illustrator Gangster Noodles collected over 25 tracks by small and big niche rappers in a Peanut Butter Wolf-like frenzy. The likes of Madlib, Jeremiah Jae, Jonwayne, and Kaytranada joined forces to create a collage of their corner of hip-hop with as of yet unreleased tracks. Disclaimer: Gangster Music Volume 1 is not to be confused with Cardi B’s Gangster Bitch Music Volumes 1 and 2.
  • Vinyl Double LP (ACGDLPX1-CLR)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl Double LP (ACGDLPX1)

Charles Ditto
In Human Terms

  • Vinyl LP (TER054LP)

Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant / Karkhana with Nadah El Shazly
Carte Blanche

  • Vinyl LP (UNROCKLP013)

XII Bestias

  • Vinyl LP (LS051)


  • Vinyl LP (RAPTLP78)

The Crucible

We’ve been in a new year for a while now which means it’s about time for a new Motorpsycho album. Just like the band members’ beards, the songs are only getting longer with age, The Crucible needing only three of them to deliver their trademark crazy progressive post-rock that we've come to love over the past 30 years. 
  • Vinyl LP (MPLP303)

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
Yn Ol I Annwyn

Reaching at least the top 5 of our annual “Doom Metal Band Name” ranking, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard releases have always been a sure bet for fat riffs iced over huge, sluggish beats, with a few synthesizers added for flavor. Yn Ol I Annwyn is Welsh for Return to the Underworld, which is exactly what the record invites you to do.
  • Vinyl Double LP (NHSLP026C)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl Double LP (NHSLP026X)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The Stroppies

  • Vinyl LP (TLV119LPX)
  • Vinyl LP (TLV119LP)


  • Vinyl LP (STUMM436)
  • Vinyl LP (LSTUMM436)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Pharoah Sanders & Idris Muhammad

  • Vinyl Double LP (TWM25)


Got to keep the lads in smoking paraphernalia. This must get re-issued at least once a year (around the same number of times the members of Sleep actually get out of bed in fact). This is a stone cold stoner rock classic though. It invented the genre pretty much... full of sludging riffs, grumbling bass, cannabis rhythms.    
  • Vinyl Double LP (LORD158LPO)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl Double LP (LORD158LP)

The Weight

  • Vinyl Double LP (KOMPAKT396)

Ricardo Villalobos
Mandela Move

  • Vinyl Double 12" (Deset02)


  • Vinyl 12" (MRT-014)

Wayne Shorter

  • Vinyl LP (7718777)

Nights Out

Way before they became a curly-haired pop phenomena, Metronomy were a weird little electro band. This is the first album where they started to write 'proper' songs and have a man sing them. "Heartbreaker' particularly foreshadows their increasingly endearing rinky-dink pop. 10th anniversary re-issue 2LP on Because.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BEC5543830)
  • Coloured vinyl

Bohemian Rhapsody (The Original Soundtrack)

I’m probably right in thinking that Norman’s stance on Queen is that they’re crap [editorial note; it's not!]. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, though, it is undeniable that Freddie Mercury was a one-off and they don’t make music like anyone else. Here we have the soundtrack to the massively successful Bohemian Rhapsody, the film about Freddie Mercury and Queen. It’s a mix of previously released Queen songs and previously unreleased songs from their legendary Live Aid performance. You also get the bonus of the 20th Century Fox fanfare being played in Brian May’s signature guitar style. The press release bangs on about sales achieved in Q4 - when did it stop being about the music, man? Double Heavyweight Vinyl LP on Virgin EMI.
  • Vinyl Double LP (6798872)

Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness

Yak is pretty much the epitome of the indie power-rock trio. From riffs that approach The Black Keys levels of addictiveness to noisy genre-defying jams that reminisce a higher paced Spiritualized, their second album Pursuit of Momentary Happiness has exactly what you’d expect of a band living in their car with nothing but their Big Muff pedals to keep them warm.
  • Vinyl LP (VX 3218)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (V 3218)

James Brown

Motherlode by James Brown is a  compilation that was originally released in 1988. It was re-released in 2003 as an expanded edition. This is the first vinyl version of that expanded version - ya get me? It concentrates on The Godfather Of Soul’s funk output from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. For good measure there’s a few remixes and live performances thrown in too. Double 180g vinyl LP on Polydor.
  • Vinyl Double LP (7716343)

Nilüfer Yanya
Miss Universe

  • Vinyl Double LP (ATO0448LPC)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

G.S. Schray
First Appearance

  • Vinyl LP (LR003LP)

Pip Blom

Pip Blom are an indie band from Amsterdam. They are fronted by 20-year old Pip Blom.  Boat is their debut album following a successful year of EPs and singles that have enjoyed airtime on BBC 6 Music. Their influences seem to come from bands such as The Breeders, which is no bad thing. It looks like Pip’s star is on the rise. LP and CD on Heavenly.
  • Vinyl LP (HVNLP168)

Band of Skulls
Love Is All You Love

It what seem like an unusual move for a traditional rock band, Band Of Skulls hired producer Richard X for their latest album Love Is All You Love. He has encouraged the band to experiment and add some electronic elements to their sound. It is still a rock album, but with an extra pop punch. Various LP and CD versions available, also available on cassette on So Recordings.
  • Vinyl LP (SOAKLP182)
  • Vinyl LP (SOAKLP182D)
  • Coloured vinyl

Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller IV

  • Vinyl Double LP (CCC 025LP)

Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller III

  • Vinyl Double LP (CCC 024LP)

Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II

  • Vinyl Double LP (CCC 023LP)

Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller I

  • Vinyl Double LP (CCC 022LP)

Clarence G
Hyperspace Sound Lab

Heads up all you techno heads! The early work of Clarence G, aka James Stinson, aka one of the members of goddamn Drexciya, has at last been taken out of the exclusive grasp of rich collectors, as Hyperspace Soundlab is at last reissued for the masses! Classic Detroit business, out on Clone Aqualung Series.
  • Vinyl 12" (CAL006EF / C#33EF)

Balance of Terror

The name on the wax is L.A.M. (Life After Mutation), but the Detroit heads among you will know who lurks behind that moniker: this is basically the first ever Drexciya release! Deleted for a long time, this reissue on Clone Aqualung Series brings the Balance Of Terror back into action. And god damn, this is hard-hitting, dancefloor-dominating stuff.
  • Vinyl 12" (CAL 006CD / C 33CD)

Glass Domain
Glass Domain

This Glass Domain material is doubly hard to find: both the initial 1991 test pressings and the 2003 Clone re-pressing are long out-of-print. So Clone have fired up the vinyl plants once more. Glass Domain is the work of Gerald Donald (of Drexciya and Dopplereffekt), and it positively fizzes with creative electro energy, even today!
  • Vinyl 12" (CAL 006AB / C 33AB)

Controlled Death
Journey Through A Dead Body / Deathwish Tapes 1-3

Controlled Death is the new recording moniker of Maso Yamazaki. He has previously recorded under the name Masonna. Yamazaki is known for making a significant amount of noise. On Journey Through A Dead Body/Deathwish Tapes 1-3 he mixes minimal electronics with drones and black metal. Deluxe LP box set in black wooden box. LP, CD and 2 cassettes, limited to 199 copies.
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set (Uma 130)
  • Limited edition

Ultimate Ambience

  • Vinyl LP (Uma 129)

Daniel Blumberg & Hebronix

Daniel Blumberg was previously the frontman of indie band Yuck before forming Hebronix. Liv is a previously unreleased album which was originally recorded a few years before the Minus album. It was recorded live in the studio with only sax and additional vocals being overdubbed. Blumberg is backed by violinist Billy Steiger, Kohhei Matsuda on monosynth and Tom Wheatley who plays double bass. LP and CD on Mute.
  • Vinyl LP (STUMM434)

Oozing Wound
High Anxiety

I guess an Oozing Wound would be a cause of High Anxiety. This Oozing Wound are a bunch of stoners from Chicago, whose music sounds as though they are fuelled by something more stimulating. Their sound meets halfway between sludgy rock and thrash metal and it has to be said, it’s quite exciting. LP and CD on Thrill Jockey.
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL473LPX)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL473LP)

Plastic Anniversary

Experimental electronic duo Matmos have decided to highlight the plight of convenience with their new album, Plastic Anniversary. The album was made by using plastic objects to make sounds. One sound was achieved by smashing up LPs by 70s soft rock band Bread. Interesting sounds with an important message. LP and CD on Thrill Jockey.
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL482LPX)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL482LP)

Mahbunzi Nahgo Pihndi
D Ebando

  • Vinyl 12" (GMV01)
Added to site: Monday 21st January 2019

Smooth Noodle Maps

Devo’s 8th album, Smooth Noodle Maps, was originally released in 1990. It received a lukewarm reception from critics and fans initially, but time has been kind and it is now a fan favourite. It includes a version of Bonnie Dobson’s Morning Dew, which was also famously covered by The Grateful Dead. Devo were never a band to do things in a normal way, and that has continued into their reissue program. It is being released on three different coloured vinyl versions and CD.
  • Vinyl Double LP (FUTNO31)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Vinyl Double LP (FUTNO31B)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Vinyl Double LP (FUTNO31C)
  • Coloured vinyl

Anthony Naples
Take Me With You

NYC clubster Anthony Naples drops his sophomore LP. Take Me With You was originally conceived a mixtape for Naples to share among friends, a dedication to the parties and after-parties they had had together down the years. As such, it’s no surprise to find that there is a rose-tinted, halcyon quality to many of the numbers here that nods to The Orb. It’s a very lovely listen.
  • Vinyl LP (ANS2000)

Snow Palms
Everything Ascending

Everything Ascending is the new 12” from Snow Palms. The usual electronic sparkles and icy glockenspiels are backed-up by modular synths, tapes experiments, pianos and vocal lines that may give this record its name. If you like Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Steve Reich or Midori Takada, then the pair of epic tracks may be for you. 12” on Village Green.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP053)

Phillipe Maté / Daniel Vallancien
Maté / Vallancien

  • Vinyl LP (FFL047)

Maurizio Delvecchio

Well, we are privileged. Resusitate was a secret project by Italian Maurizio Delvecchio and was only released as a private pressing back in 1986. The good folks at Seminato thought that this minimal and, quite frankly, weird electronic stuff should be made available to wider audience. 2-track 12” on Seminato.
  • Vinyl 12" (S110262R)

Jensen Interceptor
The Ultimate Wave Riding Vehicle

  • Vinyl 12" (CKNOWEP14)

The Possessor Possesses Nothing

  • Vinyl Double LP (BDNLP005)

Martina Lussi
Diffusion Is A Force

Martina Lussi is a sound artist who currently calls Switzerland home. Diffusion is a Force is inspired by the way in which everything changes so quickly and seems to work differently these days from politics to music consumption. The album is comprised of field recordings, electronically manipulated live instruments and synths. It is the follow up to her Hallow Ground debut Selected Ambient. LP on Latency.
  • Vinyl LP (LTNC016)

Pavel Milyakov (Buttechno)
La Maison De La Mort

Pavel Milyakov is known for his original take on dance under the name Buttechno. On La Maison De La Morte he creates shapeless soundscapes that recall the soundtrack work of electronic composer Eduard Artemyev or perhaps Autechre’s  Chiastic Slide album. The expansive nature of the music can be compared to Pete Kember’s (Spacemen 3) work. It’s certainly something that will appeal to all you Normanites out there! Double LP on Berceuse Heroique.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BH057)

Okay Temiz / Johnny Dyani
Witchdoctor's Son

Recorded in Istanbul in 1976, this obscure gem captures a group led by Turkish drummer Okay Temiz and South African pianist and bassist Johnny Dyani, each getting a side-full of their own arrangements. Consider Don Cherry (whose "Marimba, Goddess Of Music” is adapted here) at his most unfettered and you’ll have some idea what to expect. Spaced out, funky, exotic and bursting with enthusiasm and energy, this is a daring, eclectic and wildly successful feat of fusion.
  • Vinyl LP (MM110)
Added to site: Sunday 20th January 2019

Zdenek Liska
Ikarie XB-1

Zdeněk Liška was a prolific Czech film score composer. He wrote some 72 film scores over a 31 year period. He is a pioneer of electronic music and advocate of using unusual instruments. His soundtrack to the 1963 Czech sc-fi film Ikarie XB-1 shows him as being a leftfield composer of some merit. Previously unreleased LP on Finders Keepers.
  • Vinyl LP (FKR092LP)

Susan Christie
Paint A Lady

For those of you who like your psychedelic folk tinged with the sandy dirt of country music, then this lost classic is for you. Susan Christie, who once had a minor hit with a song called I Love Onions,  recorded Paint A Lady sometime around 1970, but her label at the time decided in wasn’t commercial enough. Fortunately, Andy Votel got his hands on one of three test pressings and released it on his Finders Keepers label.
  • Vinyl LP (FKR007LPX)

Steve Reid featuring the Master Brotherhood

Steve Reid is a jazz drummer of some repute. Some would say he’s the BEST drummer full stop. After starting his career drumming on Motown records he went on to play with a stellar cast of Jazz, soul and world musicians. Miles Davis, Sun Ra, James Brown and Fela Kuti are just some of the names who have benefited from his beats. In the mid-2000s he collaborated with Kieran Hebden, AKA Four Tet. He died in 2010. Nova was his debut album. Reissue LP and CD on Soul Jazz.
  • Vinyl LP (SJRLP442)

Boy Meets Girl

Endon are a Japanese noise-metal band. The noise they make is widely described as catastrophic. They seem to operate by balancing elements that don’t necessarily fit together - ferocity and vulnerability, terrifying noise and fun - and in the case of their new album Boy Meets Girl, love and horror. LP and CD on Thrill Jockey.
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL485LP)
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL485LPX)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Elena Setién
Another Kind Of Revolution

Elena Setien is a Spanish multi-instrumentalist who writes pop songs. Pop, that is, from the point-of-view of a natural improviser. Due to her growing up in the Basque region of Spain during a time of political upheaval, her lyrics are imbued with a sense of hope and progress. Another Kind Of Revolution is her new album. Steve Gunn guests. LP and CD on Thrill Jockey.
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL474LP)
  • Vinyl LP (THRILL474LPX)
  • Coloured vinyl
Added to site: Saturday 19th January 2019

Eddie Russ
Fresh Out

Eddie Russ played piano with some jazz greats in the ’60s such as Sarah Vaughan, Stan Getz and Dizzy Gillespie. In the late ‘60s he moved into jazz fusion territory and was a major figure in the Detroit jazz underground. Deep Jazz classic, Fresh Out, was his debut solo LP. Reissue LP and CD on Soul Jazz Records.
  • Vinyl LP (SJRLP441)


Beak’s third album, >>>, follows on from > and >>. Does this show a lot or very little imagination when it comes to naming albums? Anyway, the classy electronic three-piece who are led by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow have taken another step forward and their sound grows along with the stages they’re invited to play on. LP and CD on Invada.
  • Vinyl LP (INV201LPPIC)

Cast In Stone

PicaPica are a four-piece band fronted by Josienne Clarke and Samantha Whates. The pair sing beautiful harmonies together. They are backed by the ethereal guitar stylings of Adam Beattie and renowned producer Sonny Johns on bass. Their brand of finely crafted music touches on ‘60s sunshine pop and indie folk. They also appear to share their name with a bunch of Spanish children’s entertainers. Don’t get ‘em mixed up! 12” on Rough Trade.
  • Vinyl 12" (RT0056T)

LCD Soundsystem
Confuse The Marketplace 

Classic reissue from 2007 in the shape of Confuse The Market by LCD Soundsystem. This has been unavailable for 7 years, so there should be a bit of scramble to get your mitts on this! It contains the classic slow disco epic Freak Out / Starry Eyes, Hippie Priest Bum Out which featured on James Murphy and Pat Mahoney’s Fabriclive and a reworking of North American Scum which ups the acidity. 12” on DFA.
  • Vinyl 12" (DFA2180LP)

Glyn Hendry
Escape Club 99

  • Vinyl 12" (POLY009)
Added to site: Friday 18th January 2019

Daniel Thorne
Lines Of Sight

Australian composer and saxophonist Daniel Thorne of Immix Ensemble strikes out on his own with Lines Of Sight. He mixes avant garde composition with classical, jazz, noise and even a bit of folk. He limited himself to just a handful of instruments and recorded them using only four tracks. The result is powerful and immersive. LP and CD on Erased Tapes.
  • Vinyl LP (ERATP119LP)

Black Lake

Black Lake is a horror film about a young British Asian woman who leaves home to pursue a career in the arts but gets haunted by a demonic South Asian witch. The soundtrack by Burning Tapes is an intensely eerie and heavy piece of music. Synths and guitar creep and crawl in a very unsettling way. LP on Burning Witches Records.
  • Vinyl LP (BWR013LP)

Pye Corner Audio
Hollow Earth

Not to be confused with 2017 EP Where Things Are Hollow (which is really good, by the way), here we have another new LP from Pye Corner Audio entitled Hollow Earth. The third album Martin Jenkins has done for Ghost Box as PCA sees him updating the sound of some of the label’s classic artists. The quixotic electronica of The Focus Group and The Advisory Circle is beefed up with a little bit of techno edge by Pye Corner Audio here.
  • Vinyl LP (GBX032LP)


Hawkwind’s eponymous debut from 1970 is credited with being one of the first space-rock albums. Their mix of psychedelic and prog rock was just, well, far out. This was Hawkwind a couple of LPs before Lemmy got involved. It was produced by guitarist Dick Taylor who hooked up with the band after leaving ‘60s rockers The Pretty Things. 180g vinyl LP on Music On Vinyl.
  • Vinyl LP (MOVLP1702)

The Comet Is Coming
Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery

On their latest LP the futuro-jazz trio The Comet Is Coming encourage us to Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery. Whether or not you think such a sentiment is sound advice is up to you, but one thing that we can all agree on is that this is another incendiary set of electrified saxophonic fare from Shabaka Hutchings et al (he's the one from Sons Of Kemet, by the way). Kate Tempest guests on ‘Blood Of The Past’.
  • Vinyl LP (7734537)

Pay It All Back Volume 7

Adrian Sherwood opens up the On-U Sound catalogue for a tasty sampling of what we can expect to hear from the label in coming months and years. Pay It All Back Volume 7 features enticing as-yet-unreleased tracks from Roots Manuva, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Horace Andy and Nisennenmondai, all with the key Sherwood production touch. Plus exclusive pirate-radio-style transitions between tracks!
  • Vinyl Double LP (ONULP143)

Cool Maritime
Sharing Waves

At last! a record you really can judge by its cover. Sharing Waves by Cool Maritime features electronic compositions inspired by the great outdoors. The Los Angeles based producer took the adventurous and expansive aspects being alone in the wild to inform his music. If you like Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Brian Eno or Kraftwerk you should probably give this a whirl. LP on Leaving Records.
  • Vinyl LP (LR123LP)

Black Taffy
Elder Mantis

One of them there beat tapes here. Elder Mantis falls on the more melodic side of the beatmaker world - think Clams Casino rather than J Dilla - and his new LP Black Taffy is another lush listen from the MPC-bothering Texan. Anyone who’s had some fun with recent full-lengths from Black Milk and Budgie should give Black Taffy a go.
  • Vinyl LP (LR135LP)

The Chi Factory
The Mantra Recordings

The Chi Factory are a Dutch group who love to get really deeply ambient, ideally for multiple sides of vinyl at a time. The Mantra Recordings is a great instance of their work, inspired by poet Robert Lax and his chosen Greek island, Patmos. Four vinyl sides of lush, atmospheric music, ideal for spacing out to. Released by Astral Industries.
  • Vinyl Double LP (AI-12)

LCD Soundsystem
Electric Lady Sessions

Electric Lady Sessions by LCD Soundsystem features James Murphy and Co running through a bunch of songs live at Electric Lady studios in New York. The tracks span the band’s career along with a few new tunes. They’ve also tried their hand at a couple of covers: Heaven 17’s (We Don’t Want This) Fascist Groove Thing and Chic’s I Want Your Love.
  • Vinyl Double LP (19075 89216 1)
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Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch hail from San Francisco’s Bay Area. They channel proto-metal bands such as Blue Cheer and MC5. Seconds is, believe it or not, their second album. You know what you’re going to get here - high energy, in-your-face, fuzzy rock n roll - and why the hell not, Mothercruncher? It seems, also, that they’ve set themselves on a path to obvious album titles. I look forward to their third album - Dessert. LP and CD on Tee Pee
  • Vinyl LP (TPE902081)

Twin Temple
Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound.... Satanic Doo-Wop)

If you say that you have a signature sound but have to spell out what your signature sound is immediately afterwards then is it even your signature sound? Not to split hairs or anything, just an observation. Anyway, at least Twin Temple have the courtesy to let you know what you’re getting into with a title like Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound…. Satanic Doo-Wop). All you Postmodern Jukeboxers out there will enjoy Twin Temple’s wiccan Winehouse shtick.
  • Vinyl LP (RISELP225)
  • Limited edition

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