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Added to site: Thursday 13th August 2020

The Cribs
Night Network

The Cribs have been out of the game for some time  - no fault of their own as they were bogged down in legal battles. What it does mean is that they've had time to refresh and to write a whole batch of new songs. They've recorded them at Foo Fighters studio and with Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth guesting on a few tracks. A welcome return for this much loved band. 
Added to site: Wednesday 12th August 2020

Crippled Black Phoenix

What the hell do you do when you start recording your album only to find out you don't have a leading male vocalist? Well for Crippled Black Phoenix it was the opportunity to source friends and collaborators to fill the gaps. It has lead to an album which doesn't even attempt to follow up the band's previous deep and moving Great Escape but instead to find new ways of presenting their sound. A set of circumstances which have led to an entirely new start for the band. 
Added to site: Tuesday 28th July 2020

Angel Olsen
Whole New Mess

Whole New Mess is a fascinating deep dive into Angel Olsen’s artistry, particularly that of her acclaimed 2019 album All Mirrors. Recorded solo at her home in North Carolina, nine of the 11 songs here made it onto All Mirrors when re-shaped with a full backing band. Although they are skeletal frameworks underpinning what would become lavish epics, Whole New Mess is also a very human listening experience. 
Added to site: Friday 24th July 2020

Colours. Remixed. Time. Loss.

We all know Maps right? The electronic pop project of James Chapman? Well Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss. was the latest album from the project and now you can hear it remixed by some pretty big names such as Stephen Morris (New Order), A Certain Ratio, Glok (aka Andy Bell of Ride) and Barry Adamson amongst others. And it's all out on a cassette tape.  
  • Tape (CRSTUMM438)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Indies-only

The Wytches
Three Mile Ditch

Hauling themselves out of a downward spiral caused by burnout after their rapid initial success, Peterborough-based indie act The Wytches self-release their third studio album, Three Mile Ditch. Studded amid the loud, hard-edged rock tracks are signs of the more classic songwriting that have always influenced the group, from Dylan to Chilton. 
Added to site: Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Millz Expz

Recorded at Oakland’s Center for Contemporary Music in April 2015, Millz Expz is a cassette-only release from Dave Noyze’s NYZ project. It’s the result of an experimental session based around the Buchla 100 synthesiser and includes the sound of the ultra-rare Waveform Synthesizer Model 132. 
  • Tape (SAUNA052CS)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Tuesday 21st July 2020

Atlas Vending

The fourth studio album from Canadian punk rockers Metz arrives to kick off the second decade of their existence. In comparison to the relentless energy exuded by their earlier output, Atlas Vending holds back in terms of pace and aims more for subtlety, making for a very different experience but no less emotionally honest. 
Added to site: Friday 17th July 2020

Stone Foundation
Is Love Enough?

Stone Foundation return with their 9th album, Is Love Enough? Once again the band have used Paul Weller as producer, who seems to bring out the best of their retro soul-funk stylings. This album ends with  Peter Capaldi speaking the words of Vincent Van Gogh - if only it was Peter Capaldi speaking the words of Malcolm Tucker. Oh well. If you like Weller’s more soulful songs, then there’s a good chance you’ll dig this.
Added to site: Wednesday 8th July 2020

Slow Pulp

Moveys, the full-length debut album from Chicago indie-rock outfit Slow Pulp, proved to be rather hard to push over the finishing line, with lead singer Emily Massey forced to help her parents recover from serious injury amid the onset of the coronavirus pandemic while the finishing touches were being applied. Indeed, that sense of resourcefulness in the face of hardship radiates from the album. 
Added to site: Wednesday 1st July 2020

Thurston Moore
By The Fire

Featuring Debbie Googe of My Bloody Valentine on bass and backing vocals and his erstwhile Sonic Youth bandmate Steve Shelley doing some of the drum parts, By The Fire is alternative rock icon Thurston Moore’s seventh solo album. Completed in the short gap between his band’s tour of Europe and the coronavirus lockdown, it’s one of his most focussed solo efforts yet. 
Added to site: Tuesday 30th June 2020

Sufjan Stevens
The Ascension

The undisputed king of sensual, emotional indie-folk, Sufjan Stevens returns with a new studio album, which will be his second of 2020, following the release of the low-key and experimental Aporia with his step-father Lowell Brams back in March. Available on CD, cassette and limited edition clear vinyl. 

A Certain Ratio
ACR Loco

Legends of the Factory Records stable, A Certain Ratio are back with their first new album in twelve years. ACR Loco features three founding members Jez Kerr, Martin Moscrop and Donald Johnson who are supported by a cast of musicians including The Smiths drummer Mike Joyce. This album covers a whole range of feelings and emotions, but mostly it implores you to party. Two competitions on this one! Pre-order for a chance to win a limited edition art card, signed by Jez Kerr, Martin Moscrop and Donald Johnson as well as designer Trevor Johnson. 1 of 2 designs, packed randomly. There's also a signed test pressing up for grabs for those who pre-order. Alternatively, email phil(at) with the subject line 'A Certain Ratio Competition'
Added to site: Thursday 25th June 2020

Bill Callahan
Gold Record

Knaresborough-raised troubadour Bill Callahan returns with Gold Record  - an album made whilst he was preparing to tour his previous album Shepherd In A Sheep's Vest. A lot of the album is culled from tracks he'd written over the years for other artists to sing  - all recorded on the hoof in an intuitive and creative burst with some good friends helping flesh the sounds around that rich, warm baritone.  
Added to site: Monday 22nd June 2020

Bright Eyes
Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was

Conor Oberst has been busy with bits and bats over the last decade but what we all really wanted was him to bring back his band Bright Eyes. Following a Christmas party in 2017 Oberst got all emotional, decided the time was right and so Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was was made with founding members Mike Mogis and Nathaniel Walcott. The result is a sprawling record, anxious about the times but also hopeful for the future. 
Added to site: Thursday 18th June 2020

Der Blutharsch / Skullflower
A Collaboration

Austrian artist Albin Julius returns under his recording moniker Der Blutharsch, in league with the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand, works once again with British noise rock veterans Skullflower on the bluntly titled A Collaboration. Following their 2016 hook-up Angel of Darkness, it ought to be another workout of dark, droning psychedelia. 
Added to site: Tuesday 16th June 2020

Ultra Mono

Following their breakout into wider mainstream consciousness with Joy As An Act Of Resistance two years ago, beloved Bristolian post-punk outfit IDLES reveal their third studio album, titled Ultra Mono. Bringing in hip-hop production aesthetics, working with Kenny Beats, it’s as scathing and vitriolic in its politics as the band’s previous work. 
Added to site: Thursday 11th June 2020


SUGAREGG is the third album from Nashville band, Bully. Very much going against the grain of the city’s musical heritage, Bully make indie rock just like it was in the ‘90s. They have been described as a highly charged version of My Bloody Valentine but also have plenty of grunge touchstones in their sound. It was mostly recorded in Minnesota with John Congleton with additional tracks produced by Graham Walsh (Alvvays, Metz) in Toronto. 
Added to site: Thursday 4th June 2020

The Neon

Becoming their highest-charting album in nearly a quarter of a century when released in 2017, Andy Bell and Vince Clarke’s Erasure are undergoing a period of critical and popular rediscovery. To capitalise on this, the duo announce their 18th studio LP The Neon, a sleek 10-track collection that acknowledges their past while looking to the future. 
  • Tape (CSTUMM455)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Tuesday 26th May 2020

From Brussels With Love

To mark the 40th anniversary of this iconic compilation of avant-garde and new wave music, Les Disques du Crepuscule re-issues From Brussels With Love on double-vinyl, cassette and 2xCD box set. The original 21-track running order is replicated from the 1980 original, with tracks from A Certain Ratio, Gavin Bryars, Thomas Dolby et al, while the CD box set includes tracks that weren’t originally included for space reasons, as well as a 60 page book including rare images, posters and sleeve designs. 
Added to site: Tuesday 19th May 2020

Girl Friday
Androgynous Mary

Post-punk and noise rock combine on Androgynous Mary, the debut album from Los Angeles-based quartet Girl Friday. Taking cues from the likes of veterans like Sonic Youth and Sleater-Kinney to modern-day acts like Dream Wife, their complex songs deal with the reality of being young and marginalised in today’s society. 
Added to site: Saturday 16th May 2020

Not Now
Within The Beyond

The Tapeworm is a cassette-only label that has previously released small run tapes by the likes of Simon Fisher-Turner and Jay Glass Dubs. Their latest release is Within the Beyond by Not Now, the project of one Peter Hope who pushes industrial techno into uncharted realms with input Henri Sizaret. A wild, disturbing ride made even freakier with garbled dada inspired vocals.
Added to site: Tuesday 31st March 2020

Sunshine Kiz

Assembled in the space of just six months, displaying the creative restlessness of its creators Piper and their ingenious lead singer Keisuke Yamamoto, 1984’s wonderful Sunshine Kiz followed up the genre-defining Gentle Breeze by including more vocal-orientated tracks and live instrumentation. 
Added to site: Tuesday 10th March 2020

Working Men's Club
Working Men's Club

Working Men’s Club have been earmarked as a band to keep an eye on for a good few months now. With a few singles under their belt, they are ready to unleash their eponymous debut album. Their music blurs the lines between indie, dance and techno. They have toured with the Fat White Family and even have a song which spells out their dislike of journalist Andrew Neil. 
  • Tape (HVNLP179MC)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Friday 14th February 2020


Celeste follows a string of EPs and singles with her eponymous debut album. The jazz / soul / R&B singer hails from Brighton. She got her break when a music manager spotted a song she’d uploaded to YouTube. Since then she has won over Lily Allen, releasing a single on her Bank Holiday label and her, now, label-mate Michael Kiwanuka. 
Added to site: Saturday 8th February 2020

Gentle Breeze

Piper were an early 1980s-era Japanese pop band who scored a hit with second album Summer Breeze in 1983. The remarkably similarly titled Gentle Breeze was its followed up released just a few months later and continued their ability to make a summery synthy funk sound that could allow you to think that you were at an L.A pool party. Brilliantly the sleeve art is of a snow covered vehicle. Remastered LP on red vinyl with white splatter. 
Added to site: Tuesday 28th January 2020

J M S Khosah & Brassfoot

The latest in a long series of limited edition cassettes from NCA Tapes imprint, NCA Sin again sees J M S Khosah, the Japanese producer who established the label, gracing ‘Side J’ of the tape and Brassfoot, his long-term collaborator and business partner, on the reverse ‘Side B’. 
  • Tape (NCASIN)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition