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Added to site: Tuesday 20th August 2019

Kim Gordon
No Home Record

A new solo record from the icon(oclast)ic Kim Gordon, co-founder of Sonic Youth and an acclaimed solo artist since their demise. No Home Record is preoccupied with the feelings of transience and displacement - both physical and spiritual - that go hand-in-hand with modern existence, and consists of nine tracks of exploratory alternative rock. 
  • Tape (OLE1379MC)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition
Added to site: Thursday 15th August 2019


Wayne Rooney will be pleased - Stereophonics are back! The band are just one away from a dozen studio LPs now, though despite laying down all that material over the years they really haven’t changed their sound much (obviously - it’s Stereophonics we’re dealing with here). Kind features songs called things like ‘Hungover For You’ and ‘Bust This Town’ so we’re going to assume it’s business as usual for everyone’s favourite Welsh stadium-rockers.
Added to site: Wednesday 14th August 2019

There Existed an Addiction to Blood

clipping. are very much what you'd expect from a rap group on Sub Pop. Their production is noisy and abrasive and they know their history. This is especially true of MC Daveed Diggs who is now considerably more well known for his role as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton, the musical. 
Added to site: Tuesday 13th August 2019


Hang on. I was thinking that Omni only released a new album earlier this year when in reality Multi-Task came out in 2017. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself.  Networker is their third album and their first since signing for Sub Pop. Theirs is a taut and wiry sound with nods back to Gang of Four and fellow Georgians Pylon and they have an ex Deerhunter in guitar ace Frankie Broyles. Networker turns up the 'fi' on their twisty turny sound but retaining the catchiness and freshness of their earlier work. 

Nahawa Doumbia
La Grande Cantatrice Malienne, Vol. 1

Although Nahawa Doumbia is traditionally associated with Wassoulou, a variant of dance music, her first album comprised songs recorded with just her voice and an acoustic guitar. Expect an intimate, sparse album that showcases Doumbia's voice at its rawest. It's the first time 'La Grande Cantatrice Malienne, Vol. 1' is available internationally so get it while it's hot!
Added to site: Saturday 3rd August 2019

Lana Del Rey
Norman Fucking Rockwell!

Geographically confused chanteuse Lana Del Rey returns with her sixth album and her first since she discovered swearing. She's pictured on the cover cavorting with none other than the grandson of Jack Nicholson and possibly as a matter of note I should say that it contains fourteen new songs most co-written with fun.'s Jack Antonoff. Buy your copy from Norman Fucking Records.      
Added to site: Tuesday 30th July 2019

Angel Olsen
All Mirrors

On her fourth album, All Mirrors, Angel Olsen shows us her darkest side. Its introspective nature was an important step for Olsen. Through its brooding tones and lyrics she tells us about learning to trust yourself and move on, find peace in your own company. Valuable lessons, perhaps. On Jagjaguwar.
Added to site: Thursday 18th July 2019

The Pop Group

Y by The Pop Group was their debut album, originally released in 1979. The post-punk band from Bristol were seen as pioneers of the genre. They mixed jazz, reggae and dub influences with punk to create something quite original. The band claim they were trying to mix Funkadelic with Captain Beefheart to see what happened.
Added to site: Friday 12th July 2019

Ryan Electric Product

Ryan Reid used to make challenging post-industrial fare as City Surgical, but he’s radically changed course with his new project Ryan Electric Product. On Morningside we find Reid creating beatific, almost overwhelming ambient soundscapes that nod to Huerco S., The Caretaker and Boards Of Canada. Reid himself terms it 'death bed music', and it’s really rather fantastic stuff.
Added to site: Wednesday 10th July 2019

Chastity Belt
Chastity Belt

Following a re-energising 18 months or so recording solo or playing with different bands, Washington’s Chastity Belt return with a fourth album of thoughtful and expressive punk. A self-titled effort, it was recorded with Jay Som’s Melina Duterte and saw the quartet force themselves out of their comfort zone, adding newer sonic elements to the mix. 
Added to site: Tuesday 18th June 2019

Alex Cameron
Miami Memory

Step aside dad rock, Alex Cameron's here and he's got something called stepdad rock in the shape of Miami Memory. It's hard to know exactly what that means but part of it seems to be about looking out rather than in. Musically we've got overwrought and emotional anthems with a bit of saxophone and church organ for good measure.

Frankie Cosmos
Close It Quietly

Fourth album proper from Frankie Cosmos, Greta Kline's project that has slowly become a fully fledged band. Close It Quietly, sees the once anti-folk act morph fully into something more like the weirdo-pop of Broadcast and Stereolab. Lyrically we find Kline reflecting on herself, and the state of the world. Who isn't nowadays?
Added to site: Monday 10th June 2019

Bat For Lashes
Lost Girls

Natasha Khan gets back to Bat For Lashes for the project’s fifth album, and it’s vintage-tinted synth-pop baby! Lost Girls positions itself as a soundtrack to an imaginary 80’s teen movie, and it certainly fits that bill, with all the tropes and details in just the right place. Lost Girls is released by Bat For Lashes Records.

Cause and Effect

After Roy Keane and perhaps Robbie Keane, post-Coldplay soft-rockers Keane are the third-most-famous of the Keane-clan. We imagine a hewn-from-granite hardman like Roy is positively revolted by the fact that he shares a name with this bunch of Snow Patrolers, but maybe he’s got used to them by now. Or maybe he simply gives them not a second's thought. Anyway, on Cause And Effect - the band’s fifth LP and first for seven years - we find them up to their usual tricks. Expect to hear lead single ‘The Way I Feel’ during TV coverage of football tournaments for the next few years.
Added to site: Thursday 6th June 2019

Forever Turned Around

Whitney return with their new album, Forever Turned Around. It is the follow-up to their 2016 debut Light Upon The Lake. The Chicago duo play a brand of indie-fied soulful country. Forever Turned Around was produced by Bradley Cook and Jonathan Rado, who, with credits between them such as Hand Habits, Father John Misty, Weyes Blood and Hiss Golden Messenger, were able to add the perfect colours and textures.
Added to site: Wednesday 5th June 2019

Hot Motion

Incredibly 60s looking band in continue to make 60s influenced music shocker. Temples have been around for a good few years and with Hot Motion look set to make the so called 'big time'. The band they bring to mind is Kasabian but like, not in a bad way. Sunshine streams between the chords. On ATO Records.
Added to site: Tuesday 16th April 2019

Sam Fender
Hypersonic Missiles

British guitar music’s Great White Hope releases his much-anticipated debut album, Hypersonic Missiles. Recorded and produced entirely in his own studio, it completes a meteoric ascent to prominence for Sam Fender, whose EPs and single thus far propelled him to the prestigious 2018 BRIT Awards Critics’ Choice prize. 
Added to site: Tuesday 9th April 2019

Shana Cleveland
Night Of The Worm Moon

Shana Cleveland is the voice of La Luz, but working solo for a change on this here Night Of The Worm Moon album allows her to travel further afield in terms of sound and content. This is an LA dreamer’s album, with UFO sightings and other night-moods represented with sun-tipped psychedelic singer-songwriter new-folk. Very West Coast, very good. On Hardly Art.