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Added to site: Friday 30th October 2020

Cobalt Chapel
Orange Synthetic

That album sleeve looks like every day out I've had in the beautiful countryside that surrounds us in Yorkshire. Cobalt Chapel have made an entire album called 'Orange Synthetic' about the place - about its history, folklore, nature and landscape. What a place! And the perfect subject matter for their style of music, one which includes all kinds of organ variants plus mandolin and recorders all topped off with Cecelia Fage's cut-glass vocal. 
Added to site: Thursday 29th October 2020

Sleaford Mods
Spare Ribs

2020 needs a damn good kicking and who better to administer it than perennial Norman faves, Sleaford Mods? You all know the drill/formula by now: caustic lyrics delivered with angry panache from Jason Williamson, backed up by Andrew Fearne's superbly sparse music. After a good while in the game it should be getting a bit boring by now, but somehow the Mods continue to evade that grisly fate. Featuring guest spots from Aussie punk Amy Taylor (Amyl and the Sniffers) and the very much up-and-coming Billy Nomates.

As The Love Continues

Glaswegian legends Mogwai reveal their tenth studio album. Reuniting with producer Dave Fridmann, the chap who worked on 2001’s ‘Rock Action’ and ‘Every Country’s Sun’ in 2016, the band recorded remotely for ‘As The Love Continues’. This is a cathartic and cinematic album of instrumental post-rock that includes guest spots from Nine Inch Nails collaborator Atticus Ross and saxophonist Colin Stetson.
  • CD box set (ROCKACT140CDX)
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Skyway Man
The World Only Ends When You Die

I've always wondered this. Does the world end when you die? Or does it just carry on without you? I can't imagine, for example, what these descriptions would look like without my input - a lot more concise maybe. Aaaaanyway, this is the second album from James Wallace aka Skyway Man, who has made what he describes as a "cinematic psych folk opera" here. 'The World Only Ends When You Die' is about someone who has just had a near-death experience, and Wallace ties that in with the mess that is the U.S.A. right now. Nothing if not ambitious this one. 


What. Is. That? Answers on a postcard please. Balthazar are led by Jinte Deprez and Maarten Devoldere. 'Sand' is a follow up from 2018's 'Fever' and continues the duo's exploration of soulful alternative pop. The album has something of a more melancholic feel than its predecessor, one which mirrors the world being slightly more - how you say? - shit since they were last about. The duo say that the sleeve represents the sounds on the album. I'll be amazed if it does. 
Added to site: Wednesday 28th October 2020


Rhye is the project of Canadian songwriter Michael Milosh who, after years of being a wandering minstrel, has now settled into a creative domesticity in Topanga. Nice. His new album 'Home' continues his exquisite form of home-made music, full of piano and orchestral touches all topped off by his eerily genderless vocals. To add some shine to it, this was mixed by Alan Moulder (U2, the Killers etc).  

Seasonal Shift

Nearly quarter of a century into their career, Joey Burns and John Convertino present their first festive album as Calexico. Spanning intimate songs recorded by themselves to full-cast blowouts with collaborators like Bombino, Gaby Moreno and Gisela João, ‘Seasonal Shift’ grew from an EP to a full albums project. Contains originals and covers of songs from the likes of John Lennon and Tom Petty.

Black Country, New Road
For the first time

London post-rock septet Black Country, New Road hail from the famed Brixton Windmill scene (Fat White Family, black midi etc). 'For the first time' is their debut album and follows the highly-rated singles ‘Athens, France’ and ‘Sunglasses’. The engaging, literate lyrics contain stories of terrible sex and tabloid pop culture references whilst the music is reminiscent of Slint and Sonic Youth experimenting with jazz maybe.

TV Priest

Yet another promising post-punk band to have emerged from these isles in the last few years, London-based quartet TV Priest unleash their debut studio album. Off the back of two BBC 6Music-championed singles in 2020 alone - ‘Runner Up’ and ‘House of York’ - 'Uppers' is a ferocious, politically conscious headlong charge drawing down on industrial and classic punk influences.

Tiziano Popoli
Burn the Night / Bruciare la Notte: Original Recordings, 1983-1989

A retrospective double-album mining the archives of Italian composer Tiziano Popoli, ‘Burn The Night / Bruciare la Notte’ explores the maestro’s solo work and collaborations from a six-year period between 1983 and 1989. Alongside other composers like Franco Battiato and Giusto Pio, Popoli was responsible for a period of radical innovation in Italian music at the time - this collection of minimalist instrumental pop shows all that stuff off again.

Late Night Tales

It’s Khruangbin’s turn to curate an edition of 'Late Night Tales', and their choices here are eclectic to say the least. Nigeria and Ethiopia are represented by Maxwell Udoh and Roha Band respectively, Spain gets a look in with Paloma San Basilio and we have hindi disco from Nazia Hassan. Fellow Texans, tejano singer David Marez and guitarist Kelly Doyle make an appearance whilst Khruangbin themselves turn in a cover of Kool & The Gang’s 'Summer Madness' - a track which is exclusive to this record. There is lots more too! It’s always good to know what music makes a band tick. 

Kelly Jones
Don't Let The Devil Take Another Day

Kelly Jones is known for being the frontman of successful Welsh rock band Stereophonics. ‘Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day’ sees him reworking some of his band’s classics and lesser-known songs along with a pair of tracks from his 2007 solo album ‘Only The Names Have Been Changed’. To top off this twenty-one-track comp Jones has recorded a version of the Kris Kristofferson classic ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’.
  • CD (0190295158248)
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Arctic Monkeys
Live At The Royal Albert Hall

With proceeds going to War Child in light of the funding shortfall the charity has faced with the Coronavirus lockdown, Arctic Monkeys release ‘Live At The Royal Albert Hall’. Recorded in June 2018 at the start of their tour for ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’, the setlist features twenty tracks spanning their hugely successful career.
Added to site: Tuesday 27th October 2020

Here Lies Man
Ritual Divination

That's some impressive sleeve art - they are matches you know. Here Lies Man are an LA-based collective who have been described as "Black Sabbath meets Afrobeat". The hard-touring quartet have just delivered their fourth album 'Ritual Divination', a record which seems to be one of those "soundtrack to an imagined movie"-type affairs that takes the listener on a psychedelic journey and whatnot. Amazingly, Here Lies Man's keyboard player is called Doug Organ. 

When You Found Me

Now entering their third decade together, American country-rock/punk outfit Lucero arrive at their tenth studio album. ‘When You Found Me’ saw them team up with producer Matt Ross-Spang once again and record at the iconic Sam Phillips Recording studio in Memphis. Inspired by fairytales and traditional stories that lead singer Ben Nichols reads with his young daughter, 'When You Found Me' casts this lore into modern settings.

Hallelujah Chicken Run Band
Take One

'Take One' collects hits and rarities Zimbabwe's Hallelujah Chicken Run Band recorded between 1974 and 1979. The band, whose initial line-up included ‘the Lion of Zimbabwe’ aka singer-songwriter Thomas Mapfumo, originally formed to entertain copper mine workers. They replicated traditional Zimbabwean sounds using rock instruments and sang explicitly political lyrics in their native Shona language, knowing they wouldn’t be understood by the white government of the time. 

Guided By Voices
Styles We Paid For

A little issue like the almost complete shut-down of the music industry because of a deadly pandemic was never likely to prevent Robert Pollard from continuing to make music. Incredibly, ‘Styles We Paid For’ is Guided By Voices’ third album of 2020 alone and thirty-second in total. Recorded remotely in five different states, it’s heavy on Pollard’s latent passions for arena rock but also filled with bizarro imagery that feels particularly apt this year.


Bay Area black metal outfit Botanist - a project centred around musician Otrebor - maintains its prodigious output with another new studio album, the fourth ‘collective’ band undertaking in its discography. Produced by Swedish scene veteran Dan Swanö, ‘Photosynthesis’ represents a concept album about the life and food cycles of plants. Hammered dulcimers ahoy!

Black Wing
No Moon

Formed in the mid-2010s as an intentional opposite to his ‘acoustics-only’ project Giles Corey, Have A Nice Life’s Dan Barrett explores digital instrumentation as Black Wing. Reactivating it during quarantine in 2020, Barrett presents nine tracks of bleak yet deeply moving chillwave on the second Black Wing record ‘No Moon’.

Belle and Sebastian
What To Look For In Summer

‘What To Look For In Summer’ captures twenty-two live performances from Belle and Sebastian. Recorded during their 2019 tour and including performances on their special ‘Boaty Weekender’ cruise (whatever that is), the tracklist here includes songs spanning their whole career - from their trio of EPs the band dropped in early 2018 right back to classic twee-pop cuts from the Nineties.

Muck and the Mires
Greetings from Muckingham Palace

The winners of Steven Van Zandt’s MTV show contesting a national battle of the bands, retro garage-rock outfit Muck And The Mires are having an incredibly productive 2020 despite the pandemic. ‘Greetings From Muckingham Palace’ is a brutally concise collection of fast-paced, melodic nuggets that follows up on the ‘Muckus Maximus’ EP from earlier this year.

John Carpenter
Lost Themes III

After some years of relative silence, John Carpenter has been busy in the past decade with his 'Lost Themes' project - the records even produced his first-ever tour back in 2016.  He's now onto 'Lost Themes III', a record made in collaboration with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies. The LP catches Carpenter at the peak of a critical and commercial resurgence and helps to cement his place as a leading light of modern-day electronics and soundtrack work.  

Hilang Child
Every Mover

Hilang Child is the project of Ed Riman, a Brighton-based singer and composer who, like a lot of us, has got sick of the social media world and the anxiety it induces. To combat all of that, Riman's gone out and done something concrete instead. 'Every Mover', his second album as Hilang Child, explores all kinds of sonics with influences ranging from Fleet Foxes to Chemical Brothers. It's an emotional work that seems to have been somewhat cathartic for the protagonist and will surely be a fascinating ride for the listener. 

Arrogance Is The Death Of Men

English underground artist Will Dorey announces his sixth album as Skinshape and his second of 2020 alone following the release of ‘Umoja’ in the summer. Recorded largely at the start of the COVID lockdown and pairing global sounds with gentle drum breaks, themes of isolation and worry weigh heavily on ‘Arrogance Is The Death Of Man’, but the album isn’t without some dark humour. Shades of Khruangbin here.

Robbie Basho
Song of the Avatars: The Lost Master Tapes

American guitarist Robbie Basho was influenced by Indian and European classical music, emulating the playing style of a sarod on a twelve-string guitar using open tunings and then blending that sound with US folk and blues. He was a contemporary of virtuoso guitarists John Fahey and Leo Kottke. ‘Song of the Avatars: The Lost Master Tapes’ is a five-CD collection of recently=discovered lost works recorded between 1965 and 1985. Basho passed away in 1986.
  • CD box set (TSQ5715)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

J Mascis
Fed Up And Feeling Strange (Live And In Person 1993-1998)

J Mascis branched out from his role in the incredibly influential Dinosaur Jr. in the mid-Nineties. This new 3xCD set ‘Fed Up And Feeling’ documents some unplugged and acoustic live performances from that time. You've got three albums here: ‘Live At CBGB’ captures Mascis’ first-ever solo show at the legendary New York venue in 1993; ‘Martin + Me’ documents his US tour of 1995; and there’s another disc capturing sundry other live recordings made up until 1998, all of which previously unreleased. In all, it’s an interesting insight into the underlying songwriting strengths of an artist usually associated with raw power.

Marc Almond
The Stars We Are (Expanded Edition)

Marc Almond’s highest-selling solo album, 1988’s ‘The Stars We Are’, makes it to wax. On top of the original album - which includes a duet with Nico that represents her last-ever studio recording - there’s an additional record all of the associated singles’ B-sides plus extended tracks. Also included is a version of Gene Pitney’s ‘Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart’, a track which became a chart-topper for Almond in 1989 when he re-recorded it with Pitney.

Late For The Train – Live & In Session 1989-2016

A companion to their ‘Sell You Everything’ box set, Buzzcocks gather up six CDs-worth of live performances from their post-reformation years for this lavish collection. ‘Late For The Train - Live & In Session 1989-2016’ includes five entire live sets - including 1996’s show in Finsbury Park when they supported Sex Pistols’ infamous reunion - plus thirty-two tracks recorded for the BBC over twenty-seven years.
  • CD box set (CRCDBOX103)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Real Low Vibe – The Reprise Recordings 1992-1998

While their name is synonymous with Sub Pop, Seattle’s alternative rock pioneers Mudhoney moved to the majors for a large part of the Nineties, signing with Reprise Records for three studio albums. ‘Real Low Vibe - The Reprise Recordings 1992-1998’ is a complete document of those years, gathering up three entire studio albums - 1992’s ‘Piece Of Cake’, 1995’s ‘My Brother The Cow’ and 1998’s ‘Tomorrow Hit Today’ - plus B-sides, live recordings and the promo-only live album ‘On Tour Now’ over four CDs.
  • CD box set (QCRCDBOX105)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Patricia Brennan

Composed and performed entirely by Patricia Brennan herself with the vibraphone and marimba, ‘Maquishti’ is the debut full-length album by the New York-based musician. Shaped through live-in-the-studio improvisations, Brennan gives a masterclass in dynamics and musical economy throughout. Lovely bit of free jazz, this.

Cloud Nothings
The Black Hole Understands

Cloud Nothings give a physical release to their seventh studio album ‘The Black Hole Understands’ after it emerged on Bandcamp earlier in 2020. Remotely recorded by Dylan Baldi and Jayson Gerycz in the first few weeks of the Coronavirus lockdown, the lo-fi energy of the album recalls the post-hardcore/noise-rock outfit’s earliest, pre-’Attack On Memory’ music.

Benny The Butcher
Burden of Proof

Already acclaimed because of his role in New York-based hip-hop collective Griselda and his 2018 debut solo album ‘Tana Talk 3’, rapper Benny The Butcher releases arguably the best album of his career so far with ‘Burden of Proof’. Produced with the help of Hit-Boy, it’s a gritty, diverse and concise record, one that features guest spots from the likes of Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Freddie Gibbs.

Chris Abrahams
Thrown (15th Anniversary Edition)

Coinciding with the release of a new album of solo piano recordings for his imprint Room40, the label’s director Lawrence English also reissues minimalist/jazz musician Chris Abrahams’ 2005 album ‘Thrown’ for its fifteenth anniversary. Here The Necks' sometime associate unifies the different-sounding strands of the DX-7, the piano and a positive organ to create a strangely unified whole.

Chris Abrahams

Normally an electro-acoustic musician and associated most commonly with minimalist/jazz ensemble The Necks, Chris Abrahams releases his first purely piano-based album for Room40. ‘Appearance’ consists of two long-form pieces that accurately reflect Abrahams’ techniques and talents, ones that he’s been developing for almost three decades. Largely consists of repeating, slowly unfolding musical figures.

Geneva Skeen
Double Bind

Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary artist Geneva Skeen releases her second album on Room40. Inspired by the chaos and uncertainty of the last twelve months - the pandemic, the lockdown and the state of American politics, but also the extra time that's it afforded her - ‘Double Bind’ consists of seven experimental soundscapes characterised by gently pulsing electronics and twisted field recordings.

SG Lewis

Sam Lewis (SG Lewis, natch) has already collaborated with a veritable "who's who" from the world of modern pop - Robyn and Dua Lipa to name but two - but now it is time for the debut album. Favours are returned on the guest-front on 'times', an album that is inspired by the hedonistic disco scene of late-1970s New York as well as (more worryingly) the work of Jamiroquai. 
Added to site: Monday 26th October 2020

Casper Clausen
Better Way

You may not know Casper Clausen by name, but I think you'll sit up when I tell you that he is the frontman for post-rock collective Efterklang. 'Better Way' is Clausen's first ever solo work and features the instrumental and production talents of one Sir Sonic Boom. It is an expressive album that touches on the cornerstones of Krautrock, progressive pop and experimental/whatever music.  

Mike Krol
Mike Krol is Never Dead : The First Two Records

Responding to popular demand, Merge reissues its compilation of Mike Krol’s first two self-released studio albums along with a bonus disc of rarities and demos that were previously only available digitally. ‘Mike Krol Is Never Dead’ gathers the garage-rocker's 2011 album ‘I Hate Jazz’ and its 2013 successor ‘Trust Fund’.

Our Love To Admire

Although we can mock (and The Guardian already did) about literally every album getting the re-issue treatment, 'Our Love To Admire' was one of Interpol's strongest albums. Dark brooding post-punk that showed there was life in the band after the so-so 'Antics'. If their self titled fourth album gets re-issued though with the same treatment then a line will have been crossed.  

Sigur Rós
Odin's Raven Magic

Originally premiered back in 2002 at London’s Barbican Centre, ‘Odin’s Raven Magic’ - a musical adaptation of a fifteenth-century Icelandic poem, written by Sigur Rós, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Steindór Andersen and Maria Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir - finally sees the light of day as a recording. The cinematic soundscapes honour the ambience and drama of the poem, but contain flourishes of modernism.
  • CD (0190296827235)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Friday 23rd October 2020

Linkwood & Other Lands
Face The Facts

‘Face The Facts’ is the result of a collaboration between producer and DJ Nick Moore - better known as Linkwood - and Scottish artist Other Lands. Recorded just before the first Coronavirus lockdown and conducted in an improvised spirit, the record features the intricate guitar work of Other Lands laid over Linkwood’s blends of post-punk, house and electronica.

Wasteland: What Ails Our People Is Clear

‘Wasteland: What Ails Our People Is Clear’ is a long-awaited first full-length album for Bristol-based punks LICE. One for fans of resolute outsiders such as Squid, Fat White Family, Girl Band etc., but there’s also an unmistakably experimental foundation to what the quartet have built here - most notably with the use of a hand-constructed "noise-intoner".

Frank Turner & Jon Snodgrass
Buddies II: Still Buddies

Frank Turner and Jon Snodgrass are good pals ... buddies, you might say. Ten years ago, they had a good time making a record together - cut to the present day, they've decided to do it again. However, this time around the COVID lockdown means they've had to do it over the internet wires. The same lighthearted style of camaraderie shines through on 'Buddies II: Still Buddies' - despite the distance involved, this is an album that's poignant, funny and heartfelt.   

Virginia Wing
private LIFE

Anxiety, stress, death, emotion - mental trauma is something a lot of us have had to deal with in this most horrible of years (for posterity's sake, we're writing this in 2020). The members of Virginia Wing have used suffering as a platform from which to make a brash and daring pop record. We all need an album that is somewhat life-affirming in these dark times, and as such 'private LIFE' may provide therapy for both the protagonists and the listener. The band have really moved their sound on in recent years - they make a sort of artsy, icy take on synth-pop now - so if anyone is going to achieve this it might well be them. 

10 Years Gone

Deafheaven have been expanding what metal can be since 2010. The San Franciscan band were about to go on tour for their ten-year anniversary but were unable to do so - bloody Coronavirus. Instead, they went into the studio with producer Jack Shirley and recorded ‘10 Years Gone’, a live session featuring the songs they would have taken on the road. It includes an absolutely blistering version of their earliest song ‘Daedalus’ along with powerful takes on classics such as ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Dream House’.
Added to site: Thursday 22nd October 2020

First Aid Kit
Who By Fire

Over two nights at the Royal Dramaten Theatre in Stockholm in March 2017, Swedish indie/folk act First Aid Kit paid tribute to the songs and poetry of Leonard Cohen. They did so with an ambitious theatrical staging that involved guest actors and artists, and eight-piece band with strings and a twenty-piece choir. ‘Who By Fire’, a double-LP live album, commemorates those two evenings.

Paul McCartney

If you have followed Paul McCartney's career with interest over the years you'll have spotted that his 'numerals' albums are a series of entirely solo works. 'III' is the third in this series and sees the Beatles and Wings maestro recording alone at his home in Sussex. His previous 'II' (1980) was a wild and experimental ride that even drew praise from collaborator-turned-nemesis John Lennon, so hopes are high for a similarly eclectic and creative album this time around.
Added to site: Wednesday 21st October 2020

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Praise be! A new studio album from psych-rockers King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is something to keep our spirits up in the benighted context of lockdown. On 'K.G.' Stu Mackenzie and his merry men seem to offer up a distillation of all the best bits of their disparate discography, channelling familiar sounds and techniques into something new.

Julien Baker
Little Oblivions

‘Little Oblivions’ is the third studio LP by US singer and guitarist Julien Baker. On previous albums she has poured out her soul, sparsely backed by guitar or piano, but this time out her indie-rock/indie-folk/slowcore musings come fleshed out with bass, drums, mandolin, keyboards and banjo. If previous records ‘Sprained Ankle’ and ‘Turn Out The Lights’ are anything to go by then this will be well worth parting with your cash for. Also, 'Little Oblivions' Baker's first solo album since collaborating with Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus in Boygenius.


Established by British electronic musician Mike Paradinas (a.k.a. μ-Ziq) in 1995, Planet Mu marks its twenty-fifth anniversary with a self-defined ‘mid-price CD’. Consisting of fifteen tracks showcasing where the label’s at in 2020, 'PlanetMµ25' includes music from artists such as RP Boo, Ital Tek and Ripatti.

Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted

'Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted' is the thirteenth (thirteenth!?) album by the English singer-songwriter Passenger - also known as Michael David Rosenberg - and explores his love of English pop music like The Kinks, The Smiths and The Beatles. It was all recorded in his own studio in Brighton and if the title is anything to go by should appeal to absolutely everyone in the human race as we all fall into at least one of those brackets.

Nancy Sinatra
Start Walkin' 1965-1976

‘Start Walkin' 1965-1976’ is a new twenty-three-track compilation providing a detailed overview of the most prolific period of Nancy Sinatra’s career - yes, including her duets with Lee Hazlewood. All tracks are remastered from the original analogue tapes, and all versions come with a booklet containing liner notes and an interview with Sinatra herself. 

For Those That Wish To Exist

Brighton-based metalcore outfit Architects announce their ninth studio album ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’. Urgent, emotional and politically switched-on fayre from a band who remain big-hitters in their field. Features guest spots from Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil and Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr.

The Besnard Lakes
The Besnard Lakes are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings

Canadian indie-rock/shoegaze outfit The Besnard Lakes are dropping their first studio album in nearly half a decade. A sprawling seventy-two-minute continuous suite of songs, ‘The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of The Great Thunderstorm Warnings’ encapsulates everything brilliant about the band and ought to be remembered as their magnum opus. 

The Staves
Good Woman

‘Good Woman’ is the third album by indie/folk sister trio The Staves. The record was recorded following a period of bereavement and broken hearts - as the sisters see it, they’ve taken control of the bad experiences by making this album. With their ability to harmonise the way they do, the extra emotion that’s gone into this LP makes for a stunning listen.
  • CD (0190295127022)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Tuesday 20th October 2020

Arlo Parks
Collapsed In Sunbeams

Following two years of acclaimed EPs and singles, London-based musician and poet Arlo Parks announces her debut full-length ‘Collapsed In Sunbeams’. Examining her adolescence and young adulthood in terms both microscopically personal and universally relatable - we're talking early King Krule as a point of comparison - 'Collapsed In Sunbeams' comes with a ‘Best of the Lofi Lounge’ CD that collects bedroom-recorded versions of her early songs plus a clutch of covers. 

Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams
Plastic Bouquet

New Zealand singer-songwriter and guitarist Marlon Williams was so blown away when he heard a song by American country/folk duo Kacy & Clayton that he just had to work with them. 'Plastic Bouquet' is the result of their collaboration. This is an album of old-time country seamlessly blended with psychedelic soul. The whole may even be greater than the sum of its parts.

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation

Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble
Here Be Dragons

Kelly Finnigan
A Joyful Sound

Featuring backing contributions from members of a vast galaxy of other bands - Durand Jones & The Indications, The Dap-Kings, that sort of thing - ‘A Joyful Sound’ is the second LP from Kelly Finnigan. Taking a festive, collaborative approach to funky R&B, it’s intended to be similar to Phil Spector’s Christmas albums. 
Added to site: Monday 19th October 2020

Build A Problem

dodie is a singer-songwriter who writes with her heart on her sleeve (who doesn't these days?), and after a series of EPs and viral videos she has finally put together her debut album. It continues her disarmingly honest approach and minimal production techniques, and lyrically 'Build A Problem' documents some kind of crisis she's been going through for the last couple of years. An album of Lykke Li-esque pop, it's going to do well this - mark our words. 
  • CD (dodiebap001CD)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Scumdogs of the Universe (30th Anniversary Edition)

This is the moment Norman Records was born for - the thirtieth (we're talking Earth years here) anniversary of GWAR's 'Scumdogs of the Universe'. The band's second and bestselling (to date) album, 'Scumdogs Of The Universe' is a concept metal record about GWAR's own reign of terror on planet Earth. Features the single 'Maggots'. This new version has been remastered and remixed for 2020 people to "enjoy". 

Discipline of Sun Ra

‘Discipline of Sun Ra’ refers to the method by which Sun Ra instructed his Arkestra to approach the work of swing-jazz legend Fletcher Henderson. Here, Wrocław-based jazz/hip-hop outfit EABS have turned the tables on Sun Ra by choosing to apply to Ra’s methodology to the spiritual jazz legend's own music.

Harry Jay-Steele

East London-based artist Harry Jay-Steele announces his debut studio album ‘Boundaries’. Recorded with drummer Jim Macrae, this is an appealing blend of indie, plastic soul and elements of sub-Saharan African music that ought to appeal to fans of Jordan Rakei and Tom Misch. 

Pleq & Hakobune
Adrift (Remastered + Remixed)

Given an almost complete overhaul from its original release on NKR back in 2012, ‘Adrift’, an LP of experimental drone from long-term collaborators Pleq & Hakobune, is remastered in its entirety by Ian Hawgood. There are also remixes from the likes of Olan Mill, offthesky and Polar M, and even new artwork by Giulio Aldinucci. 
  • CD (homen117)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition

Terror Twilight

Terror Twilight was the final album by US indie slackers Pavement and was a much more crafted and produced album than earlier efforts. Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich tried to discipline the notoriously loose band which led to tensions between band and producer. The result is a mixed affair sometimes wistful sometimes wilfully obscure but appears more forced that earlier records and is allegedly not one of Stephen Malkmus's favourites. Still, it showcases a next level move for the band before they finally (and it seems terminally) called it a day.  

Slanted and Enchanted

This was the Pavement I liked. A sloppy sprawling lo-fi charm fest taking heavy influence from the Velvet Underground and the Fall but stumbling blinking in the sun with classic melodies glinting through the fuzzy production and madcap drumming. On top of that add Malkmus wordplay and you get an eternal classic.   

Buck Curran
No Love Is Sorrow

The third album of psychedelic, heartfelt folk from American singer-songwriter Buck Curran. Recorded in northern Italy at the start of 2020 as that part of the world was being laid low with the Coronavirus, ‘No Love Is Sorrow’ is rendered both acoustically and electrically. Loss and isolation are the predominant themes, but 'No Love Is Sorrow' is also shot through with hope. 

Virtual Dreams: Ambient Explorations In The House & Techno Age, 1993-1997

Music From Memory presents the first in a new series of compilations that will explore how artists in the Nineties expanded and redefined the terms of ‘ambient’ music. ‘Virtual Dreams: Ambient Explorations In The House & Techno Age, 1993-1997’, a triple-LP collection, includes tracks from Richard H. Kirk, LFO, Kirsty Hawkshaw and many more. 

Jim Ghedi
In The Furrows Of Common Place

Prior to the pandemic, Jim Ghedi has been known as a guitarist - and a good one at that. However, the absolutely state of things has meant that he has used his voice for the first time on 'In The Furrows Of Common Place'. The album delves deep into folklore and history to corroborate things from the past into the current situation. The result is a more personal album of rootsy folk songcraft that takes a look at society in these unprecedented times. 
Added to site: Friday 16th October 2020


A VMA nominee and collaborator with Denzel Curry, English guitarist and songwriter Dominic Harrison releases ‘Weird!’, his second album as YUNGBLUD. Following his 2018 debut ‘21st Century Liability’, this represents a more subtle and emotionally complex turn of pace for YUNGBLUD, but the album still bases thrillingly random elements of punk, hip-hop and metal around fundamentally pop song structures. 

Aaron Frazer

Aaron Frazer is the drummer and co-vocalist of soul band Durand Jones & The Indications. Here he strikes out on his own with the Dan Auerbach-produced album ‘Introducing…’. The LP blends ‘60s soul, doo-wop, disco and gospel, authentically reproduced by Frazer’s velvet-soft falsetto and Auerbach’s penchant for classic sounds. 

Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas

The Norwegian production duo of Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas reunite for their third collaboration. Eleven years on from their last outing together, 2009's 'II', 'III' (I see a theme developing with those titles) is another typically hazy and pigeonhole-resistant batch of electronica and nu-disco. The record is also informed by jazz, making the results particularly reminiscent of artists like Air or St. Germain. 

Dave Alvin
From An Old Guitar: Rare and Unreleased Recordings

Throughout his time with The Blasters and his solo career, Dave Alvin has dabbled in various strands of roots and rock music - blues, folk, rockabilly, Americana and alt-country have all featured on his LPs. ‘From An Old Guitar: Rare and Unreleased Recordings’ features tracks that didn’t make it onto Alvin's previous work, covers recorded for tribute albums and songs he just enjoys playing. Includes covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Marty Robbins, Willie Dixon and more.

Keith Jarrett
Budapest Concert

‘Budapest Concert’ captures the legendary American jazz pianist Keith Jarrett live at the Bela Bartok National Concert Hall during his European tour of 2016. It follows the release earlier in 2020 of an album documenting that same tour’s finale in Munich, and provides the listener with a fascinating insight into Jarrett’s improvisational skills. 

Jeremy Fraites
Piano Piano

The Lumineers’ co-founder Jeremiah Fraites makes his first statement as a solo artist. A collection of songs that have been gestating for nearly a decade, ‘Piano Piano’ transposes the melodicism of his band’s arena-filling folk-rock to the narrower demands of the piano. Plenty for Lumineers fans to enjoy, but also revealing of Fraites’ artistic merits as an individual. 

Sturgill Simpson
Cuttin' Grass - Vol. 1

Modern country music hero Sturgill Simpson is highly regarded in his field for his willingness to bring elements such as psychedelia and hard rock into the sacred realm of country music. Unfortunately he contracted coronavirus, but whilst recovering from the virus he started to play around with more traditional forms of music. 'Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 1' sees Simpson, backed by some of Nashville’s best musicians, reworking selections from his back catalogue in a bluegrass style.
Added to site: Thursday 15th October 2020

Alex Maas

The lead singer of Texan psychedelic-rock outfit The Black Angels for over fifteen years, Alex Maas announces his debut solo album. More bucolic and folky than his parent band, in the vein of artists such as Vashti Bunyan, ‘Luca’ benefits from the production of film score composer Brett Orrison. 
Added to site: Wednesday 14th October 2020

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound

Keeping up their impressive output rate since they formed just over half a decade ago, Australian psychedelic rock outfit Psychedelic Porn Crumpets reveal their fourth studio album 'SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound'. Created during time off afforded to their leader Jack McEwan during lockdown, it’s the freest and most sonically wide-ranging PPC effort yet. 


American brass instrumentalist and producer CJ Camerieri calls on his huge network of contacts for a solo album under the name CARM. Featuring collaborations with the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Justin Vernon (whom he’s provided live backing for) and even indie legends Yo La Tengo, 'CARM' is totally modern and yet instantly timeless indie balladry.

Cloud Nothings
The Shadow I Remember

Following the Bandcamp-only release of 'The Black Hole Understands' - an album recorded under lockdown in 2020 - Dylan Baldi’s Cloud Nothings announce a more conventional studio album. Recorded with Steve Albini, the legendary producer who helped Cloud Nothings expand from Baldi’s bedroom project to full-blown band in 2012 with their excellent 'Attack On Memory' album, 'The Shadow I Remember' is in part a riotous return to basics for the post-hardcore outfit. However, the record also features certain other things for the first time, such as backing vocals and synthesiser parts. 

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
New Fragility

'New Fragility' is the sixth album by indie band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the music project led by Philadelphia-born Alec Ounsworth. After the excitement around their much-hyped debut album in 2005 died down, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have have operated at their own pace and made records on their terms. Since 2014, Ounsworth has been the sole member. 'New Fragility' is his first fully independent record, released on his own label, and once more the album balances widescreen indie-rock and post-punk with his pinched, David Byrne-esque vocals.

Viagra Boys
Welfare Jazz

Inspired by a nightmare that lead singer Sebastian Murphy had where all his family and friends hated him, Swedish post-punks Viagra Boys lash out at themselves as well as the world around them on their latest album 'Welfare Jazz'. Channelling the unruly spirits of Iggy Pop, The Birthday Party and Fat White Family, it’s another thrillingly unhinged experience. 

Maximo Park
Nature Always Wins

'Nature Always Wins' is the seventh album by Newcastle indie band Maximo Park. It was recorded during lockdown, with Animal Collective and Deerhunter producer Ben Allen producing from his home four-hundred miles away in Atlanta, Georgia. Frontman Paul Smith says that they wanted to be a little more experimental this time out, without compromising their melodic edge or fervent lyrics. As such, Allen was given creative freedom to mould the music as he saw fit. The results blend the Maximo's well-worn post-punk balladeering with psych-pop a little Prefab Sprout-esque sophisti-pop.
Added to site: Tuesday 13th October 2020

All The Unknown

Formed in Düsseldorf by pianist Erol Sarp and producer Lukas Vogel, Grandbrothers undergo a significant expansion of their sound on their third studio album 'All The Unknown'. More layered and with greater planning involved than its predecessors 'Dilation' and 'Open', it bears the hallmarks of old-school hip-hop and classic techno. 

A.A. Williams
Songs From Isolation

Like a lot of artists in these uncertain times, A.A. Williams has replaced touring with recording. This means we’re getting a second album from her in 2020. Songs From Isolation is an album of intense, stripped back cover versions by the likes of The Cure, Nick Cave, The Pixies and Radiohead that were initially suggested by fans to create a series of videos during lockdown.

Jane Weaver

Jane Weaver’s ninth studio album proper 'Flock' is the one where she feels she got everything just right. It’s a psych-pop album with a difference, influenced by years of listening to under-the-radar records and music from all over the world - Lebanon, Russia and Australia (and Prince). Of course, the cosmic prog elements she has become known for are there too.

Smith & Burrows
Only Smith & Burrows Is Good Enough

Nearly a decade has passed since Editors’ Tom Smith and erstwhile Razorlight creative engine Andy Burrows released their first collaborative album 'Funny Looking Angels' in 2011 as Smith & Burrows. Its follow-up, 'Only Smith & Burrows Is Good Enough', was recorded in Nashville with the esteemed Jacquire King, and takes inspiration from Burrows’ plentiful soundtrack work in the intervening years. 

Anna McClellan
I Saw First Light

I Saw First Light is the third album by singer / songwriter Anna Mclellan. The songs here are mid-fi recordings, performed with a slacker / outsider art aesthetic and are lyrically intelligent. The album was inspired by her move from New York back home to Omaha, Nebraska, and how difficult life is in your 20s. 
Added to site: Monday 12th October 2020

Aesop Rock
Spirit World Field Guide

Ever-inquisitive and looking to expand his palette, American hip-hop artist Ian Matthias Bavitz reveals his eighth studio album as Aesop Rock. A twenty-one-track double-album, 'Spirit World Field Guide' dwells on the spiritual nature of the natural world that surrounds us, something that suits Aesop Rock's leftfield delivery and outlook down to the ground. 

Bob Marley & The Wailers
The Complete Island Recordings

'The Complete Island Recordings' by Bob Marley & The Wailers gathers together the nine studio albums and two live LPs the band recorded for Island Records between 1973 and 1983. We would introduce them, but it's Bob Actual Marley we're talking about here, so you know how this one goes down. You also know that 'The Complete Island Recordings' is timeless, essential coppage.
  • CD box set (3508124)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
Added to site: Friday 9th October 2020

Ø (Mika Vainio)

This is the latest release in a series of albums dedicated to showcasing the archival material of the late Finnish electronic musician and half of the legendary duo Pan Sonic - Mika Vainio. 'Kiteet' was originally recorded in 1997 as a commission for the Snow Crash exhibition under the moniker Ø, but never actually released for that show. On this new edition, three tracks are previously unreleased. 

Of Feather and Bone
Sulfuric Disintegration

'Sulphuric Disintegration' is the third album by Colorado death metal trio Of Feather and Bone. It is a cacophony of in-your-face brutality, pummeling rhythm section and crunching guitars. The record was mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk, a man who knows how to make things sound heavy. Fans of Bolt Thrower, Full of Hell, Incantation and Angelcorpse should check this out.
Added to site: Thursday 8th October 2020

Okey Dokey
Once Upon One Time

Okey Dokey are a couple of fellas Johny Fisher and Aaron Martin who got together after both worked on a series of projects here and there with other musicians. They have since released two albums - 2017's 'Love You, Mean It' and 2019's 'Tell All Your Friend'. Their tightly-knitted pop is very palatable, with nods to Prince, 10CC and Field Music. 

The Kinks
Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One

The Kinks made a satirical swipe at the music industry in the form of their 1970 concept album 'Lola vs. Powerman and the Moneygoround'. It is being reissued for its fiftieth anniversary as a box set with three CDs, two 7” singles and five art cards. The album features the singles 'Lola' and 'Apeman' along with classic tracks such as 'This Time Tomorrow', 'Strangers' and 'Rats', plus lots of bonus material in the form of alternate versions, instrumentals, and previously unreleased BBC sessions and demos.
  • CD box set (4050538600193)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Limited edition

The Kinks
Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One

'Lola Vs. The Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One' - what a mouthful - was the eighth album by The Kinks. It was originally released in 1970 and is a bit of a cracker, a concept album that takes aim at the music industry. The album features the singles 'Lola' and 'Apeman' along with classic tracks such as 'This Time Tomorrow', 'Strangers' and 'Rats', the latter two being penned by Dave Davies.

Johnny Lloyd
Cheap Medication

Former Tribes frontman Johnny Lloyd follows up his 2019 solo debut album and his acclaimed score to Sky Atlantic’s ‘I Hate Suzie’ with 'Cheap Medication'. Inspired by classic and modern rock spanning Simon & Garfunkel to The War On Drugs, it’s easily the most accomplished and mature collection from Lloyd so far. 

The Nels Cline Singers
Share The Wealth

A sprawling double-album from Wilco guitarist Nels Cline and an expanded line-up of his long-standing side-project The Nels Cline Singers - one that includes Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista, punk-jazz figurehead Skerik and keyboardist Brian Marsella - 'Share The Wealth' is the most far-out, intrepid exploration of Cline’s fondness for jazz he’s ever released. 

CUBA: Music and Revolution: Culture Clash in Havana: Experiments in Latin Music 1975-85 Vol. 1

'CUBA: Music and Revolution: Culture Clash in Havana: Experiments in Latin Music 1975-85 Vol. 1' is an album compiled by DJ, broadcaster and label-owner Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker of Soul Jazz Records. This LP documents the eclectic mix of music that came out of Cuba in the ‘70s. Jazz, funk, Brazilian Tropicalia, disco and more melded with Latin and Salsa to create a new Cuban sound during the period.
Added to site: Wednesday 7th October 2020

Fatboy Slim / Various
Back To Mine

It’s the turn of Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim to curate an edition of popular late-night listening series 'Back To Mine'. He picks twenty classic tracks by acts such as Dave & Ansel Collins, The Go! Team and Eunice Collins along with Camille Yarbrough’s 'Take Yo Praise', which he sampled for his mega-hit 'Praise You', and Johnny Dynell & New York 88’s 'Jam Hot (Rhumba Rock)' which was sampled for 'Dub Be Good To Me', his 1990 No.1 hit with Beats International.

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